Family Reunion

Recorded: March 25, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki, Odin
Location: Asgard Palace - Grand Foyer
Summary: Frigga greets Loki after his return from Midgard.

After bringing Loki home, Odin has been busy as per usual. Much of his time has been spent researching. Reading the old tomes left by his father and those before. There are things he doesn't know and can't remember about the Dark Elves and such has bothered him. Regardless, coming out of study and into court proceedings, it is late in the day and he is just now exiting the Throne Room. Well past dinner, to an hour where most are starting to turn in.

Loki had gone off to his chambers to rest, but couldn't sleep a wink. He was too worried about Mike, too worried about whether or not anything changed around Asgard, worried whether or not Thor came back yet, and a thousand other things including whether anyone even missed him. He couldn't really do anything about any of those questions other than the first, and left an illusion in his room to look as though he's sleeping, and popped down to Midgard to check on Mike and take him a basket of fruit. Now, he's back, and wandering through the foyer. He's all cleaned up and dressed in a formal tunic and leggings, his hair back to black though still a bit shorter.

The All-Mother of Asgard was not home when Loki returned earlier, but when word finally reached her, she quickly concluded her duties to see her young son. A flutter of golden light enters the Grand Foyer from one of the open archways and as soon as it touches down in the hall, Frigga is left in its place. "Loki, my child. You have returned to me." She spreads her arms wide, and the silver fabric that drapes from her sleeveless robe shimmers in the foyer's lighting.

"Loki." Odin greets lightly. Though with Frigga arriving, his gaze first slides to her, an inclination of his head, "My queen." He greets politely, but does not stop her from going to Loki. The All-Father falls quiet for the moment as he watches the reunion.

Loki looks up from his thoughts as he's greeted, reaching out to hug Frigga. "Hello, mother. It is good to see you again." Looking over Frigga's shoulder, he watches Odin for a few tense moments, then says, "Father." As he lets Frigga hug him for as long as she wishes, he closes his eyes, not wanting to ruin the moment by looking at Odin.

Frigga holds Loki tightly for several moments, then chuckles as she steps back to look him over. "I sense much growth within you," she says and squeezes his shoulders. "You look well, though I still do not know how I feel about your frightfully short hair." He's given a deeper smile before she turns towards Odin, one hand reaching out to take whatever hand he has to offer. "My king. You have returned one of our earth-bound sons and I am grateful." She leans in to kiss him on the forehead.

Odin extends a hand palm up to receive Frigga's, bowing his head a touch to receive the kiss. In return, he offers her a kiss to her fingertips. A polite gesture, but one of clear affection. "He has proved his worth. I am glad to welcome him back into the halls of Asgard." This said as his eye shifts to settle on Loki.

"Well," Loki says, smiling as he runs a hand through his hair, his hand glowing a moment. His hair grows longer, reaching his shoulderblades. "Is that better?" When she speaks to Odin, his smile fades and he straightens his posture. "One? Thor has not yet returned?" He shifts his shoulders and offers a nod instead. "Yes, thank you, father."

Frigga smiles briefly at Odin before turning to stand at his side and nods in response to Loki. "Thor seeks new strength from his time in the mortal realm, and will not deviate from this path. It is a noble one, though I worry for him every day he is without his godhood." She smirks. "At least with you here, there is one less child to worry over." She looks at Odin and suggests, "And perhaps one more ally in our quest to decipher the Dark Elves' actions."

"Mm." Odin rumbles a quiet thoughtful sound at the offer. "Yes. There are things that have been developing here in your absence, Loki. At first light tomorrow, I would like you to meet me in the library." As far as Thor, he is holding his peace. He isn't as .. expressive of concern as Frigga is, after all.

"Yes, father." Loki says, though his tone is a little emotionless when he addresses Odin. He is being respectful and proper, but there is just something about him that seems different. "I have heard about some of these events and I will do what I can to help. I have read about the Dark Elves. They are quite crafty, and if they have become active that means there is something they want."

Frigga adds, "Long ago the Dark Elves were one of many people that Bor sought to rule by force. I had hoped that they might be made to see reason, but clearly the years of battle have hardened their hearts." She holds open her hands and shakes her head. "If they will not agree to be a part of the peace of the Nine Worlds, and will not stay to their own realm, then we have but one thing left to offer them."

"It is unlikely that they will remain within their own borders. They retreated hastily from Jotunheim, but it could have merely been testing the waters." Odin shakes his head. "I doubt they will remain silent for too long."

"I suppose there is much I must learn from what occurred in my absence. " Loki nods to Frigga. "I will meet you in the library tomorrow morning then, father. If it is all right with both of you, I would like to go to my chambers to rest."

"Of course," Frigga says with a soft smile. "Rest well. I will have the maidens bring you something to eat. I must away to Vingolf but I will return soon." She waves politely, and afterwards her body disappears into a shimmer of light that dances its way out of the palace.

"Goodnight, mother. Thank you." He watches as she disappears, then sighs and heads up to his chambers.

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