2014-03-26 Peanuts In The Park
Players: Doreen, Richard
GMed by N/A
Title: Peanuts In The Park

Recorded: March 26, 2014
Characters: Doreen, Richard
Location: Central Park
Summary: Richard encounters Squirrel Girl for the first time.

Richard comes into the park… He's actually not dressed in his usual space-armor-suit, but rather in jeans, a sweater, and trenchcoat, with black boots. He's walking along, carrying a bag of… something.

Doreen Green is sitting up on one of the thicker branches of a tree, sharing a small pouch of nuts with a few squirrels lined up with their little paws outstretched to be given a nut. "Everyone get one? Good!" She giggles, cracking one open for herself and popping it into her mouth.

Richard watches, his hand reaching into the bag and pulling out some peanuts. He tosses them out, but… the squirrels seem to stay lined up with Doreen.. He blinks, and just watches for a minute….

The squirrels look at Doreen and chitter, and oddly enough Doreen chitters back at them, and they run down the trunk of the tree to gather up the peanuts thrown down for them. Doreen suddenly swings upside down from the branch and waves to Richard. "Hi there! Thanks for feeding my little friends! I was running out of peanuts for them! I guess I'll have to stop by the store on my way home and stash some in a tree next time!"

Richard blinks… All the stuff he's seen, and he finds /this/ weird. He says, "Oh, yes, no problem. I'll bring more, next time. Just, um…. sure. I'm glad they enjoy it." He feeds some of the squirrels, "Are you a squirrel expert? Zookeeper, or vet, or something?"

"Something like that!" Doreen grins, perhaps showing off her buck teeth. She hops down to the ground, her long coat covering her bushy squirrel tail. "They love all kinds of nuts, especially macadamia nuts! Mmmm they are so good! And Hazelnuts…and /Brasil/ nuts…"

Richard takes a breath to speak, and pauses, then says, "Macadamia? I think I can arrange that. Do they like breaking nuts open? Do they need to break open acorns? Because I could get something shelled, like pistachios or something."

"Ooooh pistachios are really good too! They're a bit expensive so I don't bring them over too often, but I'm sure they would love it! Just don't let them know you have many or you'll have the whole population of the park following you around."

Richard hmms.. "If I could get them to behave, like you do, I wouldn't mind so much. Are you able to talk to other animals like that?"

"Nope, just squirrels! So who are you? I don't remember seeing you around here before. I'm Doreen! Doreen Green! I know it rhymes, isn't it keen??" She pats her hands together and giggles, knowing the man is a stranger, but also knowing she can easily tear him to shreds.

Richard grins at the rhyme. It's… funny, and cute, coming from her, despite the corniness. He tosses some more peanuts out there, and says, "Richard. Richard Rider. No rhyming from me." He's smiling at her cheeriness. It's not something he's seen for a while.

"Nice t'meet you, Richard Rider! D'you live around here? It's a bit dangerous to hang around here after dark! Do you need someone to escort you home? I'd be happy to oblige! I just moved here recently, so I'm trying to make as many friends as I can!"
Richard uums… "Well, I guess you could walk with me if you like. I was actually about to ask you the same question, but I imagine you know how to take care of yourself." He shrugs, and says, "I don't really live around here. I go from hotel to hotel, occasionally. I'll tell you what, we'll walk and I'll get us some coffee - I imagine with Hazelnut flavor."

"Coffee!! I love coffee! My mom never lets me have any, she says it makes me hyper. Why do you stay in a hotel? Don't you want to live in New York? A hotel would get so expensive! You would be better off renting an apartment and then just subletting it when you move on."

Richard blinks… "How old are you? I really don't want to get you or me in trouble." He motions for the girl to follow. Surely there's a Starbucks within a block or two. He says, "Actually, I'm from Long Island. But it's been a long time since my family was there. And you?"

"Fourteen!" Doreen chirps and bounds after Richard. "I'm from Los Angeles. I guess mom got tired of all the earthquakes, so we moved here where it's safer." That's not true, except for the part about it being safer. "I've never been to Long Island! Is it really long? Why don't you move back there? You know where I wanna go? Coney Island! The closest I've ever been is having a hot dog named after it. Have you ever been there? Is it fun? Do they really have all those roller coasters and rides and stuff?"

Richard nods, and gets to the Starbucks after a bit. "Yes, actually, it does. They're ok. Coney Island is an American tradition." He smiles a bit, and walks in with the girl. They get to the counter, where he orders a Mocha, and says, "Order whatever you'd like. Perhaps a Latte with a shot of Hazelnut?"

"Double espresso latte with hazelnut please! Coffee! Coffee coffee coffeeee! OOoh and whipped cream! Lots of whipped cream!" As if squirrels aren'y cracked out enough, Doreen is perhaps the worst of them all. "May I have a chocolate chip cookie too, please?"

Richard gets her whatever she asks for. He pulls out some cash, and pays for the purchase, and moves over to the barista-waiting area. He says to Doreen, "So, then, doesn't your mother fear you'd be in danger if you had walked alone? I mean, you wanted to protect /me/, but I think you'd be in more danger."

"She knows I can take care of myself!" She wears gloves even though she's inside, hiding her sharp claws. "I have a cell phone, too, so I'm all set! If I get into trouble, I just climb a tree and call 911 like anyone else!"

Richard smirks, instead of being surprised. He says, "Yeah, you climb very well. That can be useful. You could be quite a ranger, or sniper, or something, in the future." He chuckles, and receives the coffees, and the cookie in a bag. He offers Doreen the bag, and then the coffee.

"You're silly." Doreen says, grinning. "I don't want to be a sniper! Eeee! Thanks!" she takes her cookie and coffee and sips. "I don't know what I want to be when I get older. Maybe a superhero! That would be awesome. But, I can't really fly."

Richard shrugs, "Neither can Captain America. He does just fine." He takes a sip of his own drink, "You don't have to have a million powers to do good work as a superhero. Even people without powers do good, heroic work. Imagine if that work was done by people /with/ powers."

"It would be awesome! Do you have any super powers? What can you do? Are you a…" Doreen lowers her voice to a stage whisper "Mutant?" then starts talking normally. "It would be really cool to have powers though, don't you think?"
Richard shrugs, "I don't see a difference between mutants and other people, certainly other people with powers." He shrugs, and has another sip.

Doreen nibbles on her cookie, listening to Richard with wide brown eyes. "Of course there's no difference, but I just think it will be cool! Don't you think it would be really cool?" She sips her coffee again and listens intently.

Richard hmms… "We really should talk more, Doreen Green."

"Sure. I'm always hanging out in the park! Bring pistachios and I'll introduce you to Monkey Joe and the gang!" Doreen grins again, nibbling her cookie.

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