2013-03-30 Robot, Rodents and Rock Star
Players: Phantasm, Squirrel Girl, Tech Star
GMed by NA
Title: Robot, Rodents and Rock Star


The vast green expanse known as Central Park stretches all along Manhattan, giving a welcome and refreshing natural element to an environment otherwise crafted of mountains made of metal and glass. Here, trees stretch heavenward and water flows open and free, grass rambles along hill and meadow, and trails wind through, with lights dotting the trails and benches sitting every so often. The park brings a heart and soul to a city most see as overbuilt and cold: this is the natural spirit that elsewhere is denied.
The squirrel on Doreen's knee, Monkey Joe, cracks open a peanut as he seems to have a conversation with the girl, dropping the shells off the side of the branch, probably onto Samuel's map. Doreen is opening peanuts as well and dropping the shells, chittering away, the sleeves of her oversized trenchcoat getting in her way.

The shells fall down into Sam's hair, but the mutant is so engrossed in his work that he doesn't even notice it. With great care he lifts what appears to be a home-built miniature robot from his backpack and puts it down. The thing is clearly unbalanced, falling over with a soft *thump* on the grass, making the boy flinch. "Oops. Sorry buddy, forgot your gyro doesn't work when you're offline." With another glance over his shoulder to make sure nobody is watching, Sam taps the robot on the carapace with one finger. "Wakey wakey…" Is he expecting the thing to get up and walk about on its own?

Being late enough in the day, it appears to be an appropriate time to grab something a bit more lunch like. Being the adventurous sort, Mike has purchased a hot dog from a cart and is now walking into central park with the wrapped up food. Upon finding a decent place to stop, he moves off the path to start cautiously peel away some of the wrapper to accomodate for a nice big bite.

Doreen spots Mike and puts her peanut pouch into her pocket and runs along the length of the branch to its tip, precariously crouching there. "Hey! She calls cheerfully to the musician. "You're awfully brave for eating one of those! I swear I've seen people unwrap those only to have them come to life and chase them around the park!"

Until now, Sam had thought he was alone near this tree. Hearing the movement and the shouting makes him look around and spot Doreen. Wondering what to say, he's interrupted by a movement behind him, and when he glances back the robot is standing upright, peering up at the branch, shielding its visor with a small metal hand. ~Something the matter, Chief? Just a broad on a branch and a weiner with a sausage far as I can see.~ The voice is tinny, the speakers clearly scavenged from some other toy, but every word is punctuated by a moving green graph line across the center of the visor. "About time you got up. Now hurry up and recharge before someone sees you!" With an artificial huff, the robot takes two steps out of the shadow and extends a small solar panel from its carapace ~Sheesh, what happened to a walk in the park?~

Doreen's greeting is a little bad in timing as Mike's mouth is open and about ready to bite off a chunk. But upon the Squirrely one speaking to him, the hot dog is pulled away and Mike's mouth closes. He looks to Doreen, giving a smile as he strolls over, "Sounds like the ideal diet food then." He glances over towards the nearby Samuel, trying to place him. He seems familiar. Hmm.

Doreen grins, showing off her buck teeth and leaps from the branch, performing a flip and landing on the ground. "Don't worry! It doesn't look like yours is going to come to life and try to eat YOU!" She casts a narrow-eyed glance at Samuel and says, "I am /not/ a broad. You should learn some manners. Your robot might have said it but you had to have taught it that! Hmph!" Under her trench coat, her tail twitches. "Did you hear about that break-in the other night? That was crazy!"

Samuel leans down to his robot and points an accusing finger at it. "You always get me in trouble." Crossing his arms he turns away from the thing and begins to meander away towards Mike and Doreen. He gives the musician another look as well, returning the scrutiny, the face seeming half familiar. But where, and when? The small robot climbs up along Sam's leg as he walks, scampers across his back and comes to perch on his shoulder, taking in the scene. ~Hey ho! Rock star alert boss, get your notepad out for that autograph collection of yours~ For his part, Sam gives the robot another irritated look and scratches the back of his head "Sorry, he says those things an' I don't know why. He's not even supposed to be able to say much of anything." ~Yup, bonafide genius, that's me~

"That's good to know." Mike murmurs, taking a bite out of the hot dog. He chews quietly, looking to Sam a bit more before nearly choking on the bit of hot dog in his mouth as Squirrel Girl mentions the break-in. "A bit." He answers, pausing to finish the bit of food in his mouth. "Bunch of green men went into some building?" A brow lifts as the robot gives off a rock star alert. "You have an odd companion…"

Doreen's chestnut colored eyes light up as Mike describes green men. "Martians!! Martians invaded that laboratory?? Oh man that is SO COOL!" She hops up and down, patting her gloved hands together, grinning. "I had no idea we were fighting martians! I wonder if they had some sort of mind bending ray that can coerce people into doing their bidding and then like take them to their spaceships and turn them into mindless cyborg slaves who will slowly replace everyone on the planet one by one and then pretty soon we won't know who's an alien cyborg and who isn't!" She taps her chin in thought, then thrusts a finger into the air. "We must install metal detectors EVERYWHERE!!!"

~I know, I can't shake his monkey no matter where I go.~ The robot actually sniggers, replying to Mike before its head swivels to regard Doreen ~Is she for real? Ey, lady, there's no such thing as Martians~ For once, Sam finds himself agreeing, nodding. "The only thing sentient on Mars is buried under Mons Olympus, and it's definitely not green. Besides, if something from outer space had come to Earth again, my proximity warnings would have… gone… off…" He trails off lamely, sudden realising he sounds like either a tinfoil hat nut, or someone who clearly knows too much about this stuff to be just another regular kid.

Mike looks at Doreen once more, "Men in Green." He corrects. He gives her a look, one bordering on awe. "The tangents you fly off on in conversations should get frequent flyer miles…"

Doreen grins. "You should have said that to begin with, then! How do YOU know there's no such thing as martians? Have you been to Mars? Did you ask someone?" She giggles and goes back to Mike. "I can't help it! I have a vivid imagination!" Ans she's a squirrel mutant. "I wish I could fly. That would be great. Well, I can SORT of fly but not really. It's more like gliding. So at least I don't fall out of trees and die, I can just kind of glide down to the ground! Cool, huh?"

"Well, not exact…" Sam begins, but the robot cuts him off. ~Two alien lifeforms, a Galadorian and a Gallifreyan, as well as several AI constructs, one of which actually on Mars. Isn't that right Boss? Boss?~ "Thanks for that Delta…" the boy sighs, shaking his head "Can we all just pretend you didn't hear that?"

"Yeah." Mike replies, "Gliding's sounds nice." He looks over towards Sam, "I can PRETEND. But that doesn't mean we didn't hear it." He nods towards Squirrel Girl, "And I'm not making any guarantees for her."

"Nope. I heard it. Can't unhear it." Doreen says, fishing in her pockets for her peanut pouch so she can munch on a few, handing a few off to squirrels that walk up to her.

Samuel shrugs, nearly unseating the small robot. "Oh well." He gives Mike another look "Haven't we met before?"

"I was thinking the same thing." Mike admits, considering Sam a little "Been to any events recently?"

Doreen crouches down and starts handing out peanuts as the other two talk, falling silent.

Samuel tries to remember, but in the end he's only been to one major shindig in the past few weeks. "Were you at that big charity party at Tony's?" He's either talking about the 'all you can scarf down' night at the local pizza place, or the rather more dignified social get-together at Stark Tower.


Mike snaps his fingers and points to Samuel, "Yeah! That's it. The Charity Potluck. You were trying to get Stark's attention." He smiles, "Well, mystery solved."

"It would be so nice to be able to go to something like that. I would LOVE to put on a pretty dress and earrings and everything. I don't think my mom would let me, though."

The concept of parental restrictions has been explained to Sam, at length and repeatedly, but it seems to have refused to stick. Even at Xavier's he's making a habit of ignoring curfews and leisure time restrictions. He shouldn't even be on Manhattan… So his advice might not be entirely unsurprised. "Have you tried, y'know… not telling her and doing it anyway?" ~Being a bad influence Boss? Didn't think you had it in ya.~

Mike looks between Squirrel Girl and Sam before glancing back to Squirrel Girl. "So, your parents let you play super hero but they won't let you got to a charity event?"

"Well, I could, but that wouldn't exactly solve the problem." Doreen scratches one of the squirrels behind the ear with a gloved hand, keeping her eyes on the peanuts as she hands them out. "I live with my mom. I dunno where my dad is. She lets me go out as long as I…well…" She sighs and stands up straight, looking around to make sure nobody is looking and unties the cloth belt to the trenchcoat, opening it and letting it fall to the ground, revealing her big bushy squirrel tail, then picks off her gloves to uncover her clawed hands.

Samuel is, for a long moment, grateful that his own mutation is far more subtle than most. ~Yeah, that's a problem right there. Needs a special kind of party, I suggest—~ Whatever the robot was about to suggest, Sam's hand clamps over its head in a meaningful manner, giving the thing a stern look. "You can wear what you like. The problem isn't you, it's other people. It's their problem." And this would indicate that Sam falls squarely on the 'humans are people too' side of the equation. "I like your tail."

Mike looks to the tail and then to the claws, not looking at all surprised by the exposed tail. "So once again. She lets you go out and play super hero but not go to a charity event?" He sighs, "Who gives a shit what other people think about it. What matters is what you think."

"Well, it's easier to be a superhero than it is to mingle with the upper class when you have a huge bushy tail. I like it too, but not everyone does." She pulls her trenchcoat back on, tying it around her waist. "I personally think it's great. But like back in LA, people started hurting people that were mutants."

"That hasn't happened a lot here…" Sam's not mentioning the narrow escapes from gangs that had recognised him from the mutant revelation footage, he's trying to be supportive. "Too many of us around, and it's getting hard to tell. I suppose nobody wants to beat up a mutant when the guy they're bragging to afterwards might be a mutant too."

Mike pauses, "… So. You're fine with being a superhero where you're just asking people to attack you, but not fine enough to live your own life without hiding because people may attack you." His head tilts. "Uh. Huh."

"I don't really do a lot of superheroing. I'd LIKE to, though. There's a difference between being chased around by bad guys and being chased around by people at school. I'm not foolish enough to antagonize people that aren't criminals."

Samuel shrugs again. "I think you're in the wrong school." Before he can elaborate on that, however, the small robot turns its slightly oversized head towards him. ~Ah yes, that reminds me… ahum, Reminder, Defense training with Professor Logan at 5 PM. That's half an hour from now, boss, best get a move on.~ For a moment Sam goes pale and then starts to scramble for his backpack, utterly forgetting that the robot is still sitting on his shoulder. It tumbles off and lands on the grass before being picked up and stuffed in the backpack with a few muffled curses. "Sorry, hafta run, can't be late for this."

"Simply existing should not be equated to antagonizing." Mike snaps, "The people with the problem are the ones that would attack someone for being a mutant, not you. And it sucks that anyone would suggest otherwise." He looks towards the departing Samuel, giving a tilt of the head in farewell.

Doreen lifts a hand to wave. "Bye." Then to Mike, she shrugs a little. "It's OK. People aren't used to the mutant thing, yet. They just need time to adjust and then it'll all be good."

Samuel runs as if all the demons in hell are after him…

"And how are they going to get used to it, if you hide it?"

"I'll figure something out!" Doreen grins. "It'll all be peachy keen, don't worry!"

Mike is quiet, studying the Squirrel Girl for a bit before giving a reluctant nod. "Alright." He turns, focusing back towards his hot dog. "Have a good day." He takes another bite of the hot dog as he walks away.

Bouncing up and down on her toes, she waves. "Byeeeeeeee!"


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