2014-04-02 The Roster Forms
Players: Doctor Strange, Loki, Nova, Phantasm, Scarlet Witch
GMed by NA
Title: The Roster Forms


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Greenwich Village, often referred to in New York as simply "the Village", is a largely residential neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan in New York City. A large majority of the district is home to upper middle class families. Greenwich Village, however, was known in the late 19th to mid 20th centuries as an artists' haven, the bohemian capital, and the East Coast birthplace of the Beat movement. What provided the initial attractive character of the community eventually contributed to its gentrification and commercialization.

Sitting at a table once more, Doctor Strange has a single paper cup in front of him, the contents of which are steaming. The good doctor wears a dark blue suit with a matching fedora on his head preventing any potential rain from hitting his grey and black hair.

If there is a bright side to the appearance of The Grandmaster calling for a team with an 'or else' clause that seemed like a reference to 'world go boom', it would be that it's INCREDIBLY easy to get a table at the bistro the guy appeared at just a few days ago. And the broken glass has been swept up, EVEN BETTER! Annnd that's it for the bright side of life mentality for now as the darkly clad, down dressed, knit-capped musician strolls up, tugging out an available chair at Doctor Strange's table. He looks to the sorceror, giving a tilt remeniscent of his corvid counterpart.

Sitting across from Strange at the table, Wanda looks comfortable in her customary crimson trenchcoat and fedora, likewise not seeming to mind the rain as she's pretty well covered. She glances up and over at the musician, then gives Strange a curious glance as she sips from her espresso.

"Glad you could make it." Strange says towards Mike as he takes a seat at the table, then looks to Wanda. "This Grandmaster has me concerned and I'd like you two to join me in fighting this foe." Then the wizard looks over to Mike and asks, "I would like to know more of what you can do, specifically." His voice a whisper to prevent any eavesdroppers.

Mike gives a slight nod to Wanda as Strange indicates there was someone else sitting at the table. Oops. He glances to her drink, "Guess I'll have owe you the coffee at a later time." He gives a slight smile before looking back towards Strange, smile fading. "Options must not have been good if you're going with someone you don't really know for the roster." He pauses, "The others that were there know you're aiming for that Captain position? Might want to get that settled first lest we end up with more than one claiming that title."

Wanda shrugs, "Well, I certainly don't want the position, but I'll be more that happy to support you for the position, Stephen. You're certainly the most experienced of us, I would imagine." She then glances over at Mike and smiles slightly, "You can still buy me one later, you know."

Stephen's eyes move from one of his company and back to the other, content that they at least know each other a little. "Only for the sake of dealing with the Grandmaster, otherwise this will be a mutual ideas type thing though referring to experience is a safer idea, generally." Strange notes before lowering his voice further. "I need you two to have a firm grasp on what the other can as I will be making a trip to gather more members of this group of ours." His eyes stay on Wanda longer, hinting he's putting the ball in her court as far as studying Mike.

There is a slight poof of black and green wispy magic as the god of Mischief arrives in the coffee shop, dressed in his cloth armor, stepping up to the counter to order a tall cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and a cherry. He picks out the stemless cherry and pops it into his mouth, then freezes when he turns around, noticing the gathering, emerald eyes darting around. Swallowing the cherry, he blinks. "What..what's going on here?"

Mike glances over towards Wanda, a corner of the mouth rising slightly, "How about after this Grandmaster thing gets settled?" There. Something to Aim for. In case surviving wasn't ENOUGH. His head turns, expression lightening a bit more. "Speaking of potentials." He waves Loki over.

Wanda looks a bit dour, "That's /one/ way to describe it. If his brother didn't want to lock me in a dungeon in a decidedly unfun way, I'd think he'd be perfect." She shrugs at Strange, then smiles at Mike, "Deal, we can do that."

Strange gives Wanda a look and then pats her arm before using the other to offer Loki the final seat at the table. "He is perfect, and he's saving me a trip." Then with a look to Loki the wizard grins a touch, "Or at least half of one."

Loki looks around, then back at Mike and offers a wave. "Greetings, Mike…" the trickster says, coming over apprehensively. "What is going on here? You have me at a bit of a disadvantage. Hello, Wanda, Strange, others." He takes the seat and sips his cocoa from a long thin straw to avoid having a moustache from the whipped cream. "Are you saying I am perfect? It is about time SOMEONE aknowledged my greatness." He grins at his joking words and takes another sip from the straw.

Mike chuckles, bringing a hand over to mess Loki's hair up a little. "There. That should bring you down to our level a little." Being the only one without a drink, Mike sets his forearms on the table as he folds his hands together, glancing to Loki, "We were thinking how you'd be perfect to help us deal with the Grandmaster issue."

Wanda smiles faintly, "Yes, indeed, it would be most helpful… moreso than your brother would be, I think." She doesn't seem to think much of people that try to lock her up without trial or due process. Go figure!

Strange doesn't have the heart to tell Wanda that he's planning on getting the dreaded Thor for his job as well. "Perfect for the task set before us." Steve does give Loki that little asterisk regarding his perfectness. "This Grandmaster is a new one to me, how about you Asgardian, any information would be helpful." Sorcerer Supreme tries gently with the banished god, as he takes a sip of his coffee.

Richard descends from the sky, first a blue speck, then a bigger one, and a bigger one, until he's visible, and his helmet is visible, then there he is. He lands a few feet from the table.

Loki lifts a brow. "I'm afraid you're going to have to be a little more specific. I'm not sure what you are attempting to nominate me for, or if I actually want to do it. Would you mind elaborating a bit?"

Mike nudges Loki at Wanda's mention, giving an encouraging grin. "See?" When Nova flies in, landing nearby, his glance shifts over to look to him, "Damn. Covenient." He looks to Strange, tilting his head in indication of Nova. "Ok basic summary, a blue man in gold clothes who calls himself The Grandmaster pops through some thing and basically gave us a week to pick a captain and form a team for something or else the world goes bye bye."

"I know that part." Loki says in annoyed exasperation.

"That's all I got." Mike replies, shrugging, "We were hoping you knew more about him."

Richard hehs, "I've seen this sort of thing before. Cosmic beings tend to bother Earth - once, or twice - and we often have to play their game at first, until we learn how to get around it, and shut them down."

"Mike, pretty much summed it up." Strange says with a smirk "Since you and your brother were here, I figured I'd give you a shot to save Midgard and possibly Asga-" Where the wizard is interrupted by Nova's arrival, "Richard, it is convenient. We're forming a group, though it seems a little rag-tag if you will." Strange smirks, looking around those at his table.

Wanda nods, "Seems like the most prudent option. Play along and then beat him at his own game." She smiles a little, glancing curiously over at Richard as he arrives, though she doesn't say much else. It's the whole 'supervillain' thing.

Loki nods. "Yesss….but this isn't telling me what I am being nominated for..for all I know you could be sending me to my death."

"None of us know, and if we don't do anything, death is the predetermined outcome, so might as well face it head on." Strange counters.

"Well, predetermined for those of us that live here." Mike adds in honestly, "Until he comes for Asgard, your family would be fine."

Richard takes a breath, and says, "The Nova Corps has investigated this being before. He is /extremely/ powerful… As in… Galactus-level. For the Sorcerous among you, this being can interact with the /Abstracts/… We don't always have to play his game, but in the absence of better data, or a way to defeat his agenda, we'll just have to play ball until we can find the weakness."

"Well if you truly wish for me to take the position, then I will in order to protect the Nine Realms. I know not if this position comesw with clothing or if I may retain my current clotjhr;{"

Wanda smiles slightly, "Well, I'm definitely in to deal with this Grandmaster… the odds tend to be in my favor, anyway." She looks rather amused at that.

"I'm not giving you a costume if that's what you're hoping for." Strange says flatly, with a bemused hint, mostly in response to Wanda's own hex joke. "Glad to know that a force is starting to show itself." The wizard whispers to himself.

Mike looks at Wanda blankly, not getting the joke. "Well, being that I know of it in advance, that should make it easier to prepare for." He looks over to Loki, "I don't think we have time to get any team uniforms but if we survive, I could take you out shopping for some slumming it clothes afterwards."


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