2014-04-07 Four Monsters And A Demon
Players: Mike, Logan, Kevin, Loki
GMed by N/A
Title: Four Monsters And A Demon

If he'd spent one more day in that house, Logan was going to lose his goddamn mind. Fighting the Hulk and Wendigo up in Canada, sneaking through enemy bases, being "executed" and thrown out of a moving plane to plummet into the mountains, Logan would rather do all that all over again than continue on as the official gym coach at Xavier's school. He'd probably be less stressed, and at least he wouldn't have to worry about smoking around the kids.

It was so bad that he'd rather be here, stuck in traffic for possibly hours on end. He leaned back, relaxing against the seat and stretching his arms out more.

His right draped against the passenger seat, his left hanging out the car window casually, cigar between two fingers. He spoke to "nobody" in the car with him, the voice aiming toward the general back seat area.

"Ever have one 'o them days, Kev?"

"I am having one of 'them' days now, Mister Colburn, now eyes on the road." The voice that responds to Logan's inquiry isn't that of the ghost-white omnimorph, but of an old southern woman dressed in 1950s-era Sunday best, fanning herself with a paper fan gripped firmly in white gloves. Miss Daisy glances out the nearest window at the pedestrians passing on the sidewalk and wonders aloud, "What sort of day are you referring to?"

Loki is after someone or something. He is really after one of the demons from Otherworld, but as it is in disguise, it appears that he is chasing a young man.

He throws a burst of magic at the 'man', attempting to slow it down but doesn't hit it. They cut across the street in front of Logan's car, but thanks to his quick reflexes Loki jumps up and leaps off the hood, diving for the demon to bring it to the ground.

The squat little man is used to this from his friend. The way Logan saw it, looking like that in a world like this? You had to go crazy to keep from going crazy, and Kevin was definitely crazy instead of crazy. He looked in the rearview mirror, blue eyes steeling as he spoke.

"Kid, we gotta get you some better mov-"


A pair of Asgardian feet slam into the front hood, and Logan's truck has a meteor sized dent a second later. Logan actually does a double take, the urban cowboy almost not believing it. He even dropped his cigar outside. A second later he turns his head, talking to the southern white woman lording it over him.

"Kid, you see that? I think ol' twinkle toes there owes me a new hood."

Already he was backing up a foot, then pulling out, cutting through two lanes in pursuit of the strange, ever-so-strange sight…

Miss Daisy drops her fan into her lap and pulls herself forward by the back of Logan's front seat. Her eyes blink rapidly over her tiny glasses as she watches Loki chase after the stranger. "Hey, I know that guy!" Kevin's normal voice precedes his shift into a Caucasian male with a shaved head—His standard disguise. "It's Loki.

HEY LOKI!" He shouts towards the passenger-side window before reaching over Logan's arm to honk the horn.

Loki turns and looks over his shoulder,furrowing his brow as he recognizes Morph. "NOT NOW!" He shouts, tackling the man to the ground and sitting on his chest (The demon's, not morph's). The demon in human form looks toward the car and yells "Help me! He's crazy! CRAZY!!!" He even manages to smell like a human after practically bathing itself in the blood of one. Loki grabs it by the throat, drawing his other hand back and producing a dagger. "I'm afraid this is the end of the line. For you."

Logan was trying to drive with one thin albino arm reaching over his shoulder honking the horn, his superior sense of hearing suffering the shrill sound over and over and over, his right eye already twitching, his teeth clenched as he cut right past oncoming traffic. He finally skid to a halt with his truck roughly parked, the back end sticking out just a bit, but nothing special. Not until he stopped the car and ripped the keys out of the ignition did he finally turn and snap at his uncanny valley looking friend.

"Kevin, KNOCK IT OFF! Now go on, keep that clown from doin' anythin' stupid like killin' a man."

Even as he spoke, he was throwing his cowboy hat into the truck behind him and darting out into the street, charging toward the possible murder, hand outstretched, calling out. Even with his great speed, Logan had a sickening feeling that he wasn't going to be able to stop this in time. He just hoped Morph would have better luck.

Kevin only recoils slightly when Logan yells at him and snaps into an attentive salute once the order's given. "Sir! Yes sir!" He leaps out the passenger-side hands-first and by the time his hands hit the ground they've become the forepaws of a Harlequin Great Dane. The dog makes a made dash towards Loki while a football helmet draws itself around his head. With a deep-throated "RUFF," the dog lowers its head to ram into the trickster god at full speed.

Loki goes flying head over heels, tumbling across the yard when Kevin hits him. He flicks his hair out of his face and gets to his hands and knees, scowling.

"What are you doing?? Are you mad?!" He gets to his feet, rubbing his lower back as he rushes to try and pin down the demon again. "Go away, this is dangerous for you.

Take your short angry friend with you!"

Luckily, Kevin got to the scene before him, and a senseless death was prevented. Logan was glad of that, with all the lives he'd taken, it was good to do anything he could to prevent the same happening to someone else. He got to the scene and immediately put his hand out, gesturing at the civilian on the ground.

"Stay down, bub, we're gonna getcha outta here. And you!"

At this, the hand went from the nearly-stabbed pedestrian to the elaborately dressed thin man. And during this time, his senses remained open, taking in the world around him even as he remained focused on Loki.

"And you, you just simmer the hell down and put down that knife. 'Cause you don't want me ta' make you."

The Harlequin Great Dane stands over the apparent civilian and faces Loki defensively. "What's going on, Lok? We're not gonna let you near this guy until you tell us what this is about."

"Who are you??" Loki asks, narrowing his eyes. "You have declared yourself an enemy of Asgard by allowing this wretched creature to go free. " When the demon tries to get up and leave, Loki throws his blade, burying it in its shoulderblade, then pitches a bit of magic at Logan for pissing him off. "You…aren't going to /let/ me? Oh that is amusing. Here I am trying to save you pathetic people and all you can do is hit me!"

Logan was taking deep breaths, in through his nose, out through his mouth, oxygen rushing through his brain and forcing himself to calm down and focus, forcing his adrenaline to back down. He took a few moments, and finally relaxed his shoulders. His right eye finally stopped twitching. Every single muscle in his body finally unclenched a little, and he stood a little taller(No jokes, please.). Loki would never know how close he was to danger.

"Alright, liste-"

A knife goes hurtling through the air, THOCK! Embeds itself deep into the meat of an innocent man's shoulder.

ZZZZZRTT! A bolt of…something shoots from Loki's hand and smashes into the sternum of the short Canadian man. It staggers him backward, and he clenches his teeth in pain as his bones momentarily want to repel themselves from each other. The moment passes after a second, and a split second later Logan is leaping through the air, both fists in front of him and aimed right at the general body mass of Loki. He was traveling faster than a running linebacker, and would hit with about the force of a jeep with it's breaks cut if he hit.


And to add to Loki's list of problems, an all-too familiar sound is heard, as six razor-sharp adamantium claws shoot out from between the man's knuckles, the blades promising much pain if Loki didn't get out of the way somehow…


"Who am I?" Kevin lets off a canine whine, then stands up in his standard disguise—The very tall, shaved white man look that he's sported while hanging out with Loki a few times in the past. "You don't remember me? I co-cocked you when you tried to assassinate a public official. Then I bandaged your wounds. You said you owed me, so let's cash that in with this explanation." At that moment, Logan rushes past and begins to engage the Asgardian. Kevin rolls his eyes and throws up his hands in a huff. "See? Now you pissed him off. Do you have any idea how long it takes to calm him down?" The omnimorph turns to the civilian and drops to one knee, becoming a blonde nurse in the classic white outfit with heels. "Let me get that for you, sweetie," the nurse says as she reaches out to carefully extract the knife from his shoulder.

"I didn't mean YOU!" Loki says to Kevin. "I know who you are." As Logan comes charging at him, Loki disappears and reappears, letting him run past him. "NO!" He holds out a hand as he runs toward Kevin, "Don't let it get away! Go deal with your friend and let me handle this one before you both end up getting yourselves killed and I'll not be responsible for mortals who get themselves killed. If I kill you, fine, I'm certain people will be cross, but engineer your own deaths and I have nothing to do with it." He takes out his other dagger and charges the demon. "That isn't a human, it's a demonic creature."

Swiiiiiiiing and a miss. Logan goes crashing into nothing, his claws embedding themselves deep into the earth as he skids across the ground, putting stress on his unbreakable skeletal structure before sheathing his claws again. He's back up instantly, whipping off that leather jacket of his and throwing it to the ground violently even as he stalked toward the Asgardian, fists clenched, crouched and ready this time to protect the man on the ground.

"You ain't killin' nobody today, jeri curls, we're gonna all sit down and talk this through. Or, I can take yer arms off and leave ya bleedin'. Yer choice, bub. What's it gonna be?"

The scene is quite peculiar for anyone who stumbles into it. Logan's truck is parked haphazardly on the sidewalk. The clawed Canuck is marching towards a fully armored Loki. A World War II era blonde nurse is kneeling next to an otherwise plain-looking civilian, her hand on the dagger that's been lodged in his left shoulder.

Kev_Nurse stops with her hand on the handle of that blade, taking in Loki's hurried explanation. "…. A demon? Are you sure?" Instead of freeing the man from the ground, the woman rotates and sits on his chest. She leans forward thoughtfully, rubbing her chin with one hand, and slowwwwwly rotating the blade of the knife in the man's wound with the other. The creature in disguise will remain pinned but the movement is quite painful and irritating, meant to force the demon to reveal itself in agitation.

Loki looks behind him as Logan comes after him and takes on a defensive position. "I would suggest not attacking me, short one. I am a god, afterall." He turns back to Kevin, taking his eyes off of Logan. "Kevin, please do not play with the otherdimensional creatures!"

The demon hisses, gritting his human teeth as Kevin twists the knife, a low growl coming from its throat. When he twists it in the other direction, it roars at him, not liking this one bit, swinging a hand at him.

Oh what a lovely time of day on this time of week to be walking around this section of city. And thanks to Mike's fellow musician friend, Mike is on his way from the apartment bringng a spare set of Wade's clothes and sporting a rather annoyed expresion as he's off to rescue the slightly older man from a potential Misery type situation. God, Wade. Really?! Upon coming to this section of Manhattan, not too far from where he started from, all the hub-bub does draw the rocker's attention. "-The fuck?"

As Loki spoke, Logan just kept walking forward, blue eyes just dead set on his target, already sizing up the kill. He knew the tall gangly being ahead of him was tough, he knew the kid had a certain arrogance about him that you only had from truly knowing what you were capable of. He knew that the kid Kevin called "Loki" seemed to be tricky, and he undoubtedly had a few aces up his gaudy sleeves. None of that mattered. Logan sneered and crouched low a bit.

"Buddy, I don't go ta church!"

And with that he leapt, right arm extended backward, and aiming to hit a superman punch to the side of his opponent's head, a punch that was soon to be aided by three razor-sharp claws embedding themselves deep into the "god's" little skull.

Then that roar came from the man on the ground, and Logan instantly knew he was making a mistake. But what could he do? He was already in the air, coming down. His arm was swinging that punch, aimed right for the side of that Asgardian skull. The most he could do is tense the muscles in his wrists and hands, preventing those claws from surging forward.

This meant that three hundred and five pounds of adamantium-laced haymaker was still traveling right for Loki's face. But right now, that was the best that Logan could do. Tough break!

The nurse's ruby lips spread into a shiny, red smile. "There it is." Her body expands until she becomes a rhino, still pressed down on the civilian's chest—still wearing that nurse's hat. "But why are you stab-stabbing it instead of trying to bring it to justice," Kevin asks in his normal voice. His head dips low and snorts hot rhino breath in the creature's face.

Loki hears a familiar voice and holds out his hands. "Mike! No! It's a demon!" Then *Clang!* Logan's fist makes contact with the side of his head, flooring him instantly. At least it didn't involve the claws, so he'll be fine when he wakes up. He really was trying to be helpful, he just didn't want to yell about demons in the streets.

As Loki drops to the ground, the demon tries to throw Kevin off, showing remarkable strength as it shifts into its natural form. It bares rows of razor sharp teeth and emits a blood curdling roar.

Roaring, flying Logans, and - "Lo-" Mike stops as he hears Loki's warning. Oh you've got to be ki- If anyone is paying any close attention to the rocker, there's a slight shift to the features. Not full out change but more, a slight movement and a slight movement back. For those The spare clothes drop to the ground as Mike starts running towards Loki and Logan, "GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Roaring, flying Logans, and - "Lo-" Mike stops as he hears Loki's warning. Oh you've got to be ki- If anyone is paying any close attention to the rocker, there's a slight shift to the features. Not full out change but more, a slight movement and a slight movement back. For those with better senses, that he no longer appears to have a scent, be breathing, or have a heart beat is likely noticable. The spare clothes drop to the ground as Mike starts running towards Loki and Logan, "GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Logan…was not expecting that. One punch and the bigger man went down like a sack of potatoes, in a way that actually caught the Mutant off guard. He had dropped down to one knee, checking on the "God" when he heard a blood curdling battle-cry, and another person was charging him. Someone that actually looked…familiar? Logan had his hands up, brows raised and shaking his head.

"Whoah, whoah wait a minute, this isn't what-"

The rhino tumbles head over heels from the demon's shove and stumbles sideways as it clambers to its meaty feet. "Aw, yeah. THIS is what I'm talking about," Kevin yells as he charges forward to meet the creature head-on. The omnimorph is nothing if not crafty, though, and at the last second that rhino becomes a fez-wearing spider monkey that wields a tiny baseball bat. Kevin lets off little monkey-shrieks as he works his way up whatever limbs the demon may have sprouted, aiming a bat-swinging barrage for its head.

Mike skids to a stop as he sees Logan holding up his hands in a halting gesture. Ok so Loki's not in trouble anymore. He bends down, checking on Loki. He shakes his head, angrily looking at Logan,"Just, get the hell away from him and go take care of that god damn demon before it kills someone. Neck should be a good spot."

Logan got a lucky shot on Loki which how he floored him so quickly. He remains out, a few ants idly venturing over his prone form. Loki isn't the one to be worried about right now, though. The demon is in rampage mode, bleeding dark ichor from the wound on its back, keeping it from flying. It swings sharp claws at Kevin, leaving gashes in the ground. "Time you die now!"

Logan didn't have to be told twice. He was sure the Loki kid was gonna be ok, and besides, cocky little bastard made it hard to sympathize with him. There was also the fact that the far more pressing matter was the Demon attacking his friend, and even as resourceful and tough as Kevin was, Logan didn't like the idea of leaving him alone with something quite so Hellacious. His feet left the ground again, and his claws popped out once more. In mid-air he snarled out at his spidermonkey-shaped little friend,

"Get out the flamin' way, kid!"

Half a split-second later he'd come down, both claws aimed to slash various points of the creature's spinal column. He wasn't sure how human this thing was, but he was hoping that losing access to its legs would slow it down a little, long enough to form a plan of how to take this sucker down.

"One of these days, I'm gonna kick your ass until you stop calling me kid," Kevin yells in between monkey-shrieks. His tiny body easily dodges the demon's swiping efforts and after a few more backflips, he grows into a ten-foot-tall werewolf and lets out an echoing howl. While Logan seems bent on attacking the creature from behind, the omnimorph rushes forward to slash at its throat with claws of his own.

Loki furrows his brow just a bit, but doesn't awaken yet. The demon is no longer in human form and is biting and clawing at Kevin. The omnimorph is chased around a bit, then Logan's claws sink into its flesh, causing it to become stuck, roaring.

Those adamantium claws lay embedded in the flesh of the Demon, and now Logan gave a snarl and ripped his claws from the creature using that impressive physical strength of his. Moments later he would slash and stab forward, aiming an almost blind and wild barrage aiming for the spinal cord, for the kidneys, for the heart, furiously trying to reduce this Hellspawn to nothing before it could get started and do whatever it wanted to do here. It was safe to say that by now, Logan wasn't with them anymore. Logan was in his Special Place that his mind went sometimes, where sound didn't exist, nothing existed except whatever he was bringing down.


The giant werewolf stands his ground and puts up with the demon's clawing, reaching forward to grapple with the beast and try to hold him in place so that Logan can finish him off. Each time Kevin is struck by a claw, fur and flesh is torn away, but the white-grey patch of matter beneath the sturdy werewolf form shows that there is no real damage being done, and his gashes quickly reshape themselves to match the rest of his massive body.

The demon snaps at Kevin, its razor sharp teeth trying to bite off appendages (or heads). It roars as Logan stabs it. Ichor pours out of it, hissing against the ground. It kicks back with a powerful leg with its taloned feet, spiked tail lashing back and forth. It is locked in a fight for its life now, so it's not holding back any punches, going into a frenzy similar to Logan.

Logan's teeth were grit, and his claws being inside this creature's body caused his claws to start superheating. Right now, he didn't notice that, so focused was he on doing as much damage as he could to a dangerous beast. He ignored the tail, he ignored everything but continuing the attack. This time, he ripped his claws from the back only to give a two-handed slash, aimed right at the back of his skull. He wanted to end this thing before it wreaked serious havoc here on Earth. People had enough problems without some Hellbeast getting involved in matters.

Kevin doesn't stop holding onto the demon no matter how much of his malleable flesh is torn away. Were he a regular human or a mutant with very different powers, he might have died of blood loss by now. But there's no blood coming out of the omnimorph; only chunks of grey flesh that are replaced as quickly as they are torn away.

"Quit. Being. Such a… PILL," Morph grunts as he shoves at the Demon with inhuman strength, trying to force him back in Logan's direction for that final blow.

The combination of Kevin and Logan's fury is overpowering the demon. It snaps and claws, pushed back into Logan's claws. It emits a loud shrieking sound, thrashing around in a last ditch attempt to shake off the mutants so it can return to Otherworld. Small flashes appear near its head as it attempts to conjure a portal, but fails. Unlike the others that Mike and Loki fought, this one is not incinerated nor is it obliterated by Odin's Gungnir. It roars, the light starting to go out of its glowing red eyes, and topples over as it is finally overcome by their attacks, leaving the first demon corpse since they appeared.

Logan was not a big man at all. Although there was a lot of muscle on his frame, it was all compounded and made him look a bit squat. But right now, claws covered in blood and glowing red-hot, eyes focused on the fallen corpse, chest rising and falling from the effort he'd just put into this fight, Logan looked bigger than King Kong. He looked up after a moment, regarding his Werewolfish friend, speaking after a moment.

"The keys are in the ignition, Kev. Go ahead and take her wherever ya wanted ta go, I'm gonna stay here fer a bit."

He didn't stay there to debate the issue, this wasn't something he was going to be talked out of. It would be interesting to note that, right now, the claws never went back into him. Covered in strange Demonic blood, he didn't want any of it in his system. He also didn't want those claws touching his muscles and bloodstream yet, as hot as they were. He just needed to rest, just needed to get his mind clear is all…

Kevin pants and shakes his bushy tail, glancing around for signs of onlookers or police. He also spares a glance to the fallen trickster god, wondering what should be done about him or the demon corpse. "We probably shouldn't leave them lying here," he growls, then moves to nudge Loki with a fuzzy claw. "Wakey-wakey, eggs and bacey…."

Loki shifts and puts a hand to his forehead as his senses return. "Ungh…what happened?" He asks, partially sitting up. Seeing Morph in his state, he blinks and rubs his head. "Your friend appears to be in some sort of state."

Logan wasn't in the mood to talk, and pulled his arm away from his friend's bestial(at the moment) touch. In fact, the little man turned his torso, which made it easier to turn his neck and glare at Morph, right in the eyes. He spoke coldly, in a different mood than normal.

"Do whatever ya want, bub. I'm gettin' outta here. Don't try followin' me, kid."

(Editor's Note: Yes, Logan entirely misheard Kevin, which is probably due to his adrenaline rush and the tunnel vision he's no doubt experiencing right now.)

And with that, he kept walking, turning his back and leaving the scene. He had to get out of here, even the air was oppressive and overbearing. He just had to breathe, and clear his head.

The werewolf whines pitifully at Logan's attitude. "Oh come on, man. We were just about to have a beer!" But it's too late to argue. The Wolverine is storming off. Kevin huffs and wanders back over to the truck, shifting into the form of a dark-skinned construction worker by the time his hand has reached the cab door. "Hope you brought a broom to sweep that up," he calls to Loki. "And, you're welcome." The truck starts, and the omnimorph pulls away.

Loki is on his feet now, kneeling over the body of the Demon, running his hands over it. "It is not of Muspelheim…" He mutters, then realizes he's alone. "Oh. Well then." Putting his hand on the body, he teleports it back to his room in Asgard to study.

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