2014-04-12 Lunch, And A Life Changing Decision
Players: Kevin, Logan
GMed by Jesus
Title: Lunch, And A Life Changing Decision

Logan pigs out the morning after a bruising battle with AIM. Kevin is there, and they discuss the albino Mutant's future.

Logan felt like he'd been hit by a long convoy of trucks, and those laser blasts were taking a bit longer than usual to heal from. Not quite burns, he found that his flesh and muscles had already been cauterized, tricking his body into thinking it was fine for a while before his body painfully tore at the scars and scabbing, forcing that healing factor to start working again. That was bad enough, with his flesh and organs still feeling weak and a bit too thin, but he still had a long thin scar on the right side of his face, that began from the side of his mouth to his ear, and opened up a little when he opened his mouth or grinned or frowned too much. And this throat still hurt, the vocal chords still repairing themselves and going slow what with the laundry list of injuries it was already dealing with.

Needless to say, he had had a number of beers since getting home, and was working on his twelfth twelve pack. On the kitchen counter was a mess of food, and he was in the process of making yet another sandwich. The appetite was working over time until he was recovered. It would look like he wasn't paying attention to Kevin, but he was listening to every word. This was normal for him, and it didn't distract him from what was important in life: namely, the people who were good to you, and the people you didn't turn your back on.

Kevin hadn't really been talking about anything in particular up to this point. It's morning, and he's been cooking burgers like it's supposed to be dinner time. Anyone who wasn't familiar with Wolverine and his powers might be acting differently about how the man looks, but Kevin's just been cooking and shooting the breeze. "More beef? This quarter pounder's about to become a triple bypass."

At the moment, the five foot three Canuck was busy applying a very…liberal amount of Habanero Sauce to his current sandwich, a triple decker to end all triple deckers. Dressed only in sweatpants, sweatshirt and slippers, he moved a bit slower for the moment, his body underneath his clothing still rather bruised. Still, he nodded and looked over at what Kevin was doing.

"Looks about right, Kev. Get the Swiss on there, let it melt in. And make you one as well, get what ya can before I eat everythin' else."

He was joking, kind of. With his left hand he popped another beer and brought it to his lips, finishing his current sandwich with his left hand. Cleaning up this kitchen was going to be a nightmare, but he'd focus on that after his body returned to something approaching normal.

Kevin smirks, throwing a slice of cheese on top of the latest patty. "You first, Patches! Gotta make sure you're full of as much 'bull' as everyone says you are." He slides the meat onto an open bun that's already cradling three thick patties, then pushes the plate within Logan's reach. The next plate he fixes will be for himself. His 'Kiss the Cook' apron gets a brief pat-down before he tosses some freshly formed patties into a pan and sprinkles bits of crushed bacon — the real stuff, not that generic crap — into the grease. "The Friends are recruiting in New York again. Stopped some idiots from completing their initiation ritual, a couple days ago."

The sandwich was all done, but he decided he'd let the Habanero sit for a few minutes, let it seep into the meat and bread before taking a bite. Instead, he grabbed at the burger, ignoring how hot it was, and immediately tearing into it. He didn't respond right away until he was halfway through that burger, which in his current state didn't take very long at all. After a moment he nodded, unsurprised by the news just delivered.

"Always some clowns who can't respond any other way to change and differences. Just hope you stopped them before they want after some kid. That why you been hangin' around even less than usual? Or you been busy with a sixth?"

Kevin blinks a few times, letting his mind wander. "Hmm? Sixth? Oh." He shrugs and rubs his round, white head. "Actually it's four now. Took the wrong cell phone with me and Linda saw my text history with Brianna, so she stormed off… I'll fix it eventually." Having multiple girlfriends is hard… Especially when you have to remember who they know you as. "Anyway, kind of. There's a lotta punks in Harlem who are picking up on the Friends' siren song. Been scaring 'em straight, but… They're like ants, y'know? Crush one, more come?" He chews on a toothpick that manifests itself from his lower lip. "Gotta find the recruiting officer and put him down."

Shaking his head, Logan polished off that burger and now, finally, went to work on that sandwich, saving the best for last. The fact that his mouth was actually tingling was good, it meant that his body was recovering faster, and the 'alert level' of his body was going down now. Bruises started fading(not that this could be seen), and the ugly gash across the side of Logan's face that made him look like a certain movie clown started to get smaller and smaller, ever so gradually.

"Always told ya them ways were gonna catch up to ya. Breakin' hearts, that just ain't worth it in the end, everybody ends up losin'."

Another beer drained, and now that it was just his sandwich left, Logan picked up one last can and finally sat down in his chair, the wood creaking from his weight but holding, the aches of his body finally catching up with him now that they were starting to dissipate.

"Hey. Nobody's heart is broken. I'll deal with Linda after she has a little cooling off time." Kevin's lipless mouth spreads into a broad grin. "Besides. Do you expect someone with my level of energy to be tied down to just one girl? I think for their sakes, it's better that I have more than one at a time."

He snaps his fingers as another random thought crosses his mind. "Oh hey! I ran into Snake Pliskin a few weeks ago! He was darker than I thought he would be. Also a lot more bald. But he offered me a job as a mercenary!"

"Snake…Snake Plisken?"

It took Logan a few moments to run down the list of pop culture references, and the 'Escape' series was one that he hadn't watched in a long while. Things to do and all. But, off his feet and leaning back in that chair, rolling his neck and letting the bones crackle and pop, Logan opened his eyes suddenly and took a bite of that sandwich and a swig of his beer.

"You talkin' 'bout Nick Fury, kid? Fury offered you a job? Does he know it's you an' not one of yer characters?"

Kevin glances over his shoulder. "Nick… Fury? That's his real name," he wonders over the sizzle of the burger patties. Four well-cooked patties are stacked on top of each other with slices of onion, tomato and cheese inbetween each one. He uses a broad knife to spackle mayonnaise to the top layer before sealing it with a lightly toasted bun. The burger tower is carried over to the fridge, where the omnimorph spends time trying to find something to drink along with his monstrosity. "Weeeell, he knows I'm a mutant, and knows that I beat the tar out of some punks that were going to do awful things to a homeless mutant. But he doesn't have my real name." Yet. "Anyway, he gave me a card with an address on it, and I was thinking of checking it out."

This was interesting news, surprising but not unpleasant. After thinking about it, crushing another beer and finishing that last sandwich, Logan exhaled in near relief, finally feeling his body returning more or less to normal, and that gash across his cheek as now just a light bruise itself. Feeling a bout of fatigue coming on after his healing factor did its job, Logan pushed himself and looked at his albino, hairless friend. And after a moment, he spoke.

"I think ya should. It would be good to have one of our own on the inside, it could work towards changin' people's minds. But what do you wanna do?"

Now Logan really has Kevin's curiosity. The omnimorph turns from the fridge with a litre of Moutain Dew in one hand, grabs his plate with the other, and moves to sit at the nearest available space. "So you know this guy, huh," he wonders in a voice not his own. His body quickly takes on the size and shape of Nick Fury in all his trenchcoat and eyepatch glory. He takes a large bite of his oversized burger, then leans forward and rests one arm on the table, eyeballing Logan while chewing thoughtfully. "What do you know about him, hmm? Other than the fact that he can obviously fight, and sounds smooth as hell, I ain't never seen or heard of this dude before."

Logan was used to Morph's ability to…well…morph by now, but looking over and seeing someone entirely different in person was still unsettling, especially when there was no scent attached. That was another thing about Kevin that took some getting used to, but once you did, there was a good friend to be found underneath all that.

"Well, I don't know that much about him, but I heard things about him, during the war. Him and the Howlin' Commandos, and the things they did. If Nick's the same guy he used ta be, I'd say workin' for him could be a good experience.

'Course, guys like that, life's a game o'poker that they keep close to the chest, an' they don't let nobody figure out their tells. If he even tells you the sky is blue, I'd reckon there's more to it that he ain't lettin' on. So don't be too trustin' if you do it."

Kev_Fury nods and chews on another bite of his burger. "Mm-hmm. Sounds like a real interestin' cat." As he swallows, his features revert to the noseless and pasty figure he's known as, though he keeps the eyepatch and trenchcoat. "Well I'm gonna check it out. I'll leave the card in case I don't come back. Then you'll know where to start looking for me." Said with a casual grin before he takes another bite of his burger. "So what're you up to today? I was gonna go hunt down some more FoH punks if you wanna join me."

"Tell ya what, I'll give ya a day then the bodies pile up."

He was kidding. Kind of. But he also kind of meant it. Kind of. When it came to Logan and his sense of humor, you never really knew when he was just fooling around and when he was really about to disembowel you and make a noose out of your own intestine. But at the mooment he rubbed his face with his hands, blinking wide and forcing his eyes open as he yawned. He slowly worked to his feet as he spoke, no longer limping, but also not moving quite so fast. His bones were still rebuilding themselves inside the adamantium casing, and it even though they were almost done, it still didn't feel so great.

"Sorry kid, but I'm usin' all my energy to stand as is, haven't slept yet."

It was true he got in late last night and shut down until an hour ago, but that was different than actual, REM sleep. And he still felt tired after it.

Kevin shrugs lightly. The omnimorph never really seemed to need much sleep and if he did, he certainly did a good job of being hidden when he was asleep. "Suit yourself," he says, then stretches his jaw down to his chest. He shoves the remains of the burger tower into his elongated maw and stretches his lips over it. His face takes on a comical outline of half-eaten hamburger for several moments, then the outer mass contorts, forcing itself to take on a normal shape while the burger is picked apart and ushered down his throat. Only Kevin and his most trusted physician know how he actually digests things.

"I'll keep ya posted." Kevin slips off his stool and carries his dish to the sink. He'll deal with his mess first—he's not a complete jerk, after all. "You go hit the sack, man. You look like you could use it."


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