After-Lunch Conversation

Recorded: April 14, 2014
Characters: Dr. Strange, Frigga, Loki, Thor
Location: Asgard - Palace Garden
Summary: The Sorcerer Supreme shares a moment of conversation with the Asgardians.

Another day of hard lessons has passed, though Frigga's guest lecture session ended early today, in time for lunch. Food having been eaten, she wanders the garden for a leisurely stroll to help with digestion. A few maidens trail with her at a comfortable distance, their green outfits complimenting her emerald gown. Guards wait at the garden entrance but keep a better eye on the yard than before.

Finding himself in Asgard for the second time in as many days, Stephen is returning to the lesson area once more, having had his fill of food. The Sorcerer Supreme has been rather quiet this day.

Odin's favored son has taken a break from his intensive training on Midgard to spend some time with friends and family in his home. The opportunity to change out of his armor and into a comfortable set of robes is a welcome relief. He wanders into the verdant garden with a broad smile etched across his face and a basket of wild berries tucked under an arm. "Mother!" He calls brightly, dipping into half of a bow then jogging forward to pull her into a warm hug. "You are a most difficult quarry!"

Loki has taken off his robes, leaving him in dark green leather pants and a lighter green tunic that ends at mid-thigh, belted at the waist by a gold sash that matches the trim of his tunic. He has been silent all through lunch, lost deep in his own thoughts as he demurely munches on a few grapes. When Thor enters like a bull moose, he flicks his eyes up but says nothing, no expression upon his youthful features other than a very slight twitch of an eyebrow.

Frigga turns and receives Thor's hug with an eager embrace. "Ah, the wanderer returns, and with a basket of fresh berries? Truly no mortal fruit may compare to the sweetness found here in Asgard." She chuckles and squeezes Thor's shoulders affectionately, then gestures to Dr. Strange. "Have you had a chance to speak at length with the Sorcerer Supreme? He has been learning what he can of our mystic arts."

Wholly unaware of the gesture Stephen finds a seat and claims it with his bottom before looking up to the sky. The wizard is lost in thought worried about his own planet and the threats it faces. AIM. Grandmaster. These things are hard to forget about.

A single berry is plucked from the bucket and tossed into Thor's mouth at the words. "A familiar taste, to be sure." Thor offers, shuffling around to scrutinize Strange. "I admit I've not spoken at length with him. Sorcerer, art thou lost in a storm of thought?" He inquires, reaching a thick arm aside and giving it a shake in front of Loki. The meaning is clear: have some.

Loki's attention wandered off someplace, brought back by Thor shaking the berries in front of him. Reaching out, he takes one and considers it for a few moments. "Thank you, brother." He says quietly, then takes a bite of it, savoring the flavor as he listens to the others speak. Loki seems to have two modes: Too chatty or too quiet.

Frigga studies the Sorcerer's troubled brow but leaves the line of questioning to Thor for now. Instead, she turns to Loki to comment on the class they recently attended. "The students were taken with your demonstrations, my son. I am certain old Grimdorn would appreciate your aid in future lessons. She might even consider you a worthy professor of your own class."

Pulled back to the now by Thor's question, "More of a typhoon Odin-son." Stephen says standing back to his feet and bowing towards the God of Thunder. He looks towards Frigga, "I must apologize, for I am troubled by my own realms woes." Though the wizard speaks to all present.

Having shared with Loki he holds the basket aside for Frigga as well, shaking it a little too loudly and a little too enthusiastically. "Do you speak true, mage? I have been spending more and more time there, do you require me to slay anything?" He offers in, perhaps, an ill-crafted attempt at being polite.

"Thank you, mother, but I doubt that would be a wise decision." Loki finishes the berry and taps his fingers together. "I will aid whenever requested, of course. But to have my own class…I doubt anyone would take me seriously as an instructor." To Stephen, he says, "You chose your champions, there is nothing else you can do but abide by your decision and hope that they succeed in whatever it is that fool wants them to do."

Frigga takes a handful of berries and signals for her maidens to do the same. Each one eagerly reaches for a sample of the garden's finest, glancing shyly at their prince and chuckling to themselves. "You think too little of yourself, Loki. Do not forget how the students reveled in your show of power. They would be quite eager to learn from you, especially Liona." The All-Mother takes a moment to sample her handful of berries, thinking back on the day's lesson. "… Was Liona there today? She stayed late the night before to further her studies but I urged her home, lest she strain herself."

"No." Stephen replies with a laugh, "There's no need for slaying, just yet." He says with a raised brow. This AIM issue might get worse before it gets better though. The mage thinks to himself. "It's not that I fear. I mean I do worry but those cogs are already in motion. No sense in regret at this point." The Doctor replies to Loki.

"Art thou mad, Loki?" Thor demands, gathering his brow as he addresses the young magician. "You are one of the finest mages in the realm. Second only to mother and father. Do not trivialize your strength, brother."

Laughter meets Stephen's declaration, even as the handmaidens gather the berries from the Thunderer. Several earn a charming smile as he surrenders the bounty. "You have but to launch a relentless assault on your foes, mage! You mortals are so lenient on those that would harm the innocent."

"I know they were impressed but it is not something I should flaunt. Why do you say especially Liona? I did not see her at the lesson. Perhaps she has overdone it and requires rest. Do you want me to seek out her chambers and check on her? I mean, not that I am attempting to seem overly eager to go to her, I am just looking out for your students. It is easy to become overwhelmed." He then looks up at Thor and shakes his head, smiling faintly. "Am I Mad? Possibly. I do not trivialize my abilities, only that…" He exhales and closes his eyes a moment. "Tyr was there. And, as usual, he provided a reminder that sorcery is not a man's profession."

Frigga shakes her head slowly at Loki's words. "While I am certain that Liona would be honored by your visit, her father would find it less than so. Frankly, she seemed ill, so it may have been for the best that she stayed home and rested. The arcane should never be practiced in ill health. It brings about ill spells." She turns her attention to Dr. Strange. "I trust that your warriors will champion your cause with all the strength they have at their disposal. Tell me, is there anything I can do to help you prepare for what's to come? The lessons we teach in class are structured for our students, but if there is something greater that might aid you, I would gladly teach it to you."

"Do not hide your gifts because of another's judgments." Strange says as kindly as he can to the adopted Odin-son. Then turning back towards Thor, "We do not as we strive to be a peaceful race, for the most part." There are small groups that seem to have trouble with that idea but that's bound to occur in any young race. Stephen glances towards Frigga and turns to face her, "No Odin-Bride, there is nothing I can master rapidly enough before the battle begins as the hour grows late." Referring to the time before the confrontation.

"When I left on my quest I endeavored to bring the Sons of Odin together for a reason, Loki. Each of us are different and it is the vastness of our differences that lend us our strength when we work together. Though you lack the warrior edge the others hold, your arcane expertise is what makes you unique; and, through your uniqueness, make Asgard stronger. Embrace it." Thor elaborates, reaching a hand out to pat Loki and pull him into a small embrace. "You can be confident, brother. So long as arrogance does not stain you."

Lips part into a wide grin at Stephen's words. The prince obviously agrees. "You speak true, Stephen. I will endeavor to help you and the rest of your realm when I return. I will, of course, honor your peace as closely as I can. For now, though, I have something I need attend to." He says, bowing deeply so he may take his leave. A private stare is shared with one of Frigga's handmaidens as he slips off.

Loki's eyes widen as he's hugged, and he reaches up to pat Thor on the shoulder. "Yes, the Sons of Odin came together, but it became painfully clear I did not belong among them. I know my power, I enjoy being a powerful sorcerer. But, having Tyr at the last lesson drained my resolve. It is nothing to concern yourself with, but tha—" He looks up and notices Thor leaving. "Oh."

The maidens giggle to themselves as Thor departs, though they collect themselves when Frigga's head barely cants in their direction. Young girls. What's a queen to do. "Well then I wish you all the best," Frigga replies to Stephen, then shares some of Loki's disappointment as Thor takes his leave. "We must talk at length about what you learned while on Midgard, my son. Farewell for now." Her attention turns to the remaining Prince and the Sorcerer Supreme. "If there is nothing else, I shall continue to wander the garden. Do not hesitate to inform me if there is anything I can do to aid your upcoming adventure, Sorcerer Supreme."

"Sadly I must take my leave as well." Stephen says with a bow to both Frigga and towards Loki. "I thank you both for your vast amounts of assistance." The wizard says before vanishing in the blink of an eye once the remaining have said their farewells.

Loki folds his hands in his lap again, listening to Frigga. She didn't ask about what happened when he was on earth. "Farewe—" Dammit. "Have you any further need of me, mother? I should check in on Midgard, unless you believe I should not."

"I only ask that you consider the words spoken earlier, my son. You would make a fine teacher in the Sorcerer's Haven." Frigga smiles at Loki before turning to continue her walk. "Take care, my apprentice."

As Frigga leaves and Loki finds himself alone in the garden, he slouches, leaning forward to rest his elbow on his thigh and massage the bridge of his nose, sighing. Pushing himself to his feet, he vanishes to go back to his room.

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