The Light of Asgard Weakens

Recorded: April 20, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Odin
Location: Asgard Palace - Odin and Frigga's Chambers
Summary: The severity of Frigga's illness comes to light.

Wind echoes through the Asgard palace constantly, but has become more evident with the reduced staffing. Each soldier and servant that marches through its halls is that much more obvious. With the quarantine in full swing, the palace has few hands and few business to be run.

Even so, the All-Mother of Asgard has done her due diligence in maintaining her appearance of strength and command. She has walked these halls in the finest raiment with her head held high and words of wisdom flowing from her lips. She has comforted servants and relieved them of their duties with the gentlest of assurances. She has used much of her own magic to maintain herself as the symbol of hope for the Einherjar—An act that may very well have sped her own infection.

Frigga sits on the edge of the bed, struggling to keep her labored breath silent. She has sat there since before the sun rose. With its rays now bleeding in through the balcony, the full extent of her suffering can be seen: Her skin is pale, and brow beaded with sweat. Long ago she took her nighttime hair braid down to relieve the pressure on her forehead and some strands have become matted to the moisture along her face.

Odin is not blind to what is going on. The dwindling numbers of the healthy and raising count of the sick is hard to miss. He has kept his presence as public as he can while continuing to keep things running. There is little else he can do.

He was gone early to take care of some overnight business and meet with those left in the Eirherjar. Returning to their chambers and finding Frigga, concern takes his features.

"Frigga." He was hoping that she would be spared, but knows how hard she has been working in her duties. The All-Father moves to settle next to her on the bed, resting a large hand on her shoulder. "You should rest."

Frigga's distant gaze only gains focus when she finds a hand has come in contact with her. Blue eyes dart from the hand, to Odin, then back to the balcony. "Asgard… the people.." She tries to push herself upward with arms that have been braced for hours, but barely leaves the bed an inch before dropping and tilting in Odin's direction.

Odin nearly protests as she tries to raise, but he doesn't force her to stop. When she settles on her own, his arm goes around her shoulders to let her lean against him. He still has all his strength and yet he can't do anything about this. "The people need their Queen strong. You need your rest. Take care of yourself."

Frigga coughs and resigns herself to settle into his chest. "The disease… Is a curse," she mutters. "I did not see it… did not sense it… Children have died because my eyes were closed…"

That particular comment draws concern across his fingers and a rumble of anger in his eye. Not at her. His arm holds her protectively against him, being her strength for the moment. "Do you know who may have put this blight against us?" He questions.

Frigga shakes her head slowly. "Asgard's enemies… many." She takes a deep breath. "I tried to read it, but…" Her brow gathers painfully as a brief sheen of grey energy wafts over her skin. The All-Mother releases the strength she borrowed from her magic and collapses fully into Odin's grip. "Eir, will find a way," she mumbles as she closes her eyes. "Trusted… She will save them.."

"She will save all of you." As she collapses against him, Odin shifts to pick her up fully, rising to his feet. With care, he turns to lay her on the bed, pulling the covers over her and brushing some of her hair off of her forehead. She is the only one that ever gets to see such care from him. Less these days, but he is trying.. if only for her. "Rest, my wife. Gather your strength." He bends to press a kiss against her forehead, closing his eye for a moment before straightening and turning to leave the room to tend to duties. A pair of Eirherjar are left to guard their chambers. With the weakening numbers, they can never be too safe.

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