The Queen Under Quarantine

Recorded: April 22, 2014
Characters: Dorna (NPC), Frigga, Loki, Thor
Location: Asgard Palace -Odin and Frigga's Chambers
Summary: Two sons visit their ailing mother.

Not much time has passed since Frigga became bed-ridden but it may as well be an eternity. The All-Mother can barely move yet still feels the restlessness of being confined to her chambers. Outside, two Einherjar keep a stalwart vigil, warding away all but the nurses and maidens who have come to visit her while wearing cloth masks. They have their orders from Odin and intend to stand by them.

Fresh from his travels on Earth, Thor has opted to take a one-way ticket to Asgard to ascertain the condition of his ailing queen. The crown prince storms through the halls with a purpose in his stride. When he rounds the corner and squares off against the Einherjarr he merely sets his jaw and tucks Mjolnir away in his belt. He shoves past the duo and stands before his mother, a twinkle of concern behind his baby blues. "My queen. Radiant as ever despite this queer affliction."

Loki went back to his chambers to change his clothes before returning to the royal chambers, bringing a tray with juice, fruit and bread upon it along with a steaming pot of herbal tea. "I brought you something to keep up your strength, and some tea to help with any discomfort. There is enough for you and Thor, though I am still skeptical about Thor being here as heir to the throne. If Odin should fall ill, then the throne shall fall to Thor. If Thor falls ill, then Asgard may fall into chaos."

Frigga lifts her eyelids and glances at the figures that enter. "… Should not, be here," she mutters in a barely audible voice. In truth, the goddess is beginning to look her age, with pale skin and loose hair making her degree of illness evident. The Einherjar at the doorway sigh at the Princes' intrusion and close the door behind them.

A light click is Frigga's respond from Thor. "You know better than that, mother!" He responds brightly, moving towards the woman's side and resting a brawny hand upon hers.

"If I am to fall Balder will see to the paperwork and court." He answers over his shoulder with a frown. "What has happened in my absence?"

"Lower your voice, brother." Loki says quietly. "Mother, save your strength. Here, I have brought you some broth." He sits on the side of the bed, barely moving it as he puts the tray on the bedside table and holds the bowl in his hand. "Eir is working on a solution, but she is ill as well." He levitates the bowl as he reaches to help her lift her head and bring the spoon to her lips.

Frigga's head lifts easily, though she does not attempt to maneuver her lips to the spoon. "Take your brother out of here," she murmurs to Loki. "Should not be… playing… in your father's armory…" New pearls of sweat bead upon her fevered brow and in her delirium, she gives them a slow and dismissive wave.

"I did not ask to know who was working on the cure, brother. What is happening? Who did this?" Thor demands, ripping Mjolnir from his belt and backing away from Frigga.

Loki scowls and repeats in a growling tone, "Lower your voice or you will be taken back to Midgard." Whether she wants it or not, he tries to force her to take a bit of broth, then feels her forehead. "You are burning with fever." Looking to Thor, Loki shrugs. "We know not who did it, nor why."

The All-Mother's gaze glosses over as she sinks further into the arm that's supporting her. The spoonful of broth catches in her mouth and out of pure reaction, the contents are swallowed. "Brothers… do not quarrel," she whispers after licking the moisture from her lips.

The door of the royal chambers slowly creaks open and a Matron Healer enters. Dorna firmly grips her white face mask with one hand, and a tightly-bound scroll in the other. "Prince Loki. Prince Thor. I bring word from Eir." The middle-aged Asgardian curtsies briefly before she speaks again, her voice slightly muffled by the cloth of her mask. "You truly should not be here. Our queen is, very, very ill."

Thor pays heed to his mothers words and returns to her side, clasping her hand once again. As the healer enters she becomes the object of a very intense and inquisitive glare. "Tis far too late. What news do you bring?"

Dorna loosens her grip on the rolled parchment and sighs behind her cloth. "The fate of all Asgard hangs in the balance, but there is hope." She unfurls the scroll. "Eir has come to know that the disease is mystic as much as it is physical. It conceals its components, but she has discovered enough to begin mixing a cure." The Matron lifts the scroll to read its contents. "There are three rare ingredients that we'll need. Each one found in a different realm: Jotunheim, Muspelheim, and Alfheim. The whereabouts of at least two are treacherous, but I must venture forth and aid in the harvest of each. I have been instructed on their appropriate extraction."

"Waste no time in sharing, good woman." Thor instructs, looping his warhammer into his belt and striding forward. "For we will need to leave at once."

Dorna nods rapidly. "Of course." She takes a moment to approach Frigga, setting her scroll aside to gently rearrange the queen's pillows and bedding to ensure optimal comfort and breathing ability. The All-Mother of Asgard doesn't seem to acknowledge anything being done to her though her gaze slowly travels from one visitor to the next. This sets the Healing Matron's brow into a volley of wrinkles, but she keeps her thoughts to herself as she quickly moves for the door.

"Whichever realm you wish to visit first is up to you. The Forsarro of Jotunheim will soothe their fevered brows. Spraval Crispa will burn away the disease. Matronishin will bring life back to those who are near-death." Dorna hesitates, but adds, "There is still yet another ingredient needed to help the Matronishin break through the curse, but it has yet to reveal itself to Eir."

Thor grinds his teeth and moves towards the door. "How much of it do we need for Asgard?" He inquires, sending a meaningful glance towards Loki. Time to head back to his homeland.

"Not much," Dorna replies with a shake of her head. "Though they are rare, their properties are concentrated enough. I will gather my supplies and meet you at the Bi-Frost. Eir has promised to send word once the last ingredient is known."

Thor halts in his tracks and returns to the royal bed. He bends at the waist to plant a concerned kiss on Frigga's forehead and studies her with a helpless scowl before heading out the door.

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