2014-04-22 Junior Avenger to Senior Avenger
Players: Bruce (Hulk), Loki
GMed by N/A
Title: Junior Avenger to Senior Avenger

Loki is pacing around, wearing just his medium green under-tunic which is stained with blood and torn, and his leather pants such a dark green that they appear black. His feet are bare for the moment, taking him down a couple more inches in height. He finally got all the tangles out of his freshly washed hair, his hands working out one last knot. He isn't sure how to talk to anyone about the problem Asgard is facing, or if he even should. He appears as though he's been through a rather nasty battle recently.

Bruce comes out of the elevator, dressed in his 'normal' clothes. He stops, seeing Loki pacing like a caged cat. "Something wrong, Loki?" Approaching the god, his head tilting, looking concerned

"If you have a moment, I require some advice." Loki tilts his head to to the side as he finally gets the last knot out with a yank, then looks to Bruce, green eyes filled with concern. "I cannot go into specific detail about the situation, as we are forbidden to speak of some topics, but if I propose a hypothetical situation, do you think you would be able to suggest any courses of action?"

Bruce holds up his hands, "Well, I can't guarantee a solution, but, the worst thing you can do is not to ask. So pose your hypothetical question."

Loki pulls his long hair back over his shoulders and averts his eyes for a moment, then looks back at Bruce. "Let us say that there is a group of people being afflicted by something. They are close friends of yours, and though you spend a lot of time with them, you are immune to the affliction. No-one can travel to or from their place of residence because of threat of infection. A few that you are very very close to have been affected the worst, and one of their family members is elsewhere and unaware of the situation. What do you do? Do you tell them everything or do you tell them enough that they can assist you but not be excessively worried which would undoubtedly occur if you told them everything?"
Bruce hmmms, "Interesting. Well, since I don't know the particulars of this problem, here's what I'd say. Depending on how close you are, it might behoove you to let that family member know enough of the particulars to avoid them getting sick. Or whatever. As for your 'other' friends, you might let them know, so they can help you out. Sometimes help outside the box is better than the ones intimate with the problem at hand."

"You are a fellow teammate, or at least I hope that you will one day see me as such, so I should be able to trust you with the particular details. You are a man of science, so perhaps you could offer some words of wisdom to compliment the actions of Asgard's healers." Loki takes a deep breath, closing his eyes a moment, leaving them closed as he speaks. "Forgive me for speaking of this, Heimdall, mother. Many of Asgard's citizens have become very ill." His green eyes lower onto Bruce, no lies or mischief apparent in them, just fear. "It is unusual because we do not succumb to such things as illness. The healers are no certain what it is, but the situation is becoming dire. The Bifrost has been closed so that travel does not spread the illness, whatever it is. Mother, erm Frigga is very very ill. My love Eir is also very ill. Thor is here on Earth and he does not know what has been occurring. To tell him could risk causing him to fall ill as well."

Bruce crosses his arms, "Loki, you are in the presence of some of the best minds on… oh, what is it called, oh, Midgard. And we can get in contact with others. Yes, you should let Thor know about things. And, we'll need to understand Asgardian physiology, in order to tackle whatever this illness is."

"I know Thor will become angry and upset. I will tell him if I must. If you wish to study Asgardian physiology, you may study me. I am a frost giant by birth, but my body is still the same as that of an Aesir. I will submit to whatever you feel is necessary so that we can perhaps unite our two realms in seeking a cure, But please do not tell anyone about this yet." Loki sighs, rubbing his forehead. He is so tired, and a bit sore from the beating he took from the demon yesterday. "Failure means the fall of Asgard."

Bruce tilts his head, "But I have to let a few people know, as I'm not exactly an expert. There's a few people I should contact. Experts in biology, maybe even magic. In either event, they have to know what they're dealing with."

"We aren't even certain what we are dealing with, yet" Loki's emerald eyes become glassy as they well up and he immediately turns his head to the side, his hair obscuring his face as a tear rolls down his pale cheek. "This may very well be the end of Asgard. Eir mentioned that when she attempted to read something for a cure, dark magic repelled her. I cannot say if it is magic or organic in nature. "

Bruce bmmms, "If it's magic, I might have a line on someone who can help."

"If you mean Strange, I mean to talk to him but he is only a very beginner with Asgardian magic. I would not risk taking him to Asgard. I do not know if he would be immune to the illness, but I would not take that chance."

Bruce okays, "Well, he's the guy I know best for magic. I'm… not sure who else we could ask. I mean, someone is protecting the possible cure for the illness."

"The Strange one can be told about the situation mainly because he needs to be told not to travel to Asgard. I can teleport without the use of the Bifrost, so I pose no danger of spreading the illness. What do you need of me to begin your research?"

Bruce mmms, "Do you know what the symptoms are?"

"Thus far severe fatigue, weakness, lack of appetite. I can return to Asgard and make a list. They seem to become bedridden. Mother is very ill and I am very worried."
Bruce okays, "That would help. Once I know the symptoms, then, we should be able to look where the start of the illness is."

Loki nods. "I will gather as much information as I can." He says, looking back to Bruce, his eyes a bit red. "I should let you return to what you were doing." wiping one of his eyes with the cuff of his sleeve, he looks to the science man. "Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. Not many would do so."

Bruce steps forward, reaching out to touch Loki's shoulder, "Hey, it's not weakness to worry about your family. I'll contact a few people, specialists in their fields, and let's see if we can't beat this thing. And, it might be worthwhile to bring Thor in on this."

Loki lifts his eyes to look at Bruce. He automatically stiffened a bit when the science man touched him, but relaxed once he began to speak. "Thank you, Bruce. I hope that I can repay the favor someday. I…I shall tell Thor as soon as I can find him."

Bruce notices the stiffening, and guesses the reason, "You are quite welcome. We'll beat this thing, Loki."

"I must rest now. Even gods need to replenish their energy now and again. Healing oneself takes a good bit of strength. Once I have gathered the information we need, I shall contact you." With a faint smile and a cordial half bow/nod, Loki starts for the elevator leading up to his room.

Bruce waves

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