2014-04-22 London visits and popping over to Dublin
Players: Loki and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: London visits and popping over to Dublin


The face of big ben shines brightly in comparison to the blueish black of the London skyline. The absence of light in the night does take away from the detail, but the lines of the old buildings are still visible.

In front of one of the older buildings, the street lamps have oddly enough been turned off, allowing for the earlier, non electric versions to take over as they are positioned closer to the entrance, framing it. There is a lack of crowding as the street has been fenced off, leaving for a pair of persons in rather dated clothes to speak to each other. Just them, and the camera that is positioned to record what they are saying.


The pair break away, looking over to the director, one of which a rather petite but pretty woman in early 19th centruy attire while the other is a familiar looking man, hair trimmed, and swept back, exposing the face while a stiff collar, tie, and suit contribute to his prim and proper stance. Mike's head cants to the side, looking to the director expectantly.

Loki has no idea where Mike really is, but tries to make a teleport anyway. He appears around the corner and looks around, a bit alarmed. Coming around the side of a building, he approaches one of the women. "Pardon me, my lady, would you happen to know a man named Mike?" Like that isn't about a million people in London. "He may currently be battling a demon."

The woman Loki comes across is yet another actress, also dressed in old fashioned clothing but fortunately is not in a scene. She seems rather surprised at Loki's appearance beyond the street barricades, "Mike?" There is a look of confusion as she considers the inquiry before realization dawns, "Do you mean the stage hand, the director's assistant, or one of the actors?"

"Alright, I think we got it with that one. And that'll do for tonight. We'll follow up with Callisto and Beatrice's confrontation scene tomorrow at the studio."

Mike looks over to the actress by his side, giving a bit of a smile before he starts to walk down the steps, ready to turn over the costume so he can go to more comfortable attire.

"I don't know. His name is Mike. Are you certain you do not know of whom I am speaking? He is a musician It is important that I find him, because he may be in grave danger." Deciding the woman is useless, he darts off, jogging lightly around the area. "Mike! Miiiiiiike!"

Hearing his name, and coincidentally that of several other people on the set. His head and three others turn towards the person shouting the name. But while the others back away, Mike starts to approach, still in his period attire, "Loki?"

The woman Loki leads behind gives a concerned look, and starts walking towards another staffer.

"Mike! You are alive!" Loki grins, stepping toward him. "I was concerned that after the telephone conversation that something had befallen you. It appears that is not the case. What is this place? Is it the other country you were talking about? It looks the same as other mortal cities except they dress differently. They are no more helpful, however."

"Oh yeah, that thing. That got handled last night. Was kind of a lightweight compared to the others." Mike gives a bit of a smile as Loki makes his comment upon the clothing, "Remember the movie I said I was going to be in?" He gestures to his own attire. "It's a period piece. So we're wearing costumes to reflect the time the story is set in and filming at places that were built around that time."

"Really.." Loki says sourly. He's still showing some signs of his own battle, mostly just a bruise on his cheekbone and a cut across the bridge of his nose. "I see…why would you wish to pretend you are in another period of time that is much less developed than the one you are in right now? I would not want to live on primitive Midgard." *shudder*

"Because I get paid to do this." Mike replies, matter of factly. "People tend to romanticize the past and forget the bad things about it. So, people like me get paid to act it out." He nods towards another older building, beckoning Loki to follow, "It's a career."

"I thought you preferred to play music." Loki replies, stepping alongside him. "I suppose I can understand it to a degree. Is this something you like to do or would you rather do something else? If you would prefer the latter, I could probably help you achieve that goal."

"To be honest I expanded into acting because there's a better chance to maintain a career there than in music." Mike replies, "Entertainment industry's a fickle thing. So I better make the most of it while I'm still marketable and do what I can to make sure I can compete with my competitors." He goes up the steps to the building, opening the door and waving the prince in before him, "Although, that said. As far as jobs go, it's enjoyable. Music's good for expression and the acting's good for when you just want to be someone else for a bit."

Loki nods, following. He watches as the people file in , listening to what he's saying. "I suppose I can understand that. If I want to be someone else, I just shapeshift though it is a bit draining. Why do you pretend to be a more primitive human? Wouldn't it be more entertaining for you to be someone more interesting?"

"Once again, I'm being paid, and there are times it doesn't matter who you're pretending to be so long as it's not yourself." Mike shrugs, stepping in to the building to allow for the door to close, he moves over to a room that has a temporary sign set up outside indicating it to be the men's dressing room. opening the door, Mike walks inside. "As far as jobs go, it's not a bad one to have."

"I suppose the puzzling part is the accumulation of wealth. If you enjoy it, though, then I suppose there is no fault in that. What purpose is this room?" He sits down, resting his elbows on his knees and resting his chin in his hands, clasping them. "Sorry, I am just trying to distract myself."

Mike walks towards a clothes rack holding several garment bags, looking through one before pulling out the one with his name on it. "Dressing rooms for the guy. Where we can put on the costumes without people having to watch." Taking the bag, he walks behind one of the dividers, tugging a curtain shut to cover the gap. "Costumes are kind of expensive so they try to limit how far we have to travel away from the shoot while wearing them." With the view blocked, Mike takes out his own clothes from the garment bag and sets it aside, "I'm sure as heck not complaining about the money. I'm saving up as much of it as I can."

"You really should learn shapeshifting," Loki says, shimmering and changing into his casual clothes. "I know what costumes are, I have a closet full of them. I have many suits of armor, formal outfits, dresses, sets of clothing to match the various realms and so on. You simply need a better tailor."

"Shapeshifting, huh?" Mike gives a bit of a wry smile, the expression hidden away by the divider and curtain. "Noted." He replies, losening the tie, "Although, with the remembering lines bit, I'm not sure I'd really want to have to focus on maintaining the look. Be rather awkward if I were to just, 'shift' while filming."

"That's why it requires practice. It takes a lot of practice, but you only really need to maintain focus if it's a larger form. I sometimes forget that mortals have a limited memory capacity. My apologies." Loki touches a few things around the room, being a very tactile sort. "If you ever need someone to duplicate you, I would be happy to help."

Mike is quiet for a few moments as he proceeds to remove the costume, considering matters, "I probably should practice." He concedes, "Considering all the weird things we keep getting pulled into. It might be better to have more variety available." He sighs, "Although, I'm hoping things calm down long enough to get my gig here finished."

Loki nods, turning into a perfect copy of Mike, including voice. "It has been calm the past day or so. I do not know where the demons are entering from their world, but I suppose I can scry for it." He sighs and sits on a seat, folding his hands. "Matters are getting worse in Asgard."

Mike nods, piling the costume pieces over to the side in favor of getting into his own clothes first, "Which is why you asked for me to relay to Dr. Strange and Thor that you wish to speak to them should I run into them before you do just outside?"

Loki nods. "Yes. I suppose I can use my telepathic abilities to send a message to him if necessary. Strange will not be able to travel to Asgard as the Bifrost is out of service." He shifts back to himself and looks out the door. "The people here speak differently than those in New York. They sound a bit more like my people."

"Yes, I do suppose they do." Mike replies, mimicking the accent of some of the more local cast members before switching into a more Irish accent, "But then again, New York has a wider assortment of varying speech patterns." The tone relaxes to his usual speech pattern, "A lot of people who come to the United States for the first time end up setting foot in New York first." Pfft. Performers.

"I see. I suppose the accent you hear from our people isn't truly their accent as we are Norse gods so I suppose our true accent is whatever that sounds like. Anyway, it isn't important. New York is a strange place. How did you come to arrive there?"

"I was born there." Mike answers, pulling on his clothes. "And although mom and I moved out of the state soon after that, I ended up getting shipped back there to live with my aunt later." He crouches down to tug on his shoes, "With the exception of you, what's left of my family is there so leaving for good didn't seem much of an option."

Loki stops fiddling with something on a table and freezes, looking at Mike. "You…consider me to be family?" He asks, the youthfulness of his features showing. He sets the item down when he realizes he's still holding it and just stares at Mike with wide scrutinizing eyes.

Mike peeks over the divider, looking to Loki, "Well yeah, I thought we covered this already." His head lowers, turning to finish putting his clothes on, "Friends are family to me." Finished dressing, Mike tugs the curtain open before turning to attend to the pile of costume, straightening out the pieces. "My mom's dead. My father is… God, I don't know much about him other than I don't WANT to know him. My aunt disowned me when she was legally able to. And I don't get biological siblings. So friends are the closest to that I can get."

"I am not used to the concept. I know not the status of my biological mother. I am sorry to hear about your family. I am honored that you would name me among your friends. You are one of my few friends as well. I have no biological siblings either, just my adoptive brothers."

"I am glad you consider me a friend as well." Mike replies, carrying the pants over to the garment bag, already starting to line up the seams and straighten out the folds to make sure they don't wrinkle, "It would be rather awkward telling you this stuff otherwise."

"Indeed. I do not have many friends. I suppose it is just my nature not to get close to people. Occasionally, though, I find a connection with someone. I hope the illness plaguing Asgard can be cured soon. If I lose Eir and Frigga…." he sighs, rubbing his forehead. "No more thoughts like that."

Mike frowns, "Illness?"

"Yes, the dire situation that has gotten worse. Mother and Eir are both ill. I am helping to gather ingredients, but we have not yet been given the complete list."

"Do they not have the whole list to give?"

"Not yet. It is blocked by magic. It takes time to break through it."

"Oh." Mike shakes his head, sighing, "Well, the offer to help still stands. If there's anything I can do…"

"Not really. But thank you for the offer. Is there anything you want to do now? Or would you prefer I leave you alone to rest after you have been working?"

Mike considers before poking his head around the divider to make sure no one's using any of the other dressing places. "How'd you like to pop over to Dublin for a little bit o' sight seeing?" A hint of Irish accent starts sneaking into his speech patterns, "It's only about 400 miles away. Only should take a couple jumps." He smirks, "Also green IS one of the preferred colors there too, next to blue."

"Sounds interesting. I could transport us there, but I would need to see the location, otherwise we may not end up there because I've never heard of Dublin before. I suppose I cannot dislike a place that prefers green!"

"It's alright." Mike assures, putting the shirt on to the hanger with the pants, "I can pop us over there once I'm done with this."

"You can? I did not know teleportation was one of your abilities. When did you learn to do that?" Loki sits down and crosses his legs with a flourish, his mood perking up a bit. He has to try and cheer himself up or he'll just be super emo and noone wants that.

"How do you think I got you out of that subway?" Mike asks, cracking a bit of a small smile before the expression dies away, "I was taught to dream travel a little bit after the time Rod and Jack -" He pauses, "I was taught a couple years ago." Costume hung up, he zips closed the garment bag and returns it to the rack. "Anyways, I think it's time to get moving. Dublin's rather pretty at night but the bars and clubs close rather early."

Loki rises to his feet and nods, folding his hands in front of him. "I was uncertain how you got us out of the subway. Transport us away, then! I am ready."

The metal of the hook clinks as it is released, landing upon the bar. Hands free, the Midgardian performer turns, holding out his hand towards Loki, "Alright. Review of the basic rules. Hold on and don't let go until we're done with the dream travel. You can't alter the dreams but you are able to plant suggestions. If you do resort to that, let them be to improve the dream, not worsen it." He pauses, considering matters before shrugging, "Ok, that's all I got right now."

Loki takes the hand and nods. "It would be best if I did not say or do anything, because I do not, well….I do not have a very good dreams and it could possibly pose a problem."

"Alright." Upon Loki taking the hand, Mike closes his eyes, growing quiet for a few moments. The world around them shifts, leading them in the middle of an Airport. Mike opens his eyes, glancing around before smiling, turning and tugging Loki towards another direction. "And jump!" He jumps forward, still holding on tugging Loki into another environment, this one of luscious green hills.

Loki deftly follows Mike's instructions, taking note of his surroundings. Once they land, he looks around. "Are we actually here or is this part of the dream?"

"Still a dream." Mike replies, glancing around. "Distance requires more jumps. But getting close." The smile widens as he turns, facing another direction, "This way." He walks forward a few steps, leading Loki along, "And jump again!" Mike leaps, tugging them into another environment, this one of bright colors, flashing lights, and thumping music. "Still a dream." He states to Loki, answering the question regarding this new placement.

Loki is a little startled by the music and lights, looking around with wide eyes and open mouth, hopping along. He closes his mind off, careful not to think about his dreams, which are usually nightmares full of terrible creatures and incidents from his past.

Mike doesn't look around anymore but closes his eyes. Eventually the bright colors and music fade away, leaving them standing on a sidewalk. To the side, a railing that overlooks the waterway, and a curved bridge lit up by some bulbs. Upon the streets there is a sign of life as the first floor area of the buildings are lit up, showing the entrance ways to restaurants, clubs, and bars while the upper floors where the residences are remain unlight, allowing for the upper buildings to stand out from the purplish blue sky with their darkness. With the exception of a few cars whrring down the street and a few people laughing down the street, it is quiet and peaceful. Mike nods, "Alright. Welcome to Dublin."


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