2014-04-22 The Demon came back, the very next day
Players: Loki and Phantasm
GMed by Phantasm
Title: The Demon came back, the very next day

After a bit of a field trip to Dublin, involving primarily looking to the skyline a couple trips to bars to experience the different types of beers that Loki likely has not tried yet, the pair are soon returned to London, fading into an alleyway. Despite having been witnessed to have several beers in him, Mike is functioning the same as he was prior to his drinking, hinting to having a bit more of a tolerance of the beverage than some of his mortal counterparts. This is good because Mike's was also the one doing the navigating back. The musician smiles, looking over to Loki, "Had fun?"

"Yes, but your beers are still not very good. Then again, I am partial to wine and more accustomed to mead. Not bad, though. Now that I know where it is located, I can transport us there without problem. What shall we do next? The next time I come back from Asgard, I will bring some samples for you."

Hearing Loki's comments regarding his preferences, "Hmm. Maybe next time we'll just go directly to the whiskey then." Without having to hold on to Loki's hand anymore for the traveling, he stuffs his hands into his pockets, "And sure, I'll take samples. You keep mentioning it so I have gotten curious about your version of drink." He strolls towards the end of the alley. "I think most everything's closed or closing around here, but there is a place that has a great view of Big Ben. Also near the water."

"They will be very small samples, of course. I wouldn't want to accidently kill you. Who is Big Ben? Why do you want to have a good view of him? Asgardian ale and mead can be very strong. What is whiskey?" He hops over a puddle and looks toward Mike with a faint smile, the first he's shown in quite a while.

"Big Ben is the nickname given to a rather large clock tower near the Palace in London." Mike explains, "And typically something on the 'to do' list for tourists when they first come to this city. So, why not knock that off of the list for your visit as well?" He turns to look back to Loki, "Whiskey is a drink stronger than most beers here. The good ones take years to make and are often more expensive. But, it's not the strongest drink around."

"Oh. Why is a clock so interesting? Does it do something your other timekeeping devices does not do?" He hops over another puddle, then spins around to walk backwards, arms folded behind his back. "I see. Interesting. Well, let's go, then!"

"It's more of a historical piece." Mike replies, "I'd say it's as synonymous with London as the Statue of Liberty is to New York City." Mike steps over a puddle, looking to the energetic older (and yet younger) being. He chuckles, giving a nod. The happiness is short lived as another sound emits, shattering the mood.

A woman's scream echos from down the street.

Loki pinwheels his arms, then spins around, looking to Mike and starting to dart down the alley. "Are you all right?" He calls, looking back and forth when he reaches the end of the alley and hopefully the source of the scream.

Down the street, a woman seems huddled towards the ground, grasping her wrist as she looks terrified. Around her there seems to be an unnatural darkness, contrasting with the typical evening darkness. She murmurs something and for a moment, there's a bit of light around her, casting a glimpse of something near her backing away. She screams again, "HELP!"

With Loki darting to the rescue, Mike runs out as well, following after the better trained fighter. He frowns, a look of recognition forming upon his features as he sees the girl.

Loki frowns. "Be careful, Mike, there's something here." He stands in front of the woman, "Do not fear, we will not allow any harm to come to you." He draws his daggers and takes on a defensive stance. "Who is there? Show yourself. Perhaps you should run, we will take care of this."

"Yeah, like last night." Mike responds, looking over to the woman, "Hello again."

The woman blinks, not expecting for the newcomers but upon seeing Mike she gestures towards the darkness, "It's back!"

Mike nods, looking to the shadows, his expression shifting, but settling back albeit a bit different in some areas. The lines around the eyes are darker, the pulled back hair has seemingly gotten lose and mussed up in mere seconds, and well, it's not the Mike Loki knows.

Loki looks at Mike and blinks. "Like last night?" He asks, then looks to the creature. "Who are you?" Oh great, what's going on here? "I am a bit confused. Creature, if you are there, I suggest you leave now because I am in NO MOOD."

The girl doesn't move yet, seemingly finding security in the small glow. "Don't let the dark have final say," She murmurs, glancing over towards Loki and Mike, voice raising a bit more in confidence at the sight of the reinforcements. "Lucia's lamp show me the way." The glow that rises around her is a bit bigger, lighting more of the area and causing for the creature to get shown a bit more. It howls, backing away into the shadows once more.

"Keep that up!" Mike shouts, using the brief glimpse of the creature to pinpoint where to run and jump. Taking a page from the playbook of the first fight with a Demon he had with Loki.

Loki is so confused right now that all he can really do at the moment is hold out a hand, conjuring a bright green light. "It is retreating!" Loki growls and runs after it. "what is she doing? Why is she able to do that? is she a mutant?"

Mike clings on to the demon as he proceeds riding it like a cowboy in hell's rodeo. "Demon, Protection spell, Lyrics, No!" He answers back succinctly. The green light being cast upon the demon doesn't seem to get the same effect as the one bought about by the sceaming woman. But what the light does do is cast a bit of a glimpse to Mike's changing hand as the nails of one hand juts out, becoming claws. "Repeat offender." He growls, bringing his hand up and down to slash the demon's neck.

"Don't let the dark have final say, Lucia's lamp, SHOW ME THE WAY!" The bubble of light around the girl grows a little bigger.

"Oh-" Loki says, ducking down and running toward the demon, bringing out his daggers to slice at its leg muscle as Mike slashes at its neck. "This one has been here before? We need to find the portal they're coming from so we can put a stop to this once and for all."

The Demon's body lurches forward, but with the support of the legs giving out thanks to Loki's attention, it is not a graceful move. It stumbles forward, slamming into the wall of a nearby building as it lets out a howl and starts rolling around with Mike rolling along for the ride, slashing away.

"-SHOW ME THE WAY!" Emboldened by the rewards of the chants before and the show of support, the girl has moved to her feet and is staring defiantly at the green lit demon. With the growing confidence, the light grows, starting to bathe the demon in the light it can't run away from. It howls as it starts sizzling.

Loki jumps back to avoid having blood spill all over him and goes for the other leg. "Where are you beasts coming from? Why do you keep coming through? I don't have enough energy for this, I have a realm to protect and don't have time for your *stab* nonsense!*stab*'

With the continued stabbing, slashing, and combination of light, the creature's attempts are not so much to fight but to escape. However, the attacks by the trio prove to be too much as the fight soon dies away, leaving them with dead demon. Yay. And yet. Aw, no answered questions.

Threat done with, Mike stops with the slashing and looks over to Loki, an oddly mirthful expression on his features.

Loki sheathes his daggers, panting. "I hate demons. I have to go to Muspelheim to get one of the ingredients for the cure, and these are the kinds of things that live there only they're three times the size." He kicks the body for good measure and wipes his brow with the back of his sleeve.

"Well, on the bright side we have one less of them here." Mike comments, rolling off the body. He glances around, taking note of the unnatural darkness being gone. The expression shifts, claws vanishing as he goes back to normal. "So I guess we can rule out that place for where they came from th-Oof!"

Mike ends up rolling as the girl they came to rescue has rewarded him with a sort of tackle hug, "Thanks Nick! Oh God I was freaking!"

"Indeed. Well, at least they are not fifty feet tall and throwing fire at us. Well. Now that we've had a bit of adventure, what shall we do now? Or would you rather be alone with your new female companion? You should go relax and have a drink and perhaps some dinner with her."

"I think everything's closed by now." Mike replies, glancing over towards Loki from underneath the small mass of hugging girl. "But uh." He pauses to roll out from under her, "But there are questions about the whole demon attack stuff." He looks over to her, "Namely why being attacked two nights in a row…"

Loki rolls his eyes. "Mike, you are in the company of a female. Go enjoy her company…" He whispers the last loudly. "Do not ignore the attempt to have meaningful interaction with another human!"

The girl looks over to Loki, smiling as she gets up to move over to hug him, "Thank you too!"

"And you are as well." Mike points out, giving a smirk, "So, We'll talk." He looks to the girl, "By any chance have you heard of a Doctor Strange?…"

~Fadey mc fade fade…/~

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