Loki Visits His Mother

Recorded: April 26, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki
Location: Asgard Palace - Odin and Frigga's Chambers
Summary: Loki visits his ailing mother in private.

Alone in her chambers, the All-Mother of Asgard suffers in silence, but for more reasons than her illness. She can practically hear the wailing mothers and desperate husbands as their loved ones succumb to the mysterious illness. With a labored sigh, she sits up as much as possible — a few inches but better than nothing — and concentrates her magic into keeping herself stabilized. Normally being in bed for so long would restore her powers but the paleness of her complexion and heaviness of her body, she is clearly getting worse before she can get better.

Loki arrives with his usual effect, dressed rather formally. He stands with his hands folded in front of him for a few moments, then quietly steps forward to bring him next to the bed. Delicately perching on the edge, he reaches for Frigga's hand. "Hello, mother. You are looking much better today." He offers a smile, knowing he's full of it but wanting to make her feel better.

Frigga lifts her bloodshoot eyes to look at Loki. For what it's worth, the rest has made her more cognizant than she was during his last visit. "Loki, my son." Her voice retains its fatigue but she smiles through the feeling. "What progress is there towards saving the citizens?"

"We have retrieved the most dangerous herbs. Eir and the other should have the antidote very soon. Do not worry, mother, everything is going to be all right." He clasps his hands around hers, bringing it to his lips. "How are you faring? Are you comfortable? Look at me asking all these questions when you should be only concerned with resting." He smiles and pulls up her covers. He's putting on a brave front, but really he's terrified. "Can I get you anything? Another blanket or pillow, perhaps?"

Even through her tired vision, the All-Mother can tell when one of her sons is upset. She rests a hand on Loki's to stop him from creating busywork for himself. "Be calm, my prince. It may pain you to see me this way, but, my well-being is a trifle compared to the rest of Asgard."

"Not to me," Loki replies quietly, "You are one of the very few people I can trust. You are the most important person. I would rather watch Asgard burn to the ground than see you suffer." He takes a deep breath and squeezes her hand lightly. "I cannot stand to see you like this."

"My poor child." Frigga shakes her head slowly, pausing to let a brief feeling of fever wash over her. She sighs away the pain before speaking again. "Now, more than ever, it is important that you are strong, Loki," she murmurs. "If I were to perish this hour, I would wish to know that you would have the strength to carry on without me."

Loki nods, his eyes watering a bit but not spilling over. He puts up a good front for the most part. "Of course, mother. I would be able to carry on. I would do whatever is needed of me. But let us not talk like that now. We are working on the cure. You will be just fine. There is no need to talk of such darkness." Now one tear escapes. "You cannot leave me. I need you."

Frigga smiles sadly at Loki's dwindling facade. She squeezes his hand lightly—barely enough to put any pressure on his fingers. "The moment I laid eyes on you as an infant, I knew you were to be my son. You are gifted with a great heart and mind. I could not be more proud of the care you show our people. I know you will do well without me." She draws in another deep breath and settles into her bed.

"You are going to be well again. I do well without you but it is not because you are not in existence. You will have many, many centuries left. You cannot speak with such defeat. What if I had been in your place? Would you accept such negativity?"

"This is a lesson for you to learn as a leader. Personal sacrifice comes in many forms, but it is often what is required to ensure the well-being of the people you lead." Frigga closes her eyes and sinks into her pillow. "Whatever happens," she whispers, "I only wish for you to remember what I have taught you. And that I love you very much." As her magic resistance fades again, her body seems that much heavier to herself. "I must rest, my prince. Care for all of Asgard, not just one woman."

Loki's eyes widen and he pats her hand. "Mother? Mother??" His tone escalates to one of panic, but he sees that she is still breathing, so there's that, at least. He carefully lays her hand down and pulls the covers up to her chest. Rubbing his face with both hands, he rises to his feet and sighs. "I have much to say. Do not abandon me and leave them unsaid. Rest well, mother." With a sigh, he disappears back to his room.

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