Wanda meets Freda Barker

Recorded: May 4, 2014
Characters: Wanda, Frigga
Location: Grammercy Park
Summary: Wanda runs into a woman who looks like the All-Mother of Asgard.

Wanda walks through the park, keeping the illusion of her wearing normal clothing around her as she looks… rather furious. Hands tucked firmly into her trenchcoat, she mutters under her breath, seeming quite agitated about something.

"Make sure you write down each plant you find that goes on that list. The first one that does gets a prize."

Freda Barker has always known how to motivate young minds to their studies. The five boys under her care are racing around the park now, each with a hand-sized notebook and pencil, trying to identify the unique flora in the area. They are all different ages and look completely unrelated to each other, but they eagerly interact to keep the game going. Meanwhile, their legal guardian settles on a bench with a good view of their whereabouts.

Freda chuckles to herself as she rests a large handbag on her lap. The afternoon weather is breezy but comfortable, yet she still wears a trenchcoat that allows the legs of a simple pair of jeans to jut out over frumpy white sneakers.

Wanda walks along, trying not to think about gods or the like, and then she glances at Freda, not paying her much mind… until she blinks and looks back again at Freda, "Wait, wha…" And then, well, crack in the sidewalk, and the young woman stumbles and falls onto the pavement, unhurt except for her pride, most likely.

Freda looks up from her purse, then rises from her bench. "Are you all right?" She kneels down to give Wanda a quick once-over and offer her a hand to help her stand up again.

Wanda takes the hand, and does a small check of something, squinting a bit, "Oh, ah, I'm fine I think. Just had that feeling of deja vu." She slowly rises up with Freda's help. "Should be a bit more careful with my steps, Mrs…" She tilts her head, regarding Freda curiously.

The woman chuckles once she's sure that Wanda is okay. "Barker, but you can call me Freda." She steps back to give her room and gestures to the bench. "Maybe you should sit down for a moment?"

Wanda nods, "Yes, that might be best." She smiles, "I'm Wanda, by the way." She takes a seat on the bench, and looks around at the kids hunting down flowers, "Your children?"

Joining Wanda on the bench, Freda resumes digging through her large handbag. "Yes, for as long as possible, at least. I'm their foster mother." She pulls two wrapped deli sandwiches from her bag and holds them up for Wanda to see. "Would you like one? One's turkey and the other's corn beef. I figured I would get started before they start getting hungry and eat everything."

Wanda laughs a bit, "As long as I'm not taking one from them… I'll take the turkey." She hmms, "How long have you been doing this?" Her head tilts a little, as she looks curious about this person that looks like the one Asgardian worth anything, to her.

The turkey sandwich is handed over before Freda eagerly unwraps her own. She takes a healthy bite, then lifts a few fingers to her mouth to politely hide her chewing before she responds. "As long as I can remember. I'd like to think it's one of the greatest things a person can do with their time, to be honest. I've always enjoyed children, but, never found the opportunity to have any of my own. There always seemed to be someone else's that needed to be taken care of." She lifts her chin. "What about you? Do you have any children?"

Wanda shakes her head, "No, no kids. No one I'd think would be a good father for them, or a husband for me. Maybe I'm just picky, but I think that's for the best. My… career, doesn't leave a lot of time for starting a family."

Freda nods and smiles. "I know exactly what you mean. Family is precious, though, so I do recommend it when you get the opportunity." She takes another bite of her sandwich and studies Wanda's face thoughtfully for a moment. "You know you mentioned deja vu earlier and I almost feel like I'm getting a bit of it myself right now. Are you on television or in the newspaper at all? I feel like I've seen you in a magazine somewhere."

Wanda laughs, "No, I'm not really that famous." She shrugs a little, "Though I do get that a lot." She pauses, taking a bite of her sandwich, then she hrms, "Well, that's not entirely true. But we're having a very nice chance meeting, and I'd rather not say something to spoil it."

"Oh I doubt you could spoil it. I've enjoyed talked to you too much." Freda smiles warmly at Wanda but is soon interrupted by one boy rushing over with his completed list. He's frantically waving it in hand, declaring himself the winner while the others move to join them. "All right, all right, I'll check your list first." Freda chuckles as she tucks her sandwich in her bag and rises to her feet. "Nice to meet you, Wanda. I'm going to have to go settle a dispute and declare a champion."

Wanda smiles, "Yes, it was good to meet you, Freda. Oh…" She pauses, and pulls out a business card, "Here's my number. If you ever feel the urge to meet and talk, I wouldn't mind the company. Thanks for the sandwich and the conversation." With that, she rises, giving Freda one last look before walking off, smiling at the boys.

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