2014-05-05 London Hugs are going round, going round...
Players: Loki, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: London Hugs are going round, going round…

There is a chill to the London air as the sun has forsaken the city hours ago. With artificial lighting being the only source of solace from the shadows that now rule the area, it is a brave few that wander away from the crowds with no reason.

The alleyways are a place few wish to wander in to which make it an ideal place for those of more mystical origin to hide away. Waiting for a hint to where their chosen prey may be.

A young girl runs from such an alleyway, shirt torn and a panicked pallor upon her face. But the source of such fear does not appear to be giving pursuit as a battle within the shadows seems to be taking place. Both seeming quite demonic in appearance, but only one actually being so.

The hooded humanoid figure lands upon the ground, posture dispersed over the balls of each foot and the clawed fingertips of one shadowy hand. Phantasm stares over at the more cat like looking creature across from him. Waiting for it's next move. Expecting.

Loki walks along, not dressed in his armor, but rather in a silk tunic and leggings, his hair swept back over his shoulders, reaching the middle of his back. "Not again…" Loki says with a sigh. He watches the girl run away and throws a hand out to put up a barrier across the alley.

The girl pays no heed to Loki as she continues her retreat. The latter in the fight or flight instinct clearly winning over as she makes incredibly good time vacating the area.

Within the alley, the Phantasm leans to one side as the cat-like demon does the same, the pair starting to circle an invisible point in the alley with them being the opposing sides of the circle. What agression the demon displayed towards the girl earlier has now switched over more to a survival setting. It backs up, tail hitting upon Loki's barrier.

Loki looks on with red rimmed eyes and exhaustion at a level only an Asgardian can achieve. He drops the barrier and just stomps up to the demon, reaching for its tail with the intent of grabbing it and whipping it around to smash it through the wall of the nearest building.

Upon hitting the barrier, the demon starts to charge at Phantasm, only to be short handed in the attack as the Asgardian grabs on to the tail, whipping it into a wall. The wall starts cracking but the demon doesn't go through entirely.

Phantasm, who leapt as he saw the attempted charge comes landing where the demon used to be, clawed hand hitting nothing. There is a disappointed, animalistic growl in his response before he turns, leaping at the demon. Second time's the charm, right?

Loki leaves it for Mike to finish off, brushing off his hands as he continues his trek while sulking. He isn't quite in the mood for slaying demons, unfortunately. Well, he isn't really in the mood for much of anything.

As Loki wanders off,there is the sound as the demon gives a howl of it's own, while the phantasm snarls, not really sounding all Mike-like. There is more shuffling, another bang and then another howl from the creature.

Loki stops again and sighs. "Do you want to kill it yourself or should I help?" He says, turning back to the alley. "If I help, you'd better just take shelter because there isn't going to be much left of the alley."

As Loki turns to look in the alley, the demon is slightly further down the alley, with a dumpster dented from the impact of it's hitting it. It's leg however, is located near the wall damage of the building.

As for the Phantasm, heis standing on top of the badly wounded demon, one hand seemingly replaced with a blade as it swings down on the creature's head.

Loki holds out a hand to seize the demon's limbs so Mike can dispatch it. "Just kill it!" The trickster yells, squeezing it with magic.

Hearing the Loki's yell, Phantasm gives another growl finishing the cut into the head first. With the demon being made even more imobile, he shlurps out the blade, brings it back once more and slashes at the neck.

Loki watches as the demon drops to the ground and releases his grip on it, letting it slide to the ground. "Good. Another vile creature gone. I will leave you to whatever it is you were doing before it attacked."

Phantasm looks over to Loki quietly, sitting upon the dispatched demon's body for a few moments before standing up. His head tilts questionably as the blade and the dark attire fades away, becoming more Mike like. "So you weren't visiting then?"

"Well, yes, but I don't want to interrupt if you have anything else to do. I am not exactly very good company right now. " Loki looks up from the ground. "Do you not have people here to visit with that are more like you?"

"What friends I have left mostly live in New York." Most people I know here are coworkers." Mike replies, shaking his head. "And I see them plenty enough during normal hours." He walks over towards Loki, "And good company or bad, it's alright for you to visit."

"Would you not have an easier time being here if you made friends with them? I am just attempting to help, since I may not always be able to visit." He folds his hands behind his back, prepared to follow wherever Mike goes.

"Oh don't get me wrong, I get along with my coworkers." Mike replies, waiting for Loki, "And we do occasionally hang out after we film for the day, but they got their own things to do as well." He gives a tired smile, "And because you may not always have time to visit is more of a reason to take advantage of the times you do, isn't it?"

"I suppose." Loki says, rubbing the back of his neck. "Asgard is without a queen. Many of its residents are now gone, and others still remain ill though the cure has been distributed. Everything has become a mess."

"The qu-." Mike's smile fades, coming into a frown, "Your mom?"

"Yes. Eir has not awakened and Frigga is dead. Fafnir has been destroyed once again but I doubt it is the last we will see of him."

"Eir too…" Mike grows silent, turning to face Loki fully, exposing the frown upon his face. In what's likely an ill-advised and likely not thought out move, he steps over to Loki, wrapping his arms around him in a firm hug.

Loki isn't opposed to hugs and flings his arms around Mike, trying not to sob but failing. "I don't know what I'm going to do without them. Eir may recover, but she's so old I don't know and nobody will tell me anything."

Mike clears his throat, using one hand to pat Loki's back, likely an act that doesn't have much impact on the Asgardian physique, "I understand."

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