Freda and Loki Eat at Shawarma

Recorded: May 11, 2014
Characters: Frigga, Loki
Location: Shawarma King
Summary: Loki eats at Shawarma King with Freda.

Even a foster mother takes time to herself. While the kids are at school, Freda has come to the Shawarma King to have a little lunch. She has a fully loaded pita in front of her, already bitten into, and she's listening to the foreign tunes playing on the restaurant's cheap radio.

Loki hasn't slept since Frigga's passing, and it's starting to take its toll on the young Asgardian. He pushes the door to the Shawarma King open and shuffles to the front counter, digging into his pockets to pull out some crumpled bills and change. "May I please have the small sandwich and a glass of water?" He saw Freda come in, which is one of the major reasons he stopped here for a bite instead of going elsewhere.

Freda looks up from her food when she hears Loki's voice. Hearing him order, she immediately rises from her seat and moves to stand near him by the counter. "Order whatever you'd like. I'll pay for it," she says with a smile, reaching into her bag for a twenty dollar bill.

"You don't have to do that! I wouldn't want to inconvenience you." He puts his hand on his rumbling stomach. "Perhaps some of the potato treats as well?" He looks over at Freda and smiles sheepishly.

Freda smirks and gestures to the cashier. "French fries, and a much larger sandwich." She pays for the food, then moves to her table and motions for Loki to follow. "It will take them a moment to fix it. Come on over. You look really tired."

Loki follows her to the table and sits down. "I am very very tired. It is all right, though. Things are bound to improve, sooner or later. I have heard no word from my father. I don't think he's coming back for me."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Freda says with a furrowed brow. "You seem to be doing well, though. Are you staying at the shelter?"

He was just trying to make small talk to get her to perhaps feel bad for him. "Yes. I am doing quite well, I think. Tomorrow I will look for work so I can afford an apartment." He smiles and folds his hands. "But enough about me. How have you been?"

As loving as Freda is, she hardly needs to feel sorry for the boy to show any interest in him. "An apartment? … I thought you were underage? You have to be at least eighteen to rent an apartment, you know." She shrugs lightly at his question. "Good. A little sad at losing Leslie, but that is the nature of what I do. Children come and go all the time. Not that I expect you to understand."

"I can come up with a fake ID. I mean, what other option is there? I'm sorry you are losing Leslie. Perhaps you will bring in another child to care for that you will get to keep for much longer."

"That's… incredibly illegal, Loki. There are other ways to resolve your situation," Freda says in a voice that chastises his intentions. Perhaps it would be best if he did not mention things like that around a lawful individual. The Shawarma cook signals to their table and Freda gets up to retrieve Loki's food.

"I'm sorry." Loki says, folding and unfolding his hands. "What would you suggest then? I suppose I could put it in father's name, or perhaps something else. Thank you very much for helping me pay for the food. You are a very kind and generous woman."

"I suggest that we just sit here, have a nice lunch, and not continue to talk about illegal things like forgery," Freda says as she sets his food in front of him. "When was the last time you slept? I can see from the bags under your eyes that it couldn't have been recent."

"Yes ma'am." Loki says automatically as she admonishes him. "It's been a long time. I haven't really thought about it. " He digs into his food, having been hungrier than he thought he was. "I am certain you have many other children to worry about at the moment."

Freda shakes her head and smiles. "The boys are in school right now. I was just having a quiet lunch by myself, but it's nice to have someone to talk to." She eats a few fries from her own plate and sips her iced tea. "You should head back to the shelter and take a nap after you eat. Sleeping isn't just an inconvenience; it's very good for you." The woman chuckles. "Not to mention, it brings about some interesting dreams. I had one just the other night. Want to hear about it?"

"Of course. Tell me about it." Loki smiles and takes a drink from his cup of water. He skips over the part where she recommend he sleep, taking a bite of his sandwich. "This is uite good. I am glad you talked me into getting the larger sandwich."

Freda continues to smile. "More food is always better." She eats more of her own meal before continuing. "It was an interesting dream, to say the least. I was a princess in a far away realm. I was being married off to a man I'd never met before. Even though I didn't know or love him, I went through with it because I felt some sense of duty to my people." She chuckles and shakes her head. "I haven't dreamed about being a princess since I was a little girl."

Loki smiles warmly as she tells her story "I think you would make an excellent princess. IN fact, I think you would make a great queen. Did he have white hair and only one eye? That would make it crazy!" he grins nd akes another bite. "You used to want to be a princess?"

Freda laughs. "Those are oddly specific descriptors, Loki. No, he was a young man. We were both fairly young." She finishes off her food. "Every girl wanted to be a princess at some point. It's just a silly thing from childhood, really. Are you going to be okay here if I leave you by yourself? Now that I'm finished eating, I have some errands to run."

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