2014-05-15 Filming the Omnibus
Players: Chamber and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Filming the Omnibus

It is just another day in London. Traffic about, people walking, the ever present view of Big Ben in the distance and the sun is shining.


Ok so it's a little abnormal considering what is the norm. And despite the heavier traffic elsewhere, the traffic upon one street is much lighter. A vehicle barricade does what it can against the cars and further in, another barricade is set up for the pedestrians and residents of the area to wander up to, getting a view of, a horse drawn omnibus? The f-?"

Standing to the back of the bus, a rather elegantly dressed Nick Drago dressed in fine late 19th century attire turns to the open door in the back of the odd piece of history, offering his hand out to the young woman dressed in attire of the same time period. He smiles to her, despite one camera man coming in for a zoom in of awkward proportions.

Jono left his parents' house in London. Just left in the night, some time ago, without telling them. Because he knew he was different, there was something wrong with him, and he had been told about a place he could go where it wasn't all that unusual. Where he could just be… himself. No matter how weird it was. So… see, after a long time, he's coming back. Maybe to say hi. Though he hadn't really told them he was coming back, either.

Oh hey, that's a good excuse not to go back to his parents' house! What's going on here? Jono heads up to the barriers they've put up around this, to see what the hell is going on.

Now, he probably looks significantly out of place, thanks to the fact that everything between just under his nose and his waist is wrapped up with black strips of cloth. He's wearing a short-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless vest, but the vest has still got a high collar to hide his face a little. Jeans and sneakers finish the look. It's all black, too. And he's carrying a guitar case.

Hands interlocking, the camera pans down to focus upon them while the pair at the Omnibus share a warm glance to each other. The woman steps down to the ground all the way, not even looking back as she swings the door of the omnibus closed. With not a word of dialogue spoken, there's a flick of the reigns and the old fashioned form of public transport moves down the street away from the pair.

Jono's trying to stay out of the shot. That's probably why they have the barricades set up out there this far. It's probably only /just/ far enough that he can see the actors in the scene. And it's not like he can speak and mess up the scene because… well, no mouth. Though that said, he could probably talk to either of them and not be heard on camera, because mental speech. Still, he stays quiet, and watches how the scene is unfolding.

"Annnd Cut!"

Released from his task, Mike drops the woman's hand as he backs away from the camera man, brow raised in questioning for the man's proximity.

The omnibus continues riding a few more paces before coming to a stop even closer to Jono. "Alright that's good folks! We need a bit more time to set up for the next part. But that's it for the Masin scenes today."

Jono looks at the omnibus, making to get out of the horse's way if it comes much closer. Also, he smells a little weird— the human sense of smell can't pick it up, but he has an ozone smell that the horse just might be able to pick it up. Not quite like lightning. But something like it. His fire is under wraps currently, and it's not actually fire that burns. Rather, it ionizes. So it smells like ozone more than it smells like burning.

Off the hook for any more scenes that day, Nick gives a bit of a nod to his costar before he starts to walk over to a residence building, already taking off the hat that's part of his costume.

As the cart starts to be turned around with the guidance of the horses' trainer, a general sense of unease seems to take over with the horses. Nervous whinnying emit from the equine beauties as they bob their heads in worry.

'…Shit.' Not said out loud, of course, and not spoken through telepathy. Just said in his head. Jono /eyes/ the horses and starts to eeeeeeedge away from them. Yeah, don't want the things to start rearing and bucking while they're hooked up to that freaking carriage. Once he's out of their area, he chances a wave at Nick. Guy looks familiar, so might as well greet him as best as Jono can.

Getting a glimpse of motion to the side of his vision, Nick turns his head a bit more to registered the bandaged mutant. Of the two, he likely has an easier time with recognition. Not many people opt to go about as a negative image of the mummy. He adjusts his steps, coming over towards Jono, "Bit far from New York. Though this does explain the voice."

The horses continue their concerned tones, but with nothing in sight, it is hard to determine just what the problem is.

Jono's eyes crinkle in a bit of a smile. He's already got his notepad out by the time Nick recognizes him. And he writes, 'Came to visit some family.' Even though he, uh, hasn't exactly made it there yet. Though that's not really important.

As for the horses? Jono figures they're still spooked over him. They'll be okay when he's out of their sight, he figures.

The walk continues, coming closer to the barricade, but upon his doing so, what looky lous that have accumulated start drifting over, seemingly also wanting to get in on the conversation. Mike pauses, looking to the incoming and then back to Jono, "Maybe you should come over to this side of the barrier."

Again Jono sends a look to those horses. It's a distinct 'seriously?' look. What's got their cruppers in a twist? Though he turns his attention to Nick again, to write on his notepad again. This time it's, 'would that be ok? don't want to get you in trouble'. Hopefully none of those looky-loos are using cameras. That would be unfortunate, since he's supposed to be dead….

Mike tilts his head, glancing to the notepad before chuckling, "So long as you're not running through the actual scene being filmed, screaming, you should be fine. Besides, it beats getting mauled." He nods to the gathering crowd around Jono.

Indeed cellphones are out. Some pointed towards the shoot still going on and some focused on the actor that strayed close tot he barricade.

Fadey mc fade fade.

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