2014-05-18 Doom In The Park
Players: Phantasm, Chamber, Doom, Loki
GMed by N/A
Title: Doom In The Park

It's a song anyone with any knowledge of classic rock probably knows. And there's a guy dressed in black, sitting on a bench in Clapham Park near the gazebo, playing the guitar. It's Jono, still wrapped up despite the warmer weather, and he's playing 'House of the Rising Sun' on an acoustic guitar. He's not strictly playing for money, since busking's probably not allowed out here, but he does have his guitar case open at his feet. He doesn't seem to need to look at the neck of the guitar to watch where his fingers are going very often. Instead he nods his head in time with the rhythm of the song.

Once more on call and just whittling the waiting time away, Mike hears the music. Following the sounds, he spots the familiar man playing away. Giving a bit of a smirk, he approaches the bench, straying a bit off path to approach from behind. He halts, watching the performance quietly. Waiting for the song to finish.

Loki is perched on a decorative brick wall, dressed once again in his lighter everyday armor, long hair falling forward over his shoulders. He thumps the heels of his boots against the wall idly, listening to the music and remaining oblivious to the song.

There's a building near the corner of the park that seems to be a government structure of some kind. A large one, too. And it seems a meeting or gathering of some kind was just let out, as large groups of figures in dark sunglasses and ties walk around along with figures in suits with grey hair.

One of those groups is dressed a little differently than the others. And by that, we mean that they're not dressed at all. They're robots. Probably a half-dozen, at least, all walking around a green-cloaked figure near the center who appears to be wearing just as much metal as the robots that are surrounding him.

Jono's drawn a bit of a crowd for his playing, it seems. Though since he's not actually singing, there's really only so much of the song he can actually play. Otherwise he literally would be playing the exact same riff for like three minutes with no vocals. So he'll only play about half of the song. And he looks up as he notices the groups walking around. Particularly because what the hell, robots? He hasn't noticed Mike or Loki yet.

When Jono finishes the song, Mike leans over behind Jono, lowering the pitch to a stern one, lowered to where just Jono should be able to hear. "Do you have a permit to play here, son?"

Loki hears the robots and hops down from the wall, jogging to place himself in front of Doom, walking backwards at a swift pace. "Hello." He says, hands folded behind his back. "What are you doing here? If you've come to interrupt the concert, I'm afraid I'll have to do something to stop you. Those are my friends playing, afterall. Or perhaps one of them is playing and the other is, weell nevermind, you know what I mean."

The robots stop, abruptly, as Loki just sort of appears right in the front of the group. The first few raise their arms, levelling them at the Asgardian, as a few ambient green lights begin to flicker ominously on the adroid's arms.

"I care not for your petty etertainment. I have neither the time nor the inclination to bother with such trivial matters. Now, out of my way, Asgardian." Spoken by a hard, metallic-sounding voice that belongs to the large, green-cloaked figure at the center of the formation.

Jono jumps when Mike speaks, not knowing he was there until he spoke. Like, twitchy-jumps. And also the stern voice made him think 'cop'. And there's a small glint of orange light that seems to escape from his wrappings, ever so slight, though it fades quickly. He bolts upright and turns around to see… <Oh.> He 'aims' the voice at Mike, so only he can hear it. He seems to breathe a sigh of relief, though no sound comes out.

<Don't do that. Scared the bloody hell outta me.> That seems to worry him. Then he notices Loki going over and talking to the metal guys. And one of the metal guys talking to Loki. And not seeming very happy about it. <…'Ang on.> He starts putting his guitar away. <Think there's 'bout t' be a fight out 'ere.>

Mike chuckles, reaching a hand over to pat Jona on the shoulder as he straightens up. The smile fades as the sight of WAY too much green collected in one location draws his attention over towards Loki and Doom. "F-" Stepping around the bench, he starts moving over towards Loki.

Loki lifts both brows. "Asgardian? Is that any way to greet a god?" Loki has to mess with someone to cheer himself up. He's been so exhausted and upset lately that he just looks a bit like crap. His face is a bit too thin and his eyes have dark circles beneath them. He hasn't slept or really eaten in weeks. "So where are you going all dressed up in your finest dress and cape? Are you going to have a picnic with Little Red Riding Hood? You're her matching twin Little Green Riding Hood!" He grins deleriously and laughs. "Oh don't be so hard nosed. Perhaps you should take in a concert. It would help wipe that scowl off your…face. How do you change expressions? With a screwdriver or a hammer and awl? Perhaps you can have various facial components forged for you and utilize a magnet. You would look dashing with some eyebrows." Loki uses some magic to produce a pair of bushy eyebrows with sticky backs, reaching out to try and stick them on Doom's forehead. "Hellooooooo there Mike!" He says, looking back over his shoulder with a giddy grin.

Loki's taunts get about as much reaction from Doom as they would from a statue. Well, clarification: They gets about as much reaction as they would from a human telling jokes to a statue. Loki would probably just magic the statue into laughing. As it is, Doom does nothing, not until Loki reaches out with the pair of eyebrows.

"I am not some common criminal that can be distracted by your prattling, Asgardian. And your pathetic attempts to play mind games with me are only embarassing yourself. So please, stop talking. Get out of my way.Now," spits the voice, releasing Loki's hand from that gloved vice grip.

Okay this just looks like a universally bad idea. One does not taunt happyfun metalface guy. Especially when metalface guy's idea of 'happyfun' is blowing your head off. And it also looks like happyfun metalface guy is not happy about it. <Looks like it's gonna be bad. Might wanna take cover,> he warns Michael. And then he tries to go to Loki, to reach up and pull him away from metalface guy. Because metalface guy is not going to be happyfun for long, it looks like.

As Mike gets closer to the exchange to hear just what Loki's saying, he winces a little. "Christ." he mutters lowly, strides increasing in length to get him closer. Sorry Jono, Mike's not quite listening to the suggestion. "Loki?" He asks, voice to normal volume as he walks up, reaching an arm up to set a hand on Loki's shoulder, not pushing but giving enough pressure to try and hint to Loki to at least turn away from Doomy, "Hey! Great to see you!" Hopefully combined with Jono's motion, that will be enough convincing, "I want to introduce you to someone."

Loki could bodyslam Doom if he wanted, but instead he retracts his wrist and rubs it, muttering a little "Ow." to Doom, flicking his eyes up to him and saying "Now is that any way to treat someone trying to help you? How incredibly rude!" The hand on his shoulder draws his attention and he grins. "Oh hello, Mike! I was just saying hello to, erm…you. Who do you want to introduce me to? I've already met Green Riding Hood."

After Doom lets go of the Asgardian's hand, the three frontmost robots lowers their arms, and the ominous green glow from their weapons recedes as the situation defuses, at least for the moment. That being said, the formation still remains where its at, possibly because now Loki has two others who are standing more or less in front of the Latverians. Doom remains silent, just watching.

Funny, that's exactly where Jono is— between Loki and the Latverians. He's sort of using himself as a human shield in case Doom decides to shoot Loki anyway. He bows politely to Doom, placing a fist at his chest and moving it in a circular motion there— English sign language for 'sorry'.

"Better move back to his stuff… before it gets nicked. Have you met Jono yet?" Mike asks, starting to lead Loki towards the bench that Jono's belongings are still at. "He's also a musician."

Loki looks completely puzzled as he's led away. "What are you doing? No, I haven't met Jono. You're ruining my fun!" He points toward the Latverian. "I wanted to play with the grumpy one. I was having quite a bit of fun. It isn't as though he could harm me, anyway."

Victor motions with a hand to his robot entourage, heading down the remaining steps and down in front of hte building, at street level. "Mind your tongue, Asgardian!" calls over the Latverian, a few robots swivelling to focus over in the god's direction. "Doom is a patient man, but you are testing me. You will not like the results."

Jono makes to follow Mike and Loki back to the bench he left his things on. Thankfully no one seems to have taken them. Loki's response gets a frown from Jono. And he scrambles for his notepad. He writes out quickly, 'If that bloke explodes it's liable to hurt others in the area.'

"Explodes? That is a bit dramatic, don't you think?" He pats Jono on the shoulder and heads back to Doom. "Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Loki Odinson, Son of Odin the Allfather, well not /really/…my real father is King Laufey, ruler of Jotunheim. Where was I going with that? Oh yes, as a prince of Asgard, it is my duty to welcome you to Midgard." Yep, he's definitely a bit delerious.

There's a perceptible narrowing of the Latverian's eyes behind that mask of his. "I know who you are, Asgardian. I know your brother. The Avenger." says the voice, with calculated deliberacy.

Jono gives a wry look, but doesn't dispute it. It /would/ be dramatic, but he has experience with overly dramatic explosions, after all. And not of the good kind, either! He facepalms as Loki heads back over to Doom, but collects his things and heads back over too. And then blinks. Wait a minute. Loki? As in, the god of mischief? This guy thinks he's the Norse god of mischief? If Jono could gulp, he would. Because a crazy guy in front of robots that could hurt people seriously is… probably a REALLY BAD THING! There's not a lot he can do besides chaperone, though.

Loki lifts a finger. "Actually, /I/ am the Avenger. Thor hasn't actually joined them yet. Can you believe that? Me? An Avenger? Well, Junior Avenger, but I don't like that title. It makes me sound short. He tilts his head backwards and gives Jono a mischievous smirk as if picking up on his nervousness. He looks to Doom and claps his hands together. "I almost hope he does explode, but let's have a bit of fun, first, shall we?" Loki moves his hands and conjures a bit of magic to try and seal the doombots behind a magic barrier.

"Fitting," is the Latverian's terse, one-worded reply.

And then, Loki's casting magic. As one, the robots raise their arms, levelling their weapons over at Loki and the other ma standing beside him. The Iron Baron raises his hand, cupping it downwards in their directoin, essentially copying Loki's spell in return, attempting to enclose the two in a sort of translucent green dome.

There is very likely a long string of curses from Jono at this point. As soon as Loki starts casting the magic, Jono tries to get between Loki and Doom, shaking his head. This is probably going to be a very bad move, but Jono's kind of used to doing stupid stuff.

Loki looks around the dome, reaching out to touch it. "Very nice. Jono, you will most likely regret being in here. Would you like for me to cast a protection spell around you?" The exhausted Asgardian is likely not thinking all that straight, just throwing all his energy into mindless mischief.

"You are about to make a very foolish decision, Asgardian.." says the metal-masked Latverian. "One that will affect others in a very…unpleasant maner. If you canot manage your own gross lack of social function, perhaps you can think of something other than yourself. Junior Avenger."

Jono frowns. And then aims words at Loki. <Seriously! Stop! Listen t' the man. There's too many people here t' start a fight. Somebody might get 'urt.> It's a very British accent there, but the words are spoken mentally. If Loki's not immune to psionics, that is.

Loki is a receptive telepath, so Jono's words are heard loud and clear. Perhaps a bit too loud. He puts his slender fingers to his temple, furrowing his brow. "Our green hooded friend here wouldn't hurt a bunch of innocent bystanders, would he? Besides, we are within a magic dome. If his magic is even remotely good, it should hold. I wonder if he has the mental capacity for it, though."

Victor just stands there, lowering his hand back down to his side. His robots retain their aim on the other two figures for the time being, lights still glowing from the ends of their weapons.

Loki grins. "So that's all you have, Little Green Hood. Such a pity. Come, Jono, let us leave this man to his silly march and go have a drink, shall we? He obviously poses no threat."

Hopefully all that means things are going to calm down. Though that last taunt from Loki gets a visible wince. Again he looks to Doom, signing, 'sorry'. And hopefully it won't cause any more than a little butthurtness! Jono really has to resist the urge to shove Loki in the direction of 'away'. Though he may have to wait for the protective dome to disappear.

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