2014-05-19 Loki Lullaby
Players: Doctor Strange, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Loki Lullaby


Loki managed to get away from Doom unscathed, though he seems a bit disappointed. Siting outside on a rock in the park, he watches people wander around, perhaps wishing life could be that simple. Watching families walking along having fun and laughing, parents smiling at their children, couples holding hands…it all starts to boil inside of him until he blows, jumping from the large boulder, picking it up and chucking it a considerable distance.

The boulder goes flying, seeming quite small as it sails into the sky but the optical illusion is short lived as the boulder comes plummeting back down, casting an ominous shadow upon a child sitting upon a picnic blanket while the parent obliviously has a conversation with another parent.

"No!" A familiar black bird swoops down, divebombing child, shoving the kid out of the way as the boulder lands upon the ground. The bird is nowhere to be seen. Just a very stunned child and set of parents are situated near the large rock.

Having seen a certain encounter with Doom, Stephen Strange has made his way into the United Kingdom. The Sorcerer Supreme is out in a park following the energy signature he has begun to associate with Loki, and thank goodness he has. With a quick gesture of his hand the wizard stops the boulder a couple feet above the ground, and upon realization that there is no danger to anyone, drops the stone from his magical grip.

Loki grumps and starts walking through the park, fidgeting with a bit of his long hair. He looks abolutely terrible, if Stephen hasn't seen him in a while. He looks too thin and has dark circles under his eyes. He squints as he looks around, sensing Stephen but not seeing him just yet. He thinks Mike is around, but he's not entirely sure.

Oh merciful heavens the boulder sto-OOF! The bird was wrong. Squished under the boulder, the bird is liquified. A little stream of purplish black bird slush gradually starts to flow from under the small dent in the ground. But, it might take awhile to get together.

The panicked parents snatch up the child and make their way out of the park. Alas, it was such a nice picnic blanket too. :(

Stephen steps forward and kneels down next to the boulder, hand out stretched towards the black gloop. "Mike?" The wizard asks to the earless substance. Then the wizard's attention is pulled away and given towards the direction of Loki where he sends forth a quick mental probe to try and urge the Asgardian towards the two Americans.

Loki auto-pilots toward the source of the probe, lifting a brow as he arrives. "Are you speaking to a rock? I had heard that humans often make pets out of rocks but I did not now it was actually true. " He emits a giddy sort of laugh. "What are you doing in this area of Midgard, Sorcerer?"

The little puddle of raven gradually gets larger but doesn't return Stephen's inquiry as Phantasm still collecting himself.

"I apologize dear friend." Stephen says then stands up as Loki asks the human a question. "I am speaking to an ally, not a boulder." Stephen says, putting his hands in his pockets, looking between the two mystics. "I have come to make sure you are doing well." His other motives are left unaddressed for the moment.

Straightening his shoulders, Loki tries to look more presentable. "Of course I am doing well, why would I not?" He rubs his temple. "I am just quite exhausted. I have not slept since mother passed. She has been restored, but it is still a difficult time." He peers at the goo and asks, "Your ally is a puddle?"

When the puddle has aquired all of it's form together, likely breaking some law of science with the speed of the collection, it starts to ball up into an egg.

"Because of your very recent encounter with a certain individual." Stephen says, leaning back and crossing his arms. He's not fooled by Loki's attempt but he doesn't do anything about it. "I have been concerned about Frigga…" The wizard offers his condolences. "Our ally." The former doctor corrects and points to the egg shape.

Loki waves a hand to the egg. "Hello, egg. Yes, mother and Eir both contracted the plague. I traveled the nine realms to help gather ingredients for the cure, but it was too late. Mother passed before we retrieved the last after fighting Fafnir. I tracked her soul to Niffleheim, and found the rest on Midgard. I wanted to keep her there for my own, but I just couldn't do it. Father came and as usual insulted me and took her away. So, she is back to normal, now."

The egg cracks open, and a itty bitty raven pops out. As it does so, what bits of egg pieces there should be vanish, leaving just the raven. The wing lifts up, feathers curling to resemble a fist with a feathery thumb extended out. The beak wraps around the tip and blows into it, seemingly inflating the bird up to regular size. "Not the way I wanted to start the evening." Phantasm murmurs.

"How did you want it to start?" Stephen asks, apparently he isn't phased by a talking slightly personified raven. Then his attention, goes back to Loki, "So, I'm not certain on what happens next…"

"Nor am I. I have decided not to care, either." Loki says. "Oh. Hello, Mike. The man in the green hood left without incident. He is quite harmless."

Not with a boulder landing on me." The bird replies, pausing as he looks over towards Loki, "Your mom's alive again?"

"I see." The news seems to make Stephen a little sullen. Then frowning towards Mike, "Good to experience new things Mike."

Loki makes a face and looks Mike up and down. "Sorry about that. Are you all right? Yes, mother is whole once again and back in Asgard. She was in the form of a woman named Freda who took care of children who resembled my brothers. There was one resembling me there, but he was given away to another family. When Odin came down, they were absorbed into her as pieces of her soul." One can probably guess why Loki is sullen about that whole thing. "But, Asgard has its queen again, so all is well."

"Yeah, I'm fine. No sense of touch like this." The bird glances around for any observers before the figure fades as he goes back to normal. "I'm kind of jealous."

Looking to Loki once more, "If you need any help, you have us two to help you." Then he looks down and then back up, "Speaking of, you're why I'm here. We need to get you some place away from here, for your own safety."

Loki blinks. "Why? Am I in danger?" He looks down at himself, then at Mike. "I am not mortal, if that is you concern. I simply haven't been in Asgard in a few weeks. What has happened? I am a bit tired and not at my best."

Mike looks to Loki, looking curious at the news "Have you been popping back and forth between here and New York for the past few weeks?"

"You are in danger." Stephen says simply, taking the offered conversation choice. "It's the fact you're not mortal that has you at risk."

Loki looks to Mike, nodding. "Yes, why? Well between here, New York, Niffleheim, Nastrond, Hel, Valhalla, Jotunheim, Muspelheim and Alfheim…" He looks at Stephen, squinting a bit. "I am afraid I must ask you to be more direct, Sorcerer Supreme. I have not slept in over a month."

Mike's forming frown deepens, "Don't you need sleep to function properly, Loki?"

"The man you tried to pick a fight with is one of the most dangerous men on Midgard." Strange says quickly, "A tyrant of a man who runs his own country, not exactly the kind of person to insult."

"Yes, but I've been busy. We can for about a week before becoming tired, or a day using full power non stop. I am all right, though. I am different than others." He looks at Stephen and shrugs. "So? He did not seem to pose much of a threat. Besides, he is still mortal. Why is not being mortal a risk?"

"But now you're not busy." Mike declares, giving Loki a stern look, "A month is enough. You are going to get some rest now. Asgard, the mansion, hell I'll even spring for you to stay here. But you are going to stop burning the candles at both ends and take a week off from doing anything but sleep, relax, and eat."

"Should he find out, he is the type to do wild and drastic things." Stephen notes, imagining ways Doom would try to make himself immortal. "No good will come of you staying here much longer Loki."

"Oh…" He says quietly, then nods to Mike. "I don't want to go back to Asgard right now, until I speak to Thor. I have money, I can pay for a room at the inn. Doom knows I am of Asgard. He did not seem very interested, so I did not feel threatened."

Loki's agreement to Mike's sudden demand does seem to appease the musician a bit as he gives a small smile. "Good." He looks over to Stephen. "If he's laying low and getting rest I don't think Doom will be causing him any problems. First priority is to get rested up anyways. No one can be fully rational when they're exhausted."

"That works for me." Stephen says towards Mike and then whispers, "But you're in charge of his safety. You can get a hold of me if you need." Strange then starts to walk away before he disappears into a wisp of smoke which dissipates in smoke.

Loki nods. "Very well, though I am still a bit puzzled. Where is the nearest inn? Is that where you are staying as well? Perhaps I can invite you to stay there as well. They usually provide a hearty meal to those staying there."

Mike watches as Stephen poofs off and is quiet for a few moments as the smoke wisps away. "Well, guess that settles WHICH inn you're staying at." The smile widens, "Come along, we'll go check to see if there are any rooms left where I'm staying."


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