2014-05-22 In The Pub
Players: Phantasm, Loki, Travis
GMed by NA/A
Title: In The Pub

As Thursday evening settles in to place, the Inn is starting to have some life breathed into it as renters come in to do their quick change into evening attire before heading out. This is not the case in Mike's room. Situated over at a sofa bed that's been pulled out, Mike sorts through the contents of a bag of laundry, working to match socks with their companions. There is no TV playing, nor radio, all in the act of not disturbing the lump that has taken up residence on the bed for the past few days.

The lump on the bed was so asleep that a bomb could have gone off next to him and he wouldn't have noticed. He fell asleep wearing his cloth armor and remained where he was not moving for the days leading up to tonight. Putting one hand to the side of his head, he stirs and pushes himself up with one arm to sit up. "Is it morning already?"
To the new sound, Mike's head turns, looking to the awakening Loki "Nope. Evening." He corrects, "Better question would be what day." Finding a matching sock, he smiles, snagging it up to roll it with the other sock. "Considering how long you went without sleep I'm not surprised."

"Oh, evening. Where are you gettubg ready to go? Yes, I supposed 'on which day' would be the most accurate. Did anything of interest ocuccur? How long was I asleep? I guess I was more tired than I anticipated."
"I wouldn't be adverse to you getting more sleep if you still need it." Mike replies, pausing to toss the rolled socks into an open drawer across the room only for it to bounce out. He grumbles, walking over to put the socks back in. "You went to sleep on Monday. It is now Thursday. Three days."

"That isn't too bad, then." Loki smirks, sitting on the edge of the bed and stretching. "How have you been? You're still alive so I see you must be faring well enough. Are you going on a date and that's why you want me to get more sleep? How very sly."
"No dates tonight." Mike answers, moving back over to the laundry pile, "Just putting up some clean clothes and maybe going down to the pub for a bit." He smiles over to Loki, "You're welcome to come. You're probably starving."

"Why not? I suppose if you're going out to have fun with your friends, that is acceptable. I must admit that I am a bit hungry, though." He stands up and brushes himself down, looking around the room as if seeing it properly for the first time. "Who watches your apartment while you are here?"
"Well, Wade still lives in the apartment so I would assume he's watching the place." Mike answers, "And it's in the Baxter building so I doubt someone's going to try and break into that apartment again." He steps away from the laundry pile, "And dates and partying are fine but there's nothing wrong with just relaxing."

Loki ahs and goes to the mirror to preen a bit, fixing his hair. "I suppose I am ready if you are. Where is the tavern?"

"All set." Mike relays, opening the door, "Follow me!"
A drinking we will go, a drinking we will go. Oh how drunk we'll get, a drinking we will go!
~ ~ ~ ~
[*The Pub*]
Yaaaar. Thar be a bar here. It be packed too. Yaaaar.

Travis is sitting at the bar, having more than a few pints, getting pissed.

Upon the pair reaching the pub, Mike holds the door open for Loki, waving over to the bar, "And here we are." He glances around to the traditional style pub. "Not much for looks but the pub grub works."

Loki slips through the door and holds it in return for MIke, looking around the pub. "Indeed. I am quite hungry. What does one normally eat in a place such as this? It is very similar to the taverns in the residential districts of Asgard."

"British pub grub, you mean." Tom Travis mumbles. He's staring down the Yorkshire Pudding that's in front of him. He's honestly not sure what to make of it, being an American in London. He takes a big swig of the dark ale in his pint glass, and squints at the obnoxious looking pop-over. You win /this/ round, weird British food.

"I'd suggest getting the burger." Mike offers, looking over towards Travis. Recognizing him, he lifts up a hand to wave to him, already starting to join the security worker assuming Loki would follow along. "Did you meet Travis when you came to the shoot?"

"No, I did not meet him. Greetings. I am Loki. This is Mike. If that is what you recommend, that is what I will have. I would like one of those fizzy drinks, though, do they have those here?"
The annoyed looking for-hire security guy decides to have one last go with the pudding, and manages to cram the whole thing into his mouth. Still chewing, he looks at Loki. "You mean soda?" He manages to not spew bits of baked goods out of his mouth. He takes a long swig of the ale to wash down the Yorkshire pudding. "Yeah, they do." Then he orders the burger as suggested.

Mike smiles a bit as Loki turns Mike's introduction into his own introduction. "So, it's burgers all around then." His eyes look to the expression on Travis's face and chuckles. "So, any problems at the set today?"

Travis reaches over with his not-sticky hand (the pudding had honey on it) to shake Loki and Mike's hand. "Sorry about that. Name's Thomas Travis. Working set security over here."
"Just the usual trouble with the divas." He goes into a fake falsetto. "Oh I simply can't do this scene before I've had my tea and crumpets. It must be Earl of Lancastershire Tea and the crumpets must be the special brand that the Queen Mother eats." He clears his throat. "Not too different from the brats back in New York."

"Is that what it is called? It is fizzy and sweet. We do not have such drinks, so I am not familiar with their names. Your alcohol is like something a bilgesnipe excretes, so I definitely do not want that." He looks at Mike in complete confusion as Tom goes into his falsetto.
Mike manages a scoff as well. "Harumph. Well if you feel that way…" He upturns his nose, turning to act as if he is going to walk away before he turns back, smirking as he settles down two seats down from Travis, allowing for Loki to sit in between. "Yeah, I think you're describing a type of soda. I'm going to guess Pepsi or Coke."

Travis looks at Loki. "Maybe you just haven't had a good one yet. Or maybe you like the fruity drinks." He grins, clearly teasing.

"No, your alcohol is just very weak in comparison to Asgardian brews. I will have a Coke, then. I do enjoy sweet drinks more than the harsher ales. Asgard has some very good sweet wines."

At the tease, Mike looks over to Travis shaking his head. NOooo. "Loki's got a higher tolerance for alcohol than we do. So he doesn't get to experience the after effects." He looks over towards Loki, "Although… Hmm." He considers for a moment before turning to look towards the Asgardian, "See if they have Cherry Coke."

Travis laughs. "Yeah, him and me both. I drink for the taste now." He downs the rest of the pint, orders another.
The barkeep just kind of looks at Travis funny. "That's your eighth pint, mate. You sure you're doing alright?"
"Yeah, I'll be fine. I walked here anyway. Hey, how about something for my friend there." He means Mike.

Loki scoffs a bit. "I certainly have felt the after effects of a night filled with a bit too much celebration. You've never suffered a hangover until you've been to an Asgardian party after a battle."

"Guinness." Mike supplies to the bartender before looking to Travis, "Next round's mine." He looks over to Loki, "At least his drink order will be cheap if he's just getting soda." When given a chance, he puts his order in for food.
Travis laughs. "I'll bet you I can drink you under the table, even with your Viking rotgut." He sets about into his burger. "Hey… this is better than the pudding."

"I would take you up on that offer, but Asgardian alcohol would likely kill you. Humans do not have the ability to process it, whether they feel the effects or not." Loki smiles and folds his hands on the table. "I will pay you for the drinks and food I consume, do not worry."
"It's a custom over here." Mike explains, "Everyone takes turns buying drinks for people in their group. I was just commenting your drink would be cheap because some places refill your drink for no extra cost… during the same period you initially purchased the drink." Something, just SOMETHING told Mike he should clarify that.
Travis doesn't clarify why he thinks he can outdrink an Asgardian, but, he's pretty much done with his meal and pays for it. "Maybe we ought to try sometime, even if it's just a sip of the strong stuff." He says to Loki, grinning and clapping the godling on the back. "And now if you guys will excuse me, I gotta drain the lizard and go back to the hotel and crash."
Travis is careful to stagger about a bit to look drunk.

"See you around Travis," Mike says, giving a bit of a smile. The smile deepens as their food and Loki's soda makes it to the bar first. "Quick service. Indeed." He looks over to see the Guinness resting, allowing for the drink to settle as it should before being brought over. Yay! Nom noms!

Loki smirks. "I am familiar with the concept of buying a round of drinks, Mike. While we do not pay for it in the palace, when we are visiting other realms, we most certainly do." His smirk fades into a frown. "What are you doing to a lizard? Do not wreck the hotel. I may sleep another three days and would hate to be disturbed."

Travis calls back as Loki shouts at him. "It means taking a piss, man." And he disappears into the pub's bathroom.

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