2014-05-25 From London to Little Italy
Players: Chamber, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: From London to Little Italy


Ever since the very beginning, Grand Central Station has been one of the busiest of its kind, if not the busiest, in the country. At all hours, there's pedestrian traffic in every direction, to this platform or that. The metallic leviathans hiss onto their tracks, arriving and departing, as voices echo over the whole expanse of the station to inform passengers of these events. A variety of shops line the perimeter.

Busy busy busy. That is one way to describe Grand Central Station. And during Memorial day weekend. Busier Busier Busier. With lots of people moving around getting place to place. And folks working hard to go to their vacation destinations, travel is one big pain in the ass.

As for one Mike Hannigan, Oh yes. He KNOWS. Of all the weekends to come back from London, this was likely the worst picked one. But at least it was on someone else's dime. Tired and a bit jet lagged, the musician gets off the subway at Grand Central. SO close to his destination…

By some chance, Jono's also arriving here at the same time. Probably not as jetlagged, since he doesn't actually NEED sleep. It's nice to have, but not really necessary for him. So he's probably a little better off. Physically anyway. Emotionally he couldn't say. What of his face can be seen over his wrappings is pinched in a frown. Jono is not a happy mutant.

Loki is a bit better rested, and came back to New York as well. He can teleport, so he's a bit of a cheater. To Help out, though, he holds up a piece of cardboard with Mike written in Elder Futhark upon it so that Mike will know he has at least one person waiting for him back 'home'.

There would be a problem with the sign being written in another language but being that it's Loki holding up the sign, that's more than enough to draw Mike over that way when he sees the oddly lettered sign. It could be asking for Thor and he wouldn't know. "Hey, How long you've been waiting?" He looks to the sign curiously.

It's the voice that gets Jono's attention. By some chance, Mike and Loki aren't too far from where Jono disembarked from the subway, otherwise there's no way he'd have heard them with all this ruckus. He's got a single bag and a guitar case with him, that's all. He heads for where he heard the voice from, and offers a wave. 'Aiming' his conversation at them both— he'd spoken to Loki mentally before as well— he speaks up, <Oi. Fancy seein' you two here.> A pause as he's jostled; he quickly assures that his wallet's still in place. When it appears to be in order, he says further, <And remind me not ter evah book a trip around this weekend.>

Loki lowers the sign and shrugs. "I don't know, I don't wear a watch. I came as soon as I teleported back to New York. Your primitive transportation methods take entirely too long. Greetings, Jono. It is good to see you again." He's slept since the last time they saw each other, thankfully.

"If that's the case I hope you didn't teleport over until recently. That's a lot of hours to wait otherwise." Mike turns his head at hearing Jono's voice in his head, looking around until he finds the bandaged rocker. "So you got caught up with the airport as well?"

Jono tilts his head in response to Loki's words. <Slow or not, they're a right bloody pain in the arse,> he agrees. A nod. <Good ter see yas again.> He also nods to Mike's question. <Yeah. Like I said, right bloody pain in the arse. Made it in one piece though.>

Loki nods. "Yes, I suppose. Anyway, welcome back. What are you going to do now that you are back in New York? How did the movie conclude? May we see it yet?"

"Good that. Coming in one piece." He turns to look back to Loki, "My part with the movie is done but the movie isn't." Mike replies, shaking his head, "They'll still need to work on editing the footage and filming the remaining scenes, and then there's the marketing stuff."

Jono nods. <Could be another year before it comes out,> he notes. <Depends on how much they fart arse about with the edittin', how much they faff with the hype…>

"That is very inefficient. Why not use illusions to do what you need to do? Mortals take so long to do anything, it is no wonder one Asgardian year equals one hundred Midgardian years. What takes us one year takes you one hundred." Boy someone's a bit grumpy!

Mike arches an eyebrow as he studies the Asgardian, "Are you feeling tired or hungry again?"

Jono's just being quiet now. He's confused, but apparently learning the moods of the strange fellow Mike seems to know well. For the moment he has nothing to add, but observes the discussion.

"No, I'm fine. Perfectly fine. Let's go have some of that horrible Midgardian ale."

"Okay…" Mike allows, looking over to Loki a little concerned. "How about we get some pizza too? I've done so many trips to Dublin the past few months that the other side is just demanding we go to Little Italy."

Jono pauses. Listens. And perhaps surprisingly, <…Mind if I come with you?>

Oh this can't possibly end well…

"Coming?" Loki asks, looking over his shoulder at Jono just before he asks his question. "Fine, pizza, whatever you like." He grabs Mike's sleeve, then clomps over and grab Jono's sleeve, muttering something about Midgardians and their slow legs, and suddenly teleports them both to little Italy.

Little Italy is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, New York City, once known for its large population of Italians. Today the neighborhood of Little Italy consists of Italian stores and restaurants.

Mike looks over to Jono as the guy who can't eat or drink asks to come along to the restaurant. "Sure. Come along." He smiles apologetically, "Sorry, didn't mean to be ignoring y-." Oh hey! They're in Little Italy!

Sure Jono can't eat. But he can provide company! He's prepared to walk with them both when suddenly… poof. And Little Italy. <Whoa.> Jono wobbles a bit. <Careful with that magic stuff.> He assumes it's magic anyway, he didn't see a device, so…

"How do you know it's magic? Perhaps I am a mutant like you two." Loki thinks a moment. "I wonder what would happen if I mentioned that out loud." He takes a deep breath and begins speaking in a loud voice. "Attention humans!"

Mike blinks, looking over towards Loki, "You do realize I'm not a mut-" He stops as Loki brings up his voice, drawing attention towards all of them. His head turns, looking towards what people gathered upon the sidewalk that stop, and then to their expressions as some are already starting to place one or two of them.

Annnnnd here come the cellphones…

Blink. Blinkblink. What the heck? And then Loki starts to…

Jono's eyes widen.

Oh balls.

He doesn't want to know what Loki's planning. He doesn't want to know if Loki means announcing /he/ is a mutant or that /they/ are. He tries to reach forward and loop an arm loosely around Loki's neck and pull. Not as if to hurt him, but like one sees 'the hook' used on cartoons, with his arm as the hook. This is probably going to have about as much effect as a gnat landing on a mountain, but he's still going to try. Success or fail, he notes, <No. Normal people don' like mutants. Ain't yer seen what all 'ose 'ate groups do ter mutants?>

Loki is about to say something when Jono grabs him, sending him stumbling along. "But I'm not a mutant, I'm a god, it's not like they could HURT me." He seems to have forgotten that some of them actually have weapons that can pierce his thick skin. "You are safe, I wasn't going to say anything about YOU."

Mike looks over to Jono, frowning, "Really? Well damn, must not have gotten the memo that I'm not supposed to like you."

<Ain't no need ter take chances,> Jono answers Loki. Mike can still hear him. <'Sides, if they start a fight here, people might get caught in the middle 'a…> He trails off with Mike's comment, and sort of freezes in his tracks. Pause. He lets go of Loki. <…Sorry. I'm jus' so used ter people 'avin' a freak-out over…> He trails off again. And then another clue is thrown out— Jono taps the side of his head. <This ain't all I got wrong wit' me…>

Loki flails his arms a bit until Jono lets him go, then straightens up. <It's fine. But there are bigger things to be afraid of around here.> Loki is a projective telepath, and projects to both of them. He is not receptive however. <They couldn't possibly hate ME…could they?>

"Oh is this where you tell me the bandages aren't a fashion statement?" Mike asks, apparently still not amused with Jono's last comment as the mock surprised tone is severely laced in sarcasm, looking over to Loki, and then to the group. "Maybe not hate." He responds lowly, "But people tend to fear what they don't understand. People can do some stupid things when scared. And no point being the one to make them start being stupid." Mike pauses as he sees someone a little ways away taking their picture.

Jono seems to have a… an aversion to the camera. He turns his back to the person. On the bright side, he'd been wearing a long sleeveless vest, and that caught the wind in a dramatic fashion when he turned away from the camera, so at least they got something worth photographing. Even if it wasn't his face.

Can someone give a mental ellipsis? Jono does just that at Mike's comment. And his head lowers in a penitent fashion. Clearly he regretted saying it. But the concept of someone who's normal that doesn't hate him is hard to comprehend. If he says anything else, tries to explain himself, he's just going to make it worse, right? So instead, he just offers, <…Sorry.>

Loki turns and waves a hand to suddenly knock all the cameras out of the hands of everyone pointing one in their direction. "As much as I like to be the center of attention, I belive we should make haste to our next destination."

"No problem, mate." Mike murmurs, his Irish side kicking in a little with the word usage. He nods at Loki's suggestion, stepping down the street, to a pizzaria far enough away to where people wanting a picture would be more obvious in their intent. If only because they would be running after being sidetracked by recovering their camera or phone.

<After that? Yer right. Somebody's gonna get the wrong idea,> Jono replies. He seems to relax a bit, and when the pair head to the pizzaria, he follows. He's really trying to not look like he's trying to hurry. Cameras, ugh.

"Are we going to have one of those baked discs of bread with cheese? I do enjoy those even though the red substnce and the cheese upsets my stomach. It will still be a most enjoyable evening."

Mike looks over to Loki, the expression of surprise having a bit more legitimacy to it's presence than with Jono earlier, "Wait, you can handle any of the world's beer options with no problem but tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese hurt your stomach?"

<Makes perfect sense to me,> Jono notes. <Prob'ly makes 'is stomach acid decide ter mount an attack.> After all, a super-strong digestive system means super-strong digestive acids. Which probably hurts when they get aggravated. His eyes crinkle with amusement; he'd be smirking if he had a mouth. <I can imagine 'Charge 'a the Valkyries' playin' in there.>

"Our systems are used to whole, natural foods unaltered. When I came to iMmidgard, I realsed that the food was prepared quite differently and had many unnatural ingredients, so yes, Midgardian food disturbs the Asgardian digestive system."

"But one's an acidic while the other's a base." Mike complains, "They should cancel each other out or at least balance out the acid levels." He stops to hold the door open for everyone to enter the pizzaria, giving Jono a look as they come in. "And did you need to ruin Wagner for me?"

~Fadey Mc Fade Fade~

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