2014-05-28 Feeling Blue
Players: Cecilia, Dominique, Loki, Nova, Phantasm, Wasp
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Feeling Blue

The Upper East Side is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, between Central Park and the East River. The Upper East Side lies within an area bounded by 59th Street to 96th Street, and the East River to Fifth Avenue-Central Park. Once known as the 'Silk Stocking District',it retains its position as one of the most affluent neighborhoods of New York City.

Generally speaking, the Upper East Side stretches from 59th Street to 96th Street. Many realtors used the term "Upper East Side" instead of "East Harlem" to define areas that are north of 96th street such as on 5th ave or areas close by such as 97th street to avoid the negative connotation since people associate the latter with being a less prestigious neighborhood. Its north-south avenues are Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Third, Second and First Avenues, York Avenue, and East End Avenue (the latter runs only from East 79th Street to East 90th Street).

Richard is flying a patrol, as usual. At some point he'll have to get in touch with the NYPD.

It is a spring evening, and people are on their way home from work, or on their way to the theater. Militaristic looking vans are parked along the side of the street in the industrial district, with men in dark uniforms filing into the nearby building. There is no reason to believe anything illegal is going on at the moment, but the presence of so many people after hours may seem strange. Perhaps it's just a company picnic, or perhaps it's something else.

Richard zooms in, and switches to infrared, and tries to tune into radio frequencies. Maybe it's SHIELD, maybe it's NYPD… Or maybe it's high-priced criminals. He doesn't intervene /yet/, as he doesn't know if they are bad guys. He does listen for radio on SWAT teams or FBI making a bust, as he watches the infrared.

With a few days since last seeing Loki having passed and having a pause in his recording schedule, Mike has had some time for his mind to wander. And wander it does. It has treked into the lands of 'What on earth has Wade been doing in the apartment while he was gone to bring about that smell?' and it has also treked over to 'Should I look into learning a little bit of the violin or should I just outsource that?' And most recently it arrived at the 'Did Loki make up all of those deficit hours of sleep?' question. And so, the rock star has found himself here, heading towards the mansion on the off chance that Loki was crashing there again. For an only child, Mike sure as hell acts big brotherly at times. Distracted, Mike's not really taking note of the vans yet. Yep, definitely not in patrol mode.

Camille is full of concentration as well, but it's on reading the latest Vogue while juggling her latte. The girl walks up the sidewalk towards the building with all the situational awareness of a cupcake, white earbuds poking out of her ears above the diamond studs. She bops her head gently to the music as she simultaneously takes a sip and manages to flip the page of the magazine. She is still a distance from the vans and building, but a few more moments of walking will bring her to the doorway.

The door to a shop down the street opens, revealing Janet and a bundle of bags with designer labels on them. She wasn't above wearing something someone other than she made, as long as it looked good that is. One of the bags drops as she closes the door behind her and looks up and down the street. With her gaze lingering on the vans she leans over to pick up the dropped bag and seemingly begin moving to return to the mansion.

Inside the industrial building, a certain red-haired scientist is inspecting one of several pieces of equipment that are hidden away from view. This clandestine facility is more than it appears from the outside, and as such, has many unique offerings that one simply cannot acquire through less than illicit channels. Adjusting her glasses higher on the bridge of her nose, Dominique leans in close to inspect a compact machine that can emit concentrated bursts of a certain radiation that's known to turn some otherwise diminiutive scientists into hulking beasts.

The men begin filing into the building while others stand outside, not looking armed. The armed men are lurking out of sight. Loki isn't near the mansion just yet, but he's somewhere in the area. The men are keeping an eye out, standing patrol on all sides of the building. A few of the armed men are patrolling the roof, keeping their rifles at the ready. One of them speaks into a walkie-talkie: "All clear, no activity to report."

Richard continues to watch. He doesn't know why those men are there, but nothing in in infrared sight says they're about to kill anyone, and nothing in his radio frequencies says they're SHIELD or not. He moves actually higher in their air, trying to keep zoomed in, but finally puts a call to SHIELD… Well, the number he knows about, anyway. He tells them he wants to know if he should call the NYPD about some people at a certain building in the Upper East Side. He waits to see what they say.

Completely distracted upon the task at hand, there's absolutely nothing that will draw Mike's attention aw- As he walks by Janet, his head turns slightly to get another glance at her, giving a bit of a smile before turning his head back, continuing towards the mansion. His attire is a stark contrast to Janet's. Being off the clock, the musician is VERY much avoiding anything that is marked up to heaven and instead has shifted to the Goodwill assortment with a ball cap hiding the length of his hair. To keep a low profile. Of course.

Camille 's eyes start taking in the new pictures even as her cup pulls away from pink lips. "Oooh," she says when her mouth is free of coffee, pausing a second to study one of the models. "Huh, Van Dyne…" She flips the page again before continuing on her way, absently adjusting the thin strap of the Prada purse on her shoulder.

Laying the bags to the side, Janet decreases her size in order to fly over and get a closer look without drawing any unwanted attention. She hadn't heard about anything going on on this side of town, and none of the people filing into the building were of partifularly recognizable appearance. If anything it all looked somewhat suspicious. With her attention on that so much she didn't even notice Mike walking by, or his look at her.

Dominique looks up to the man escorting her through the wares and converses with him about the various technical aspects of the machine. Her expression remains flat, not seeming to react to the information as it's given. "I desire a demonstration," she states as she withdraws a vial of liquid from within her coat and offers it forward to the man.

Anyone who gets a closer look at the uniforms of the men would see the symbol of Hydra on their upper arms, though only if they're familiar with it. Inside, the man walks with Dominique, and outside, a couple on the roof have set up a computer to keep an eye on flying threats like Richard. Another keeps a gun trained on anyone approaching the area. The people on the ground begin moving into a more organized formation, and when Janet flies closer, energy blasts are fired in her direction as another sets up to fire a net gun at her.

Dominique pauses as she's about to put the substance into the machine for testing, the sounds of weapons fire causing her defenses to rise. She pulls the vial back, palming it and holding tightly, almost to the point of breaking the glass within her grip as she looks to the man, inquiring, "Qu'est que c'est?"

Richard says to them, "Well, they're shooting, so I'm going in. Call the SWAT team." He pinpoints the location, and swoops down at incredible speed, stopping an inch above the ground, right next to two men. He flicks a wrist, and raises the gravity on their spot… heavily. He then says, "Please cease and desist now."

What? A guy in secondhand wear giving her the look is not enough to detract from the possibly armed suspicious types hanging around a building? No! Perish the thought! … *sobs* Alas, there is no time to ponder the lack of acknowledgement to a wayward glance when the possibly armed suspicious types prove themselves to be armed with the questionably masculine 'pew pew' sounds emitting from their weapons. There may even have beeon a 'Poomf' in there as well. Mike's head turns to the pioneer of typed sfx words, brow raising as he sees the net being fired. Well f-. Well, in THAT case, Mike steps back into a nearby alleyway.

Camille Another sip of coffee, this time accompanied by a frown. "Ewww, what is Versace thinking…" Camille mutters as her steps carry her closer to the action, the music still blaring in her ears. Luckily for her she stops well before the man watching for foot traffic, pausing in the middle of the sidewalk as she drops her head back to drink the last of her coffee.

Eyes boggle out of her head as the shots begin to fly towards her. She narrowly avoids then and begins trying to escape just as the net catches her and drags her to the ground. She tries feebly to crawl out or stretch it by changing sides, but no matter what she seems unable to get out. Silently she realises that maybe she should have just kept shopping. Now who was going to get her clothes back to the mansion?

Cease and Desist? Hydra? That's cute. The men on the roof stumble under Richard's power, but that was expected. One of the men yells something into his radio, and a couple of the vans open up at the sides to reveal rocket launchers which fire at Richard. Others on the ground have opened fire at Janet and anyone else around. There are enough of them, and they keep coming like a swarm of roaches. As the sun retreats and the city is bathed in darkness, the light from the projectile and energy weapons are visible even if the men firing them are nearly invisible in their dark uniforms. Not far away, another, heavily armored van is approaching. Those that can sense energy would pick up faint energy readings. Those that might be looking for a certain god of Mischief might see him walking down the street in the direction of the 'situation'.

It appears that Mike has left the area, but a hooded figure steps out from a closer alleyway, shadow cast down upon the face, obscuring the facial features. Hands tucked in the pockets, the figure walks, albeit quickly, towards the net. Considering the lack of caution in the approach, despite the pew pews and the poomfs, this guy is either extremely oblivious to what's going on, or he just doesn't care.

As she lifts her head back up and lowers her now empty cup Camille sees all the fireworks, confusion coloring her features as she tries to figure out why someone would be shooting fireworks off this time of year. Then as there's a break in the music the sounds start to make their way to her diamond studded ears. "What the…?" she asks as she reaches up to pull her left earbud out, her feet keeping her planted in the middle of the sidewalk.

Richard jumps back, "WHOAH!" He raises an energy shield, and flies back, trying to stop the rockets… "Ok…" He says, "Nova Corps Centurion 1124-9-4-4.." He dodges another rocket, "396!" He says, "You will surrender or suffer immediate penalty! You re endangering civilians!" Another rocket explodes, and he feels the shockwave, "Ok… Can't say I didn't try." He BOLTS forward, clothes-lining both of the men on the roof, and then flies down to the rocket-armed vans, doing a flying charge into one of them, flying through it and out the other side. He turns his fist at the next one and aims a phased pulse at it.

Dominique watches as the black suited men walk into the room she's in and begin securing various pieces of equipment. The man beside her reacts by stepping forward and confronting them, asking the usual questions of who they are, what they're doing here, threatening to call in security, etc. His questioning and indignation is met with a swift and sudden *POOMF!* which causes Dominique to drop down fast behind the boxes she's near.

The net constantly shifts as Janet changes size to try and get out over and over, but eventually it just slumps to the ground flat as she remains in the small state. After all if they're still shooting, somebody must be out there doing something and if it's someone they're shooting at it must be someone who might be willing to get her out of this net. While she waits she grumbles and tries to page the Avengers without much success.

The hooded figure is knocked back as a round hits him, he halts for a second before he continues over, kneeling down. "One sec." He states, moving his hands out of his pockets. Well, more claws. There is a glimmer of red where the eyes should be in the shadowy area cast by the hood. Pressing a foot on part of the net, likely cutting down on Janet's comfy space a little but moving her safely away from the portion he's focusing on, Phantasm brings his other claw upon the netting in a slashing manner to slice the material.

Poor Camille. Everything seems to have gone to hell in a handbasket. Men are trying to take out Janet and Richard, and a group of others has taken to threatening Mike. Inside, Dominique is under fire. The men with the boxes begin high tailing it out, a few of them dropping when they're hit. Outside, the Asgardian continues his slow walk toward the building. He stops when the armored van arrives, and half a dozen men exit the compartment, coming over to the armored man. Those that can sense energy would sense a dramatic increase in it, and there seems to be a conversation between the man and the godling who almost looks as though he's sleepwalking.

Someone is going to do something alright! Camille turns and runs in short, mincing heeled steps away from the building, ducking the nearest building. She then does what any red-blooded American girl would in this situation: She digs out her cell phone and starts filming. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod…" she chants softly, eyes wide but cel phone steady as she points it at the front of the building, finally focusing on the strange conversation.

Narrowly dodging the claws ripping through the cloth, Janet manages to escape from the net with the help of Phantasm. "Thanks. It was starting to get a little cramped in there. Never been claustrophobic before, but the inside of a net can change that fast.". She glances back towards her bags and sighs as she notices a stray shot has set them afire. Under her breath she mumbles about several thousand dollars down the drain so quickly before flying behind Phantasm to recoup and hopefully avoid any nets. "Think they'll ever run out of ammo?"

"These guys seem to have the type where they defy reason." Phantasm replies, looking away from wasp as he moves forward, getting knocked back again as he gets hit with another round. He sneers, giving an inhuman jagged sneer to the nearest shooter. "Any idea what they're after?"

The van that Richard rams breaks apart, and the van Richard hits with the phased pulse is knocked aside and flips over. Richard then turns, figuring he's made his point, to the rest of the bad guys, trying to put himself between them and the downed Janet…..only to face a firing squad….

A unified yell break out, "HAIL HYDRA!!!!"

Richard is thrown back under a hail of fire, the bullets flattening against him, leaving visible pieces of metal… These heavy slugs knock backwards, then flat onto his back.

The Nova is down!

As the battle rages on, one of the men with the ones that came out of the armored van hold up a shielded briefcase. When they open it, a bright blue glow envelops the Asgardian. He gasps and tilts his head back, closing his eyes, mouth slightly agape as he drinks in the sheer power. The wispy blue energy swirls around him as if alive.

The man snaps the briefcase shut and the enery disappates. When Loki opens his eyes, it isn't for long. They glow bright blue for a moment, then close again as he crumbles foward onto the ground.

Thunder rumbles, and rain begins to pour down onto the battle which is probably making a great video for Camille. The men with the boxes loaded into the van take off, and someone inside holds a hand held detonator with a thumb-pressable button.

The video shakes for a moment as Camille shifts to cover the camera with her body. Some part of the back of her mind notes the silk blouse is not going to offer much protection from the wet, or much modesty if it continues to rain… The camera is steady though as she turns it back at the front of the building.

Without warning Janet bursts from behind Phantasm and fires a few wasp stings at their eyes. "If you can't wait them out you might as well join 'em.". She spirals through the air firing at various shooters, attempting to at least take out their line of sight so Phantasm can have a go or two, and maybe even save Nova from their clutches.

With Wasp no longer behind him, Phantasm lunges forward, slashing at the limbs of what Hydra agents come within range of the downed Nova. The inhuman growl that emits seems more emphasized by the rainy effect of the incoming storm. Unlike others that may be in the area, Phantasm's attire does not appear to be getting wet. As he lunges for another, a glimpse of a familiar person off to the relative distance crumpling to the ground draws his attention. "Loki!" Forgetting Janet and the already recovering Nova, he starts barreling towards where Loki is fallen. The expression on his face is clear for any Hydra agents looking his way. Get out of the way or feel the wrath.

And the Nova gets up! With a yell, reaches out with his arms, lashing out with a field of bright light and force in an arc in front of him - about dozen Hydra troops are thrown in the air out in front of Richard! He immediately releases a phased pulse at another armored van, breaking it apart, cauing a firey burst from the gas tank! NOva then raises a shield on his right as a rocket is fired at him - the rocket hits with a glancing hit, and instead of exploding, it angles off and flies down the street! Nova flies off - like a blue blur, Nova's in the air and after the rocket!

Camille's focus shifts for a moment with a "Whoa!" as the rocket ricochets and starts down the street. She refocuses at the building as she reaches up to pull her wet hair away from her face and out of the way. The shot tries to focus on the burning vehicles, but finally focuses on the crumpled figure that Phantasm is headed for.

With a grumble as another Hydra agent drops his gun and clutches at his eyes, Janet stops and looks around in the short period before the next shot is fired. She notices Loki and rubs at her brow, wondering just what he was doing out of the mansion and why exactly he was passed out on the ground. She began a bee-line (or should I say wasp-line? ;]) towards him, size increasing right as she gets near him. She drops to her knee and rolls his head over to check for a pulse. "He's okay, just… Well, asleep."

The Blue Blur that is Nova returns to the area, appearing in the full shape of a man in blue with the gold helmet - about 20 feet from the van - with something in his hand - the rocket. He flings it into the side of the armored van with the blue device like an American football!!! The van shakes, and is slide to the side by a few feet, knocking its occupants down inside!! The van, however, is still intact!

Richard grumbles, "Hydra junk." He prepares for the Hydra's reaction!

Loki is out cold but not otherwise hurt, and the guys with the briefcase have gotten back into the armored van and are speeding off. The Hydra agents are using the dark as their cover, and a group of them are coming up behind Janet and Phantasm, intent on capturing them. They don't want the Asgardian, they're done with him for now. One of them tries to net Janet again now that she's in full sized form, and one tries to shoot Phantasm with his automatic weapon. A couple of them are looking for Dominique inside and Camille outside.

After confirming Loki is alright, Phantasm's posture relaxes a little, seeming relieved. So distracted by the Asgardian's situation, there is a bit of an odd side effect as he is shot at from behind. The round passes through him with no ill effect to him. To whoever is on the other side, they may not be as fortunate. Reminded of the situation, he spins around, snarling as he's positioning himself to defend the unconcious friend.

Dominique had managed to stay hidden during the hustle and the bustle, the main goal seeming to be the crates that were stolen. And, with the commotion outside, they didn't have much to spare to go looking for some wayward, third party. That has changed, however, and Dominique is forced to scuttle behind a short stack of crates that were of no interest to the HYDRA team. She peeks out from the side, watching as the two armed goons begin sweeping through, using hand signals and motions to remain silent while flushing her out. Tucking back behind the box, Dominique reaches under her collar and hooks a her index finger into the mask hidden beneath, drawing it up to cover everything below her eyes, lips wrapping around the filter while her nose is plugged.

The man who shot at Mike immediately regrets it and tries to back away, holding his hands up. He tries to run, and a group of others come to his aid. Those shooting at Richard determine it would be easier to retreat at the moment, going back down inside the building. Inside, a half dozen men come and try to pull Dominique out of hiding. "Come on, it's time to go, *!" One of them growls, being rather forceful.

The round that so blatantly failed to harm Phantasm doesn't quite continue to go on. Instead it slams into Janet's back. She moans at the pain and rolls over, conciousness rapidly fleeing from her. Why everyone wanted to use knock-out rounds these days was beyond her. She almost missed old laser beams and stuff. At least it was a rapid thing with those, but with these rounds you got a nasty bruise along with a lot of pain when you wake up.

But on the bright side, purples and blues are SO in this year.

It has been a very long time since Cecilia has been in New York City — and one might think some narrative deity was behind her arrival in the City that Never Sleeps just now. She finds herself standing on a corner as a crowd of civilians rushes in the other direction. Her shoulders do not get buffeted, however; the mutant power she's had more training in of late than she'd like sees to that. WHAMMP! WHAMMP! WHAMMP! Cecilia takes the discomfort in stride now, and wades through the crowd in the direction they're running from, brow furrowed in thought or consternation.

Dominique struggles a bit as she wretched out of her hiding spot behind the crates, her left fist crunching the vial in her hand and releasing the thick, inky liquid to run in rivulets down her hand and arm. She's busy trying to catch her footing under herself as she's brought to stand, her piercing eyes gazing at the two men who've 'captured her'. "Vous faites une erreur," she states, her Quebecois accent heavy.

The growling Phantasm starts to give chase to the one that shot at him but soon remembers the Loki. And with a half glance back, the added charge of a bug with some stinging performance issues comes to mind. In retrospect he COULD hang a bit closer to the two, but this isn't his more analytical minded persona being used. That he doesn't pursue the Hydra agent any further is enough blessing as he seems more focused on keeping them out of a set distance from the two fallen Avengers.

Two Avengers down, only like a dozen to go! With Loki and Janet down, the Hydra soldiers can brag that they took out a god and a hot chick. Loki tries to stir, but his system is just too overloaded. When his eyes open a crack, they still glow bright blue. He can't speak other than to utter an incoherent moan. He knows MIke is somewhere nearby but can't quite say his name.

Dominique's guys don't speak French, unfortunately, and continue to try and pull her away, blasting profanity at her. As Cecilia runs in the direction of the scene, guns click as they are trained upon her. "Stop! Don't come any closer! Identify yourself."

As she's unconcious, Janet doesn't really do much other than moan and maybe mumble a bit about how that is so last year. Who even wears sweaters this late in the year?

Cecilia bilnks at the guns. Her memory is a fogged mess, but there are certain things she remembers. Like her mutant ability can handle guns. Well. some guns. "Who am I identifying myself /to/?" she asks, ignoring the command to stop as she sees a woman and a man lying down on the street who appear to need help. One of them looks hauntingly, tauntingly familiar, and Cecilia narrows her eyes behind her glasses trying to remember as she approaches. "People need medical attention, they're getting medical attention," she says with the authority of one who expects to be listened to.

It's not Dominique's fault the men don't speak French; perhaps HYDRA should invest in more erudite henchmen. Regardless, as the two men continue to call her rather insulting names, she seems unreactive, though to the careful observer, they would see the rivulets that were running down her arm drying up, shrinking, disappearing while the guns pointed at her seem to grow hotter.

The Phantasm continues protecting it's circle of protection around the fallen pair. His form gradually shifting with each step until instead of a hooded figure, there is a rather pissed off, larger than normal wolf with intimidating looking claws and barred teeth snarling at the goons. Any that cross the unseen line gets charged, slashed, and nipped at. Oddly enough, Cecilia appears to be the exception. Must be the attire.

"None of your business, now identify yourself or you'll be killed on sight." One of the Hydra soldiers says flatly. He hears something on his radio and responds with "Aknowledged." And suddenly all the armed soldiers begin to withdraw, using the cover of darkness to slip into the vans and begin pulling away quickly. Now there's a bunch of cleanup to do.

As she starts to regain conciousness, Janet groans and stretches a lot. Mostly groans though, as it really does hurt to be slugged in the back like that. She blinks her eyes a few times, trying to clear up the thick fog she keeps seeing until she realises she's still vaguely drugged.

"Hold still there, girl," Cecilia says in the clipped, no-nonsense tone of a doctor in something like a war-zone. "You took some kind of hit. Saw you go down." She's already been in a pocket for the little flashlight to shine in Janet's eyes. Checking for dialation or failure of symmetrical movement.

Not thinking the Hydra soldiers are moving back quick enough, the wolf bites one of the closer soldiers in the arm. There's a crazed look on his expression as he looks to the others. RUN! He's got a taste for blood now!

Loki starts to sit up, turning his glowing eyes on the men Mike is chasing and lifts a hand, emitting a blast of energy. The blast isn't aimed at the guys, though, it's aimed at /Mike/. It isn't a strong burst, just enough to knock someone over.

Dominique watches with a flat expression, almost emotionless as the two HYDRA guards aiming at her yell in pain and drop their laser rifles to clutch their hands firmly, trying to stave off the mild burn and discomfort as the guns at their feet continue to glow white hot. Not many moments pass before their shoes erupt in flames and Dominique lowers her hands, walking past them as they fall to the ground, as if parted for her by some mysterious, flaming force. She walks over to the machine she had desired to test and withdraws another vial to insert, not seeming to pay attention to the agony behind her.

Cecilia spends a few minutes looking Janet over before deciding she doesn't like what she sees. "You got a … a whatchacallit…a phone? You can call somebody to pick you up and take you to a proper hospital instead of sitting in the street? Dios, I am going to have to recertify at this rate, I just know it." She looks for a moment like she's going to cry, until she sees Loki stirring, and is distracted by his familiarity (yes, his familiarity. He's cute, but not that cute).

If it was a normal type of attack, it's possible that Phantasm wouldn't have noticed it. But with the power of magic- The blood mouthed wolf tumbles off of the soldier causing for a startled yelp from the wolf. A bit confused, Phantasm turns it's head to look in the direction the blast had to have come from. Did h-? The head tilts. The ears droop. But why? /@.@
Pulling a phone from her pocket Janet starts to make a call. She couldn't believe she was so easily done out, but at least she wasn't dead. It was definitely a step-up from what could have happened. She spoke into it for a moment, and after a bit a car appeared, which she proceeded to slide into. She cracked the window and waved to everyone as she sped off in the car. To the hospital!

Richard throws the rocket, not doing enough damage to the armored van - still, that little wheeled vehicle can't outrun the man called Nova - buuuut then he senses the power surge from Loki's blast at Mike - he turns and flies /right/ at Loki - the magic godling is far more dangerous than an annoying armored van. He reaches out and grabs Loki as he flies into him!

Attentive eyes watch from behind the shield of thin rimmed glasses as the vial is bombarded with mild doses of radiation within the center of the machine. The inky black liquid shifts and moves, almost as if bubbling, inside the vial before the timer dings and the loud hum of the machine dissipates until it is silent once more, though rather hot. Not seeming bothered by such a trivial thing, Dominique reaches right inside to draw out the vial that has a far more reddish hue than it did before. Success? Failure? Unknown until tests can be run, but the outlook is promising. Satisfied, Dominique turns to begin searching for a crate to take home the machine, stepping out of the way just as a laser bolt blows through it, causing it to explode in a shower of sparks *POOMF! ZOT!* Standing there, a bit dumbfounded, Dominique turns to look towards the origin of the shot and sees one of the HYDRA men, wincing in pain as he tries to get a bead and shoot at her again.

Cecilia has gotten up from where she had crouched before helping Janet into the car. Now she's approaching Loki, still unable to place why he's so familiar. "So — somebody shoot you too?" she asks, settling down with her penlight to examine him.

Most of the Hydra vans have sped away, leaving those that are left behind. Loki's glowing eyes go dim as he's grabbed by Richard, passing out again as the excess energy leaves him. Poor Mike. He'll have to apologise later and buy him a beer. Loki moans something incoherent, going slack in Richard's grasp. Dominique seems to be doing a great job at horrifying people inside.

The betrayed look on the Wolf's face turns back to one of anger as he sees Nova fly into Loki. A protective growl emits before the wolf lunges forth, leaping at Nova. Claws set to sink into the former ally, "LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

Richard raises a force barrier around him to stop the screaming werewolf-guy. He drops the unconscious Loki, and takes a fighting stance to prepare to tangle with the wolf-man. He smirks at the thought of tangling with a horror-movie monster.

"Whoa!" Somebody picks him UP! Somebody drops him DOWN! Cecilia instinctively reaches to catch Loki, only to buckle, crumple and be flattened under his Asgardian dense body. Amnesia is /so/ inconvenient.

Dominique pauses as the man, his hands and arms trembling, the gun shaking about, fires another shot that misses wildly. She a determined pace she walks right before him, an annoyed expression upon her face. "Vous imbecile! Vous 'ave ruine mon work!" she scolds before the gun engulfs in flames that forces the man to once again drop it, though this time, the flames burn brilliantly hot, the barrel melting and the stock burning as Dominique simply shakes her head and walks off, heading out of the building as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

*Thud* Loki flops over when he's dropped. He isn't too incredibly heavy. He did cast a spell on himself to make himself lighter since he had been living on Midgard so hopefully he doesn't hurt Cecilia when he falls on her. He is totally out now. Now Mike and Richard are going at it.

The claws skitter across the force barrier as the wolf slashes at it. Snarls aplenty coming from the large creature. But as Nova releases the Loki, he ignores Nova and scoots over towards Loki, skidding to a stop near his landing place only to turn around to give another growl at Nova.

Nothing hurt, thankfully, but what shreds of dignity Cecilia has remaining. It takes a minute or two to wriggle out from under Loki, before she is able to get back to her feet. And since there's a pile of testosteroni happening between Mike and Richard, she uses her forcefield in a different way: to make sort of a triage-gurney out of it under Loki … the better to more easily move him out of the thick of battle so she can examine him properly and see if he's all right. Strong compulsion. The doctor's nose wrinkles in frustration as clear memory eludes her. But then — "Aaaah!" Wolf. "Are you kidding me right now?" she asks of no one in particular. "Because, why not? Wolf!" Sigh.

Richard grumbles, "Seriously, wolf-man? /Now/ look what you did! The van got away! And they've got some jammer that hides them even from /me/ - unless some SHIELD guys found it." He charges energy in his hand, but holds, "Now, if you really really want to protect Mr. Two-Timing-Magic man, be my guest. As long as he doesn't blast anyone else again."

The masked scientist steps out of the ravaged building, snaking her way through the myriad of bodies scattered about. She seems not to pay them any mind, nor does she pay mind to the burning van outfront as she passes it. Obviously, there was a battle; casualties ensue as a part of a battle, therefore, there is nothing to be concerned over, particularly when the main threat seems to have passed and only the aftermath remains. Tucking the precious vial into her coat, Dominique begins to stroll at her normal pace, away from the fray.

The wolf's lips twitch as Nova tries to stick his nose in it. "You rather I let THEM kill Wasp to stop that stupid van?!" His head turns as he hears Cecilia. "What?" He shifts his posture to stand on his hind legs, seeming even more like a werewolf.

Richard floats a little higher in the air now, then a bit higher. "No, I'm saying you should focus on protecting Janet and chasing the Hydra guys rather than on attacking /me/. If I was the enemy, I would have fired on all of you, not on the the Hydra guys. Loki, meanwhile, is… questionable." He floats a little higher now, "Besides, all I did was restrain him."

And yet even as the woman walks calmly out of the fray, even as the drama heats up, even as bodies grow more cold on the ground - helped by the New York rain, a young woman stands a building away still sheltering her cel phone from the precipitation with her own slight body. Camille reaches up to push soaked blond strands away from her face, carefully keeping the spray from the phone. And yet it is no less focused on the front of the building now with the arguments breaking out than it was when it was rockets and pew pew blasts.

As sirens can be heard in the distance, Dominique continues walking from the scene, fingers hooking into her mask and pulling it down, tucking it under her clothing once more. She flexes her lips and wiggles her nose, a small discomfort having formed in both from the breathing aparatus. Though the night was mostly a loss, she at least has a small data sample to work with.

"Loki is FAMILY." The wolf snarls, "Which is more than I can say about you. He's still recouperating from all the other crap that's been going on and the LAST thing he needs is you HITTING HIM." He points down to him. "LOOK AT HIM. Three nights of sleep in over a month. Of COURSE he's going to be swatty when he wakes up around a bunch of people with guns! And I didn't attack you until you attacked one of the ones I was protecting, you stupid jackass."

Were-wolf. Because… why not. Day can't get any worse, can it. "You know this one?" she asks, gently releasing the forcefield and letting Loki rest again on the sidewalk. "Does he have people to come get him, take him to the hospital?" Because talking to a werewolf isn't strange at all. It seems almost familiar somehow. And her old life before coming back to … home? Was pretty strange too.

Richard suddenly turns and points at Dominique "You! I know you! Aren't you that mad scientist? We've met! Are /you/ the reason Hydra is here?" He floats over in Dominique's direction. He waves to the werewolf, and turns his head briefly to Cecilia, "He's Asgardian, he'll be fine!" He tries to float to be out in front of Dominigue.

Watching werewolves, masked scientists, and even flying tiny women may be familiar for some, but it's utterly fascinating to the video-taking voyeur a short distance away. Sirens though; sirens are a staple of NY life, and a call back to reality. Camille gives her filming just another moment more, then the frame shifts as she moves the phone so she can hit the stop button. There are suddenly more important things now, even as more drama flairs up. Home… Applications… YouTube… Upload Video…

With Nova finding distraction in the form of someone Phantasm doesn't know, nor have any motivation to be interested in, the wolf turns towards Cecilia. "It's sleep deprivation. I'll take him to where he stays when down here. I have a feeling they got enough medical equipment there for him." He sighs, glancing in the direction of the mansion as he bends down, form becoming more human-esque but with the shadow once more obscuring the facial features. He works on picking up Loki.

Dominique doesn't pay the shouting any mind as Richard chases her down, coming to a pause only as the armored man floats before her. Her brow furrows in perturbance as her path is blocked and she states simply, "Excusez-moi, vous etes dans la voie," before begining to walk forward once more; she'll run straight into him if he doesn't move, and she doesn't seem like she's going to be the one to sidestep.

Cecilia bites her lower lip. "Do…do you know his name?" she asks, haltingly. "I …Asgardian. It's familiar." She checks her pockets, the moment of quaver gone. There /is/ a wallet. Whew. "Is there a cheap hotel around here somewhere, or am I too far uptown?" She decides she is, and reaches to hail a taxi without so much as another word to anyone else. She seems lost in thought again as the yellow cab stops to pick her up and whisk her downtown to cheaper climes.

Uploading… uploading… uploading… 20 seconds remaining to YouTube upload.

Phantasm nods, the shadow under the reformed hood getting disrupted by the red dots that suffice for eyes and the glow of the jagged teeth as they form an answer for her, "Loki." He pauses, looking on as Cecilia hails a cab and leaves. With there being no Hydra agents left and a Loki to take care of, the pair vanishes, likely shortcutting their way into the mansion and giving Jarvis a fit.

Richard doesn't move from Dominique's path. He asks her again, "Were you the object of Hydra's search? I know you speak English, so please play nice, or I'll switch to Badoon - in which case you'll need earplugs."

Camille smiles as the upload finishes, looking back up and seeing that there's still a little action going on. Now that the majority of her footage is safely in the cloud, she flips back to her camera and decids to shoot a little more. At least until the police finish arriving…

Dominique does not stop her forward progress, hand reaching out to press into Nova. Either she's going to succeed in pushing him to the side, or she's going to succeed in using the new vector of force to propel herself to the side and step around him. In any event, she's not stopping. "Ce n'est pas ma faute si vous ne comprenez pas Francais", she states in frustration to the 'self-appointed marshall.'

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