2014-06-01 A Basement Hallway Conversation
Players: Shadowcat, Chamber
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Title: A Basement Hallway Conversation


A warm Sunday has led to a cooler Sunday evening in the mansion, and while some study for finals, other students and faculty are out and about taking care of other things. Traffic is sporadic but constant, so as Kitty Pryde moves lightly down the hallway she actually has to pay attention to where she is going. She appears to be coming from the gym judging by the compression shorts she wears along with a loose tank over a tight pink tee, her hair in a high ponytail and bobbing behind her. She lifts a small towel from her shoulders to wipe at her face as she steps around another student, resisting the impulse to go through them instead. For some reason that always makes people nervous…

There's a little area in the basement that looks slightly different. Fact, is… is that a dorm room? Or, well… it looks like it. Down here? Sure is. There's a rumor going around the other students that there's a creepy dude who lives in the basement. He thinks he's dangerous, so he keeps to himself and doesn't socialize much with the other students. Of course some of those rumors are undoubtedly going to be scary (and stupid) ones, things about eating souls to fuel a destructive, soul-sucking fireball inside him. WoooOOOOoooOOoooOOOooo~.

Pretty easy to pick out which students are full of crap.

Though as Kitty walks past that area, the door opens, and its occupant appears. It's a fellow about Kitty's age, with nondescript brown hair and eyes, dressed in a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers. He looks pretty normal, actually. Except that everything between under his nose and above his waist is wrapped up in black strips of cloth…

Kitty notes the door opening, one of many who has heard all the rumors. Of course she also has access to way more inside information than most of the students, so she knows a bit more than just the gossip. Of course that doesn't keep her from being a bit curious. She slows her pace a little, looking nonchalant as she turns to look, humming; completely absently and for no reason than happenstance, of course.

Now, Jono isn't going to let a silly thing like 'pure coincidence' stop him from looking in Kitty's direction, his eyes a little wide, as if he had been startled. <Oh. Sorry, luv. Didn' see yer there.> It's not a verbal greeting, as it's not muffled. Surely if he were speaking, his voice WOULD be muffled, with the way his mouth is so wrapped up. It's a mental greeting, heard in the mind.

It's also British. Oh so very British. It's so British it burns.

Kitty titters a little before she can stop herself, even as she stops moving forward. It's not the voice in her head that does it, that's a more common occurrence for her than anyone should really be able to claim, it's that it's so… British. "Haha, no, no problem. No worries? Crikey… and all that… I should shut up now." She follows that up with a look behind him at the door. "I hope that wasn't the broom closet." She turns, looking back down the hallway, trying to remember if there is one along this route.

Jono looks a little confused at the titter. Did he say something wrong? Then the really bad impression of his accent, and hs tilts his head. <Don't quit yer day job, as you Yanks say.> Though it's not offered rudely. It's more a kind of darkly amused tone. If a mental voice can have a 'tone'. Broom closet? Jono shakes his head. <No. That's my room. Better I don't live topside.>

Kitty turns back, looking a little embarrassed. "Yeah… My, um… Russian and Japanese are way better." She takes a moment to move out of the way of a passing student as she wipes her face again, looking like she's likely come from a decently strenuous workout. "Is it a sun thing?" she asks with a tilt of her head.

Jono might be smirking. Maybe. It's hard to tell, with the way his face is all wrapped up. Though when Kitty asks if it's a problem he has with the sun, he shakes his head. <Nah.> Pause. <Yer ever heard the phrase, 'Contents Under Pressure'?> He pauses a moment, to reach up to the wrappings at his face. Ever so slightly he lifts the top of them, tilting his head to the side. As he does, a small lick of bright red-orange fire escapes, somehow not burning anything.

It's just for a moment, and he quickly fixes the wrappings to hide it. He's got a little bit less trepidation about showing this here, where he's not the only weird one. Still he doesn't look at Kitty. <That's why.>

Kitty's eyes are a little big, but not with fear. "Cool! My best friend can do the same thing. I don't think he could really pull off the dark and brooding look though." She pauses a moment before she laughs, lifting up her hand to cover her mouth. "Oh my god, I should get him a scarf." She shakes her head, ponytail bobbing and swinging behind her. "Anyway, don't worry about it. If anyone can help you it's the Professor and the teachers here. They haven't quite seen it all, but…" she shakes her head a more wryly, "we've seen a lot."

Jono blinks. He's not surprised that it wouldn't scare her. Fact, he's kind of glad it doesn't. But her friend can? <Yer mind if I ask who yer friend is?> he asks. But on the subject of being able to help? He nods. <That's why I'm here. But in the meantime, I don't want ter blow annathin' up topside.>

Kitty seems to be trying to hold back a grin, but isn't entirely successful. "You'll know him when you see him," she replies cryptically. "He stands out, even around here. And thanks for not blowing us up. Though…" she considers as she looks up at the ceiling. "If you did explode you might take out some of the classrooms. There are a few people freaking out about finals that might pay good money for that."

Well, it doesn't seem she wants to tell him who her friend is. Jono's not one to push. So he drops it pretty quickly. However, she also mentions some of the students freaking out about finals, and blowing up the classrooms. <Nah. That's what the gym's for. I doubt a li'l thing like 'classrooms blown up' would keep 'em from havin' school.> Pause, and some of the mirth leaves his voice as he explains, <Rather not hurt 'nybody.>

Kitty sighs as she leans against the wall for a moment. "Finishing my history paper it is then… fine. Be selfish." She adds a grin to show she's kidding as she pushes herself back off before knocking on the door. "May want to reinforce this is you're really worried… doors exploding out suck." She purses her lips as she seems to be remembering something. "Or maybe some sort of vents," she adds as she comes right back to reality. Oh, and I'm Kitty," she says as she realizes she hasn't introduced herself. "Kitty Pryde."

Jono emits a mental chuckle, indicating he understood she was only kidding. The mention of reinforcing the door, and maybe putting vents, makes him think. He rubs his 'chin' in thought— somehow he at least APPEARS to have one under the wrappings, despite not actually having one. That's hard to see, though, even when he's not wrapped up. When Kitty introduces herself, he nods in response. <Jonothon Starsmore. 'Jono' if yer prefer.>

Kitty grins, "Like Bono, but… well, he's Irish… Um, yeah…" and we're back to being an awkward teenager. "And on that note… since /somebody/ won't blow up the history classroom I have a paper to finish. Apparently the "New Deal" won't write itself, even though it's already been written. Another day another paradox." Though it's nice to deal with something that doesn't involve aliens, other dimensions, or near world disaster. She starts down the hallway, toned legs stepping lightly once more. "See ya later, Jono," she calls back over her shoulder with a smile.

Jono doesn't seem to take offense to the comparison. But he does cross his arms over his chest and offer a teasing, <Oi, no Irishmen 'ere, luv.> Yup, that is definitely not an Irish accent there he's sporting. And that might be a smile when Kitty mentions 'somebody won't blow up the history classroom'. <New deals ter be written ev'ry day.> Though as she bids him farewell, he tilts his head back in an acknowledging reverse nod. <Take care, Kitty,> he offers in return.

And hey. Sneak a look at the legs. Who's going to know? Or care? She does have nice legs.

Jono might be a mutant, but he's not dead. Yet.

"Ki'y," the girl mimics to herself as she steps into the elevator, staring up at the floor lights. "Why is it always the ones with accents…"

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