2014-06-02 The Viking Pirate
Players: Loki and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: The Viking Pirate

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Loki opens the gate to the Avengers Mansion and slips outside, rubbing his temples with his fingertips. He slept like a rock, and doesn't remember a thing from last night. His stomach pains have stopped after he about ran the mansion kitchen out of food (even for one so slender, he still has an Asgardian appetite), and he doesn't seem to be convulsing anymore, so he counts that as a plus.

Mike slept like a rock…star last night. That isn't very comforting considering the antics that sometimes occur during the evenings but with Sunday being low on options and Wade being a little gun shy since his last encounter with an overzealous fan, Mike actually did have a good night's rest.

As for now, Mike is heading home from something work related. Although dressed down, he has forgone the ballcap and instead has his hair pulled back into a lose ponytail, the tie resting just below the ears. In his hand, he holds a small black instrument case.

Loki stretches a bit and decides to go out for a stroll. As he approaches Mike on the sidewalk and decides to mess with him by flicking a bit of magic to place a viking hat on his head, using a parked van as cover so Mike doesn't see him.

It isn't the weight of the newfound hat that tips off Mike to Loki's prank. Nay. It would be the sudden bit of shadow to either side of his eyes as the ringlet of metal that surrounds them block of parts of his peripheral view. "The fu-" Mike's head turns, looking towards the nearest storefront to examine his reflection, looking to the ornate silver and gold colored hat. Just ho- His eyes narrow as he turns, glancing around, "Loki?"

Loki smirks and influences a bird to sit upon Mike's helmeted head (without pooping on him). *Squack squack* The bird looks around cluelessly as the god of mischief slips out of hiding, coming toward him. "The look suits you."

Mike looks blandly to the God of mischief as the Asgardian approaches. "Sooo… my look is viking pirate then?" He gives a bit of a smirk, glancing around to see if anyone was looking, "One of these days…" The smile widens, not giving any explanation. "So, feeling better I take it?"

"It is a good look for you. And yes, I feel a good bit better. I don't remember much, though. I woke up in the medical lab in the mansion. I cannot go home, so I'm not sure where to stay. Perhaps in Freda's …er Frigga's boarding home."

Mike's eyes roll up to glance to the bird. "Avast me… vikings?" The eyes set back over to Loki, lifting a hand up to touch at the helmet that is likely not there. "Couple days ago, you walked into the middle of a battle, passed out, got up, knocked me down, and passed out again." His smile fades, "If they thought you needed to be in a med lab you must REALLY have been exhausted. Don't you still have a room of your own at the mansion?"

With the flick of a hand, the bird flies away. Loki looks at Mike, frowning as he listens. "I hurt you? I am so sorry, I did not mean to. I don't remember. Are you all right? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't forgive me."

"I just figured you either weren't thinking straight at the time, or were thinking better than I was." Mike dismisses, making the motion of removing the viking helmet, assuming Loki is being nice about this, "I wasn't exactly making high level battle decisions at the time."

"You are my friend. I would never intentionally harm a friend. But if that was days ago, what was I doing in the lab now? I remember talking to others so something should have happened between here and there…" He rubs his head. "I hate not remembering. I just have the feeling that I should not go home."

"I don't know anything about the lab thing." Mike replies, frowning as the helmet is still on. REALLY? "I somehow doubt I'm on the list for them to notify when something happens to you." Giving up on the helmet, Mike slides his free hand into his pocket while the other still holds on to the case handle. "Have you asked the others in the mansion what happened?"

Loki frowns, looking down at his feet, scuffing a boot on the sidewalk. "No, I didn't ask them.I'm sorry, Mike. I truly am." Loki is a guy that's used to being belittled and shouted at or punished by Odin.

"No problem. We can handle that now." Mike replies, shaking his head, turning to face the mansion. "Ok first the helmet goes away, then we'll head over there and you can go get your explanation. Sound good?"

Loki nods. "Very well. Sounds good." He sighs, waving a hand to make the helmet disappear. "I don't know if I want to know. One thing I do know, is that at some point I felt an incredible euphoria."

Mike archs an eyebrow at Loki, "Like a natural one or more of a medicine induced, so out of it you're feeling giddy, euphoria?"

"I don't know. I remember seeing a cube and such a pleasant sensation. I want more, but something in the back of my mind is telling me not to pursue it."

"So it's like a drug." Mike surmises, frowning, "This might be easier said than done but, listen to the back of your mind then. I'm betting that's the right instinct." He starts walking towards the mansion, adjusting his steps to make sure that Loki is indeed following, "Still, probably better to get a picture from the people who probably remember what happened to you."


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