2014-06-03 Grand Central Skeleton
Players: The Cuckoos, Kitty Pride, Jonothan, Loki, Mike
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Grand Central Skeleton

[*Grand Central Station*]

With another day of work finished with the weary workers making their way through the metal tubes that bring them to their respective destination, Grand Central Station is full of foot traffic. Space is quite limited which makes it quite crowded, even around the musicians that are situated in their respective performance locations. Yep. Just another work night indeed. Nothing to see here. Ho hum.

Amongst the crowd, a certain rock star is braving the crowds. His hair tucked away in a ball cap while his threads are looking a bit more worn than what even he typically wears. There's no instrument case with him tonight. Just a small notepad that Mike is writing into as he waits for the next train.

Some people working on projects who needed parts would be content to wait overnight to have them shipped, but sometimes those parts are a little to delicate, sensitive, and keeping a large black stealth jet from flying safely. Not willing to chance it Kitty Pryde left Xavier's in the morning and picked up the parts several hours later. After making her way back across town she heads into the station to catch the train home where a long night of repairs await her.

Crowds. Jono HATES crowds. Not only because they look at him funny due to the face wrappings, but because there's too many damn people crowded around one place! If something bad happens, if Jono loses control of his powers again… people could be hurt. But it's late and there's really no other way to get back to the Mansion. So… subway. Jono keeps his hands shoved into his pockets, shoulders slouched to be as small as possible in the crowd, so as not to be noticed.

A certain Asgardian walks along with Mike with a bounce in his step, hands clasped behind his back. He loves crowds. So much energy to thrive off of, and Loki has been absorbing energy like crazy lately. "Where are we going? What are we doing next? Sorry about that blue dye in your shampoo that was meant for your roommate, but at least I fixed it, yes?"

And what better place to bring delicate parts than into an extremely crowded area where people are moving around quickly! Jostle. Jostle. Jostle. Oh so lively!

Finishing jotting down what it is he's working on, Mike slides his notebook back into his pocket, glancing over to Loki, "Good thing I looked at it before I put it in my hair." He feels a small tug on the side of his shirt and glances over, spotting a smiling college age girl. The smile widens even further as she looks to him. "It IS you!"

Kitty isn't exactly tall or imposing, so she is somewhat at the whims of the crowd and its pace. How much easier it would be to just move /through/ the crowd she ponders as she heads to the ticket machines. She protects a small backpack somewhat, the parts inside fairly well protected on their own, but better safe than sorry.

Jono's attention gets drawn to the 'It IS you!' proclaimed by the college age girl. Looking up and around, he blinks. Who what huh? Then he recognizes Mike and Loki in the crowd. He offers a polite wave to them both, but doesn't interfere. He doesn't want to get any attention drawn to himself. So he looks away. Now he sees Kitty, and waves to her as well.

Loki looks to the young woman and frowns, stepping in beside Mike. "You would be wise to back away from him." Loki looks a bit protective, his eyes starting to turn blue as he stares her down.

Mike looks to the girl and then towards Loki as the Asgardian warns the girl away with a hint of … blue eye? "Loki?"

The girl looks over at Loki, starting to scowl but upon seeing the eyes, she does take a single step back.

There is a growing rumble at the nearest track as a train comes in, the scream of the brakes announce the impending stop of the now slowing mass transit vehicle. But upon the train stopping, and the doors opening, the screams emit anew as EVERYONE in the train starts running out, shoving their way past the awaiting, and confused persons waiting to get on.

Kitty catches a waving motion out of the corner of her eye, but is concentrating more on getting her ticket and getting out of there. Her sessions with Wolvie have taught her that large crowds are bad for threat control and situational awareness. She gives a soft smile at how gruffly happy he'd be that she's starting to make it all second nature, a smile that disappears quickly as the screaming stampede begins. She stands her ground against the surging crowd, stretching up to try and see what the heck is happening.

Jono blinks; what's got Loki's knickers in a twist? Well… maybe he doesn't understand why the girl's going 'eeeee~' over Mike. But then the train comes, and Jono prepares to board. Except there are screaming people and… ('…The bloody 'ell's goin' on?') Not spoken (relatively) aloud, but thought. He too waits for whatever might be frightening the passengers to appear.

Loki glares at the girl. "Show yourself. Don't think I can't see right through you." He takes a step toward her, then looks as the people start flooding out screaming. "MIKE!" Loki calls, looking to try and protect his friend.

A roar of cruel laughter emits from one of the train cars as a hunched over skeleton shape steps out. Straightening up, it is a good head taller than the train itself. A firery red glow emanates from what would be the gaps within the ribcage as the creature looks to the crowd. It sneers and lunges out after the fleeing crowd.

Mike, who had been looking towards Loki when his eyes started glowing blue starts looking over to the new arrival at the station, getting washed away by the strong current of the train passenger exodus. Mike's head turns, looking around for Loki as he hears his name, "Loki?!"

The girl Loki snapped at is being swept away as well. Going in the same direction as Mike.
Kitty lowers herself into a ready stance as the figure steps out, her eyes blinking a few times as she stands somewhat int he middle of the rapidly thinning crowd, a small backpack on her shoulder. "Undead… Well, that's totally new… Lockheed would love this…" she comments before looking around to consider options.

The Cuckoos are not speaking to each other. That's not an unusual situation in and of itself. They don't actually need to open their mouths to communicate. But two of them are here in the station, waiting for a train, and they're seated at opposite ends of their bench and although they are clearly identical twins they are also clearly, very ostentatiously, not speaking to each other. Maybe it's about the shoes one of them is wearing. They're pretty hot shoes. The kind where there might be only one pair in the store that fits, instead of five pairs. And someone has to get it and that means two of the Cuckoos aren't speaking. When the wave of fear washes over the two of them they look up from the phones they were both furiously updating their social media on. (@TheRealCuckoos, don't hate.) When the creature emerges their perfect blue eyes go wide and they immediately, reflexively, grasp for its mind. At least to tell it WE AREN'T HERE, contrary to their FourSquare profiles.

Jono's good at dodging crowds, and this is no exception. He catches sight of Mike getting pushed along with the crowd. That's probably a good thing, unless the poor dude gets trampled. Hopefully not. But the mass exodus should make this a little easier for him, once he ducks and weaves past the mass of people just erupting from the train station.

…Okay this is gonna take a while.

Loki bares his teeth in a furious look, keeping his keen eyes on Mike, using his telekinetic power to lift him up so he doesn't get trampled. "Not again!! Why don't you go back where you came from?!?!" He is shouting, looking a little scary as he glares at the beast.

The conductor starts to exit from the train, but upon finding the creature having left, he turns around and gets back in. Following suit, there is a surge towards the back of the platform aiming to get onto the train the furthest point from the unwelcome creature. This does cause for some friction where the two different flows of traffic meet, causing for one

The demon follows with the Cuckoos suggestion, rampaging past them, paying them no mind.

Although getting pushed away from the scene, Mike turns his head, trying to get a glimpse of what's going on. And then, he's levitated up, in a less than graceful manner Oh geez, how degrading is this…

Of those not running away, Kitty spots a man, who seems to be levitating another man, a newcomer to the mansion, and… the blonds. Well, 2 of the above might be useful at least. She backs up towards Jonothan, yelling at him over the noise. "You might want to get out of here, this could get a little dangerous."

The Cuckoos have scooted together on the bench and are holding onto each other. Because their powers work better that way! Not because they're scared. Okay, they're scared. Worming their way deeper into the demon's thoughts, or what passes for them, they start pulling out things like motivations, goals, and perceptions, preparing to weave them back together into something more advantageous. What does it want? Why is it here?

Jono blinks at seeing Mike being levitated. Loki's doing it somehow… but then Kitty's warning him away. <It's okay. I have a hard time dyin'. 'Sides.> He looks to the surging crowds. <Somebody needs ter do some crowd control.> And he heads over to do just that. Where people won't listen to him verbally (so to speak), he yells. Really loudly. In heads. <I /SAID/, KEEP CALM AN' MOVE THATAWAY!> Point, shove. <CALMLY!>

That's broadcast telepathy. And he sort of sticks out as a REALLY BIG source of psionic energy.

It's also British. Oh so very British.

Loki sets Mike down and begins walking toward the demon, balling his hands into fists, his eyes glowing bright blue. Coming close to it, he pulls back his fist and /punches/. Not the best strategy, but he's kind of pissed.

Ooh girl, that guy's got an accent. Girls (and some boys) love a guy with an accent. Mmm hmm… desperate, and possibly a bit more willing to accept any form of help that gets them away from that THING from the train, there are a number of folks who actually start stampeding in the direction Jono indicates. Ok so it's not so much calm, but they are going that way at least.

The Cuckoos find Motivation is a strong strong word for what the creature has. It's more of a desire, desire to cause chaos. A desire that was brought about with another's coaching. Which, is what it's getting. Chaos. And WHAT a distraction it is with the great Loki coming forth to punch it. The skull bends back with the blow, giving a sickening crack, which, likely should have killed him, if he were a living human. But alas, no.

With the crowd mostly either on their way out or onto the train, Mike is no longer getting pushed around by the crowd. As his eyes set upon the creature "Oh you've got to be-" He doesn't get to finish the phrase as a figure in the crowd slams into him for a brief moment before vanishing back into the crowd, leaving him there.

Kitty starts circling around, eyes on the thing and Loki's interaction with it. That it takes such a solid punch and doesn't go down is not a good sign. She looks around quickly, chewing her lip as her eyes settle on the ropes used to section off the ticket lines. "Maybe it's like a vampire," she says as she runs over and starts unclipping the thick cords from one of the stands.

Loki stands there like it was perfectly normal for him to punch a demon in the face. Well, for Loki, that IS rather normal. "Go back to whatever hole you came from or you will be eliminated like the rest of your kind. Why are you here?" he growls.

The Cuckoos start inserting images into the demon's perceptions - chaos, lovely chaos everywhere! But…whatever it does, everything seems to be cooling off, relaxing, chilling out. It roars, but the only thing that comes out is a cheerful chuckle, and a human apology! It rears back a mighty claw to smash, but an old lady holds it so that she doesn't fall, and says 'thank you'. This is insanity! Er, sanity. Their blue eyes glitter cruelly. Their feverish glee in tearing apart what people want apparently extends to demons.

Jono is still shooing people out. There are going to be a few stragglers, a few people that are going to faint, or something. He's dealing with this, and is pretty well unaware of what the Cuckoos are doing to the poor demon. Er, well. Something like that.

The Demon's head straightens, sneering at Loki as it steps forward, bringing it's arm down towards the smaller in stature Asgardian as it roars. But when the additions made by the Cuckoos to the demon perceptions, it pauses for a moment, trying to make sense of what is going on. Why is no one running anymore? And why are they gathering around to watch the grinch cut the first slice of roast beast. What IS roast beast? And WHY IS THAT DAMN DOG WEARING JUST ONE ANTLER?!

Mike's eyes widen as he stands still, not taking heed of the grand scene involving his friend before him. Did someone just?- The head tilts down, taking inventory of what should be on his person. The shirt, the jeans, the wallet. Those things are definitely things that should be there and are. But, the small hilt sticking out of his side most definitely should not be. "Ff-" He gives a distressed laugh as he presses his hands around the knife.

The stragglers are the special ones. They are the cats of the human community and as so, CAN NOT BE HERDED! One brushes up against Jono. Perhaps they had a thing for people dressed like mummies. Or they could have just not been looking where they were going.

The Cuckoos don't let up with the images, and although it's a bit more risky, begin layering in more emotions. Let's boost up that confusion. Is that insecurity? Well, we might as well boost it, whatever it is. At least until Loki smashes it to pieces.

Kitty grabs a metal stanchion and starts working her way around the side of the platform, nothing to see here, just a girl taking a post for a walk. At least the creature seems occupied… She breaks into a run, diving through the wall of the train before picking herself up, adjusting her entirely fight-unsensible skirt, and running up the aisle towards the center of its length.

Wispy blue energy begins to surround Loki as he holds his arms out at his sides, his eyes a crystal blue. Glaring at the demon, Loki grins wickedly. "We've dispatched many of your fellows. You are not welcome here, and we will dispose of you as well." Loki shape-shifts into a crystal blue dragon with green eyes, rearing ack on his hind legs to breathe fire on the beast.

The Cuckoos for a moment are not sure if they made Loki into a crystal blue dragon. That /seems/ like something 16 year old girls would do.

…Gah. People. Contact. This is bad. He gently but firmly pushes the woman away from him. <C'mon, luv. Out. That thing means business, an' I think it's business is hurtin' people.> Seriously. What the hell? He looks like a reject from Firestarter, why are people always wanting to invade his personal space?

It must be the mask…ing materials. The woman stumbles back but nods as she gets tugged out by one of her friends, "Call me!" She is rushed off before any digits can be given though. It's got to be the (telpathic) voice.

Upon Kitty entering the train, the train starts moving out of the station, taking away a sizable chunk of the crowd that didn't leave through the other exits. Apparently the conductor didn't want to hang around any later either.

The girl Loki snapped at earlier stumbles nearby, looking to the knife and giving a shocked look, grabbing two people nearby and pointing over towards Mike "He's been hurt. We need to get him out of here." Perhaps it's the goodness of their hearts or the fact they just got singled out by someone which makes backing out of the matter without looking like an ass near impossible, but they step forward, helping Mike along towards one of the exits while the worried little college girl looks on.

The demon's head turns, looking around, giving a screech of discontentment as the Cuckoos effectively give the creature a mental overload. It isn't until after Loki breathes the bluish fire upon it does it take note of it's impending doom, making nails on the chalkboard seem like a pleasant alternative.

The Cuckoos slam their manicured hands over their ears. Owww! The scream of the demon is not like the agonized sobbing of the kids and adults they normally pick on, it disrupts their focus and concentration, letting the demon's perceptions re-focus.
I don't understand that.

Kitty smiles as she feels the train start to pull forward. "Yessss…" She moves to the center of the car, backing against the far wall and holding the post loosely at her side as she bobs her weight on the toes of her pink converse. As it begins to pick up speed she holds it at the ready, watching out the window for it to start pulling even with the creature.

Yeesh. Well, at least she's dealt with and out of Jono's hair. Then he turns back to the scene. If that demon's still up, then, it's going to get a little MORE fire when Jono pulls his wrappings down off his face and fires a fist-sized blast of the escaping fire at the thing. It's not going to be burny fire. It's going to feel more like a solid PUNCH than a blast of fire. It has less of a fiery quality and more of a physical force quality.

He sees Mike's predicament, but until this thing is dealt with, he can't really render a lot of aid. Would be kind of pointless to go over and help it this beastie is going to try to attack him. Or attack Mike.

As she sees the creature appear out the accelerating window Kitty sets her Chuck Taylors, takes a deep breath, pauses for the briefest of moments to consider how four years ago she could never have imagined she'd be doing this, and then pushes off the wall and starts running forward with a determined yell. Leaping up she phases through the side of the train as it draws even with the skeleton, sailing through the air as she shoves the post forward; remaining phased until the length of the metal is through the thing's chest. Then she lets go.

Burninating the countryside, burninating the pe- Oh just the demon? Ah ok. Fire upon Fire. Loki and Chamber's attack does do quite a bit of damage to the demon. But Hey, with the Cuckoos not attacking his mind, he's getting to his senses, and he's extremely pissed off. And oh boy is he going to- SHLUP! The demon jerks to a halt, stumbling as the continuous fire just complicates the staying alive equation a bit further. Speared and a little crispy, the demon tumbles back, falling into the pit and landing on the third rail, setting off the worst of smells as it bakes on the live rail. The screeches are horrible, but eventually fade to nothing.

The Cuckoos slowly uncover their ears, their feud forgotten. After teaming up to take on hell, how can anyone complain about shoes, until tomorrow? They get to their feet and draw nearer, looking over the side at the dead, sparking demon carcass. A moment of silence for their fallen foe. Then one lifts their phone and takes a picture of the other flashing a victory sign with the demon behind it. At least there's no duckface.

Jono's no hero. He's really just pissed at this thing for ruining a perfectly decent train ride back to the X-Mansion. So he's not going to make a heroic speech at this thing. He sees Kitty leaping in through the side of the train like some kind of Kung-Fu goddess, though, and stops his attack. Then the creatures falls and the third rail comes into play. Jono is REALLY GLAD he can't smell right now. And maybe he's no hero, but he does have something to say.

<…Next time pay the bloody fare like everybody else, yer manky git.>
There's another concern to be seen to, too. Mike. How's he doing? Mind, he's not ignoring the rest of what's going on around him— he sees the Cuckoos taking pictures like tourists, and there is still Kitty to see to. But Mike bleeding out seems like it's the most important problem at the moment.

Kitty rolls out of the way of the incoming fire and the burninating proto-corpse, pushing herself up onto a knee and getting ready to spring back up if needed. Seeing it's not, she drops her leg back down with a soft "Eep," as she remembers she's not exactly dressed for action poses. She climbs to her feet in a more dignified manner before starting towards the smoldering body to peer at it. "So long, Skele-torched," she mutters before letting out a long breath. Turning, she looks back at the assembled group, and with a shake of her head starts over towards the gaggle.

After the triumphant reactions and obligatory one-liners have been given out, there is a bit of odd silence to Grand Central station as those who are still around start to register that the threat is gone. There are sighs of relief and the rushing dwindles with others coming over to the track to take pictures as well. One for the internets indeed.

As for Mike and the group of people helping him out, he's nowhere to be seen from Jono's current vantage point.

The Cuckoos don't get it, even in Kitty's surface thoughts. Who's Skeletor? Still, they're looking annoyingly prim and perfect when Kitty approaches. At least they don't speak in unison. "Oh /hi/ Kitty," one smirks. "So /great/ to run into you here." As if they didn't know she was there all along.

('…Oh balls.') No pictures! Jono turns away from any picture-taking apparatus, ducking his head to fix his wrappings so they cover the fire again. And he starts heading away from the area to look for Mike. While he does, he sends to Kitty, <I gotta go look for somebody. The bloke who got stabbed's a friend 'a mine.> He doesn't know the Cuckoos, but he'll keep in mind that they and Kitty know each other.

"So… I hate to be the super mature and adult one here," Kitty says as she reaches Blond Central Station, casting a quick glance over at the retreating Jono, "but by process of elimination… We have a problem. We're minors, /this/ just happened, and our train to get back to Massachusetts is probably canceled. I don't suppose the group of you have like… $500 for a couple cabs?"


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