2014-06-03 Grand Central Skeleton Part Two
Players: Cecilia, Chamber, Hawkeye, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Grand Central Skeleton Part 2

Ever since the very beginning, Grand Central Station has been one of the busiest of its kind, if not the busiest, in the country. At all hours, there's pedestrian traffic in every direction, to this platform or that. The metallic leviathans hiss onto their tracks, arriving and departing, as voices echo over the whole expanse of the station to inform passengers of these events. A variety of shops line the perimeter.

Ever feel like you missed the memo? Barton's feeling that way right now. He pulls his bike up front, revving the engine to encourage a few more pedestrians to get their fragile selves out of his way until he can get it up to a post and lock it down. All he was going to do was check in on his pet peeve. He caught the enhanced energy readings from the locator and sensor unit implanted in Loki, and figured to amuse himself checking it out. And then he pulls up to find Grand Central evacuating. Great. With a bitter frown, he taps the belt buckle, keying his own transponder open. Then at least Fury will know where he is.

Hearing mention from someone about the 'giant fire skeleton demon' while moving through the crowd, Barton decides to grab his 'pack' from the bike, strapping it on but keeping it closed. No need for anyone to see the Archer is here, until it's germane to the situation. A quick pat-down assures that his other gear - knives, telescoping batons, even guns - are where they ought to be. And then he stalks towards one of the entrances intently.

The first those inside might catch sight of Clint Barton is the laconic, practically silent man in the dark ballistic hoodie slipping through the crowd at one of the doors on the east side of the building, then hopping a collapsed tangle of 'do not pass' ropes and sprinting up a set of stairs, leaping a railing as he climbs for vantage point.

Oh. And the hair on the back of Loki's neck might quiver in recognition. Because that is the primary target point in Barton's visual sweep. (What?! You don't really expect him to believe that this /wasn't/ Loki's doing, do you?)

With the excitment of the skeleton demon coming in on the yellow train dying down. The loss of the percieved threat has brought about some confidence for the citizens that were just a few seconds ago running for their lives. A number have moved over to the edge of the platform to take cellphone pictures of the smouldering skeleton corpse on the third rail while a couple actually have the foresight to contact someone with the Metro department to know of a blockage on the track.

In contrast to before the ordeal, Grand Central is not that crowded anymore with the crowd now displaced outside on the street. This makes it quite hard for emergency vehicles to get in, except for one lucky ambulance that happened to be in the area when, for lack of a better phrase, shit went down.

Feeling rather woozy from the bloodloss and pain, Mike's not really aware of just who or what is around him. He's just more focused trying to keep pressure around the wound that the knife hilt is sticking out of. A task that was much easier when he initally got the injury. So was keeping track of where he was. All he knows is a couple of someones are trying to tug him out of the demon area. Which, considering matters, he can't really argue with.

As the two larger men help their fellow (rocker) man, the college girl trails along, watching the three, full out exercising the look of concern as she keeps a cautious distance from them.

Jono got a vague direction as to where those people were going with Mike, but that's about it. In all the chaos he couldn't see much else. After the fight with the skeleton demon thing was over Jono headed in the last direction he'd seen Mike heading in, helped along. He doesn't want everyone and his uncle to know he can do this, but… he can't really afford to hide his abilities right now. He needs to find his friend. So anyone in the area might 'hear' a mental voice. If one isn't listening too closely, one might be able to convince himself that it's just the shout of someone calling for someone else. <Oi! Mike! Where've yer got ter? Mike?>

Loki stands there with a blank look on his face, as if he's not really behind the wheel, staring out into space. Perhaps he's deep in thought and processing something. Perhaps he's trying to stand still so they'll forget he's there. Or perhaps the lights are on but it isn't Loki at home. When Clint enters the area, his fingers slowly curl into fists, no other movements other than the slight blowing of his hair in the underground breeze.

Sweeping the hall, most of Barton's attention is for his primary concern and target. But that doesn't mean he doesn't notice a few of the outliers, here and there. One kid getting carried. Looks like maybe a girlfriend following. Elsewhere, a guy trying to pilfer from the newsstand. And the guy moving across the grain, searching. He notices them all. Taps his glasses, snapping shots here and there, including Loki, the smoldering corpse, etc. But without a legit target, he is frustrated. Annoyed. Why won't they just clear him to take the damned shot?!

Oh that accent. Eyes open up lazily as Mike turns his head tiredly, "'m here."

One of the men helping to carry Mike pauses in his steps, looking to the injured man and glancing behind, "That your friend?" The other man stops as well, glancing behind, lifting up a free hand to wave over to Jono, "Over here!"

The sweet and concerned looking college girl doesn't quite seem so happy with them stopping, nearly bumping into them. "Wha- We have to get him to an ambulance. You don't think they just DRIVE in here, do you?"

Oh hey! There he is. Jono turns in that direction and hurries to where Mike is being helped out. <Sorry, mate.> He'll follow along with the group, so he won't hold them up long. Probably much to the relief of the concerned-looking college girl. <Bloke was gettin' a little hot under the collar, an' I had ter do somethin' about it.> Yes, he's speaking where they all can hear. Because they probably heard him calling out anyway, so…

Loki starts walking toward the edge of the platform, looking down. He just stands there looing down with interest, hands still balled into fists. Slowly, his head turns to look up at Clint, spotting him on his perch. "Hello, Clint."

The glasses-wearing Baron inclines his head towards Loki. He notices the fists, and a part of him teehees with pleasure. He's insane, probably, but it pleases him to discomfit Loki like that. But he keeps his eyes peeled, and keeps adding more documentation. Eventually, an encrypted burst transmission will send it all to SHIELD to add to their files. But sadly, he's not seeing a situation that will give him jurisdiction to clear his weapon and finally shoot the trickster. Damn. So unfair!

Oh yes. RELIEF… The girl's darkens upon Jono coming alongside them, but it soon recovers, a hand sliding in to her pocket. "So you're a friend of his?" She asks, "Great. Get us to the ambulance quicker instead of having him bleed out while you have social hour!"

Having been reminded of the guy that is bleeding on them, and with the friend having joined the group, the two guys start pulling Mike along towards the exit.

"Pfft." Mike mutters, eyes getting droopy once more. He don't look so good.

Jono nods. <Right, let's go.> If they're having trouble carrying him, Jono can probably help. He looks kinda reedy, but he's stronger than he looks. He'll render aid in carrying Mike if he can without it causing more of a problem. Looking to the girl, <One 'a yer called 911? Should have an ambulance on the way if so.>

Loki stops staring at Clint and makes his way to the college girl, reaching out to try and grab her by the back of the neck. Not a very nice greeting. "You are not welcome here. Leave. Now." Is he just being rude or does he sense something about her?

It's been another one of those days. Cecilia's got a room in the mansion at least so she and her stuff have a place to crash while she puts her broken life back together. She's walking up from Lexington avenue as the sound of sirens passes her. Her natural instinct of course is to follow. People may need help. She shoulders her way through the busy streets, forcefield flickering on and off as she makes her way through the crowd. Before long she's at the station, seeing the first responders do their thing. You're not affiliated with a hospital now, she thinks to herself. Probably need to re-up your license before you put hands on. Her face turns into a grimace at the thought.

"I called 911." The girl states bluntly. "The ambulance should be outside. Move him quick- yeech!" Her head moves back as Loki grabs. Her expression grimacing. "Don't wait up. Get him to help."

The two men who got recruited to help carry the men grumble as they do as instructed, looking over to Jono, "Help her." They state, putting Jono in charge of defending the girl from the crazy Asgardian. Ut-oh. Best not turn down that job or risk being considered an ass. Sure enough, despite all of the foot traffic making other approaching emergency vehicles slow down in their approach, there IS an ambulance parked outside with two medics standing outside the wide open vehicle, .stretcher pulled out As the medics catch glimpse of the trio, they move over quickly, "We'll take it from here." How convenient!

Suddenly two things are going on around Jono at once and he's not sure what's going on anymore! But once the people carrying Mike ask him to help their female friend, he nods. Though he /does/ pause long enough to look back and make sure Mike's getting in an ambulance. Then he starts toward Loki and the girl. <Oi, mate. Wait a minute.> He tries to reach for Loki, to hopefully try and pull him back off of the girl. <What's got yer goat?>

The grimace turns into an outright scowl as she watches the EMTs. What in the hell are they doing? "Move." She says, in The Authoritative Doctor Voice that got people out of her way at OMOM. She walks up to the gurney and gets right in the face of the EMT, demanding to know what hospital he's from, and what he thinks he's doing. "Is this an unsecured location?" She's willing to bet it is, given the people torn between milling and fleeing. "And how did it take you THIS long to get the stretcher out on top of that?" She's going for intimidating, bringing to bear her sternest look and all her medical expertise.

When Loki starts moving, Clint starts recording. Every step. Every movement. Every motion. And then Loki grabs the girl by the neck.

It's like someone Up There heard all of Barton's silent prayers, and granted them.

To the really aware, there's a sound high up, as the backpack on Clint's back is slapped, a panel dropping open to reveal the fletched ends of those arrows, and the protruding stave of the collapsable bow, which he withdraws with an almost double-jointed maneuver and then snaps open and into full placement in one move, even as another hand draws an air, gliding into a perfect placement in barely more time than most would spend blinking once.

Full extension. Breathe. Release!

That tingle at the back of Loki's neck probably just got intensely stronger.

The EMT looks a little flustered looking to Cecilia before his expression narrows, "LISTEN LADY. WE just got here. And WE didn't go IN. Also I wouldn't care if you're the freaking mayor. You're interfering with OUR JOB. And unless you want to get charged when our backup shows, Get out of the way!" Stepping around her, he and his partner move over to get Mike situated on the powered stretcher, with the help of the civilian recruits. Mike's not really in any mode other than to comply because, well. Bleeding. Ambulance. Seems to go together. Oh well!

The girl turns within Loki's grip, expression fixated upon him. With her face hidden from Jono, the college girl gives a predatory smile towards Loki, it lasts for a few brief seconds but she's soon in it with the acting as she starts thrashing about, screaming. "HELP! GET HIM OFF OF ME! HELP!" And so begins the mob ju-. Oh, people are just clearing away from them. Guess they remembered the blue dragon thingy Loki did to help save their butts.

Cecilia steps back into the path of the ambulance driver. "ID." She's not intimidated. She's not flustered. She's not put off. She's had Loki fall on her. She's faced down rhinos. Literal, animal rhinos. She's coping with finding out a piece of her life is missing. "And which hospital you're affiliated with. Now. I'm reporting you." And out comes the phone. There are a few hospitals in the speed dial list already. She has her hand on Mike's stretcher, protectively.

Loki snaps a hand up to catch the arrow, narrowing his eyes at Clint as his fingers tighten around the girl's neck, squeezing hard. "Dont come near her." Loki says in a strange tone. His eyes flare blue and he holds his other hand out to try and knock Clint from his perch. Once he does that, he produces his dagger, holding it to the girl's throat. "Come near and she dies. Who am I kidding? She will die anyway, won't you, creature?"

The arrow, once caught, gives out a high-pitched, warbling screeching tone with the kind of decibels that would spell temporary doom, at least, for the hearing of most in a 5'-8' range. Which obviously includes the arrogant bastiche who decided it would be impressive and studly to catch the arrow.

The magical kinetic force strikes the perched Barton, and he is pitched off. Of course, Barton just rolls and twists in mid-air and pulls another arrow, launching it up into the rafters, descending and swinging on the attached line. Just like he and Natasha practiced. Then he's advancing slowly, bow at the ready. "Let her go. You know what happens if you don't. So stop being stupid. Oh, wait. You can't. It's too endemic."

Jono didn't see that predatory face, and his telepathy is send-only. So no, he's not aware that there's any problem. Except Loki threatening a seemingly innocent girl and HOLY CRAP WHO'S SHOOTING ARROWS?! He looks up, hoping to see where the arrows came from. Thankfully he hadn't quite gotten back into range to get fully hit by that screech, but damn, that still hurt. Whether or not he sees Clint, he does turn his attention back to the god of mischief. <What's got inta yer, mate?! Let 'er go, she's done nothin'!> He's /trying/ to talk him down, but it might not be that successful.

"You're not authorized!" The Medic snaps, strapping Mike in tight as his partner's already wheeling the stretcher towards the back of the ambulance. "And go ahead and report us. Number's on the back of the ambulance." When the stretcher jerks to a stop, He glares at Cecilia, "Are you TRYING to kill him? Let go!"

Seeing a crazy woman attacking the EMTs they brought Mike to, the volunteered civilians reach over to pull her back. "Let them take him."

Seeing that her farce isn't really getting far with the other folks, her eyes narrow as she looks to Loki. When the Asgardian gets distracted by Clint once more, her hand moves in a manner too quick for a normal human. In a similar manner to the person who ran into Mike, she shoves forward into Loki hard. Giving him something a little extra. She gives a pleasantly cruel smile, "Now I can die happy, sweetie." With a sudden lurch, she twists her head rapidly, breaking her own neck.

"They don't know what they're doing," Cecilia snaps, flashing her own ID that still says she's a doctor with OMOM. Desperate measures. Nobody is able to grab her, though. Mutant forcefield. WHAAAMMP.

Loki doubles over with a surprised grunt, staggering backward. He loses his grip on the girl, glaring at her as his glowing blue eyes fade back to his normal emerald green. A bit of wispy blue energy swirls around him but then fades quickly. "Wh..what? Where am I?" Loki asks, puzzled, then his eyes roll back and he collapses to the ground, bleeding rather profusely.

There are more sirens. Ambulances with actual hospital logos, lights flashing, screech tires onto the scene, as Cecilia has turned to check her patient. He's out cold, and losing a lot of blood. She seems content he's not hit anything vital yet, but looks up as the other first responders and EMTs pile out. To her relief, they are using procedures she's totally familiar with and she raises a hand to flag them down.

"Reyes?" asks one of the EMTS, a curly-haired latino guy. "Where the hell have you been?"

"Later," she says, and launches into that peculiar doctor code that tells the EMT a lot about a patient in a few clipped words.

Oh shootz, she's got the creds to something that sounds like Cookie Monster named it. The men back up, looking towards Mike, to each other, and then towards Cecilia one of which reaches into his pocket, When the real ambulances start approaching, the man stops reaching into his pocket and the pair pick up and run into the crowd, abandoning their vehicle.

Despite all of this excitment, Mike is indeed passed out.

Jono just… stares. He's rather dumbstruck by the events. What the hell just happened?! Loki falls and Jono makes to go over to him quickly, to check on him. He doesn't know what to say ot do, except try to make sure Loki doesn't bleed to death.

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