2014-06-03 Healing Up
Players: Loki Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Healing Up

Loki was worked on down in the medical lab until he was finally stable. Mike would have been given the same quality medical attention if he was brought here. Once he was stable enough, Loki was moved up to his room where he would be more comfortable, and it is there he rests, occasionally flipping through the channels on the television.

What an evening. Skeledemons, suicidial college demons, stabbings, and fake Medics. What an odd time to take the train. And now time has gone by and after some quick little surguries and some note comparisons, a certain rocker found himself waking up somewhere that is not typically expected. And well, being he doesn't have a room here and Loki can be quite… Loki at times, Mike has also been relocated. To Loki's room. He gets the sofa. No bed for him. Best not give him any ideas.

Loki looks over at Mike and points the remote control at him just for kicks. He turns on My Little Pony and sets the remote down, folding his hands over his middle. "Did you sleep well enough?"

Despite it being a sofa, there are enough pillows to make sure that Mike is lying in a manner to 'promote healing'. He'll just take their word on it. Other than applying pressure to the wound and how to manage sleep meds, when it comes to medicinal practice, he knows nothing. "About as expected. I feel like I got stabbed in the side." His eyes drift down to the bit of bandage peeking out from under his shirt. "You?"

Loki looks at his hands and looks at Mike. "Do you still trust me, Mike?" He asks, his tone a bit apprehensive. "I can aleviate your burden which is my fault anyway."

Mike's brow lifts as he turns his head to give a quizzical look to Loki, "Just HOW do you think this is your fault?"

"I don't know, but it probably is. That does not exactly answer the question though, does it?" Loki taps his fingertips on his stomach and waits.

"It depends on what you want me to trust you on." Mike replies, "Am I going to trust you around my shampoo? Probably not. But if I didn't trust you at all, I'd never have been insistent on you fighting with us during that Grandmaster thing."

Loki nods. "Well, I can aleviate your injury. It is not a common ability of mine. Rather, I do not use it often. It is one of those abilities that are limited but useful."

"Hmm. Any catches to this ability I should know about?"

"Not for you, no. I learned it from mother. She is Vanir, afterall." Loki sighs and wriggles so that he's sitting up a bit more. "If you do not feel that you can trust me since all the trouble I've caused, I understand."

"That's not what I'm implying," Mike responds with a frown, "What is the catch of using it for you?"

"Oh, nothing serious, just uses a lot of magic. I don't exactly need all of it right now." Loki smiles.

The musician considers Loki's expression it for a moment before giving a nod, "Sure. Go for it." He leans his head back on the pillow, bringing a hand up to a yawn.

Loki concentrates and lifts his hands, sending energy toward Mike to wrap around him. It knits the tissue back together, feeling a bit tingly but not painful, just perhaps itchy. Soooooo itchy.

As the spell wraps around him, Mike shifts a bit awkwardly, teeth gritting as the arm on the side of the injury lifting up in reaction.

Loki lifts his head as he watches the magic touch Mike. It starts to take its toll on him, however, and as soon as his head touches the pillow, he is sound asleep. The magic likely has the same effect on Mike as well.

And so it is that the unlikely friends slip into the land of dreams.


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