2014-06-15 Movie Night At Xavier's
Players: Loki Nightcrawler Shadowcat Tech_Star Jadice
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Movie Night At Xavier's

Kurt hums to himself as he fixes the little paper sign he has printed out. He's proud of his work — even though he's not a computer whiz, he managed to make a presentable little flyer for the movie night he has planned. Word has been spread. But it never hurts to post a reminder, here and there. On the poster: Captain Blood! Popcorn will be provided! He smiles as he finishes tacking the paper in a suitably noticeable place, tail whipping behind him from side to side.

Speaking of computer whizzes, Kitty Pryde walks out of the rec room, bopping along to the song playing through a pair of earbuds as her ponytail sways behind her. Her classes now mainly done as far as her HS diploma the young woman is looking forward to a little time for goofing off. And speaking of goofing off, movie night? She gives Kurt a big smile and wave as she pulls the headphones from her ears and starts across.

Even as Kurt was working, Jean was seated nearby working on homework. She might have graduated the institute, but she was still a diligent university student, of course. She let out a sigh, tapping her pen against her paper as she stared at the rather complex chemical formulas and diagrams. She gives Kurt a glance for a moment, watching him fix that sign before looking back at her work.

Saburo is still enrolled in the Institute's program, but his homework has been left behind in his room, completely untouched since he got it. He'll just do it at the last minute, like always, and spend the rest of his time slouching around. Like, for instance, what he's doing now, leaning against a wall with his hands in his pockets, quietly watching the other people go by with mild interest.

Loki can shield his mind from telepathis, his heart from empaths. He might even be able to mask his scent if he has one. The trickster skips down the stairs hiding in plain sight as himself, only wearing a school uniform and his hair pulled back into a braid that reaches the middle of his back. In one hand is an apple, which he crunches merrily and attempts to skitter past without detection.

'Quiet' is a thing Yuuma does. Not just 'he can't talk'. Everything about him is quiet. He almost seems like he's sneaking around anywhere he goes. In a way he is— he often had to try to avoid his father's notice as a younger man, because he didn't want to end up having to do yet ANOTHER speech for people. Yuuma seems to be on his way from the rec room and catches sight of Kurt and his sign. He's holding a black device, the one he uses to communicate with. It's not as wide as a laptop, but it's thicker. At seeing the sign, Yuuma tilts his head, blinks, and heads over to read it.

Kurt is more of a vibrant sort of person, and though he can be invisible when he wants to be…most of the time his ebullience makes him seem louder. He waves to Kitty when she notices the sign, and there's a little tail-wave in Jean's direction as he turns, smile on his face. What a weird feeling. He can't really place it, but…well, it must be nothing. He motions to the sign, encouraging Yuuma, and looks through the rest of the papers in his other hand. He's printed out a few to place around.

"Should we be afraid?" Kitty asks as she leans in to check the sign. "Captain Blood? Isn't that like… a pirate flick from way back? You're not going on another pirate kick are you?" she asks with a grin. "My depth perception is way off with an eyepatch." She moves towards Kurt to clear the space in front of the sign.

Jean rolled her eyes at those perky people as she tried to concentrate on her work. She rested her forehead against her hand, rubbing at the bridge of her nose with the fingers of her other one. "This isn't working," she muttered to herself.

Saburo is that kind of guy who just sits back and observes…at least until something catches his interest. In this case, the skipping newcomer is enough of a change of pace for Saburo's eyes to lock onto him. Definitely not someone /he's/ seen around here before. No surface thoughts, either, so probably another psychically-gifted student. With a shrug, he steps away from the wall and starts nonchalantly following Loki to say hi. However, he does stop for a moment to glance at the poster. "Huh. Captain Blood. Think I saw that once."

Loki makes a face as he sees Saburo starting to move toward him, but relaxes when he stops. He's never heard of Captain Blood, but it sounds like something he would like, so he stands nearby, listening.

«I don't think I've ever seen it before,» Yuuma's talker emits. That he's never seen it should come as no surprise, given a number of factors. But he doesn't look worried or negative about it. He's not one of the perky people, so he shouldn't be bothering Jean. Besides that one statement, he's been quiet. In fact, as he chuckles silently to Kitty's words, only the shaking of his shoulders indicates his amusement. He doesn't bother Saburo or Loki, since neither one of them have spoken to him first.

"Do I ever get off the 'pirate kick'?" Kurt answers Kitty, chuckling to himself and between them. His tail flicks from one side to the other, almost like a metronome or something of that sort. There's a kind of hypnotic quality to it, back and forth, back and forth. "You should certainly come to see it!" He addresses Yuuma now. "It will be such fun. Popcorn and adventure!"

The group are mainly gathered around a posting that Kurt has just put up announcing a showing of Captain Blood, while a school uniform disguised Loki loiters on the stairs.

"Yarrr," Kitty replies as she turns to face Yuuma, reaching up to cover one eye. "And when ya do, be not surprised when ye be hit by a broadside of popcorn from some lubber scalawag… something…" She seems to run out of piratical steam. Or at least piratical terms.

Jean was rising from her seat with her notebooks and pen all held in her arms and started walking over to the door, near where Kurt, Kitty, and Yuuma were. "That's true, Kurt. You never do shut it off, do you, you swashbuckler?" She gives him a grin and just shakes her head at Kitty, "This isn't International Talk like a Pirate Day!"

Laura had been spending the afternoon meditating - or at least, attempting to; by the time she emerges from the basement she feels no closer to inner peace than she felt when she went in. As she makes her way to the ground floor, however, a familiar and unliked scent hits her nostrils… She tenses and continues towards where she believes the source to be, alert and on guard while she tries to remember /why/ this scent is disliked…

Loki moves over to let Laura through, then moves down the rest of the steps and asks, "What's a swashbuckler" then takes another bite of his apple. "Yarrrrrr?" he asks uncertainly, repeating what he heard from Kitty. Perhaps it is some strange dialect humans speak.

Saburo chuckles at the shenanigans, but doesn't say anything more on the matter. He can't do any better a pirate accent than Kitty can, after all. Instead, he turns his gaze toward Loki. "Hey, newbie. 'Sup?"

Loki moves over to let Laura through, then moves down the rest of the steps and asks, "What's a swashbuckler" then takes another bite of his apple. "Yarrrrrr?" he asks uncertainly, repeating what he heard from Kitty. Perhaps it is some strange dialect humans speak.

Saburo chuckles at the shenanigans, but doesn't say anything more on the matter. He can't do any better a pirate accent than Kitty can, after all. Instead, he turns his gaze toward Loki. "Hey, newbie. 'Sup?"

«Sure. Don't see why not,» Yuuma replies to Kurt's encouragement. Kitty's pirate-ness prompts another amused response. And also, «Shiver me timbers!» Which sounds /ridiculous/ coming from one of those talkers. That was, however, the whole point. Loki finally speaking up pulls Yuuma's attention to him. Does he remember him? If not, he probably looks /really/ familiar! «That's sort of embellishing the way they talked during the pirate era,» he explains. A nod of greeting to Saburo as well, though Yuuma doesn't say anything yet. He doesn't want to interrupt any further.

"You've got it!" Kurt answers Loki's 'yarrr'. "A swashbuckler is an adventurer! A dashing, handsome, charming adventurer who is rakish, roguish, and always — always — popular with the ladies!" He pauses for a moment, tail curling up slowly behind him. "Or the gentlemen. We must be mindfully inclusive."

Instead of walking past Loki as he makes room for her, Laura grabs the disguised Asgardian by the arm. "What are you doing here?" she asks bluntly.

Loki slides away from Saburo, then yelps as Laura grabs him. It was perhaps a little louder than he expected and covers his mouth. "I'm listening to the plans for something and you are being VERY rude!" he tries to brush her hand off him, clearing his throat. "Such a lack of manners." To Kurt he smirks. "I suppose I must be a swashbuckler then!"

Kitty rolls her eyes a bit at Kurt and is about to make a reply when Laura's question catches her ears, and Loki's reply. He does seem to look familiar for some reason, but not that she can think of around the school. Plus nobody here really wears uniforms… Her eyes narrow as she chews her lower lip.

Jean glances over at Loki. She recognize his mental emissions right off the bat, she had been around him plenty enough to do that, but she hadn't said anything. At his question though, she nodded in agreement with Kurt, "It's someone who goes around hanging from chandeliers with a sword saving damsels as well." She reaches up and puts a hand on Laura's shoulder, "It's okay, Laura. He isn't harming anything, we can let him be for now. Presuming he doesn't cause any trouble." The last bit was directed at Loki as she looked at him.

Saburo has no idea what anyone's talking about. /He's/ never seen this guy before, and he's pretty sure he would've noticed a skipping school student. "Jeez, just leave the guy alone. He's obviously new around here." he speaks up in Loki's defense.

Laura is unimpressed by Loki's protestations, and shakes her head at Saburo. "He is an Asgardian, not a mutant," she replies, not letting go of his arm unless he uses significantly more strength than a normal human would have. "Leaving him alone is generally considered a bad idea in every legend he features in."

What's this then? Yuuma blinks, looking over to where Laura and Loki are. He keeps quiet, but Kurt just might find Yuuma kind of iiiiiiinching behind him. It's kind of a reflex, really.

Kurt looks between the others, eyes widening as Laura seems to pick a fight with Loki. But he's never seen Loki before, or at least he doesn't remember seeing him. "Please, let us not be violent. Laura, please release him. Even if I don't recall seeing him on the school grounds before, he has done nothing to harm anyone. We are about using reason and peace between us, ja?" His tail perks and sways behind him.

"The last time I saw him he collapsed a building on top of me," Laura replies to Kurt, then looks back at Loki. "What are you doing here?" she repeats, still without so much as raising her voice.

With Laura's declaration Kitty's eyes light up with recognition. "That's why you look familiar. Hey, is Thor really as big and strong as he is in the pictures? Like his chest looks like I could just…" She trails off as she realizes that she might not be setting the best example for the younger students. And that there's a little more drama going on right now than is probably good.

"Yes, we seem to be running into him a lot. In fact, this isn't the first time he's made it to the mansion as well," Jean continues. She looks over at Loki, "Didn't we leave you to the Avengers though? I see you seem to be up on your feet again." Kitty's reaction gets a facepalm and a shake of her head, but she doesn't say anything.

Saburo stares at Kitty for a few seconds with a look that screams 'what even the hell'. "All that aside, he's not doing anything now, is he? Just talking about movies with us. So hey, let's talk about movies."

It's a good thing Yuuma's mostly hiding behind Kurt, because Kitty's statement made him blush. Though he's still paying attention to what's going on, just in case the fecal matter impacts the ventilation system, so to speak. He can run pretty fast when he has to, but only if he knows he needs to run. He nods to Saburo's statement, seconding it silently.

Kurt looks to Kitty, eyes widening a bit and brows raising in surprise. Well. He didn't expect that! "Ah. Well, we can always discuss this in more comfortable surroundings. Perhaps we could retire to the rec room?" With his tail, he points in that direction. His tail does make a good arrow. "I have heard many stories myself! I would love to meet the Warriors Three — now there are swashbucklers!"

Kitty has to stop herself from literally sinking into the floor as her face turns bright red. She gives Jean a sheepish look and a small shrug that seems to indicate a "you know you want to know too."

Loki rolls his eyes as he stands there, showing he's not going to hurt anyone. "It was an accident. It wasn't ME who collapsed the building. There's something inside of me and I believe it has a hostile intent. Can a man not visit friends without the threat of persecution?"

Jean's face just turns into a knowing grin as she looks at Kitty, "Oh, he's definitely cute and all. Built like a Greek God, but still. Wow." She could certainly tease as well as the best of them. She shakes her head at Loki, "Don't start again, what's done is done. Right now you're a guest in this school. No one is going to hurt you, but I ask that you keep from causing any of your usual mischief."

Yuuma just. Heads into the other room. Because yeah not touching that subject! He does, however, note to Kurt, «I've met one of the Warriors Three, I think. A fellow named Hogun?» A look back, too, just in case there's going to be more trouble. Hopefully the issues seem to be dying down.

Laura remains unimpressed by Loki's protestations, but then nods to Jean and lets him go.

Kitty decides that discretion is the better part of valor, leaving the more senior residents to handle this. Though really, she thinks, in the footage she's seen Thor's arms look bigger than her own legs… Like combined. What is it about her and overly built men she wonders as she stares down at the floor.

"Thor is indeed large and his head just as large, yet seems to be completely empty." Loki shapeshifts, returning to his normal visage. "You should know that /I/ am the Avenger and Thor remains an ally. He is also courting Lady Sif. My beloved seems to have fallen to the plague that befell Asgard, so I am unfortunately available."

Saburo blinks. "Wait, what does any of that even /mean/?" He's not exactly up on his Norse mythology, being an exchange student, you see.

Kurt tries to be as soothing as possible, although it is difficult since everyone seems to be in some sort of agitated state. "Now, now. Let's all just come in *here*." He continues to try and usher everyone who wants to come, to the rec room…especially Loki. "Please, be welcome. Is there anything I can get you? Kitty, could you perhaps bring some refreshments for everyone? We can sit down and all talk as friends."

Jean still has her notebooks and everything clutched in her arms, caught on her way back to her room and quieter studying opportunities, but she finds herself ushered into the rec room before she has a chance to protest. How could you protest such unashamed enthusiasm as Kurt's?

Huh? Whu? Kitty shakes her head to clear it as she hears her name, replaying the last couple minutes of overheard conversation in her mind. "Oh, yeah, drinks! Just a sec!" She bounces down the hallway, waiting until she's about even with the staff kitchen before turning abruptly and disappearing through the wall.

Loki furrows his brow and looks to Kurt warily. "Perhaps I should be going back home to the Avengers mansion. It appears I have much more to do to prepare to make up for my former misdeeds than I anticipated, so I should just…erm…." he trails off as he's ushered into the rec room. "I didn't think they permitted me in here anymore after the incident involving the snail, the lizard and a can of a substance called Pepsi.

Saburo is reminded that, oh yeah, there /was/ a movie going on tonight, wasn't there? He follows the others into the rec room, speaking up after Loki, "What happened, or do I not want to know?"

"Perhaps we could even enjoy the movie together! Please, don't worry yourself. We should all be friends here." Kurt tries hard, so hard. Since he's always looked to for the heart of the team, and he's always so even of temperament, it's an easy role for him to slide into at any time. "We can pop the popcorn and fix any snacks for the enjoyable film."

The somewhat eclectic group has just shuffled into the rec room to watch a movie, save for Kitty Pryde who ran down the hallway and then through the wall into the kitchen to get some drinks. In that room she putters around, grabbing iced tea, glasses, ice…

"Perhaps I shall be a gentleman and assist the dear girl." Loki backs out of the room and heads toward the kitchen, clasping his hands behind his back. He looks so innocent most of the time with his sparkling green eyes and long flowing hair which hangs with slight curls from having it braided, but it is still unwise to trust him fully. "Do you need any help?"

Samuel steps off the elevator. It's hard to tell if he had come up or gone down, if he'd come from his room or his workspace in the basement where he'd spent quite a bit of time the last few days. The young mutant had come home a few days ago with a few new bruises and a sour expression, after which he had practically locked himself into the workshop for a few days. But over time that mood had lifted, and he was back to his usual indomitable self, stepping into the rec room with a smile. Quite the crowd, not the quiet spot he'd been expecting at all, but oh well… "Evening all. Did I miss a memo?"

Kurt's first instinct is to try and stop Loki from going after Kitty, but then he knows that would probably just make things worse. Hopefully everything will be okay. Hopefully. He says a quiet, silent prayer and turns back to the assembled group in the rec room, eyes bright, expression cheerful. "I can pop up and get the video—" Then Samuel arrives. "Ah! It's movie night! Movie night! You're just in time."

Kitty is kneeling down, her arm stuck through a cabinet as she reaches around inside, finally pulling out a large tray. "I think I have everything…" she replies as she moves fluidly to her feet, dancer's grace choosing to be present for a change. She puts several ice-filled glasses on the tray and then the pitcher of tea next to it. "Oh…" she adds as she starts digging through drawers for sugar packets, this time opening them so she can see. "Do they have iced tea in… so is it another dimension, or just another planet?"

Loki shakes his head. "No, we do not. Asgard is another realm, another plane of existence. We are all connected by the world tree Yggdrasil. But your realm is very different than the others. It is unique in that it was allowed to develop independently from the others. You have no dangers from Svartalfheim or Muspelheim."

Jean has disconnected.

"Man, can't believe I nearly missed it." Sam exclaims, installing himself comfortably in a seat, the thoughts of finishing his book now long forgotten. "What are we watching?" He's used to being the universal remote for these kinds of occasions, flicking the equipment on without getting up.

"Captain Blood!" Kurt holds up a finger. "I shall return momentarily." Holding himself back from the temptation to pop in and make sure Kitty is all right — surely she must be, surely she must! — he disappears in a BAMF of black smoke, up to his room upstairs. Got to get that video quickly and get back!

"Freedom from Muppetheim, chalk one up for free will," Kitty replies as she finds the sugar and makes a little pose of triumph. And then remembers that she is totally not alone. Though she is alone with someone. "Sorry, I'm a little punchy tonight," she says as she puts the sugar on the tray with the glasses. "And it gets a little confusing with the dimensions and planets and everything, though I totally know more about the Shi'ar than I ever thought I would need to growing up. Which would be not at all really, since until I ended up here I'd never heard of anything like them. Yeah, tea, into the other room, good idea, I think we're all set."

"Punchy?" Loki asks, tilting his head to the side with that confused blink of his. "The Shi'ar, whoever they are, are not part of the Nine Realms. It is perhaps for the best that you are ignorant of Norse mythology. Being a god on this world is quite tiring." He puts a slender hand over his side, grimacing a bit. "I think I hear the others getting ready to begin. Would you like me to carry that for you?"

Samuel watches Kurt disappear in a puff of smoke and shakes his head with a smile. "Man, I wish I could do that." He idly flicks the channels to see if something good is on, downloads a few movies to the DVR for later transfer to his own box upstairs and checks the news while stretching out… yup, teleporting would make not having to get up to do all that so much easier…

Only a moment later, Kurt appears with a DVD case and a smile. And a pirate hat on his head! He chuckles, a bit closer to a cackle, and goes to put the video in its player. "Let's wait until we're all here…I wouldn't want anyone to miss this!"

Kitty nods her head, "Punchy. Like, when you've been sitting around too long and you get a little silly and weird? That's punchy. Ummm… How about I'll grab the tea, and you can grab the tray with the glasses?" She picks up the pitcher and starts to walk towards the wall, stopping with a grin. "Sorry, habit."

Loki nods, grinning through his grimace as he picks up the tray and disappears, reappearing in the rec room. "I can," he says in response to Samuel. "Advantage of being a god." He doesn't particuarly care for poor Sam that much, so he gets in a dig where he can.

Samuel is already fidgeting in his seat, deciding to sit sideways and dangle his legs over one of the armrests. No attention span, that kid. "Thanks for getting that, Loki." What? What's this? Sam being cordial to the Asgardian? What's next, hell freezing over?

Kurt looks up to Kitty and Loki when they arrive, one at a time, and he smiles pleasantly. Patiently. "Sehr gut! Let's all have our drinks, and in a few minutes I will go and make popcorn. I know this film like the back of my hand, anyway. I think I have seen it a thousand times!"

Saburo is totally sitting in a seat already! He didn't get distracted by shiny new characters elseMU*, honest! In any case, he's just sort of leaning back in it, rocking on the back legs a bit while he waits for Kurt to pop the movie in. "Don't take too long, man," he says to the blue devilmutant.

Kitty pops in through the wall, apparently not having to go around the polite way. "OK, all set here," she says as she puts it down, then goes to sit on the floor by Kurt. When in doubt, curl up for a movie by a fuzzy elf. She tucks her legs as she sits, smoothing her skirt before adjusting her socks absently.

Kurt helps to pour up things and get the drinks distributed, and then he flops in the floor and pulls his feet up to sit, rocking a bit as the movie gets started. "Ah! I could watch this any number of times and never grow tired of it. This is one of the greatest films…!" As anyone who's been in his room should know, he has a poster of the film and of course many Errol Flynn posters. His idol.

Samuel is always up to watch something new. He's not the kind to watch every movie with the word 'blood' in the title, but since Kurt is so enthusiastic, it must be a pretty good flick. When the first scenes begin to play, he sits up straight and seems to concentrate. Controller board, check, PSU still good, HDMI port… no faults. No, the screen is working perfectly. "Why… why is it all in grey?"

Kitty turns to look at Kurt. "Isn't it weird when I seem like the mature and experienced one?" She turns back partly towards Samuel, "You should ask to see some of the old lectures the Professor recorded way back when he was in college. They're on actual film."

Saburo finally sits forward, letting the chair drop to its proper position on all four legs. Huh, maybe he hasn't seen this one before. It's hard to keep all these English-language movies straight sometimes, at least for him. Still, he enjoys a good flick, especially if it keeps him away from writing essays about fulcrums and protons and who even /knows/ what. He looks over to Sam with a small smirk. "Because it's an old movie. Fifties, maybe older. Haven't you ever seen things like Gojira?"

Loki looks to Kitty and lifts both brows, leaning over just slightly with a smirk. "You shouldn't count out the younger ones, you know. Just because one is oversized and blonde doesn't make him the best option! You wouldn't want to be tossed aside like an empty wine skin would you?"

"That is how films were recorded then!" Kurt calls back to Samuel, with amusement. He laughs softly at Kitty's comment. "You know, I always liked black and white films because then you can imagine the colors…it involves you a little bit more, I think. And it is easier to convey a certain…drama." His tail flicks behind him. But he can't really say anything in response to Loki, as he's not sure what he's referring to. He thinks he does…but he's pretty sure that even if that's the case, he's better off not saying anything.

Oddly enough, Sam just nods quietly and watches the movie. Perhaps he's imagining the colours, maybe he's even admiring just how old this movie really is, the fact remains he's quiet for once and not even constantly checking background information or historical facts through his smartwatch. "Oldest movie I've ever seen was the Lion King…" He was, after all, born post-millennium.

Kitty's eyes get a little wide as Loki leans over to speak to her. "Ummm… I hadn't really thought about it…" she replies as she plays with the laces of her shoes. She tries to cast her focus back onto the screen, but feels a little weird now.

Loki is the God of Mischief, The God of Lies, sometimes referred to as the God of Change and the God of Evil, and can most definitely be seen as the God of Making People Feel Weird. "Perhaps you should." Loki says simply, folding his hands in his lap, nodding sagely.

Kurt claps a hand on Kitty's shoulder in a friendly way. "Ah, look at that swordsmanship! It's so wonderful, ja? We should try something like that next time in the Danger Room. We could be the masters of the seven seas!" Whatever's bothering Kitty, he figures, can be jostled out by some friendly banter.

Paying so much attention to the screen and the movie, Sam would be hard pressed to notice anything else in the room save for a cannon going off next to him… and then, probably, only just.

Kitty sits on the floor near the furry elf, and with Loki not far away on the couch. She looks a little out of sorts, but Kurt's banter seems to help snap her back into place. "I'll stick to flying my dragon, you can have the boats," she says before sticking her tongue out at him. Though tropical sun and swimming sounds pretty awesome."

Loki rolls his eyes. "You've seen nothing of swashing buckles until you have seen Fandral. In fact, he probably taught that man how to perform. In fact, I am quite a master swordsman myself, you know, though I prefer to use daggers."

"Really!" Kurt glances back to Loki, then over to Kitty, and back again. "Why don't we all three of us have a Danger Room session, after the film? We can be pirates on the open sea! It will be a delight, I assure you…and you can tell me all of your experience with Fandral, whom I would very much like to meet one day."

Jadice enters the room, her arms folded over her chest, and a quizzical expression on her face. She doesn't say much, and doesn't go far. She simply leans against the wall near the door frame, her eyes scanning over everyone visible. Her gaze rests for a moment on the television (?) but it does not hold her attention for long - especially because the sound of conversation catches her ear.

Kitty turns a little red. "It'd be like the story I told Ilyana way back when…" She shakes her head to clear it from old memories as she grins, getting to her feet and heading to grab an ice-filled glass and pour some tea. She gives Jadice a wave as she spots her. "Come on in, Kurt's making us watch classics again."

"Fandral is a friend of my-mine." Loki smiles, cutting himself off. "I could perhaps persuade him to come to Midgard once again. You know that the Robin Hood myth was started by him himself! He is indeed the inspiration for this fellow's look." Loki flicks a hand and conjures an illusion of Fandral. "You may regret asking him to come here. Your mortal heart may not be able to keep up."

Jadice glances around, first at everyone individually, then at various other things. After hearing Kitty's words, she'd just return the offering with a blank stare, as if she didn't understand. But, she would shrug, taking a few more steps into the room, before flopping down into a comfy chair. She stretches out languidly, looking back at the movie playing. "What is this crap?" she finally says. Whoa. Her gaze goes to Loki, and she raises and eyebrow and eyes him up, but says nothing more.

On the screen is Captain Blood, the Errol Flynn-Olivia de Havilland classic, and while it's on, Kurt is discussing things with Kitty and Loki. He offers a cheerful tail-wave to Jadice as she answers, not wanting to overwhelm her with all the other greetings going her way. But his face falls with what she says. "If you're not interested in the movie, at least respect the rest of us enough to be polite."

Kitty pauses in her pouring as the image is conjured up. "Wow… he's kind of cute…" She looks from it to the screen and back. "Maybe ol' Errol and him met sometime. Or the writers. Or… whoever does the casting for stuff." She takes a sip as she pads back across to her seat before far less gracefully but exuberantly flopping down on the floor.

"Don't speak of the mortals like that-Ohhhhhh you mean what we are watching. It is rather interesting from a technological point of view. If you consider, none of this technology existed when I was brought into the world. Not this world, mind you, but still, quite interesting. We still do not have such things as light bulbs." Loki picks up his glass of iced tea and takes a dainty sip. "Join us, if you wish." He says to Jadice.

Jadice 's expression seems to soften as Kurt outright tells her off. She smirks, then, looking almost amused. Getting this woman to smile is like a stamp of approval. She silently watches the film for a bit before listening to more of Loki's "ramblings". She shifts her eyes to him, and as before, her left eyebrow quirks upwards. "What are you talking about? How sleep deprived are you?" she asks. Clearly she has no knowledge of Asgard, or anything similar.

At first, Kurt looks outright depressed, but then he notices Loki's illusion of Fandral, and his eyes sparkle as he looks the man over. Dashing — handsome — swashbuckling! It could be Kurt's ideal. He almost out-Errol-Flynns Errol Flynn, there on the screen doing his own amazing adventurous antics.

Loki lifts a hand in greeting. "Muscles aren't /everything/, you know. Thor can barely fit through a Midgardian door with all his muscles. Here, what do you think of this?" He flexes his arm for Kitty to feel his solid but rather smallish muscles. "Yes, I am a Norse god, and Thor is my adoptive brother."

"Mmm, yeah, but they're fun to look at," Kitty says with a grin as she gets back onto her feet. Gotta run up to my room real quick. Save me some popcorn!" She sets her iced tea down and scampers for the door.

Kurt is starstruck by Fandral's image, so much so that he's startled by Kitty's sudden departure. He looks back in her direction, just in time to see her vanish like a ghost, and then he's back looking at Loki. "Ah…so…we…should definitely trade stories sometime!"

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