2014-06-17 Descent - Part II
Players: Doctor Strange, Loki, Thor, Leo(NPC), Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Descent - Part II

Broad shoulders roll out a cycle of stiff cracks from tired joints as Thor fixes an iron glare on Loki. His lips have pulled thin with ire, framing a severe scowl. "A doorway behind him, Sorcerer. Rather than Asgard, we will come to an understanding in the great eastern desert of this realm!" He thunders, ripping the hammer from his belt and tightening the his knuckles along the handle.

Loki flexes his fingers at his sides, his head tilted down and looking up at Thor with the most evil grin anyone has ever seen on the youthful prankster's face. He chuckles and says "What makes you think I will go through a portal willingly? I have the body of a god. " He steps to the side and looks back over his shoulder at Stephen, his crystal blue eyes looking sightless as he shakes his head at the sorcerer. "Apologies, sorcerer supreme, not this time."

Strange steps forward while remaining behind Thor, "Sorry Loki." The wizard notes as an 8 foot hole in reality behind the god of mischief. The differences in atmosphere on both sides of the gateway cause winds to swirl wildly. The wizard's clothing changes in the torrent, his red and gold cloak slowly reappears as do his standard black shirt, pants and the yellow gloves. "Numbers are on our side demon!" Strange bellows pushing out at Loki's body with a bolt of mystic energy.

Well let us set the scene here. We have a God, another God, and a sorceror supreme. And then we have a bartender and a 2 foot tall bird. Instead of advancing towards the likely fight to get Loki into the portal, the raven lands on the floor, looks to Leo, and then fades from view doing, another God knows what.

Leo, who is very much too old for this shit opts to stay behind, observing. When the Phantasm vanis hes, the side of his mouth lifts into a knowing smirk as he gives a slight nod of approval.

Thor lunges forward with a mighty leap, his arm extended and crooked at the elbow to present a firm pocket for a lean throat to get caught upon. He is careful to trail in the wake of the eldritch bolt, following the impact immediately with a worldbreaking lariat to tackle Loki into the portal proper. The other side reveals an ocean of fire; dunes of fine sand extending into the bubbling horizon and kissed by a gentle breeze. There isn't a cloud in the brilliant blue sky to shield the combatants from the punishing sun.

When Stephen's bolt hits him in the chest, his arms pinwheel, giving Thor the opportunity to slam him into the portal, and a split second lapse where Mike could slip through his normally ironclad mental defenses. Plunging through the sky, Loki grunts when his back smacks into the sand which doesn't feel as soft as it looks, but is on his feet in a flash. "You fool, what was the purpose of coming here?" Even with a malicious entity in control of his body, he is still a Frost Giant, and thus would start to suffer the effects after a while. "Come on, Thor. What are you going to do? Kill your little brother?"

Stepping through the portal a few beats of the metronome, Strange stands tall, looking at Loki over Thor. "He's not as unintelligent as you think he is." The Doctor notes as his cloak lifts him into the air, a bead of sweet rolling down his cheek already. "Nor will he kill your host being. I suggest you surrender now." Strange's voice booms out and echoes off the dunes surrounding the combatants.

With the group vanishing from the bar, Leo looks to the empty spot for a few moments more. Letting out a sigh, he turns to go back to the bar, grabbing a towel to go wipe down the counter top.

Can you believe it? A little sign of trouble and the dang bird just up and vanishes! Just what on earth is he thinking? What indeed. Although not technically in the desert, Phantasm is still with the group, in a way as he pops through the outer boundaries of a dream world. Having reached the destination, the bird glances around to get his bearings.

"I will not be party to the ravings of a fiend!" Thor bellows to Loki, Sharply rising as the winds wrap his form and embrace him. He is very near stephen when his voice dips into a low snarl. "I will restrain him. His mind, though, I cannot assault. Can you do this, mage? Can you exorcise the beast bearing mad claws upon his heart?" He inquires, a hint of worry bleeding through his martial veneer.

Without awaiting an answer, Thor swings his weapon in a mighty arc, sending bolts of lightning dancing from Mjolnir towards the trickster. Strange will have whatever time he requires to formulate a plan. The God of Thunder will see to it.

Loki opens his mouth to speak, but then there's lightning coming at him. He attempts to dive out of the way, but ends up being thrown back and lands with an 'oof' as he rolls down a short dune to land on his face. "Unngh." He groans, but is up on his feet, tossing his cape back. He wipes a bit of sand from the side of his mouth, emitting a short chuckle. "I wasn't expecting that one. Good job." He thrusts his hands out, but nothing happens. "What the…how does he do this with the magic?" He tries it again, then grumbles and curses, unloading a massive amount of blue energy at Thor and Stephen. "What the hell, I can do better!"

"I will do wh-" Strange halts his response as he has to act quickly to defend against the wild attack from Loki's body. The shield of the seraphim covers both the wizard and the god of lightning before fading just as quickly. "What I can." The sorcerer floats back to the ground and calmly sits cross-legged in the sand the sun beating down on his black and silver hair. Seemingly he appears to be quitting this fight when in fact his spirit is leaving his body to join Mike in the god's dream.

Greens, golds, blues, browns, and blacks. A flurry of blurred imagery hinders the view. Some things look like trees but soon look like something else snaking about. Geez, leave it to a God of mischief and a bringer of chaos to bring his work home with him. Wings spread, the bird flies into the fray, coasting on the literal winds of change. As he dodges the obstacles he comes across, he keeps watch for his objective. Loki.

"You tamper with beings you beyond your understanding." Thor remarks, lowering his hammer and lifting, instead, his palm to face the possessed Loki. "You court the fury of two realm this day; /I/ am that fury!" He roars, the land itself shifting and groaning beneath the ocean of sand. It ripples and yields before a crown of massive stone erupts from the ground beside the trickster and slams shut about his body like an earthen casket. It is jagged and rough hewn. It is not gentle in its application.

Mike and Stephen would be met with an ever shifting landscape. Loki is in there somewhere, but he's dormant, a small figure entangled in sprawling chaos as he tries to protect himself. There are shifts in the environment, the lights seeming to go out as his body is jostled around harshly. Once Thor's enclosure seems to be done, there is several long moments of silence. It might seem that Thor has subdued the trickster, but then there is a sudden explosion, sending jagged fragments in all direction. Loki is bleeding and his hair is a mess, but that just adds to his look of madness. "If that is your fury then I laugh at your attempts at protecting this pathetic realm."

Strange remains seated perfectly still as though he was taken by death herself. The wizard has in fact left his body and is diving through the madness of the trickster's mind. His first goal is to seek out the latest of the foreign entities, Mike. Using the natural way things go the Doctor is searching for the signs of the body attacking the parasites, either the entity in control of Loki or the Phantasm. Keeping his wits about him, Strange has his head on a swivel.

Unaware of the newcomer, the raven continues. Oh boy. Wings beat furiously as the bird's flight corkscrews and dodges the moving scene. "Loki!" The bouts of darkness actually help the bird as he ends up flying through things, but deters from the actual act of finding the trickster. "You've got to wake up!" The bird gets jostled as he gets whacked by a bit of the landscape causing for a less than graceful display of flight for a few moments. "Don't you DARE give up!"

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