2014-06-17 Going Back.
Players: Doctor Strange, Leo (NPC)
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Going Back

Hoboken, New Jersey

It has been said that Hoboken is THE only place worth visiting in New Jersey by some. Well, at least by one. And how fortunate this story takes place here indeed. Hoboken, where the story, although didn't start here, it got a sizable chunk of deve- This has been covered already actually.




Leo's bar is a little worse for wear since the quartet has vanished from the premesis. Sure the shiny metal tiles of the bar are still tiny. But one of the bathroom doors is shattered, with a pool of water forming around there. Unfortunately for the bar's owner, it doesn't stop there. The mirror behind the bar is broken and several of the bars that were on display have been shattered. Some of which are scattered around the floor of the bar. Chairs are upturned and a few of the barstools are broken.

And where is Leo in all of this? Huddling over to a corner as each of the exits out of the bar are blocked by patrons with less than pleasant looks upon their face.

There's also a Lion in the middle of the bar. God knows how that got there.

Appearing in the back door of the bar, Stephen steps in, his clothes changing from the yellow, black and red of his tunic and cloak of levitation to something a little more casual. The suite and tie blending much better than his wizarding robes. Observing the room and those gathered he expects to find only a broken bathroom door and maybe some tiles for him to repair, but a lion is rather unexpected. "Leo!?" calls out the Sorcerer Supreme, hoping to hear from the owner. "What is going on?"

As Stephen appears, the smallest of the patrons that is positioned near the door, snarls as she swings a knife right at Strange with an unusual amount of force behind it.

Leo, not the Lion, turns his head as he hears his name being called by the doctor a cut on the forehead becomes visibly apparent as he faces the Taco Bell item of Sorcerors. The Lion vanishes. "They're not human. Get out of here!" Leo snaps, flinging a hand in gesture towards the attacker nearest Strange. A snake appears, seemingly flying towards the woman's face.

Stephen takes a step back while raising a single arm, snapping up in defense of the blow aimed at him. The years of training under the Ancient One keeping his physical guard up. His other hand raises up between his face and his amulet, the eye of agomotto coming out and resting on his forehead so he can see the truth of the room and everyone in it. His hand pushes off the attack and shifts to a gesture followed by a single word, "Sleep."

As the knife wielding hand gets pushed back, the rather agile woman leaps back to prepare for another leap forward, only to instead fall forward and fall to the floor. The knife the woman was holding falls with her, causing for it to hide under the body somewhere. Hopefully not puncturing anything of use.

As for the flying snake, it continues on it's path, sailing over to a wall with the lack of face to stop it's path. It soon vanishes as well as Leo brings a hand up to his head, rubbing the side of it. "Come on…"

The other two patrons, seeing Strange as a threat start to charge him. AT THE SAME TIME. They must be the advanced bad guys. But one soon stops as Tony the Tiger appears in front of him. Actually acting as a barrier in the process. "They're Grrreeeaaat!"

"Thank you for the help Phantasm." Strange says to Leo, as he steps forward to meet the foe that isn't blocked by a tiger. Strange lifts both hands, an entirely new set of gestures contorting his fingers, "The crimson bands of cyrotek should hold you!" The wizard mentions as red bands of thick arcane energy form around the enemy and tighten to where he can no longer move.

In a similar manner to the woman, the one Strange directs the attack stumbles as it finds its movement suddenly and severely restricted. It does not lead to a very distinguished stop as he ends up smacking into a wall in a very ungraceful manner.

At being called Phantasm, Leo's head tilts in a bird like manner, rather remeniscent of another avian hero. The wound on his head doesn't look good but being it's a head wound, they tend to look worse than they really are. "How'd y-?" He pauses, shaking his head as the one attacker who didn't get caught yet has figured that Tony the tiger isn't moving and has instead started moving around the obstruction cautiously, using it for a shield against Strange. A good choice perhaps, until the cartoonish sugar flake peddler vanishes. It's Goooooooone!

Stealing a glance to Leo before stepping forward to face the demon, Strange's hand move to the sides of the amulet. As he moves to position a blinding light of truth tears from the third eye on his forehead, no being can resist the eye's all revealing gaze and it's all cleansing light! "Demon! Go froth from this human. I command it!"

Exposed, vulnerable, and likely one of the shittiest demons on the power scale, the best the demon does to avoid Strange's attack is to bring an arm up. But all this accomplishes is for it to have a slightly better looking exit than tumbles and tumblina on the floor over there. A snarl emits from the voice in one last protest to the Doctor's intervention before the sound fades away. Emptied, the young man left behind collapses.

Leo looks to the three fallen attackers quietly, considering matters before slowly starting to get up. He winces as he continues pressing a hand against his head. A bruise starting to gain promenence amongst his facial features with the blood acting more of a supporting role.

"Leo?" Stephen asks, the eye on his forehead returning to it's home in the amulet which seals away as the eye closes. "Are you well?" The doctor looks over the man's bruise and cut, his years in the medical profession directing his actions and questions.

"Yeah," The bartender murmurs, "Just feeling a little, dizzy." He slides back down, "…Maybe just sit here a bit. Stuff takes a lot out of you. Just tired."

Moving over to the bar, Stephen summons a bottle off the wall towards himself which he then pours into a couple of tumblers. Lifting one in each hand he moves towards Leo and extends a glass to the barkeep. "Rest while I clean up this mess." Says Stephen followed by a quick sip of his glass and then he sets about restoring the building.


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