2014-06-17 Going Back Part II
Players: Doctor Strange, Leo (NPC)
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Going Back Part II

Doctor Stephen Strange's mansion is located in Greenwich Village. The address is 177A Bleecker Street, New York City, NY 10012-1406. His Sanctum Sanctorum is located within the mansion. There is a large window in the pattern of the anomaly rue (a strange magic algorithm). Guests are greeted by Wong. Unwanted guests are usually stopped by protective spells.

The sound of footsteps can be heard on the other side of the closed door, before it is opened. Silhouetted against a bright light is a figure with an outrageous collar and a bulky figure or a large coat, cape, cloak what have you. The figure walks in and snaps a finger, causing all the candles in the room to be lit. It's a small room with many boxes and books left about, must be some storage room. The figure that approaches has a frown on his face and steps closer to the bound prisoners in his house. Picking one out at random, "You, tell me everything you know or you wont be coming back to this plane ever again." Threatens Doctor Strange.

Behind Strange, but not fully crossing the threshold to obtain the maximum amount of space between the prisoners and himself, Leo peers in, tiredly leaning against the doorframe. He doesn't offer any words but is simply here to observe what is going on here, and in some ways, nearby

The one that was made to sleep looks up from her forced seat and greets the threatening doctor with a scowl. "Go ahead." She growls, tilting her neck in a manner to illicit a small popping sound, "She will die and there will be plenty more to take our place."

The one that was caught by the crimson bands looks over to the pair, matching Leo's look of observation. As for the one who was exorcised. She is, well sleeping. Exorcisms really take a lot oout of you.

"So you are part of a larger group. That answers one question." Strange notes calmly, as if he didn't hear the threat at all. "What is the purpose of this group?" Stephen says, still peering at the infested human with his steely grey eyes.

Not getting the result she was intending, there is another snarl before she closes her mouth. Glaring at Stephen.

"I suggest you say something, lest you suffer through the methods I must use to obtain the information you contain." Stephen urges the demon to speak, even as he raises his two gloved hands to his amulet, causing it to open once more and a large unblinking eye stares out from the disk. It's locked gaze seems to always be looking at the observer regardless of angle, seeing into the depths of their very souls.

As the doctor moves his hands, the eyes look towards them, watching the amulet open. "It's a transaction."

The other demon hisses and follows it up with an unrepeatable sound, drawing the woman's attention, "Quiet."

Stephen says, "What transaction!?" Stephen inquires, a shortness added to his tone. This could very well be extremely urgent and he's getting tired of these beings in his house. "Between whom?" All three eyes remain transfixed on the one character before him, the white of the eye in the amulet begins to radiate a golden glow but not quite shines yet."

"The Order. We agree to help them, they prepare the bodies." she answers, looking to the building light.

"QUIET!" The other one snaps, "Tell him or not, he'll still do what he threatened to you!"

"What is this Order? Who are they making these deals with?" Strange continues to pressure the demon, either oblivious to the one next to it, or ignoring it completely. He would like to confer with Leo, but this seems to be going well enough as it is.

"Saint George." Leo supplies from the doorway, gesturing towards the sleeping man. "That one's at least part of it. They even have the little red robes and candle sch-" He pauses, remembering who he's talking to, "Uh. Lot of occult stuff." He grimaces, focusing back on that one.

The woman looks over to Leo, seeming to notice him being there for the first time. She strains upon her bindings to move towards him. "Annoyance."

Looking over his shoulder at Leo, a little frustrated, but not showing it, Stephen looks back at the woman, "Who are they working with?" He asks once more, the eye now floating out of the amulet and moving to the center of the wizards forehead. "I wont ask again."

The woman's eyes widen. God that is some freaky sh- "They side with the snake."

Cryptic, fantastic, just what the doctor ordered. Standing up straight once more Strange looks over to the other demon who has been ignored this whole time. "I'll give you one chance, speak or be gone!" The eyes now staring at him.

The other demon looks to the doctor. "What she said. The snake of many heads."

Strange then turns up the intensity of the eye, washing the demon he was looking at in a light so pure it burns any that aren't. At least burns them metaphysically. "I gave you one chance. Return to whence you came!" The wizard barks at the demon.

The demon tilts his head back in a howl of pain. The head turns violently, giving a sickening crack as tendrils of energy vacate from the face, flowing upwards before vanishing. The body goes limp.

The woman looks on in horror before looking at Strange, "HE ANSWERED!"

With a lightning quick reaction, Stephen gasps but regains his composure for the job at hand. He steels his mind, he can mourn this loss when he's finished. "Answer me simply or suffer the same fate." The sorcerer commands the demon, hoping it didn't catch his momentary lapse in his armor.

"He answered and you still did that!" The woman snaps, "The snake of many heads! The Hydra!"

Stephen shifts in his place and sits down, legs crossed, eyes closed, except for the one on his forehead. He falls very silent and incredibly still. Moments pass, minutes even, the man doesn't react to anything. Roughly ten minutes pass as the wizard opens his eyes. "You are free to go." Standing on his feet, the warlock flairs his hands before him towards the demon, and with a few words spoken the being is transported out of the room to a place in New York City, far from Greenwich. "Leo, tell me everything you know about this Hydra, and Saint George."

Leo watches quietly as Stephen seems to have a bit of a personal crisis before coming to the decision to show mercy to the creature, sending it and host away. He points over to the third human in the room, "He's dreaming about his time with the Order of Saint George. But as with a lot of dreams untouched, they jump around." He studies the man, "They have a number of folks in their cult wearing red robes. And the occasional green and yellow uniform comes to interact with them.

"Do you have any ideas what to do with this one?" Stephen asks, his solemn mood now showing fully. He moves towards the one no longer breathing and frowns madly, not sure how to do with this death he's caused. This single human, who he has vowed to protect. This is his fault.

Leo looks over to the body, frowning. "I'd say that one is up to you. But it looks like they were part of the group too." He pauses, "It is likely he also chose to let that thing in. Remember that."

"I know they weren't good men, but that's not up to me. I am not to take the life of any being." Strange says solemnly. He stands straight once more, but his head doesn't level out. He walks out of the room and leaves the scene, too distraught to deal with it at the moment.


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