2014-06-17 Meeting of The Minds - Part I
Players: Bruce Banner, Kitty Pryde, SHIELD Agent (NPC)
GMed by Lore
Title: Meeting of The Minds (Part One)

Down in the lab, a SHIELD technician is looking over some data. She put out a call for some assistance from both the Avengers and Xavier's people, hoping to get at least a better understanding of the strange blue energy Hydra seems to have.

Bruce walks in, looking at the technician, "So, any updates on whatever that blue glow is?" Heading over to the screen, his hand raising to touch the screen

"GUEST" badge hanging from her lapel, Kitty Pryde is a little wide-eyed as she's led into the lab. She's dressed up for the occasion, finding a white blouse and a loose cream-colored skirt, but she still can't help but look really young compared to most everyone around her; an effect not entirely helped by her hair being sectioned into twin braids. And the gawking.

It's easy to get lost in this place. Jono really just wanted to see about Mike and Loki, and heard they were here. Except now he's lost. So as he walks in, with a confused expression on what of his face can be seen.

The female SHIELD researcher/technician grins as specialists (and one guest) file in. "Welcome, everyone. I appreciate you coming down on such short notice. Doctor Banner, Ms. Pryde, you have had direct exposure to the carrier of this energy. Have you noticed any adverse effects?" It isn't likely to affect outsiders, though those who have been in close proximity to Loki may have felt their hair stand on edge. "Who is this young man? Has he too been exposed to the energy source?" She starts pointing scanners at him, recording readings onto a computer.

Bruce shakes his head, "Nope, I haven't noticed any effects. If anything, I'm rather interested in what it's doing to our young Asgardian."

Kitty turns her attention to the matter at hand as they're addressed. "Ummm, no? Though around our place it's a little tough to notice things like that. There are a lot of kids who sort of accidentally cause adverse effects. My toes haven't started falling off or anything. And the alarms haven't been going off…" Usually those are two pretty good signs there's something new going on that's bad. "And before I came over I checked all our computers, nothing seemed kerfuzzled." Though it looks like Jono's about to get a little kerfuzzled.

Probably worse than kerfuzzled, given those readings. The SHIELD technician may just regret scanning Jono. He has no heartbeat or breathing. And he's literally a battery of biokinetic energy. Probably not the same energy as the blue glow, so there's that. But yeah. Kid is a walking battery. <…Oh, er. I jus' came ter check on some friends o' mine.> It's telepathic speech, but 'audible' to anyone who's 'listening'.

She nods, turning a monitor around to show them a screen with the outline of the Asgardian's body on it both horizontal and vertical. "We can't determine where this energy is coming from, but it isn't native to the Asgardian's system. Whatever it is, we're getting information from other agents that it is showing signs of intelligence. An intelligent energy form inside the body of a god, well, I don't have to tell you what kind of a mess /that/ can be." She taps some keys on the keyboard and the screen shows the result of the scans the last time Loki was here in the lab. "This is from a week or so ago." It looks like a powerful aura on the screen, reading red on the scale.

Bruce hmms, "Intelligent in what way? Is it avoiding the scans some how?" He goes over to another monitor, and taps a few points on the screen

Kitty steps in closer to look, her youthful exuberance dampened as she seems to take the problem quite seriously. "Whoa…" she says as she moves in behind him. "And nothing in him? Like a parasite or anything? What kind of energy is it?"

Well, at least the technician has something to distract her from Jono. Thus Jono finds an unobtrusive corner to observe from. Ignore the wrapped up mutant half-mummy over there…

"No, it isn't avoiding the scans. As you can see, it's quite powerful. Here," She brings up a second monitor. "This is a normal reading of the Asgardian's power levels. The energy inside of him is still quite powerful but it's different. This new energy is forcing its way in a d pushing out the other energy. It's sort of like that young man's energy readings. The energy would push it out and take over the host."

Bruce hmms, "Well, so, we have to find either the source of the energy, or somehow seal Loki in the equivalent of a Faraday cage to prevent the energy from reaching him."

"So it /is/ a parasite," Kitty mumbles as she watches Bruce poke at the screens. "What kind of energy is it? I mean if it's electrical I may know some people, or magnetic, stellar, ummm… I guess if it's gamma you've already got that covered…"

"It screams of cosmic energy. Intelligent cosmic energy. I did a little research and I think there is information regarding another such energy source back in the 40s." She looks to Bruce and nods. "That is a possibility but how will you keep him there?"
Kitty pages, "Has any phoenix stuff happened in this game/universe?"
Bruce tilts his head, "What do you mean? I mean, if we have the means to cut his connection to the energy, that should keep him here. The challenge is to cut off the energy."

Kitty fidgets with her guest badge as she listens. "Well, is it something coming out through him, or like, something in him? Like maybe he's possessed. Or trying to be." She frowns a little bit as she looks at the readings. "Why do these look a little familiar…? I want to say I've seen something like this when I was poking around somewhere."

"Yes but how will you keep Loki from getting to the energy? He can teleport, shapeshift, use immense energy and is now filled with cosmic intelligent energy." The woman rubs her temples. "This is why I've brought you here, to sound out ideas."

Bruce looks to Kitty, "Oh? Where were you when you came across a 'similar' energy, Miss Pryde? This certainly isn't run of the mill." He looks to the tech, "You saying he acts like he needs it? Like an addiction or something?"

Kitty bounces up and down on the balls of her feet as she stares up towards the ceiling, chanting a mantra of, "Umm, umm, umm…" Her fingertips snapping at her sides. "I swear I can think of this. I know I've seen something like it referenced somewhere, but it was like years ago. Things were all crazy… Something about clothes… Umm, umm, umm… Cosmic… Energy… Scanners…"

The SHIELD technician nods. "Like Cookie Monster needs Cookies. He gravitates to it like crack, pardon the expression. I don't need to tell you that a god of mischief on crack is a VERY bad idea. We keep trying to follow him and get a look at what it is, but the Hydra soldiers always keep it contained within a case, only opening it enough for the energy to be released." She looks to Kitty, smiling. "Don't think too hard and it will come to you!"

Bruce grumbles, "We have a trace on the thing? Maybe it might be better to find the thing, and Hydra, and take it back? If it's putting off that much energy, we should have something to find it."

"Finding… scanning… Empire threat protection matrix!" Kitty bounces as she finally remembers. "The Shi'ar. Big empire, wide hair, long story, the Prof could tell you more; but I ended up having to poke around in their computers after this whole… empress kidnapping plot that almost blew up the earth," like most plots seem to, "and while I was messing with their scanners I saw something similar. And it was like, on their FBI's most wanted sort of list. I think it's similar though. Same sort of patterns. But it was supposed to be something like… HUGE with a capitol -uge."

The technician blinks at Kitty, then snaps out of it and looks at Bruce. "What do you think about a way to negate the energy? Or devise a way to negate the Asgardian's powers? Can cosmic energy be contained? We have the readings which include detailed information as far as we know. There may be much more than we can see with our instruments, but do you think you could attempt to build a containment unit? Do you have a way of finding out what it is you're talking about, Kitty?"

Bruce hmms, before turning to the screen, and starts a search. Various things come up, before one that seems prominent appears. "Ever hear of Project Pegasus? They are talking about an energy source that acts beyond anything known."

Kitty is used to people giving her that look, but she's pretty sure she's right. "I can check back at the mansion, we'd have some stuff there I think, in the archives. This was like… 4 or 5 years ago now, and we've done a ton of upgrades since then. I couldn't exactly make copies of what I discovered, but we might be able to reach out to the Shi'ar, their Empress is actually really cool. I can send them a copy of your scans maybe." She shifts to look at the screen to see what this Pegasus thing is all about.

"Project Pegasus…yes. We try to keep most of this information confidential, but since this could be a global catastrophe, I will give both of you clearance." She brings up information on the screen and begins searching through the databanks. "Cosmic…cosmic…" At some point Cosmic Cube must come up on the screen.

Bruce okays, "So, if we go and talk to them. Maybe they have a way to track the energy, if it's the same. Send them a copy of the scans, see if there's a correlation between what we have, and go from there."

Kitty nods her head, chewing on her lower lip as she goes back to fiddling with her badge. "I'll see what they can do, we don't exactly have their telephone number. It's complicated…"
The SHIELD agent taps her chin, looking at the screen. "All right. You have all the information I can give you right now. See what you can come up with and contact me. We need to move on this soon, since it can endanger the entire planet."

Bruce smiles, "Will do. Uhm, meet back here in say 24 hours with any updates?"

Kitty nods her head. "I may not have anything yet, but I'll try. If not I'll let everyone know."

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