2014-06-17 Time for a little exorcise
Players: Loki Phantasm Frigga Tyr
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Time for a little… exorcise

The youngest son of Odin was brought to the dungeons immediately, not because Loki is being punished, but because the fields around the cells serve to contain anything that the healers can exorcise from Loki's body. He was bound in chains and muzzled as respectfully as possible, his armor removed and his wound cleaned up and bandaged. The Allmother leads a group of healers and sorcerers into the cell, immediately forming a circle around the body that had been laid on a table covered with a gold cloth, a plush pillow beneath his head. They look at each other and lift their arms, preparing for the purging ceremony.

Not really feeling the bumps and grinds of the battle between Thor and Loki, save for that one weird time where the dream kind of hiccupped. Chaos there, chaos not, then back to chaos. Weird. Normally he wouldn't have been able to stick around for all that but something just seemed to have strapped him in for the ride. WHEE! The head bobs around curiously. WHY is he still in here? How did Loki fallasleep again so damn quickly?

Loki fell asleep so fast due to an Uru hammer hitting him upside the head. The healers on either side of Loki place a hand on his forehead and hold hands with the others. They begin their chanting, attempting to draw the hostile energy from Loki. Inside his mind, the barriers around him begin to fade, leaving only a bit of nonsense between Mike and the Asgardian.

With the colors starting to mute and the numbers lessening, the bird blinks as he starts to see Loki again, "Loki?!" He flies over, perching on his shoulder. "You alri-" He pauses, "Well, ok, you've got some weird shit going on but, can you hear me?"

Loki puts a hand through his hair and groans quietly. "I think so…M-Mike? What are you doing in here? Wait…I'm here which means the intelligence has lost its hold for the moment. What am I going to do, Mike? This is terrible."

"You're dreaming, Loki." Phantasm answers, tilting his head to look to the Asgardian. "What do you last remember before going, " He pauses to whistle, waving a wing so two wings point to the side of his head in illustration, "Before it took over?" He pauses, "The intelligence?"

"I don't know…I remember walking down the street, and some soldiers came up to me. They had a cube shaped object in a box, and the energy it gave off felt so good. I had to have more…now I am in…Asgard? I hear mother. Mother is there? She would try to save me? What are you doing here, anyway?"

The bird blinks. "Asgard?" His head turns, looking around. "Well, guess they succeeded." He shakes his head, "When Leo pointed out that although you were moving around that you were asleep. I came into your dream to try and wake you. Your blue eyed friend was less than receptive to getting you help."

"It got into my head and forced me to sleep." He folds his legs indian style as he listens to the chanting, occasionally grimacing. "Well, I appreciate your help and concern, my friend, but I hope you don't get caught up in all of this and somehow either injured or killed."

"I've been told that there is one certainty in life" Phantasm replies, giving a sigh, " and that is death. The way you get to that point is the story." He pauses, "And that was incredibly morbid. Like this line of onversation. Okay! On topic again. Loki, can you wake up?"

"You then, are not a god." Loki sighs, rubbing his forehead. "Well, we can die, just not of old age. I don't know if I can wake up. The intelligence is weakened at this moment, which is why I can talk to you. It may try to expel you. Be very careful." He listens to the spell being cast outside and puts a hand to his head as his whole world turns bright blue for a moment. "It's not going to be as quick and painless as I thought."

The bird looks around, to the scenery change. "I have no sense of touch like this… You can feel this?"

"It's my body, and my mind. Of course I can feel it." Loki grits his teeth and clenches his fists at his temples as it tries to take him over again. He groans and starts losing it again, the chaos starting to encroach on the small space where he and Mike reside.

With the change of the environment, the bird clings on to Loki's shoulder, which is more visible than physical in nature. "I don't know what is going on out there. But I'm guessing that it'll be much harder for them to help you if that other thing takes over fully again. So please. Focus. If you can do ANYTHING to keep itat bay. DO it."

"Don't you think I've been trying?" Loki hisses, not meaning to sound snippy. "I'm not going to wake up any time soon. Thor hit me with Mjolnir. In the head. If anything has weakened my resolve, it is that." Loki will of course win his fight, but it's not easy. "If I don't make it, tell Thor and Frigga I'm sorry."

"Fine." Mike mutters, "But I don't think you did anything wrong and you better not make it to where I have to say that to them." The bird looks a little cross. "Ok, other than waking up… What can we do to slow this thing down and buy your mom time to help or at least speed up her side of things?"

"Sorry." Loki huffs, looking over at Mike. "I don't know. It's replaced all but my darkest magic pool and I can't use that without unleashing some serious problems. What do you suggest? I really need your advice, Mike…I'm losing my mind." He sounds a little paniced, but otherwise his normal quiet self.

The bird hrms. "I guess we do what we can to keep you alert, so to speak. Keep it focused on you that it doesn't notice whatever is going outside? Come to think of it, wouldn't it have to have been very distracted to even let me in?"

"Thor hit me in the head with Mjolnir. It's a wonder I even survived. I'm going to be stuck like this for days if I ever wake up at all. Maybe we can bang some pots and pans…or conjure illusions…I Don't know."

"Well, It's hard to kill a God." Phantasm points out, "You've said something of a similar note. And he was probably running under the same idea when he did it. That intelligence wasn't all that keen on you getting help after all." He pauses, giving a bit of a smile, "Pots and pans? Hell, why not drums and guitar? Let's make this place so loud and annoying that it's just BEGGING to get out."

"I'm not sure…I have to live in here too. But…it IS hard to kill a god. What if I just died? That would drive it out of my system! It could work…I don't know how to play the drums or the guitar."

The bird smirks, "That's the perks of it being your dream. You don't have to really know how to play. You just… play. This is your own little world and only you control it."

Loki frowns and nods. "I suppose you're right. Can we rest first, though? I am…quite tired." He sits back down, tilting over to curl his arms beneath his head as blue tendrils begin to slowly creep in toward them like creepy snakes, threatening to attack Mike.

The bird caws loudly, smacking Loki's side before having to dodge one of te blue tendrils. "No Loki! You have to stay with me! Focus! If you don't, it'll be free to lash out at your mom!"

Loki blearily opens his eyes, watching as the tendrils come toward them. "It is all right…Ragnarok will come." He says dreamily. "It's enevitable anyway…"

The bird looks over towards Loki as he replies. Well if that didn't just scream forboding… The bird gives a regretful look to Loki, "Forgive me. Fight it. I will return." HOPEFULLY. With that, the bird vanishes from the dream.

And appears in the cell with the healers and sorcerors, which is likely not the best of entrances. He holds up his wings in a pre-emptive placating gesture, "Before you ask, Friend. Not Foe."

Outside of Loki's mind, the sorceresses led by the Allmother are working to purge the son of Odin of the hostile intelligent energy that has taken a foothold. His head is bandaged, just a quick patch when he was brought down here. The healers don't know the real extent of the damage, but at least he won't bleed all over the floor. His hands and feet are bound, arranged neatly, and the strage metal muzzle is over his mouth, ensuring that the intelligence inside him can't access any memories and cast any spells. The sorceresses aren't distracted by Mike's arrival, but the Einharjar draw their weapons, training them on the bird, even as he announces himself as a friend. Better to be safe than sorry.

With it apparent that they're not going to actively try to kill him off the bat, Phantasm's wings lower as he looks over to the Sorceresses and Allmother. And then to the bandage on the head. "That's all that's needed for a mjolnir hit?" He asks, not really expecting an answer.

One of the guards puts his weapon back in its sheath and replies. "There was no time to go to the healing room first. His wounds will be dealt with once the danger has passed. The realm's safety is of the utmost importance. Identify yourself."

"Phantasm." The bird replies, "Friend of Loki's." He pauses looking to the injury, "That's not good…" He shakes his head. "I did get a bit of info from Loki about the thing in his head. Not sure if it'll be helpful or not but anyone here know about something called The Intelligence? Or cubes that give off a lot of energy?"

Frigga looks to Mike and the guards, waving for them to back off. "My son has spoken of you before. You are unique as the mortal he thought highly enough of to sacrifice his life. We have no knowledge of anything called The Intelligence, but we have in the past dealt with a cube that gave off tremendous energy."

The bird nods as she mentions the cube. "He spoke of you several times as well. I wish meeting you could have been on better terms." Ok enough with pleasantries, back to the Loki, "What I got from Loki in his dream was limited but, the thing inside him, he referred to as 'The Intelligence' and, the last thing he remembers are some soldiers opening a box that had a cube in it that gave off some energy that made him feel funny. It's also trying to keep him under. We were trying to get him to wake up but, well." He looks to the bandage, "Complications."

Frigga walks around to look down at Loki with a worried expression. "He is too young to know anything about the Tesseracts. It was several millenia ago we encountered an object also known as a cosmic cube. If it is similar in origin, we cannot allow the energy to leave this room, it must be contained." She tilts her head to the side with a frown. "At all costs."

The bird's head tilts, voice betraying concern, "But, you guys should be able to get that stuff out of him, right?"

"We've never had to draw it out of a mortal let alone an Asgardian before. I'm not certain we'll be able to extract it without taking him with it. Loki is so different."

"But if it doesn't get extracted, it's going to probably take him anyways." The bird surmises beak forming a frown, "Is there anything that we can do from Loki's side to help with things?"

What starts as a faint tapping grows into the heavy approach of what must be a larger man. A broad furred cloak wraps Tyr Odinson's shoulders, the dark mustache hugging the severe features of his round face in a perpetual frown. "I have been summoned for my talents, dear mother." He calls, studying each present face carefully. His sharp blue eyes appear keen and slippery, more so than the Thunderer.

The Allmother looks up from talking to Mike, straightening her posture. "Tyr. It's good to see you. Thank you for coming. Please, take your place but do not disturb the circle of sorceresses. Mike, if you are to remain, please come over here where you will be safe."

It must be a bit hard to study a raven's face. But possibly a bit easier when the raven's face isn't quite matching up to the laws of nature with the availability of such expresions. Phantasm turns to look over to Frigga, "If it won't hinder the work here, I'd rather go back into his dreaml. He should know what's going on."

"Though I know well how little you know of my method, the reports were correct in my ability to hold firm his twisted soul." Tyr explains, flicking the edge of his cloak aside to reveal the gold-capped stumo along his arm. "Tis disturbing, mother. You must trust that it will be effective."

He reassures, turning down to regard Loki with something closer to sadistic joy. "…and you, ser /firebrand./ I take special /pleasure/ in assisting today." He sneers, stub erupting into a violent burst. What looks like the ethereal manifestation of blood and thunder twirls the joint, coalescing into the rough-hewn facsimile of a hand. It is distorted and warped, jagged along the edges with a strained gauntness; one so sharp it looks closer to a great raptor's talon than the hand of a man.

"Fair and noble healers…" Tyr mutters of the healers, thin lips parting into a predatory smile. "Stabilize both mind and body." He orders. With a deft thrust his arm lets fly, burying his talons to the second knuckles through the edge of his shoulder. That infernal thumb he looks around, digging in just below the collar bone to grip well. "His soul…Tis a vile, writhing thing. I shall hold it fast."

"Do not claim to know what is in his soul," Frigga says harshly. "You do not know your brother at all. Be gentle, there is no need for roughness. Mike, if you wish to help, you are welcome to do so though I cannot guarantee your safety."

The raven glares over at Tyr. And if it wasn't for the fact it's coming from a two foot tall bird and the recipient's a god of war, well. MAYBE It would have been intimidating.

… Ok, maybe not intimidating, but the message would likely be easier sent. He no likey Tyr. Tyr is asshole. But at least since he's not saying it out loud there's no concern later on for apologizing should THIS guy actually save a life. Breaking his glare, he turns to Frigga giving a nod. "Thank you. Anything you want me to tell him?"

"I have made no claim, your grace. What is, simply is." Tyr replies, turning a silent appraisal towards the unusual raven then back into Loki's sharp face. "If extraction is to begin I recommend it be now." Tyr urges, inspecting the trickster for any sign of awareness.

The sorceresses continue chanting, and Frigga frowns at Tyr. "You're wrong. I hope you will learn that." She steps back and joins the sorceresses, leaving Mike to do his thing. To him she says "Tell him we love him and eagerly await his recovery." And let the extraction process begin!

With the message provided, the bird gives a nod, "Got it." His expression relaxes, seeming a little relieved about something as he spreads his wings and takes off, vanishing from view as he sets to re-enter Loki's dream.

A mother is never going to see any of her sons as twisted or evil. "Prepare the containment relic," She says as the blue energy is drawn out of Loki's body and into the air, hovering there.

Be it because of the distraction of an exorcism or perhaps Loki is actively allowing Mike in, the bird's return into the chaotic world of the dream is unhindered. Upon crossing over, Phantasm adjusts his path to go into the direction he last found his friend. "Loki!"

As the energy is drawn out of him, Loki's body twitches a bit, straining the chains around his hands and feet. They are made from enchanted Asgardian steel, of course, and not even Thor or Tyr could hope to break them. The process is a touch violent, Tyr would have to anchor himself as well as Loki against the torrent of energy flooding into the air, threatening to latch onto someone, trying to keep its hold on its host. Frigga removes the muzzle from Loki's face, since it seems a bit drastic at this point, and the trickster whispers a word: "Miiiiiike."

Hearing the name also called in the dream, the bird gives a small sigh of relief. "Good, you're still with us." He flies quickly, coming over to Loki's shoulder to perch. "Your mom wishes me to tell you that they love you and eagerly await your recovery," He greets, "The've come across something similar before. That said, bear with them while they try to get this Intelligence thing out of you."

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