2014-06-18 Healing Up
Players: Loki, Phantasm, Thor
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Healing Up

The Healing Room is one of the most used rooms in the Palace. The main

portion of the room is open to the air with a large triangular pit in the

center where a roaring fire burns with healing properties. Large lounges

surround the pit so its occupants can sit in comfort while they are healed

and restored.

There is another part to the healing room for the more critical cases,

where the Asgardian healers perform their magic and tend to the sick or

badly injured with salves, potions, spells and good old fashioned tools and


Loki has been cleared of the intelligent energy that had such a grip on his body and mind and let out of the dungeon, brought to the healing room and given the attention he needed and left to sleep it off on one of the large plush couches. As the morning star peeks out from behind the nebula, bathing the city in a golden light, Loki sits on the couch with a cup and saucer in his hands, watching the light as it creeps into the healing room. He seems a little groggy, but that can be attributed to the herbs they've been giving him to help his throbbing head.

Upon the edge of the sofa on which Loki sits a raven perches. Feathers fluffed out, it looks almost like the bird is dead. There is no rise or fall to the chest to indicate breathing, nor does it make a sound. But the occasional turn of the head as it keeps watch does remove the initial thought.

Thor has left behind his usual helm and cape as he foraged for specific items after his training during the day, leaving his blond hair cascading over the tabard belted atop his mail. He storms into the room and shuts the door at his back with a heavy, grinding thud, shifting on a heel to regard first Loki then the Raven with frigid, sapphire eyes.

His body dips as he strolls towards the side of Loki's bed, a pair of leather straps from a burlap bag dangling from between his knuckles. "Brother." He calls, clearing his throat as he comes to loom over the broken trickster. He fishes for words for a moment before barking back down. "Have they been able to mend your wounds well?"

Loki looks over as the doors close, and the cup and saucer rattle slightly in his hands even though his expression reveals no fear. When he comes closer, Loki looks up at him. "Thor. I am surprised to see you. Yes, the healers were able to mend my head, though I suppose they cannot do as much to heal my memory of what led to such a thing." He sets his cup and saucer aside, giving Mike a slight nod that everything is OK.

Mike looks to the approaching Thor but doesn't share in the the same cold look. Intentionally. The black beady eyes of the raven does little for warmth. But his expression is not mirroring the one given to Tyr earlier, which is progress. He glances towards Loki, returning the nod. "You mentioned soldiers opening a box with a cube in it. When I relayed it to your mother she mentioned a cosmic cube."

Thor arches his fair brow at the words and gives his head a shake. "Surprised?" He echoes curiously, lifting the bag and dropping it at the foot of the bed. His rough fingers flip the thing open and begin to extract the curiosities within. First to be removed are a fresh loaf of bread with a small sack of honeybutter which is carefully set at Loki's side. A dagger is removed from a sheath at Thor's belt and placed over the loaf to slice and spread as needed. A warm, leather bladder is removed as well and tossed onto Loki's stomach with a small grin.

The final gift is wrapped firmly in the confines of the sack and handed, concealed, towards Loki. "Tis distressing that you think yourself loathed."

Loki nods, wincing slightly. "Yes, surprised, considering we haven't exactly gotten along lately. Oh, you have brought me such treats. Please sit and share them with me. Mike, return to your normal form and have some as well. You will find that it puts your bland Midgardian food to shame." He catches the other sack and looks inside, removing his round Ram plushie. His eyes widen and his eyebrows shoot up. "Thor- thank you so much! I would offer you a hug, but it would appear unmasculine."

The raven looks to the spread being laid out before the trickster. It is at aroound this point that the question of when did he have his last meal come to mind. But there isn't much time to ponder as Loki invites him to share in the food. Wings spread and the raven flies off, doing a headfirst flip as he starts to enlarge back to the visage of his stage persona. Necessary? Perhaps not. But perhaps it is theperformer in him that makes him be such a show off. "I don't think it would appear that way if the ones in question were related." The wild hair flattens and the stage makeup fades as Mike switches back to full human mode. "Family and all."

"Apologies, but I must deny you the mead." Thor says to Mike, affording a sheepish shrug. "Our spirits are lethal to mortal constitutions."

Loki is given a small shake of his head. "I will have to pass. I have only just finished training and spending some time in the smithy. I had to place a special order for you." He remarks, offering Mike a chair and stomping aside to claim his own. "Is the cube within the vault?"

"I guess so. I don't remember anything other than being hit and then hearing someone chanting but it is quite bleary." He nods and holds his Ran plushie. "I was just a passenger, but I assume they were successful in purging the energy."

Mike sits down in the offered chair, looking to Thor. "If there is one, I wouldn't know about it. What was taken out of Loki was more of an energy which came from one. I'd assume the soldiers still have the one that got used on-" The rocker pauses, eyes widening for a few moments before turning to look back over towards Loki, "Any chance these soldiers that had the box were wearing green and yellow?"

"Whosoever would raise a hand against the throne of Asgard courts an early grave." Thor muses, looking to Loki expectantly. "Who else would it be used on?"

"I don't know." Loki says to Thor, then nods to Mike. "Yes. Why? Do you know of them?" He turns the round Ram in his hands, feeling its softness. "I think they were looking to capture Thor, not me. I just happened to be an easy target."

At the confirmation, Mike mutters a curse, "Not really. But they've shown up at a few places causing problems. And if the battle cries are any indicators, we're dealing with a group called Hydra." He looks over to Thor, "And I'm betting that's where we'll find the cube they used on Loki. With them."

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