2014-06-18 That's Motivation
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Leo (NPC)
GMed by Mwah ha ha
Title: That's Motivation

Hoboken, New Jersey - Leo's Bar

Stephen steps into the bar and looks over at the owner, "Leo?" He requests as eh walks into the room and moves to sit at the bar. The wizard is dressed in a three piece suit, grey with a dark slate color for the shirt underneath. His eyes are a distant stare but still more focused than they were when he left his basement a short time ago.

With a day Strange's last convenient stop by the bar, the bartender turns his head curiously as his name's called out. Upon recognizing the only other person in the bar, the man gives a smile to the doctor. "Hello Doctor. What can I get you? First drink. On the house."

"I could use it." Strange says, "Scotch." The wizard gives out his order. Fidgeting his backside to find a good spot on the stool. "I've come to ask you a few questions." Stephen notes before he begins his questions. "How are you and Mike related? I know you are both phantasm's."

Giving a nod, Leo turns to retrieve a glass, moving towards the ice bin, "You mean, are we actual family?" He shakes his head, grabbing a metal scoop to get out some ice. "No. Kid's an only child. Only family I know of that he still has alive is a no-show father and an aunt that disowned him." He pauses, looking to Strange, "And no, I'm not the father."

"But you are related in a way. You have the same magics. This intrigues me Leo." Stephen says thanks when he takes the glass away and lifts it to his lips.

"But that connection isn't a herditary thing." Leo responds, resting his hands on the lowered portion of the work area as he leans his weight on it. "He's my replacement."

"Hmm. So why are these Demons targeting you two? What make's the phantasm such a threat to them?" Strange inquires, lowering his glass this time.

"I'm not all that sure about that one." Leo admits, monitoring the level of Strange's drink with a slight glance, "Well, the kid's probably upset a few more by expanding his… musical repetoire beyond Raphael's Flask, but as far as demons are concerned, unless they're dream based, they're mostly left alone." He shrugs. "I haven't been doing much to draw their attention and I'd have assumed with the abilities split and separated, Mike's wouldn't have either."

Stephen puts a hand to his chin and ponders these things, "You're not too helpful Leo." Steve says with a hint of jest. "Then have you had dealings with Hydra at all?" This is a mystery to solve and one that needs to be worked out sooner than later.

"Hydra?" Leo asks, shaking his head. "Not that I know of. I tended to focus on the dream dimensions when I was active." Looking to Stephen's drink, he takes it and starts to top it off again. "You're more likely to run into demons there than that." He pauses, "Although, sometimes, you do fly into an odd dream or two. Entirely possible one of those could have been one of theirs. They would have to be extremely perceptive to remember one of us passing through though." He turns back with the drink. "Nightmare's more likely to remember us than someone from Hydra."

Stephen holds up a hand and shakes his head, refusing to drink further. "Nightmare." Stephen whispers under his breath. "I must be going!" The wizard gets up and moves towards the door.

Leo blinks, as Stephen repeats the name of the demon, a bit surprised, "Something I said?"

"Exactly what you said." Stephen says, making a hand motion on his way out to repair the bathroom doors and the tiling.


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