2014-06-18 That's Spying
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange
GMed by Phantasm
Title: That's Spying

Strange is in his astral form and is there for invisible. In this state of non-corporeal-ness, the wizard has flown across the city, following a member of the demon infested cult he's been combating lately. As such the unwitting assistant has led the good doctor to the group's headquarters.

Stepping into the halfway house, the freed demon glances around, before walking towards the office of the house's manager. There is no knocking. The door is opened and she steps in, looking over to a man in his mid-40s seated behind a desk.

The man glances up, looking over to the newcomer. "Well isn't this a pleasant surprise."

Those capable of perceiving such things, would notice a man's head slowly seep through the wall, just below the ceiling. He simply hangs there as if his head was mounted to the wall, some revolting trophy from a hunt. The Wizard simply observes and interprets all he sees and hears.

Fortunately for Strange, Deadpool isn't here to yellow box his whereabouts.

The one Strange was following frowns, "One is with the Asgardians, the other, the Sorceror was with. We lost Ilisam."

The man behind the desk's polite smile fades "Well, that is problematic."

Strange remains silent and yet his mind is abustle with several thoughts and pathways opening to him as he listens in on the information they seem to give freely.

"Roake is gone as well."

"Well," The man continues, leaning forward, folding his fingers, "What is it they say? Try try again." He pauses, "We'll try another approach."

As Strange was considering getting a message to Thor or one of the other Asgardian's, this new knowledge is dropped upon him. Hmmming to himself, his head stays afloat on the wall, watching.

The demon powered person nods, "Do we really need the both of them?"

The man eyes the other, giving a smile, not so much comforting but more commanding, "I believe it is time for you to take a break for now." He fidgets a little, hands playing with the papers. "Although, preferably not here. For the cause."

Content that he's gotten the bulk of the information to be had at the moment, the wizard slips further into the room and pokes his head up a little, to look into the room above with his astral self.

What Strange is presented with is a rather strung out looking man who seems a bit… agitated. It is a halfway house after all.

Frowning at the sad sight, Strange forces his will to move back below the floor boards. With the speed of thought he returns to his corporeal form sitting safely in his Greenwich abode.


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