2014-06-22 Hitting the Streets for Answers
Players: Loki, Street, Wade Shaw(NPC)
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Hitting the Streets for Answers


The East Village is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, lying east of Greenwich Village, south of Gramercy and Stuyvesant Town, and north of the Lower East Side. Within the East Village are several smaller neighborhoods, including Alphabet City and the Bowery.

The area was once generally considered to be part of the Lower East Side, but began to develop its own identity and culture in the late 1960s, when many artists, musicians, students and hippies began to move into the area, attracted by cheap rents and the base of Beatniks who had lived there since the 1950s. The neighborhood has become a center of the counterculture in New York, and is known as the birthplace and historical home of many artistic movements, including punk rock and the Nuyorican literary movement. It has also been the site of protests and riots.

The East Village is still known for its diverse community, vibrant nightlife and artistic sensibility, although in recent decades gentrification has changed the character of the neighborhood somewhat

Street sits quietly on a stoop, occasionaly sipping at a flask filled with an unknown substance within. He picks up a nearby cigarette but and lights it, squeezing out the last bits of nicotine with a smile.

Street flicks the butt off into the street with an air of nonchalance. He sips again at the mysterious liquid and sighs to himself as he gathers in the sights and sounds around him.

Street glances at the street, noticing a police car cruising slowly past. "That's right, keep going you fucking pig." he mutters to himself.

Emerging from the Coffee Bean, a man in his mid to late twenties pauses outside of the door, glancing around with a frown. Bringing a hand up he runs his fingers through his dirty blonde hair giving a grumble of discontent.

Street notices this stranger and offers a smile in response to the frown on the man's face.

"God dammit Mike," Wade mutters, stepping away from the coffee shop entrance. Feeling stressed, he steps further away from the store and consequently a bit closer to Street. During his visual sweep of the area, he catches sight of the smile and gives a nod of acknowledgement. Starting to close the distance between him and the vagrant. "Hey."

Street returns the nod in kind. "Howdy. Why so glum?" he asks with mild interest.

I'm looking for a friend." Wade answers, still glancing around, "Uh, how long have you been hanging around here? Maybe you've seen him."

Street checks the spot where a watch could be but isn't. "A while, most of the day so far." he responds with a shrug.

Street says, "What's your friend look like?"

Street takes another pull from his flask, holding back the urge to vomit. He glances around and finds another decent sized cigarette butt, lighting it with a sort of glee and satisfaction.

"Oh geez." Wade shakes his head, "Guy. Longish brown hair, pale blue eyes, kind of could be mistaken for a girl from a distance. About…" He holds up a hand, positioning it about a couple inches higher than him. "Don't think he had a gig last night so his hair would either be flat or pulled back in a ponytail…""

Street shakes his head in apology. "Sorry man. Haven't seen 'em. If I do is there a message I can pass along?

Street finishes off the last three hits of his cigarette butt in rapid succession and then flicks it as well to the street. He lifts his flask and gives it a shake, checking the amount that remains. With a shrug that is more to himself than to anyone else he finishes the contents with a grimace.

Wade pauses in the description as Street tells him no, "Well, if you see him and if he answers to Mike, Tell him to answer the fucking phone."

Street nods in ascent. "Will do man. Will do. You wouldn't happen to have a couple of bucks would you?" He brandishes his now empty flask. "I'm running dry over here."

Looking to Street's cigarette and drink. Wade frowns a bit, "What do you want to drink?"

Street shrugs noncomittaly "Anything strong and cheap. Whisky's my preffered poison. I'd throw you a line about being hungry and homeless only you don't strike me as the type who'd buy that. Besides, honesty's the best policy and all." He offers a hopefull glance.

Wade considers Street for a few moments before giving a bit of a smile, "Sure. One condition though."

Street raises an eyebrow. "Alright, what did you have in mind?"

"Well, if you run into Mike." Wade starts, reaching into his pocket to pull out his wallet. "Along with telling him to answer his fucking phone, you don't tell him I did this." He fishes out some cash and hands it over to Street.

Street nods appreciatively. "Yer secrets safe with me man. Thanks." He takes the money with a genuine smile and pockets it. "Seriously, thanks man."

Street extends a hand toward the stranger. "Name's Luke."

"No problem, Luke." Wade replies, giving a smile as he slides his wallet back into his pocket. He extends his hand towards Luke when done, "Wade."

Street says, "Pleasure to meet ya Wade."

"Same here." He sighs, glancing around. "Well, I should probably get back to looking for the disappearing friend. Got a few more places to check. People to talk to, all that jazz."

Street nods knowingly. "I get ya. By the way, your friend doesn't happen to hang out with a dude who dresses like he belongs in an off broadway play slathered in green does he?"

Wade turns his head, looking to Street curiously, "…Loki?"

Street smiles "Of Asgard if I remember right, wherever the fuck that is. That guy shakes a hand like it's writhing snake trying to escape or something."

Wade's expression thins a bit. "Yes. He's brought him over once. Didn't seem like a bad kid. You've met him?"

Street says, "Yeah, I guess he didn't come off as a TOTAL prick. That and he's a snappy dresser so I'll give him that."

Wade looks at Street, "What happen? He prank you?"

Street laughs "Nah. Nothing like that. He just came off a little bit… high and mighty.. if ya catch my drift. He seemed alright enough though."

Loki frowns to himself, looming over Wade's shoulder as he glares at Street. . o O (I'm a prince…and a GOD. Of course I am high and mighty.) he thinks, his head throbbing enough that he reaches out, fingertips barely brushing the material of Wade's shirt as he remembers NOT to reach out and grab him to steady himself.

Street intones mockingly "I'm Loki of Asgard, peasant. It's a half pleasure to meet you." He makes an absurd, princely face and then glances around, happily discovering a nearby half cigarette and grabbing it from the ground. He lights it and takes a puff.

At the description of Loki's behavior, he gives a half smile in reaction. He watches as Street picks up the cigarette butt. "Spot on, mostly but I'm guessing he doesn't grab things off the ground and put them in his mouth." The smile fades, "But anyways, why'd you bring him up? Did he mention Mike?"

Street shakes his head. "Nah, but you said this Mike kid is a musician and Loki struck me as the type who'd hang out with that sort. That and I just needed someone to laugh with."

Loki seethes invisibly, giving himself a bigger headache. He makes a hat appear on Wade's head just so he can slap it off. Mortals. Who needs them? No wonder it was said he was destined to destroy their world with Jormungandr.

Street shrugs, glancing at his newly claimed half cigarette. "Waste not, want not, if ya know what I mean. I could live like a king on what folks toss away around here."

"Ah, I was kind of hoping he knew where Mike was." Wade pauses as a hat appears to have been smacked off of his head. Confusing as he was not wearing a hat. "Th-" He turns around, looking for the source of the hat. "…Luke, how long ago did you meet Loki?"

Street shrugs, again glancing at the spot where a watch might exist but fails to exist. "I dunno, it wasn't too long before you walked up I guess." He also takes a look at the hat that has materialized out of nowhere and appears to have been slapped off of his new friend's head. "I imagine he's here right now, if I could guess. He seems to like appearing out of thin air, I wouldn't put it past him to enjoy not appearing out of thin air too."

Street lifts his flask to his lips, seeming to have forgotten that it's now empty. Finding nothing within he mutters "Shit, I need to refill. Excuse me for a moment?"

Wade pinches the bridge of his nose, squinting his eyes shut as he addresses the unseen Asgardian. "Loki, if you're here, and you know where Mike is, let me know. He's got an agent that's pissed off at him right now because he hasn't been returning any calls."

Loki appears, frowning. He's not wearing his armor, which makes him look quite a bit younger. "He is in Asgard. We do not have such technology as telephones."

Street rises to his feet, steadying himself against the hand rail. He offers Loki a smart assed smile. "Nice to see ya again buddy. You guys chat it up, I'll be right back. Watch my spot would ya?"

Street stumbles down the block without a pause, wandering moments later into the liquor store at the end of the block. A moment later he emerges with a large bottle of expensive looking booze and makes his way back toward the stoop. He wordlessly passes the two gentlement and begins attempting to fill his flask from the bottle with half success, producing in his wake a puddle of booze on the ground.

Not quite expecting that answer, Wade looks at Loki with a raised brow. "Yeah, we'll watch it." He pauses, "Asgard?" He looks at Loki's attire, "What is he doing there? Where IS there? And what happened to you? You look like you got hit by a truck!"

Wade looks to the wasted alcohol and sighs before seeing the expensive bottle. "Christ, how much money did you have?!"

Street smirks knowingly "None, but I have… talents."

"I'm not sure I want to know what talents those are."

Street reaches into his pocket producing a penny. He flips it into the air. For a moment a gleem crosses passes over his eyes and in that moment the penny changes into a gold dubloon. He snatches it from the air and hands it to Wade. "For your trouble."

"Thor hit me in order to accomplish something. Asgard is somewhere in the sea of space, a branch of Yggdrasil. Did you not ever study your Norse mythology in school?"

Wade reaches over, taking the dubloon and studies it and then towards Street. "Well, that's a relief. Thanks." He pockets the dubloon before looking to Loki, "There's like maybe a week of Greek mythology and a week of Roman mythology, but I don't think they covered Norse mythology. That's more of an independent study thing… He pauses, "So, the reason he's not answering is because he's on another planet…" He grimaces, "This is bringing up more questions than the ones they're answering."

Street rolls his eyes. "Yggdrasil man, the tree of life. I thought everyone knew that one." He allows the dubloon, now safe in Wade's pocket, to return to it's original form.

Wade looks over towards Street, "The didn't cover that in MY school. Besides, it's been awhile and I was more focused on music study."

Street rises to his feet, again steadying himself against the rail. "Fair enough mate. Welp, you gents take care, I have business to attend." He gathers his large, expensive bottle and heads down the stoop offering a slight wave goodbye. "I'll catch ya around boys." He bows deeply in mock praise to Loki. "Take care, mate." With that he saunters down the street, destination unknown even to him.

"It's not a planet, it's a plane." Loki says, "I'll have Heimdall send Mike back to you. He was concerned, but he belongs here, not in our realm." He looks to the sky and sighs. "I suppose a Midgardian school wouldn't teach the Nine realms properly, anyway."

"Well, every school's got their own set of stuff to teach." Wade replies, "Eighteen years to learn the basic history , science, math, language, and government of your own world is already crammed as is." He shakes his head, "Assuming you actually finish."

"Why do they not require you to s tay there longer? We do not mature until we are much older than eighteen. At eighteen I was still a newborn."

Wade looks at Loki, "Well, it's basic schooling, stuff you should know to function in society. And well, you're legally an adult at eighteen and are old enough to make your own decisions. Once you're old enough you can choose to quit schooling or to continue on to the higher education." He chuckles, "Let's face it, not everyone's cut out for college. They might do better learning a trade instead."

"They should teach you more than that. We have scholarly pursuits, training in combat, lessons in the magical arts, how to identify one giant from another, where to and where not to go. Alfheim, Nidavellir, Skornheim, Nornheim, Jotunheim…there is so much to learn that would enrich your lives so much and yet very few of you ever realize your potential."

"Yeaaaah uh, if we're lucky we live past 60." Wade points out, "A lot of people go on to higher education to learn their specialty. So, that's another four to seven years. So, 18 to 25 years of education without actually doing anything. So we're already talking about what? Three tenths to five tweleves of a life being spent in education alone." He pauses, looking at Loki. "What is YOUR average lifespan?"

Loki shrugs. "For a common Asgardian, five thousand years. For those of us who consume the golden apples, it is indefinite. My love Eir is fourteen thousand, even older than Odin. We spend our lives constantly learning and practicing our trades. Mine happens to be magic, which is unusual for a male."

"You have a LOT more time for you to afford to do that. We don't."

"Well that's not my fault. Figure out how to extend your lifespans!"

"And quit complaining about the manner I got educated!" Wade snaps back, crossing his arms in anger, "For Christ's sake, If you think I'm lacking, what the hell do you think about Mike? He didn't even get to finish the basic schooling the normal way."

"Mike is intelligent! He has wisdom. I think very highly of Mike, which apparently you do not!" Loki mimics the crossed arms, huffing, which doesn't look all that threatening with a bandaged head. "I'm just saying your schools should teach you about US!"

"I never said he was dumb! I was just pointing out that by your standard of what makes a good education that Mike would be lacking. Our schools have very limited resources and very limited time to teach us about what we need to function over HERE while ALSO keeping their students alive from the crazy stuff that pops up. Yeah, so you're not part of the basic education curriculum, we also don't teach 18 year olds how to do open heart surgury but you don't see the hospitals complaining about that. That's what the higher education schools are for!"

Hmph. "Fine. My head is pounding much too much to argue." Loki sighs. "So fine, I shall go tell Heimdall to bring Mike back here. Or perhaps I will just transport him myself."

"Good. Bring him back." Wade replies, voice really irritated. He pauses, "Thanks."

Loki nods, frowning. "Fine." Moving his hands, he begins to cast a spell, but ends up reeling and grabbing for the nearest wall or object. "Just a moment…"

Said object turns out to be a Wade. Upon seeing Loki flailing and obviously not feeling well, he moves over to grab on to the prince. "Nevermind. We'll do this later. Let's get you to the apartment so you can lie down." He adjusts his grip to where he can best help Loki with walking. "Where Mike is… It's safe, right?"

Stumbling, Loki gets back upright. "What? Oh, yes, of course. As long as he doesn't wander outside the city gates, no harm will come to him. Should he choose to explore, I cannot guarantee he won't be eaten by a dragon…or troll…or giant…or bilgesnipe…or any of the other numerous creatures that dwell in our realms."

As Loki lists the ways Mike can get eaten, Wade takes a deep breath. "Ok…I'll just hope Mike doesn't do anything stupid then." He lifts up a hand to draw the attention of a nearby yellow vehicle. "TAXI!"


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