2014-06-26 'Urban Dumpster Dragons' or Mister Whatever-the-Hell
Players: Curtis Ember Felicia Travis Jadice
GMed by Random Acts of Spongebob
Title: Urban Dumpster Dragons or Mister Whatever-the-Hell

Rating: PG-13 for poor attempt at underage smoking


In a back alley behind the famous Shawarma King, something is rummaging around in the dumpster, tossing garbage out of it. The employees are a little nervous about going out there to take out the trash, and their mutterings have reached the front counter where a couple of employees are laughing at the idea of there being a monster in the dumpster.

The comments and laughter are audible outside the open kitchen door by a young woman turning down the alley while there's still direct sunlight shining through. When Ember was on the sidewalk she was wearing herself as a pixie-cut blonde with light caramel skin and grey eyes. Those eyes are rolling as she mutters to herself, "Never before have I had to shovel so much verbal manure. Damned tight-ass diamond crapping rich assholes. Wish I'd just canceled my interviews after that one upstate, but there was a half-dead man jumping from a damn X-wing fighter for crying out loud!" She side-steps out of sight from the sidewalk into a loading bay and her features begin to shimmer a bit brighter than the ambient light can account for.

The rummaging in the dumpster halts for a moment and the lid lifts just slightly, a pair of brownish gold eyes peering down the alley as the woman comes down the alley and changes. Wow! The shimmery appearance catches Curtis' attention, so he watches for a bit, occasionally licking something out of the bottom of a discarded can.

The shimmer around Ember's body intensifies, camoflaged from outside the alley by the angle of sunlight but not so much for anyone in the alley with her. For a brief handful of seconds the pixie-cut blonde with caramel skin and grey eyes becomes a hairless girl with seemingly diamond-dusted skin and eyes so perfectly clear that one could easily mistake them for not being there at all. But then the shimmer folds back onto her and she's a slightly dusky-skinned girl with long brown hair braided tight on the right side of her head. The prep school outfit spends that same moment as simple cotton shorts and a t-shirt before ending up as fairly normal jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket. When the new look has been finalized, she spends a few moments catching her breath and just basking in the sunlight before going back to her self-rant monologue. "Caveman jumping from a starfighter and bleeding on the stairs notwithstanding, though…"

Standing atop a roof near by is a woman who by her very build wouldn't be considered good at what she does, but she is in fact one of the best, or one with the highest potential at what she does. That's Felicia Hardy, The Black Cat, as she's started going by recently. On this building she stands next to a wall with the heal of her foot pressed against the wall just above face height and she leans into the leg, stretching her muscles and ligaments. "Aaaah." She coos softly as she pulls away from the wall and lowers her leg to move to the lip of the building's edge to peer over.

An "oooh" Sound comes from the dumpster and the lid clangs down as Curtis ducks down. He lifts the lid again a bit with his horns, amber eyes watching. He finds people fascinating, so he tries watching the whenever possible. He finds a bit of Shawarma left and starts munching on it as he keeps an eye out, hearing Felicia but unable to see her.

"The hell…" The dumpster lid clanging down catches Ember's attention damned quick. As in roughly one-tenth of a fly's fart between her leaning against the wall regaining her strength and standing deer-in-headlights staring at the dumpster as the lid raises again with… "Oh, this is just great! Now I've got horns and devil eyes staring at me out of trash bins." She takes a few steps towards the bin, locking eyes with the whatever-the-hell, "I don't suppose you know the way to San Jose?"

Hey, forget you. She's earned a brief mental break.

Raising one foot to stand on the very edge, she shifts her weight gently so she can bring up the other and she crouches down into a four point stance. Her hair blowing almost wildly in the wind she looks down and spots a woman in leather approaching a trash can rather oddly. It's New York; thinks Felicia and is about to move on to the task at hand tonight. She loosens one of the grappling hooks on her arm letting the rope slack a bit and tosses it over to the building across the alley. Once taught she jumps, bracing her legs in front of her to catch against the wall which she then lowers a few feet to look inside a window, a wide grin on the white haired woman's lips.

"Hey! I don't have devil eyes!" a young voice protests, closing the lid again and rummaging around. He lets the two women interact, figuring they'd probably try to slay him if they saw him anyway.

"Then what would you call them? Bright, shiny, child-like eyes of innocence?" Ember bangs a fist against the dumpster when it closes again, staring at it a moment to see if her new friend Whatever-the-Hell comes back out. Then, as Black Cat starts her rapel down the building, she just lets her head drop down and slumps in defeat. "And now some crazy lady in black and fur is… what? Seeing if the Shwarma King has a safe to crack? Is that even how you say that," she asks herself curiously before straightening up and turning her eyes upwards. "Or are you just practicing for Cirque du Soleil's next round of rehersals?"

"Damnit." Whispers Felicia under her breath, knowing full well who that voice is talking to. Turning her head but not her attention off the window, "Yup, that's exactly what this cat is doing! Care to join me?" To which she instantly regrets the invite, "Damnit Cat, don't say things like that, someone eventually will." She mumbles to herself. If she wasn't hanging onto the wall, she'd probably smack her own forehead.

Curtis pops up out of the dumpster again and puffs a bit of smoke. "Stop that! I'm having dinner in here! Unless YOU want to be dinner, knock it off!" *clang* it closes again, leaving just a pair of eyes staring at her. "You should go away so they can throw more stuff in here!"

Ember's gaze switches from burglar to dumpster and back again a few times before she tosses her hands up in exasperated admission of defeat, "That's it. This past twenty-four hours can go and take a flying leap." She points upwards towards Felicia, "Sure. I'll just put on my wings and wall crawling gloves and join you up there. We can have a grand time rifling through the cupboards of the local restraunt owner. And you," her attention and positioning change directions to the dumpster in less time than it takes to think to blink and she aims a kick in its direction. Well, tries to anyway. She's not so used to how she sometimes moves before she realizes that she'd decided to move. So when she kicks she ends up on her ass in the alley but still shaking her finger at the trash bin, "You're the reason they're not coming out to give you more tasty treats, Mister Whatever-the-Hell. Who's going to want to take out the trash when the dianoga might take your hands off when you open the bin?"

Cigarettes are a bad habit, and even though Mr. Travis feels nothing from the nicotine, he's gotta have one. So he pops into the alley for a cigarette. He pulls one out from his coat and lights it, taking a drag before realizing… There's a girl on the alley on her butt. There's /SOMETHING/ in the dumpster. And there's somebody crawling on the wall. He takes each of these in turn, blinking. Well pick one already, Tom.
"Hey you, up against the wall. What do you think you're doing?" He asks incredulously as he puts away his lighter.

Jadice came stumbling out of a building, not too far down the street from where all the 'commotion' was going on. No, she wasn't drunk, or anything of that sort. Walking out of a dimmly-lit building into the bright sun is a bit disorienting. And so, once she gained her composure, she'd continue walking, as if nothing had happened. Down the street she'd go, not really paying attention to much - until some movement in an alley way caught her eye. She'd turn just a little, by now pulling out and lighting her own cigarette, seeing Thomas looking upward. Instinctively, she'd look up too, seeing someone scaling a wall. A frown immediately formed on her lips, and she would move toward Thomas, taking a long drag from her cigarette. As she exhaled, she would speak, letting forth a shroud of miasma - AKA, cigarette smoke. "The hell is going on?" She'd ask.

"If you can't then don't bother with the threats." Felicia remarks, going back to her own business. She then pauses at the sound of a new voice and sighs. "I'm window washing!" She bellows down below. This night is already a waste. She should just leave but damn it she wants in that room so badly at the moment, it's making her almost sick. Raising her hand in front of her face she smirks as her finger nails grow longer and sharper before her eyes, and she places the nails on the glass and turns her hand in a perfect circle. "Careful." She whispers to herself.

Curtis lifts the lid up higher, extending his short neck to look up at Felicia. "You're not washing windows! You're doing something else! I dunno what but I'm pretty sure you don't wash windows like that! Do you? I've never washed a window. I licked one, once! Maybe if you licked them…"

Ember just can't win for losing tonight. She'd continue shaking her fist at people but there's just not enough energy for her to care anymore. "What threat," she speaks loudly, not shouting anymore because she's getting tired faster than the local light can recharge her at the moment. "If I wanted to threaten you, I'd use this." She pulls a cell phone from the courier bag over her shoulder, then shrugs and puts it back. "What's the use? Every cop in the tri-state area is in spanish harlem right now." Then two more folks show up and she just shrugs and starts to pull herself up from the ground. "And here's our studio audienc… okay, that's just too much." She's seen more of Curtis than she could before and there's a neck, eyes, horns, teeth… "I give up."

Travis glances to the new girl. "I think the window washer is up to something." He grabs a discarded boot from the alley floor and hucks it at the cat burglar with some serious oomph (not realizing how /much/ oomph), the abandoned footwear whistling through the air.
"Don't make me come up there." He intones.
He gets a bit distracted by a dragon thing poking its head out of the dumpster and the alley girl who is apparently as high as a kite. Although at this point he's wondering if /he's/ high for the first time in forever and a day.

Jadice jolted a bit as Curtis popped up from inside the dumpster. Her attention had been turned towards the sky, but the sudden movement in her peripheral vision pulled her eyes in that direction. "Wuh.." She said, a bit confused. But like always, she would scowl sternly, like a mother looking down on her disobedient child. "Well, that's gross." She'd mutter to herself, though it was probably loud enough for the dumpster-diver to hear. Shaking her head, she would look upwards again, raising an eyebrow and folding her arms over her chest. She wouldn't say much more, simply observing. Or maybe, waiting. Waiting for the strange woman to make one wrong move, to break the law, and Jadice would be right on her ass.

Felicia frowns and yelps out in pain as the boot hits her in the shoulder. "What was that for!?" Felicia cries out, the circle only half cut in the window. She turns to look at the attacker, switching from hook to using her claws to dig into the wall. "What do you want?!" Felicia calls out to the two that have been pestering her this evening. Though she makes a mental note to definitely come out only at night for her thieving game.
(OOC:) Felicia says "Night!!"
[Public] Felicia: Night!

Curtis doesn't feel overly safe in the dumpster anymore with all these people around, so he pushes the lid open with his paws. With a bit of difficulty, looking lik a puppy trying to climb over a barrier, he gets out of the dumpster and rolls to the ground. He certainly isn't as intimidating as he should be, and tosses his head back (with a shawarma wrapper on his horn) and trots out of the alley, tail swinging haughtily.

Ember manages to get to her feet, although she's not too steady on them until she realizes that with the lowering sun and new arrivals she's was sitting, and now standing in shadow. Forcing herself to ignore Mister Whatever-the-Hell dragon and the cat burglar for a moment, and even the boot tossed with extreme predjudice, she steps towards and then past the two smokers with a muttered, "'Scuze me… you're in my light…" Once she's fully illuminated again, her breathing becomes more steady and she stands up straighter. Which is a good thing, because suddenly there's a not-quite-her-size… dragon… trying very hard to look poised as it plumply trots out of the alley with a food wrapper stuck to its head. She follows him to the end of the alley, then watches him until he vanishes elsewhere and turns back towards the others. She seems to have forgotten the whole impending crime thing going on above her as she shrugs and re-enters the alley to pick up her courier bag. "Kinda cute, actually."

Travis mumbles and shakes his head. "Maybe I didn't wake up with the worst hangover ever. Maybe I'm still back in that drug lab, higher than a giraffe's horns…"
He turns back to Felicia. "You look like you're fixin' to break and enter. Not a good idea if you want to stay a free woman."

Jadice lets out an unexpected laugh as the boot connects with Felicia. With a grin still on her face, she looks to Travis with an expression of approval. "Good job, kid." She says, smirking and shaking her head while taking another puff of her diminishing cancer-stick. Then, Ember 'interrupts' the moment. She looks to the girl, her amused expression fading. In fact, she would frown. "Light? You need light? Why don't you get out of the alleyway-" She stopped short, refraining from being too nasty, which she had quite the affinity for. As Travis speaks, she looks to him and nods, lifting her cigarette back up to her lips.

"Only if you'd catch me." Felicia notes. And without much pause she pushes off from the wall with her feet and spinning out in a circle. She drops through the air and free falls for a brief moment before snapping her other arm out and letting fly her other grappling hook. "Later kiddos." She cries out as she swings out of the alley!

Jadice narrows her eyes as she watches Felicia swing deftly through the air - skillfully disappearing out of the alley. Jadice was on hot pursuit, spinning on her heels to chase the woman. She was obviously up to SOMETHING, and Jadice wouldn't allow it. She wasn't any sort of law enforcement, but she wasn't about to stand by and allow a crime to happen. "B*TCH!" She'd shout, an almost uncalled for fire erupting inside her. And then, she was gone, just as the slinky woman was.

The smoking lady's remark to her cause Ember to pause briefly, now looking even more together as she continues to stand in the most well-lit area available. She shrugs and then nods once briskly. "Yes, I enjoy light. Need it, even. It's a vitamin D thing, you should try it." Although she's not even remotely looking in Felicia's direction when the Cat drops down in prelude to her swinging exit, she still ducks when it seems like the ersatz burglar might drop on top of her. A glance from the dumpster to the escaping Black Cat to the pair of recently arrived smokers as the woman takes off in hot pursuit is a prelude to her shrugging and starting out of the alley on a beeline to a bright street light that's coming on. "Screw the rest of my interviews, the place in Westchester was a lot less strange than here." Out comes the cell phone again as she makes a call from speed-dial.

Travis looks around at the assembled crowd of weirdos splitting up, throws his cigarette to the ground and puts it out.
"And here I thought the cat woman was the weirdest of the bunch." He mutters before jogging to catch up with Ember. "Hey, are you alright? You didn't look so hot back there."

Ember shakes her head at the smoking man's remark as she waits for the other end of her phone call to pick up. "No, I'd say that title falls squarely on the dragon, Mr. Whatever-the-Hell." Generally hard to spot, at odd intervals the general light level in the area will dim for a few seconds. Like house lights when someone turns on a hair dryer. "I'm fine, thank you. Just… the past fifteen minutes have been a bit much in the fractured reality department." Her posture changes as her call connects. "Hello, Professor. Sorry to call so late." Pause to listen. "Yes, I've decided to accept admission to your school. I believe there was something about on campus housing?"

Travis shrugs as he walks along. "You think you're the only one? Kid, I used to drop acid and I had a hard time believing that." He's not smoking at this moment…
"It's like one of those movies where the kid realizes that reality ain't what it looks like. Like if you got to meet Captain America face-to-face. You'd never be sure if it was really happening until it was over, you know?" He stops and waits for Ember to finish her call.

Ember is a product of the smart phone age. She has enough attention to give to both conversations. And he might not be smoking at the current moment, but that doesn't stop Ember from making the universal gesture for 'can I bum one?' while listening to her phone call. "That sounds wonderful, Professor. And yes, using part of the summer to see what all I can test out of before classes resume in full sounds like a plan." Her random-assignment-from-life companion of the moment's remarks get a silent chuckle and she shakes her head in amusement. "As of twenty-four hours ago, that kid you're talking about has been me." The mention of Captain America gets what can only be refered to as a girly swoon. "Oh, don't I wish."

The ancient and powerful tactic of Teenage Pouty Face is applied in the continuing efforts of Ember to get a cigarette from Travis. Not that such is evident in her voice as she response on the phone, "I can be there tomorrow afternoon, no problem. I'll call again when I'm on my way. Good night, Professor." Back goes the phone to her courier bag as she considers the offer of transport. And from that, her tactics of expression shift from Pouty Face to just a dash of Goth Lolita, "Well that depends. Are you the kind of…" her ice blue eyes do the 'toes to nose' upwards leer as her words trail off, "person that would safely escort a lady to her hotel?"

Travis nods and smirks. "Yeah. I'm not looking for any action though, if you're thinking about that. You're too young for me and it shows." He pulls out a pair of goggles from his jacket pocket and puts them on, then zips and buttons the heavy jacket. "Might wanna button up though, flying gets cold." He stops.
"Where's your hotel?" He asks pointedly.

Alright, that catches Ember off guard just a tad. And here she was about to give her patented 'it's no fun when you don't play along' brush off. "Wait, what? Button up… flying?" A few blinks as the local ambient light level dims again, but for a longer stretch this time before it returns to normal. "You mean… you… just flying me to my hotel from here?" She pulls up a hood that may or may not have existed on her jacket just a few seconds ago and tightens up the strap on her courier bag. "Why the hell not? I've pretty much decided to just roll with all the fractured reality I've been getting the last couple days."

Travis is really too unaware of the true nature of his powers to understand why Ember looks one way to his eyes and quite another way to his gravity sense. The only outward manifestation is that he shakes his head briskly to try and clear it from his mind. He also takes his goggles off and cleans them after noticing the light dim and undim. He puts them back on and turns around. "Okay, hop on and hold on tight." He helps the surprisingly light girl (Huh, maybe that's what his six sense meant… nah…) get situated on his back. He doesn't seem all that encumbered by her. "Ready?"

"I don't think the answer to that will ever be a solid 'yes', but what the hell!" Ember points off in the general direction of thataway. "To the Motel 6 off the George Washington bridge we go, and damn the torpedoes!"

Scene. End Log.

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