2014-07-01 New Girl in the Kitchen
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ember, Kitty, Scott
GMed by Random Acts of Spongebob
Title: New Girl in the Kitchen

'Armies march on their stomachs' is a well-known phrase. But it's no less true for schools. Not that the Xavier school's newest student is used to a place where the kitchen is open for use whenever and not just at fixed times. Doesn't hurt that it's a well lit place where she can sit after sunset with ever light around her on that isn't bothering other students.

Even though dinner was a few hours ago, Ember's been feeling particularly hungry lately so she's poking around looking for something she can toss together. Doesn't take long for her to have a stack of all the needed fixing to make a few Dagwoods.

Summer as it is, no small part of the student populace has their focus on more physical activities, and more so for some of the less "student" residents that the mansion houses. Though not much older than most everyone there, there's at least one young woman who has already seen her fair share of hells, and sometimes Kitty Pryde has to handle it the only way she knows how…

"I gotta pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine," she sings to herself as she comes bopping into the kitchen, hair up in a ponytail and dressed for working out or running in shorts and a tank top. She makes a graceful little move around the corner of a table before almost tripping and falling after catching the edge of a chair. "Ack!"

Whenever she's here, Ember wears herself in what she thinks of these days as 'Ember Classic'; Shoulder-length brunette with hazel eyes and a bit of a farmer's tan. To keep things easy she just wears her normal clothes. Tonight it's just simple sweatpants and a University of Northern Iowa t-shirt. The singing gets her attention as she's cutting up tomatoes, but curiosity butts heads with a deer-in-headlights wariness and the knife drops from her hands towards her feet. Which aren't there anymore because in the time an eye decides to blink she's jumping backwards against the fridge. "Ooof!"

Kitty recovers with far less grace than she entered the room, her attention shifting to the counter as she hears the clattering of the knife and the ooofing of a bad landing. She pauses where she's at giving a friendly smile, having seen enough new people come in in different states of weariness to know to give people a chance to take a moment. Not that the older teen look particularly threatening, but she does hold herself with a certain readiness that many of her classmates lack. "Hi, didn't know anyone else was still poking around," she says cheerfully.

Ember recovers as soon as her brain catches up with the rest of her. A quick shake of her head and she gives the singing arrival a look before recovering the knife and setting it on the counter. "Hello there. Yeah… it takes a lot for me to sleep. Body doesn't seem to like it anymore. And the beast always needs feeding." She lets out a slow breath and starts in on the slicing again. "I'm Ember. Just came in a few days ago."

Kitty smiles in what she hopes is a friendly and reassuring way as she starts towards a drink cooler. "Hi Ember, I'm Kitty. Been here like… almost 5 years. Don't worry, it's all totally weird at first, but gets to be better than home after a while. Get to let your freak flag fly!" she jokes as she does some half-assed dance moves. "It's actually a really great place to be most of the time."

"It started out weird. When I got here, the gym teacher jumped out of some kind of spaceplane with half of his face missing." Ember shudders theatrically at the memory. "He seemed to have found it again when he came back out, though." She finishes the slicing the starts with the stacking, grinning at the dancing. "But I think I'll keep my freak flag stowed for a while. It flew enough back home. For a while, I'll just keep it to," she runs a hand through her hair, "sticking with as much normal as I can manage."

Kitty turns to reach into the fridge for a bottle of water. "That would be Logan. He does that sometimes. Well, not on purpose, but he's… umm… resilient." She straitens back up as she turns to look at the other girl. "Also, normal here is kind of subjective. Kurt's movie nights are proof of that, for sure. Want one?" she asks as she holds up the already perspiring bottle.

"Sure, thanks. How about you?" Ember gestures to the sandwich she's building. Like a proper Dagwood it's about four sandwiches stacked with a healthy combination of meat, cheese, veggies, and herbs. As she accepts the bottle, the light in the room dim a bit and thickens around her hand, becoming a glove to keep the cold off. She raises the bottle in salute, "I know what you mean about subjective normality. I've just had a lot of practice keeping things as quiet as I can."

Kitty turns and reaches through the glass of the cooler to grab another bottle and pull it out before tossing it across the room to her waiting hand. "But not much practice eating, huh?" she asks after looking up at the lights then eying the impressive size of the sandwich. "Sorry, that was kinda rude… I mean I forget sometimes what some of our lives were before getting here."

Ember shrugs one shoulder as she picks up a half of her sandwich and squeezes it together. "What do you mean? I've had plenty of practice. It's all in the compression. That's why I never put in anything gooey." Her voice trails off as she watches Kitty's phasing display. "It's alright. My problems from before are all behind me. My father's temper and the courts saw to that. So can you go through anything like that?"

Kitty holds the cold bottle against her neck for a moment as she nods her head. "Just about… There's some stuff out there that's like really dense, but a lot of it's alien, so you don't see it often." Well, most people don't see it often. "That's not the super cool part though," she says with a grin as she lifts her foot and steps six inches up into empty air. She pauses dramatically before dropping back down onto the solid floor. "And yes, totally works on water."

Ember's eyes bug out as Kitty walks on air and she manages a weak, "Wow," before taking a large bite out of her sandwich. "You can walk on water, too? That does sound cool." She chews on another bite before pausing and fixing her gaze on Kitty. "Wait… alien?"

Kitty grins as she opens up her bottle and takes a drink. "Lemme tell ya, the learning curve on all that was… steep," she says with a wry grin. "But yeah, 'normal' here is kind of a tough thing to define. And no, 'we are not alone.'" She shrugs her bare shoulders as she takes a drink. "Totally nothing to worry about though. Usually. All you have to worry about is getting used to classes where the teachers can read your mind to know if a dog really ate your homework, and working on learning and controlling your powers."

Ember rolls her eyes and nods to herself, "Yeah, I guess it was too much to hope that dragons would be as strange as it got. But hey, if dragons then why not things from beyond the stars?" She raises a skeptical eyebrow at the 'usually nothing to worry about' part. "Wouldn't mind trying to figure out what surprises I've got coming in the glimmering lights department, though. And I'll just skip over that reading minds bit. Too much of a minefield, and hopefully I won't be needing normal classes for very much longer."

Kitty breaks into a smile. "Oh, you met Lockheed?" she asks before taking another sip. "I've been a little bad with hanging out with him lately, but I was doing this thing over at the Avengers and I thought they might get weird… Classes here are actually pretty cool. I remember having like 40 other people in class when I was little, and here you sometimes have a half dozen. You really get to learn, just not be lectured. Though that's also true of PE," she adds with a grin.

"Lockheed? So the dumpter diving dragon of Manhattan has a name other than Mister Whatever-the-Hell?" Ember smirks as she polishes off the sandwich in her fifth bite and only now opens her own drink for a sip while she listens to Kitty. "My schools never had more then maybe 15 or 20 in a class. Most folks went to the public schools. Where'd you come here from? And yeah, I'm kinda dreading actually having, Logan was it, in front of me as a teacher."

Kitty frowns as she shakes her head. "Doesn't sound like him. Small, purple, smug as all heck when you trip? Guessing it's a different dragon…. See how quickly it all becomes normal?" She seems to have come from running, the older teen clad in shorts and a tank top, a half empty water bottle held in her hand as she stands near the counter talking with Ember who is polishing off the last of a sandwich. "Even Logan's totally normal. At least if you've ever been a marine. Or maybe special forces… Anyway, I grew up just outside Chicago. Seems like forever away now. Even though I try to go visit."

There is a perk of interest from Ember at the mention of Chicago. "Ah. I'm from northeast Iowa, myself. But yeah, Mister Whatever-the-Hell wasn't exactly small, more like pony-sized. So are dragons like ferrets around here? Not seen often but nothing to stare at?" The newest resident student is leaning against the counter expertly putting together a second Dagwood dressed in sweats and a University of Northern Iowa t-shirt. She seems to have come from eating sandwiches rather than anything like physical activity. "I doubt I'll do any visiting back to Iowa, though."

Late nights are always wonderful for training. As are early mornings, midday, or any other span of time where training can be had. Scott enters the room in a faculty t-shirt and a pair of track pants, grey running shoes squeaking across the hard floor. Sweat seems to have plastered his hair down but resulted in something messier than usual after being toweled off.

That single, ruby lens studies both girls carefully before he pads towards the cabinet and gathers himself a glass. "Evening, girls." He greets wearily, wandering next to the fridge to pour himself some water.

"Yeah," Kitty says a little quietly as she turns away from the counter for a moment, "I don't know that I'll be back for a while either." She's quiet for a moment as she just stands, holding an increasingly empty bottle of water. "Anyway, they're pretty unusual. Though you'll see Lockheed, he stays in my room at night. But yeah, you'll see a lot of weird stuff here. And speaking of," she says with a grin. "Hi Scott. I don't suppose Logan's got you doing extra cardio too?"

Seems not being alone in a room when someone shows up kicks Ember's startlement level down a bit. Instead of the blink-and-you-missed-it flailing from before there's just a brief dimming of the lights, easily attributed to something like a microwave or a big hair-dryer turning on, as she's finishing up the sandwich and preparing to properly compress it down from a four-stack to biting size. And of course, the sight of the one-red-lens does catch her visibly off guard. She does manage a quick, "Good evening," though.

"No, I have to motivate myself to maintain." Scott replies, shutting the hissing fridge and setting aside the glass. When he holds it again he takes a moment to silently enjoy the feeling of the chilled persperation along it before taking a sip. He really did overdo it today. "You must be our new student. Welcome to the campus, has everyone been helpful and welcoming for you?"

Kitty lets out a small groan as she finishes the last of her water and goes for another bottle, reaching through the door again. "I wish he let me get away with that… Ember, this is Mr Summers, Scott, this is Ember from Iowa. She apparently had a weird first day, and something about Logan losing half his face. But like I said," she says as she turns to the other girl, "he does that sometimes. Anyway, I've got to be up to do more cardio in the morning…" she says as she starts towards the door with her bottle.

Ember nods to Scott, "Yeah, it's been alright so far. Things started off a bit… macabre when I arrived for my admissions interview, but they've been fairly normal since." She stands up and offers her hand to Scott as Kitty introduces them, pausing halfway as she realizes that she's still wearing her solid-light glove. Then with a brief glimmering the air around her hand becomes brighter as the glove is reverted to its original state. "A pleasure to meet you." As Kitty starts out, Ember sends a quick wave her way. "Sleep well, Kitty," she says with what might be a touch of envy. "I think I'll take advantage of the time I've got left before this Logan sets his sights on me."

"Expect hill sprints." Scott calls after Kitty, turning a warm smile to regard Ember. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ember. I'm the primary math teacher here. If you have any problems in my classes I have tutoring hours as well." He explains, taking a few desperate gulps and twisting to fetch more water from the fridge.

"Logan will offer some harsh training, but he's the best expert in his field that I've had the pleasure of meeting." Scott adds, considering Logan thoughtfully. "He may have a bit of a gruff exterior but he loves when a student with questions, as all the faculty here do. Mr. Logan, especially, has a great deal of broad experience. I would encourage asking him any and all questions you can think of." He suggests, shutting the door and moving aside to get another glass to offer towards Ember. Water. "Is there anything on your mind that I can help with? I know this transition can be difficult. Certainly a little unusual."

Kitty lets out a larger groan this time as her head falls forward. "Can't the Kree just attack again or something…?" she mutters as she heads out the doorway. "Oh there you are," drifts back through the opening, fading as she heads away, "What are you laughing at? I'm betting he can come up with a way for you to have to fly up a downdraft…"

Ember nods as she listens to Scott's remarks, but raises an eyebrow when he gets to the part about Logan loving it when students come to him with 'any and all questions'. "I'll… be sure to remember that," is what she says, with 'by bothering him as little as possible' is the unspoken endcap. It's hard BS a BSer, after all. "But I've been getting along alright. I'll certainly need some help getting the extra furniture shifted from my room into the attic or wherever, though. Shouldn't need any rewiring, though. My fixtures are low-draw." Kitty's parting remarks get Ember to switch the stare to her, though and shakes her head as the voice trails off. "The Kree? This place gets attacked?"

Scott can't retrain the light chuckle at Ember's apprehension. "You've caught me. I want to emphasize this, though, if you have /any/ questions about physical training or self-defense Mr. Logan really is the subject matter expert." He says, sliding the water towards Ember before finishing his own. "You'll find that Xavier's is one of the safest, most defensible locations in the state of New York. Nobody knows to attack here and, if they did, it would not be very effective. You're safe with us."

The sink trickles to life as Scott rinses his cup and slides open the washer to hide it away. "I would really recommend hydrating as much as possible. We take physical education seriously here and you don't want to be in the back when Logan's leading the run. He'll see you. He'll help you. It'll be a 'Logan' kind of help. Show up half an hour early so we can get you the proper pe uniform." He directs before turning to scuff out the kitchen. "…and welcome to Professor Xavier's school."

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