2014-07-07 Temporary Triplets
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ember Loki Logan
GMed by Random Acts of Spongebob
Title: Temporary Triplets

Chelsea is a bit on the quiet side tonight, and perhaps that is why a certain trickster has been drawn to it. He lurks near the shops which are starting to clear out this time of the evening when the sun has gone down just enough that all the lights are on, bathing the area in pale light. He leans against the wall and looks through the window, watching as the employees start preparing for closing.

One of the shops, one that's just on the lower end of upscale, says good-bye to its last customer of the day. Ember has been spending a couple days each week in the city both to work on getting herself outfitted and so she doesn't get too used to being in the Xavier school's 'middle of nowhere' quiet. As has become her standard when in the city, she's wearing herself as a leggy nordic blonde with ice-blue eyes and straight hair braided to her waist. Delivery services are a good thing, so she's just carrying a small bag on her arm as she pauses on the sidewalk to close her eyes and take in some of the sun's last rays.

Loki watches as Ember leaves one of the shops. Her appearance may be different, but he can generally tell who is who. Sidling up next to her, he smirks. "Shopping again, are we? Why do you mortals need so many outfits, anyway?" Though he's one to talk. His own closet is filled to the brim with costumes, clothes and accessories.

Save for the outfit, Ember is wearing the same appearance as when she first encountered Loki and his overeating brother, so it's not a surprise when she's recognized. She turns a bright smile upon the Asgardian and coyly shrugs one shoulder. "I can't speak for other mortals, but this one was raised with basically nothing. So now that I'm free and have the means, I'm happy to add a bit here and there. And besides," her grin widens just a tiny bit, "every detail that's real is one less thing that has to be faked should the need arise." Says the girl that regularly uses illusions to change her ID as needed.

Loki grins, walking backward with his hands clasped behind his back. "I suppose you're right. We shapeshifters must properly accessorise, afterall." So Loki is hanging out near one of the Xavier students. Considering he is a Junior Avenger, that shouldn't be a problem, but he's still Loki. "I'm sure I could teach you some tricks of the trade to make it a bit easier for you."

Ember walks along with Loki, facing the direction they're moving where he faces away. "I'm not so much a shape-shifter, myself. Just an illusionist with flare." Sure, she's an Xavier's student but she's new, with no views one way or another on different folks. Besides, as he just said, he's someone she could learn from. "That is a welcome offer. I've had plenty of practice, but there's only so much I can do to alter my basic framework."

"Hmmmm well, nothing wrong with that. I am quite the illusionist myself." Loki grins and generates a copy of himself on either side of Ember. Each one begins rambling about magic and illusions, while the real Loki walks backwards, grinning. "Of course I would be happy to teach you. This world could benefit from my expertise, afterall."

Not one to let herself be outdone… at least as much as it's possible for her to match the original Trickster… Ember generates a slightly different version of herself on either side of her shortly after the extra Loki's show up. Now, she can't make them talk or anything… sound is well outside of her wheelhouse… but they wear expressions of rapt attention as the magical teachings of the extra Lokis and occasionally look at each other and give a silent girly giggle. The 'core' Ember, in the meantime, is genuinely interested but takes care not to let herself let slip her cynisism. Loki's words about his much needed expertise get a smirk, "Of course. Where /would/ this realm be without your guidance, oh Great Lord of Misrule."

Loki grins. "You're close! You could probably get them to project sound if you practice enough. And don't speak like that! I have much to teach your realm. It just isn't quite time to do it, and one must be careful not to divulge too much." He rubs his forehead, looking off to one side, then the other as if looking for something.

Ember shrugs one shoulder at the compliment, ducking her head down in the manner of one for whom such things are still very new. "Not sure sound will ever be possible. They're not really illusions, per se, so much as literal tricks of the light." As for the rest of it, especially the wary sidelong glances, she just gives Loki a questioning head-tilt and relents a bit from her sarcastic tone. "Well, if it's something serious then let me know a bit ahead of time? I've got a long, well mortal-long life ahead of me and anything that can be learned can only widen my options."

"Ya gonna teach her how ta work Bah Mitzvahs? Or givin' the girl hair stylin' tips?"

Logan walked from the distance, the urban cowboy look in full swing tonight. And underneath his red checkered shirt(underneath his tan leather jacket), were a few bandages wrapped tightly around his ribs and shoulder, bandaging that was rendered useless an hour ago, but hey it kept him from bleeding on yet -another- change of clothes. The little bigman tipped his hat at the two, blue eyes flashing as dangerously as that wolfish grin of his, the one he flashed at Ember.

"Ya redifinin' the meaning of 'curfew', kiddo? I won't tell, but if Scott catches ya it's all kindsa Hell."

Loki looks back at Logan, rolling his eyes. "That sounds more like your department, short one." He flicks a hand to cast the illusion that Logan has long pigtails. "And do not speak to my new friend in such a manner! She will remain out as long as she sees fit! She has a god to look after her, you know."

Logan's appearance catches Ember by surprise. There is a brief moment where the two fake-hers flicker like a badly tuned TV station but she gets her metaphorical feet under her again fairly quickly. "What use hair styling tipe to someone with no hair? And I thought curfew doesn't really start until classes do. But it's not like he can call my parents or something." The appearance of the pigtails gets a wide eyed choking back of laughter. Must… not… mock the guy whose job it is to beat her senseless regularly. However, that subconscious urge translates into the two illusionary Embers and they silently point and giggle.

"Yeah, the God o'Jheri curls an' puppy dog eyes? Lucky her. An' I'm gonna let you in on somethin' else, bub, this kid here's under my protection. Ya try any of yer slimy Wormtongue-lookin' business, an' we'll find out what color a god bleeds. Ya reckon?!"

At the sight of his hair suddenly becoming more…robust, and Swiss Chocolate-esque, the gruff Canadian didn't do anything but grin dangerously, left hand moving to his inside shirt pocket, to pull out a cheap cigar and keep his mind focused. There were people around. The kid was in front of him. And he tried not to kill anymore.


"What're you laughin' at, kid? Ya think I can't start ya on twelve laps before the school year?"

Loki narrows his eyes. "How dare you?" He asks, "I can protect one of your students much better than you ever could. All one has to do to defeat you is produce a strong magnet and watch the entertainment unfold. Threaten me all you want, short one. Look at you. You are so mighty that you must resort to threatening a mortal child. Does that make you feel taller?"

Ember gets herself under control without any real effort. Keeping things held under tight watch was a survival skill at home, after all. "If you mean twelve laps of the gym? That I can do without blinking. If you mean twelve laps of the /grounds/? Well, I'm not quite to to running a marathon anytime soon. Besides," she grins impishly and as cutely as she can manage, "I don't sleep and it wouldn't take much for me to retune your bike in some creative manner. Maybe get the cylinders to fire to the beat of some horrible teeny-bop song? Maybe fix your truck so the horn plays 'Rule Britania'?"

And… then it starts to get serious and the mood just drops right out from under her. She raises her hands and steps between the two men with a head-shake. "Alright, alright… One, he's only an inch shorter than me, Mr. Lanky String-bean. And while all offers of protection are welcome, there's no need for this to become anything nasty, is there?" She shifts her gaze from Loki to Logan and back again a couple of times. "Is there?"

It took a bit of time for Logan to prepare that cheap cigar the way he wanted it, slicing it with the tool he always kept handy(He would -never- use his claws for such a delicate, important job!), bringing it up to the corner of his mouth where he could keep it while he fished for a box of matches in his coat pocket. In this time he was slowly walking towards Loki, shoulders broaded, hands clenching tightly into fists before relaxing, repeatedly over and over. Loki and Logan had met a number of times prior. They'd fought some Demons together, Logan had knocked Loki out like a ton of bricks, and later at the Avenger's mansion, they'd almost goaded each other into an absolute bloodbath before both men, in a rare show of restraint, decided to begrudgingly bury the hatchet.

This time, it was the little girl stepping inbetween their path that caused the Canadian to stop and reconsider, for a moment. And when he looked down, saw the illusion still in effect, he spoke gruffly and curtly.

"I dunno. Is there? Yer choice, Godboy. And yer move, last time I counted."

Loki glances to Ember and rolls his eyes at her cliche question. "Apparently there is or the smelly one would not have invaded my personal space with such a ridiculous question." He doesn't like the smell of the cigar, finding it extremely repelling. With a flick of his finger, he sends a bit of fire toward the cigar and folds his arms over his chest. "My move, is it?" He asks, unfolding his arms and waving a hand at Logan to make it look as though he is wearing a frilly dress to go with his pigtails. "There."

And now things are escalating. Great. Ember drops her hands back to her sides and steps back so she's under a street light. The two extra hers vanish and she leans against the lightpost. "Alright. It's too late and getting too dark out for me to waste any more energy on a 'voice of reason' kick. Just don't get any blood on my new shoes. My budget is large, but not endless."

His nostrils flaring, the veins in his neck pumping blood, Logan was doing everything in his power to breathe, to calm down, to walk away. There were a lot of things on his plate, a lot of important things. Hydra coming back, and making them pay for their actions in Harlem. A mysterious redheaded woman, turned him into a human barbacue. A pint-sized blond woman who spoke and dressed like Loki here, and fought with all the finesse of a methhead in a moshpit.

And then a pint-sized fireball was launched at that cigar, exploding it in fire before he could get his matches out, and instantly he had flashes of a few nights ago, of almost drowning in the Hudson river, of having to float to Xavier's through the sewer system. Of his uniform, melted and sticking into his flesh, having to be slowly removed over a period of hours. It's safe to say that Logan…snapped.

He broke into a blitz and charge the second that fireball hit, before Loki had the mind to alter Logan's look further. Luckily for Ember he also had enough presence of mind to leap right over her(probably as she was stepping backward anyway), showing more vertical leap than Michael Jordan as he came down with a Muay Thai knee strike, aimed right for that temple of the Godling. Loki was probably expecting a fight, but was he expecting something like Logan to move that quickly, to cover that much distance and act that harshly in nearly the blink of an eye? To be almost as fast as a speeding bullet, as they used to say in the funny papers?

Oh, the kitty wants to play? Loki grins wolfishly when Wolverine comes at him and lets Ember bear witness to her instructor, someone who is meant to keep her safe, knock out someone who had brought no harm to either of them. He lets the hit connect and drops to the ground. He'll lay there for a few moments, waiting for his stratageic moment.
You are empty-handed.

Well that escalated quickly! When Logan pounces, Ember displays just how true it is that the difference between an amateur fighter and a veteran isn't their skills but how quickly they react… because she's completely flatfooted as the knee-strike lands and Loki… drops? There is blinking involved and a dumbfounded expression while her brain runs away with itself to notice that Logan still looks like the Swiss Miss and that there are still three Lokis. "Buh..?!"

Eloquent, isn't she?

His night was ruined, but at least this sucker was laid out. Logan stepped back, rolling his necks to let the bones crackle, and staring down at the Asgardian as he spoke curtly and briefly to Ember.

"Do what ya want, kid. I'm outta here."

And with that, he slipped quietly into the shadows, stepping noiselessly into an alley and making his way back to the mansion where he could go on a bender and try and get buzzed. Loki was good and all, but Logan doubted he had much experience with ninja training, and the ability to be seen only when you want to be. They'd have to have this little dance another time, it seemed. And next time, Logan wasn't sure he'd be able to keep things civil.

Loki opens one eye, then the other once Logan is gone, then pushes himself to sit back on his heels. "What a vile brute." he grumbles. "I could have annihilated him with little more than a thought. I can destroy planets, one tiny mortal is not a challenge."

Ember hasn't known either Loki or Logan for very long, so she just shrugs as Logan heads away and Loki drops his ruse. "Yeah, that was… not how I expected him to react. Couldn't tell if he actually thought that you'd gone down for real, or if he was just taking the chance to leave." Because she's polite, she offers Loki a hand up. Not because she thinks he needs it, mind. "So how does that whole 'destroying planets' thing, work anyway? Because I'm fairly certain that the various epic poems about you could be called inacurate at best." Yes, she's going to act like the last few minutes were just a kind of intermission. She's had practice in selective reality. You could say it's a thing.

Loki daintily takes the offered hand out of coutesy, rocking back on his heels and rising to his feet. "He once caught me off guard and hit me when I was already injured, knocking me out. Apparently he thinks he can do this all the time, now. I thought it best to allow him to think he was the victor in order to spare this neighborhood the damage a full battle would no doubt cause." He sighs and fixes his hair. "I have a significant amount of power inside of me. Should I feel the desire, I can simply unleash it and tear the world asunder." He pauses a moment and seems to stare off into the distance, as if seeing something.

Ember listens to Loki with a somewhat somber expression, then remains quiet for a moment as he stares off into… whatever he sees. Then she puts her hands behind her back and rocks impishly on her heels a fews times, "Well, if you ever feel the need to… unleash, just remember this." And her appearance changes to a perfect copy of Senator Leia Organa from A New Hope, "The rebel base is on Dantooine, and…" Then she wraps herself in the illusion of a full-size Darth Vader, "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of Dairy Queen." Then she's back to being herself again with a very pixie-like head-tilt and grin on her face, "Because nothing ever beats Dairy Queen."

Loki blinks and looks toward her, pale as if he had seen a ghost. "What? Oh. Well, yes. I won't be destroying the world, yet. Perhaps soon, though. I…I need to go back to the mansion." And then he just sort of turns and starts walking rather slowly.

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