2014-07-08 Lets call it a night at the Nightshade
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ember, Farisa, Hulk, Loki, Phantasm, Wade (NPC)
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Let's call it a night at the Nightshade

Dark is a good word to describe this particular club. The only way to find your way around this club is when the random flashes of light illuminate the black walls, black floor and black cieling, allowing you to avoid the black-clad dancers who are noticed by the occasional glow-stick. Ravers, goths and cybs of all kinds lurk in the shadows while music like Sisters of Mercy, Front 242 and Gary Numan fill the room with darkness.

Club Hours:

Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm (Hour break with random music) 6pm-2am

Saturday 5pm-2am

Sunday 1pm-8pm

ATTENTION: The bartenders here DO check ID. If you are under 21 you will NOT be served Alcohol. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are caught, you will be banned from the establishment.

It is dark. Oh so dark. As dark as my sou-. Ok, enough of that.

Although club Nightshade is known for being dark in decor and the attire of the patrons, there is a bit of light within most of their personalities. Or at least that is what the club owners are hoping as they are having a one time only canned food drive where for the gift of just four cans of food or $6, they get treated to an assortment of local home grown music acts performing for tonight.

The first act, Tracheotomy for My Honey Bee has fared rather well with the crowd and there has been a pause as they set up for the next act Wheasel.

Off towards the back of the club, with a long wait before his own stage set, Nick Drago has obtained a bottle of Guinness while his roommate and friend, Wade Shaw has settled for a light beer.

If either of her parents had ever caught her in a place like this, both of them would've likely killed her. But that's not a problem now, with both of them taking the slow train to fertilizer. So with a strong desire to have a night of not being herself again, young Miss Reynolds has gone out in a new look. This time there's a twist… she's incorporating some of her natural below-the-illusions appearance into it. She's wearing herself with long cyber-blue hair and eyes, but her skin she hasn't disguised at all… it's her natural blue-grey infused with lines of diamond sparkles and a hint of inner light. She's spent some time constructing a fun combination outfit that's a combination of psycho-fairy and Tron: Legacy: A Tron-esque illuminated bodysuit with platform heels matched with multi-color circuit-pattern fairy wings and strategic rennie frills.

The food drive gets her in cheaply, although she can't help but drop off a box-full instead of just the requisite four cans, and she heads over to the bar first to get something fruity, high-sugar and booze-free before taking stock of the crowd and the dancefloor. Tonight's a fun night, no pushing the age issue in this kind of crowd.

That was Ember

Loki enters the club wearing elements of his usual outfits, but with fingerless gloves that continue up his slender forearms wrapped with small straps and buckles, and his tunic is black instead of green with a scooped neck. Around his neck is a chain with a pendant of the symbol of chaos, and a metal band shaped like a snake around one upper arm. His hair is slicked back, and he wears sunglasses due to misinterpreting song and television that they are appropriate nightclub apparel.

Given one parent was long since cremated and the other busily ensconced in Asgard, the reborn warrior had been unable to deter a Loki version of gang pressing into attendance. Her dress was suitably black and due to several insistent sales girls, hideously expensive. Cut to drape, the silken gown consisted of two distinct sections joined by a skull buckled belt insufficently hiding the original navel exposure. It just about reaches the knees. Attached loosely to the bodiced top are shoulder baring sleeves, ringed with engraved armlets snaking boldly up in a serpentine fashion. Crowning this is her hair, worn loose for the occasion.

Arrving a few metres behind his chaotic lordship, she keeps the open mouthed gape to a minimum.

With the waiting musicians having their drink and the psycho-fairy getting a drink of reasonable strength nearby. That Mike catches glimpse of Loki and lifts up his black bottle of drink in a mock toast to the God of mischief before waving him over, It appears that the bar area is going to be getting a bit crowded in the back.

Over to the side of the club, one concert goer, who paid the cash allotment, looks at Loki and backs away, mimicking the very creature he wears upon his arm in their course to avoid the Asgardian.

The hair on the back of Loki's neck stands on end and he looks around, trying to find the source of what he's sensing. He takes the glasses off and scans the audience. Not like the concert goer could escape him once he is on the scent, but the trickster might always be giving him some intentional leeway to play a bit of cat and mouse.

Ember takes her time enjoying the drink and watching the rhythms of the crowd before deciding where and how she wants to insert herself into it. She shifts herself to one side to better scan faces, styles, and general attitudes all around her. She's long since learned the benefits of being able to see in all directions, so keeping an eye on the band, dancers, drinkers, and entrance all together is no issue. Her swaying takes a pause when she sees a pair of familiar faces enter together, then also notices who is waving them over towards the back of the club. Like at the Gardens, she has to pause to contain the 'ohgodsNickDragostopme' fangirl moment. Let's focus on what's going on with the crazy hissing cluber. Yeah, that'll help distract herself, right?

Casting a yellow eyed look around the room, Farisa neatly bypasses the crowd stare due to Loki. Given the widespread use of coloured contacts, dyes and makeup, her colouration fits in with the theme. When the next person has neon pink hair, gold eyes seem relatively humdrum.

Given she has no earthly clue about the famous personalities, her time is spent sweeping the crowd several steps behind the trickster god; this makes the concert goer and his backward shimmy easy to locate. Moving with tredipation, she practically stalks the hapless mortal, wherever he is heading.

The clubgoer that has caused for the movement within Loki's neck hairs keeps towards the back of the crowd, doing what he can to blend in with the others.

Mike's hand lowers as Loki seems distracted for the moment. Smile fading a little, he lifts the bottle to take a drink.

Loki suddenly becomes invisible, disappearing and reappearing behind the 'clubgoer'. "You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" He whispers into his ear. "How about we stop and have a chat, and let these people enjoy their good time so nobody gets hurt? If you refuse, well, I know exactly where to strike first."

There might've been a bit of doubt in Ember's mind about the legitimacy of Loki as, well… Loki when they first met. A lingering trace of disbelief that the universe held such beings for real. But the teleportation, or what looks like it from her perspective, leaves little of that doubt in place. Her semi-repressed Nick Drago fangirl moment fades as her manner shifts to a more wary one. The club might be jumping with people just here to enjoy themselves, and maybe give a bit to the needy, but she's been someone's prey for most of her life so this sort of thing puts her on the edge of 'flight' mode.

It would be difficult to pinpoint exactly when the slightly built stalkeress vanishes from sight, plentiful shadows seeming to shift and slither over the few lights in her vicinity. Enough to cause a minor incident as a grooving couple discover themselves a threesome. Drinks are spilled and the more irate of the two starts to complain. He doesn't get far, before an icy cold sensation grips his fingers. Looking down, he determines the cause; the slopped drink has frozen, fusing his fingers to the glass. The culprit nowhere to be seen.

With Loki appearing behind him, the clubgoer's eyes narrow as Loki begins his threats. "I have nothing to say to you," he responds, turning his head towards the voice to try and get a glimpse of the invisible Loki, "Just here for the show."

Mike's brow furrows as Loki disappeared from sight. Bottle lowering, he glances around the club to see if the Asgardan has appeared elsewhere. "The f-?"

Wade, who has finished his drink, fishes out the money for the beverage and passes it over towards the bartender.

Loki appears as he he places his hand on the clubgoer's shoulder and squeezes, grinning wolfishly. "Then I guess I'll let you put on a show when I squeeze every last breath from you. Why do you threaten these people with your presence?"

Wariness is pushed downwards as Ember settles herself back into a more normal mindset. Then, as is becoming more common to her, she starts to act on a decision that she's not even consciously aware of contemplating as her altered brain skips a few steps faster than the rest of her can keep up. So she's back at the bar, up next to Nick and his buddy Wade, asking the bartender for four Rauchbiers and handing over her ID with what is becoming her standard age-hiding illusion of altering the name to just 'Siobhan' and ticking her age up a half-dozen years. Once she's paid for the bottles, she starts to sway her way across the room in the direction of Loki and whoever it is that seems to have made his day worse. Because beer, especially german smokehouse beer that tastes of roast bacon, makes everything better.

A few feet away, the woman shimmers into view again, crease between her brows deepening into full fledged scowl. It is then she actually takes in the others round her, like the fancily attired girl in her jumpsuit. Stepping closer is an option she dismisses, her adrenaline fuelled senses picking up the visible tension she is emanating. Next is the relatively famous Nick Drago, though she seems by her once over to be singularly unaware of his status as it goes no further.

"To obey, to not obey…" She says, mostly to herself with half an eye on the situation. Evidently not a partygoer. That is before the girl starts wandering in said direction, spurring her to hastily shadow after 'Siobhan', ready to restrain a teenager.

"I'm not threatening them." The club goer responds, looking to the now appearing Loki who is squeezing his neck, He gives a bit of a sneer, "You are."

Drink paid, Wade reaches a hand over to slap the side of Mike's shoulder, "I'm going to go check with the others." He gets up and makes his way into the back room.

Mike gives a half nod, attention fixating on Loki who has appeared in the other back corner. Just what the hell?

Loki's eyes flare threateningly and he hisses a demonic sounding "BACK OFF." to both girls then goes back to his prey. "You won't answer my question." He says, tightning his grip. "I know what you are." He whispers and tightens his rip once again. "None of you come here for peace."

Ember doesn't exactly back off, but she doesn't get any closer either once Loki shows her his angry face. Stopped in her tracks, she pauses only briefly before taking one side-step backwards so that she ends up perfectly next to Farisa. Quick twist of a bottle cap and she's handing one of the Rauchbiers to the yellow-eyed one. "Here. Guess we're expected to sit this one out? And you look a lot more… settled than when I saw you at the Gardens a few days ago."

Bruce doesn't know why he's here. The loud music is ripping at his ears, and it seems the guys are intent on having fun. Making his way down, he spies Loki being erratic, an eyebrow raising, taking a deep breath

"My Lord." Farisa starts off, cutting her frosty retort short to concentrate on the other girl. Definitely not unsettled by his hiss. Any tremours purely from the unexpected address by Ember and proffered drink. Gingerly, she wraps her fingers round the bottle, raising it to experimentally sip. "I am more settled, as you say…Lord Thor explained to me that times have changed. Is this drink supposed to taste like the roasting pig?" Turning to face the techno fairy, she adds, "Thank you. You are…a techno sorceress?" Small talk, her personal bane.

As the pair give their exchanges and Loki barks at the two women, this draws attention to the scene occurring over to the corner. This does not escape the club goer as he gives a terrified look, "Come on man, I don't know what you're talking ab-" He starts making choking sounds.

"Hey! Let him go!"

"What did he ever do to you?!"

Getting up from the bar, Mike starts to get up, making his way over to the commotion, which would work better if he wasn't there publicly as Nick Drago. As he makes his presence more known by crossing the center of the club, this gets the attention of some club goers who have grown bored while waiting for the set change for the next band but have not taken notice of the commotion near Loki. Intervention is not coming from Mike soon, it would seem.

Loki wrenches the clubgoer along with him as he starts to push past people with the choking man. "It is not any of your business!" He snaps to everyone else. "You are all too blind to see this is not a real man."

"No kind of sorceress, just something of an illusionist with flair." Ember half-smirks to Farisa, "And yes, it is supposed to taste like that. One of the reasons I like it." She's opened one bottle for herself and tucked the other two down in a 'pocket' of her outfit that wasn't exactly in existence a few seconds ago. But as the scene with Loki starts to actually get noticed, and Loki then starts to push through the crowd while carrying the other guy by the neck she makes a decision. One that would likely get her in a lot of trouble, to be honest, but… oh, what the hell.

A swig that downs half of her beer preceeds a shifting of the lights in the club, one that looks to an outside observer like the spotlights, stage lights, and laser effects sweeping around like they usually do but which manages to place very bright dazzle into the eyes of everyone in the room who's within a couple dozen feet of Loki's path with the exception of Loki, Farisa, and herself. In that moment of oportunity, she disolves most of her outfit, leaving her walking in just the dark bodysuit which now has a hood concealing most of her head. In concert with the dazzle-effect she also 'thickens' the light in an arc ahead of Loki, hopefully using it as a kind of wedge so that the angry Asgardian doesn't have to shove through much of a crowd on his way to… wherever he's on his way to.

No, it's not what anyone would judge smart up to this point, but it gets better when Ember starts to follow a dozen or so paces behind Loki, herself.

Bruce probably shouldn't do this, but, Loki is being rather uncivil. He moves to intercept the Asgardian, stepping infront of the god, "Hey, Loki, I think you need to calm down." He even dares to put a hand to Loki's shoulder, "Let's talk about this like calm, civilized individuals.", sparing a glance at the man Loki has accosted

Hair tumbling in a profuse mess over her shoulders, Farisa sprints easily through the widening gap left by Loki. Fingers fumble at her belted hip, recalling belatedly she had been coerced into leaving her treasured sword behind. Doubling back, she turns to face Ember. "Would you assist me…" Trailing off, she helplessly lapses into stuttering silence. A sweeping motion using her arm will have to stand in for eloquent speeches before she once more seems to meld into the black decor.

What she might have said if not for the pre emptive move on Embers part, whereon she simply runs ahead with a brief look of acknowledgement, keeping slightly ahead of the teenage illusionist. Her own elbow serves to widen the pathway and where she trails light itself appears to waver, as if being tugged viciously in the opposite direction. Once Bruce gets involved, her speed rises from leisurely jog to flat out running, elbows splayed out to knock aside any person shaped obstacle.


"The hell!"


Bright lights shone into the eyes of people frequenting dark rooms is less than plesant, but more so effective to distracting them from the task at hand. It's hard to come to a stranger's defense when you can't even see said stranger.

The clubgoer looks over towards Bruce, seemingly gasping for air from Loki's 'attack' "helllp- chok-" Gasp! Sputter! Agony agony agony.

Mike winces as he works on making his way out of the blinding area. "The fuck?"

Loki slaps Bruce's hand away, then looks over his shoulder and scowls at Farsia and Ember. "I said /stay back/! Are you both suffering from hearing loss or just lack of brain power inside those huge empty skulls of yours??!" Mike is given a look as well, but it's more of a 'trust me' look.

Bruce is already rather set on a hair trigger from the music and stuff, and Loki's slap trips that trigger. It's not a good trigger, as Bruce goes from 5'9, 160 lbs. to 7'0, 1040 lbs. in rather short time.

Ember starts to mutter under her breath as she keeps up the pace of actions. "Where's the gratitude… place was about to get the bad kind of crazy…" Lights and flares, sweeping lasers and dazzling floods continue to dance in the eyes of nearly everyone around. She's so focused on whatever forms of crowd control she can manage that she misses the look that passes between Loki and Mike as well as the appearance of the guy moving right up next to Loki. She's adding another layer to things by making multiple semi-solid illusions of herself amongst the crowd, the intention being to use them to try and get folks moving towards the walls and not in the way of trouble, when that new guy she missed becomes something no on could possibly miss.

So while the part of her brain that's linked with her powers keeps on maintaining the dazzle and other illusions, the real her just… stops and stares, struck speechless.

"No. Though you might contribute to future feebleness of my eardrums." Farisa says quietly, curtailing her anger to a mutinous glare as she speaks fluently in the old nordic tongue. Out loud "The illusionist enabled you a safe passage out. I suggest we move fast, if…this man is a dang…" She has no time to complete her sentence, when Bruce swells up to a massive green monster.

It's then Farisa decides to intervene fully, even without her sword to hand. Blue light courses into her palms, solidifying into a suspended globe of water that stretches out, fashioning itself into a tapered needle of ice she attempts to hurl at the green beasts substantial torso during her lunged pirorette forward.

Ember recieves a momentary glance over the shoulder, distracted frown creasing her pale brow just before said heroics ensue.

In what little bits of visual reprieve Mike gets from Ember's distraction, the musician does pause at Loki's look. He looks towards the party goer, frown deepening. The frown continues with the dramatic formation as the presence of a hulk makes his appearance. And note for those having to match clothing for situations, the appearance totally coordinates with the dark of the black walls. Ah, the one time Hulk is fashionable and he's not in a state of mind to enjoy it.

Loki's captive continues selling the feeble party goer suffering from mistaken identity drawbacks. COUGH HACK Agony agony and so forth.

Hulk 's ire is focused on the being who triggered his transformation. It's likely a challenge, but, his roar at Loki would rival the sound system. Taking a stomp forward, his eyes narrow before Farisa's ice cube slams into his chest

Loki frowns. "I erm…I think it might be time to go." He reels backwards at the Hulk's fury, then looks over his shoulder at Farisa. "Would you not do that? You are half mortal, remember? Who wants to clean up mortal from the walls and floor? THere isn't much he can do to hurt ME."

Ember has never done well under this kind of pressure… because this is the first time. But a good chunk of her mind isn't acting under conscious control these days and it comes close to matching the speed of light. Where before she was just dazzling and keeping the innocents back with her powers, now the 'thick light' she's been using becomes even thicker… pushing everyone who isn't a fighter back towards the stage. The strain starts to show as the thick light starts to crystalize into a wall between the fight and the clubgoers. "Get… him… outside…" is all she's got the energy to say in Farisa and Loki's direction.

Confusion shows in Hulk's expression, as Farisa's attack does cause him a bit of pain. His attention switches to Farisa, and his head tilts as he asks the girl, "Why you hurt me?" Given his nature, whatever weal caused has healed in but a few moments

Stalling midway through conjuring another ice needle to pierce the monster's chest, Farisa scowls and keeps her tongue still. With apparent effort. Her desire to point out this hulking beast could mash all the mortals in the room is left unfufilled. Instead, she points out with steely calm "Then you might inadvertently crush your prisoner…" Catching Hulk's quizzical look and question, she looks a little lost. Rallying, "You are a threat, were…giant. Will you come peacefully?"

Still being held on by the Asgardian as he gets roared at by Hulk, the club goer continues with his act. Oh PITY the poor widdle hooman being manhandled by the Asgardian. PITY PITY PITY!

The presence of the Hulk does cause for a bit of a good thing as there is a LARGE gap in the crowd forming to give Hulk his space. The drawback being that they're flooding the exits, which is causing for some people to get squished by the panicky crowd.

"OYE!" Mike shouts, climbing up onto the bar to come into view of the club goers as he channels his inner Irishman, "ORDERLY fashion! Ya ain't gettin anywhere wit' that set o' mind!"

Hulk looks at Farisa, "Hold on." His attention goes to the clusters of speakers, before stomping towards them, likely to destroy them, unless someone turns them off…

Loki sighs at Farisa and reaches up to slap Hulk across the face. "Pay attention, ugly one." He throws his prisoner roughly aside and prepares to taunt the Hulk to keep him from crushing any mortal bone.s

Farisa glares at Loki, noiselessly mouthing nordic profanities under her breath. Mainly oaths, wincing at the squealing grate on her ears once Hulk gets a stomping. She begins moving towards the released prisoner, fingers wreathed in blue energy. There, she would attempt to administer healing to his neck. Reduce his bruises, if he had any from the chokehold.

Too many variables, but for now the only thing that Ember can do is what she's been doing. Building up the wall of solid and crystaline light. One benefit of having the floor-to-ceiling wall being constructed is that it's between the speakers and the Hulk. It's not perfect, but it's some kind of muffling effect.

Some people just like to poke at the grizzly bear, through the rather flimsy cage. Loki is Asgardian, therefore, he's got enough mmph to sting. Hulk turns his gaze back to Loki, and reaches for Loki, ready to thrash him

Loki grins a bit too widely. He rather enjoyed that. So much that he does it again. He hops up and pats the Hulk across the face. "Come on, come on." When Hulk reaches out though he does get a hold of him.

FREEDOM! With the grip on him gone, the club goer looks over to the musician on the bar, giving an irritated look before turning, making his way to an exit quickly, a bit more preoccupied with ESCAPING than getting healed.

Mike sighs, jumping off of the bartop, landing in a crouched manner to soften the force of landing. There's a slight shift to his features but it's not too noticable being the persona he came to club in. But while others are making their way to the exit, he is coming towards the conflict involving Hulk.

"Lord Loki, you lost the captive." Farisa mutters, even though she was indirectly complicit in allowing said prisoner to run away without much force on his windpipe. Seems this Asgardian is a soft touch. Up she stands, looking suitably harried, calling out to the singular male that is coming towards Hulk and bash toy. "I would…stay out." Her english definitely wants improvement.

Despite the GOOD advice Farisa offers to the musician, his walk does not slow much. "If only I could." He ssays with a sigh. He approaches over to the Men in Green. "Gentlemen." He greets, voice calm as he holds his hands up in a placating manner, "I do believe we need to take this disagreement elsewhere." He gives the pair a smile, resting a hand on Loki's shoulder and Hulk's, elbow. "Can we agree on this?"

Loki jerks his shoulder away and starts walking for the door. "Fine. I'll leave."

Hulk looks at the man touching him, then to the god he's intent on pounding into the floor. The man's voice seems odd, almost… dreamy. His hand reaches out to grab the Asgardian walking away, when he notices his hand can't quite feel the being…

Although she's not pouring nearly as much of herself into making the wall, Ember has gotten too tired to stand steadily. Going down to one knee, she notices Mike coming through the gap in the wall where she stands and stops feeding the wall so she can remain conscious. "If you're… not going to fight… can I take a nap, now?"

Resisting the mental image that is Loki and Hulk, locked in a frozen embrace to the pain, Farisa exhales loudly when Loki decides to not stir up the angry green hornet…man any further. Much as she secrectly desires to fight herself as envinced by the faint twitching in her fingers towards where her sword usually sits. "You hold a charm…no, what is the word? Diplomatic." She grants the musician, "Almost…unreal." Noticing Ember again, she hurries to attend the young girl, slinging an arm under her shoulders in a grip superlaxtively strong.

"Wha- " When Loki jerks away, Phantasm starts to reach for the Asgardian before pausing, "I'll catch you later." He promises to Loki before he looks to Hulk. "Alright, Banner. Let's take a walk. But I highly recommend not letting go…" The pair vanish from the club into a dream dimension.

Loki looks back at Mike and shakes his head. "Have fun." He says and continues on, disappearing from the sight of others, relocating back at the Avengers Mansion.

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