2014-07-08 Lets Call It A Night Hulk's Dream Vacation
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Hulk, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Let's Call It A Night: Hulk's Dream Vacation

It's just one of those nights. Suspicious Lokis, unhappy Banners Hulking out in crowded clubs. Ayup. What a way to draw attention. But at least Hulk is no longer an issue for Club Nightshade tonight.

As The Hulk gets transitioned out by a phantasm in the visage of Nick Drago, the view of the club fades away as another scene starts to fade in, soon taking over the club's view. They appear to be in a grassy fenced in area in the Bronx. Although the proximity to civilization is visibly present, the sounds of it are severely lacking. There is quiet. Much quiet. Except for the sounds of a horse down the way of the fenced area.

Mike looks to the scenery, smiling at what they ended up with, still holding on to Hulk's arm. "Well, this is better, right?"

Hulk blinks, looking at the surroundings. At least his ears aren't pulsing with that music. He looks down at Mike, his face a little scrunched with annoyance, "Where you take Hulk?"

"Nothing bad." Mike replies, "You're in a dream world. Figured you could do with a walk to clear your head." He gives a sigh, "Uh, before we go further I'm going to go over some basic rules that'll make things comfortable for you." He nods to his hand being on the arm, "Don't lose contact with me while you're here. I can't guarantee you'll make it back easily if you try to use me as a Javelin. You can't alter people's dreams directly. They're in control of the world. But you do control yourself. And… No killing the Phantasm when we get back."

Hulk 's eyes narrow more, "You no do weird things to Hulk, or Hulk smash." Still, in that brain of his, he does find the area rather peaceful, relaxing

"You mean like take you into a dream world?" Mike asks, giving a small smile, "Um. Too late I guess. But, please don't? I had a good reason to do this." He considers the situation. "While you're here. Would you rather I keep holding on to your arm or just turn into something that can… perch on your shoulder to make it easier for you walk around?"

Hulk turns and wraps a rather large hand around Mike's middle, lifting him so he's eye to eye with the green goliath. "You no do weird to Hulk. It weird enough you keep touching Hulk." His expression is definitely one of discomfort, being weirded out, though, not a stranger to 'otherworldly' locations

When Hulk's other hand grabs around Mike's waist, his hand lifts off the elbow as Hulk is still technically touching him. "Or I can be carried, that works too." He shifts, resting his elbows upon the joints of Hulk's pointer finger. "Right. No more weird to Hulk. Well, here's the thing. The main reason why I did this in the first place was to get you away from all of those people. I have all the intention to get you back to your home once you get back to Banner mode. Are you alright with that?"

Hulk snorts at the mention of Banner, even as his eyes take in the peaceful surroundings, "Banner is soft… Why want Banner?" The anger, rage, pain are all dissapating rather quickly, as he sets Mike down, still maintaining a rather firm grip on the man

"Hey, sometimes it's good to have a softie around." Mike responds, giving a bit of a defense to non-present Banner. "Just like sometimes it's good to have a non-softie around." He glances to the horse, "This side trip isn't THAT bad, is it?"

The almost crushing grip seems to be diminishing as time passes, the Hulk looking decidedly smaller as his eyes move to the horse. "No… Hulk like horses."

Being that Mike has no sense of touch when Phantasmed, he doesn't notice any difference in grip. He just glances to make sure the contact is remaining. "Oh good. I am glad we ended up in a horse dream then." He gives a smile, "There are other dreams out there. And they vary a lot. Think you might fancy checking out other ones later on should I come across you having a bad day?"

The voice is probably the best clue that Hulk is no longer 'hulking' and Banner is likely to make an appearance. "Based on your comment, it might be worthwhile to keep those in hand, though, generally, when I'm Mr. Green, there's a good reason for it." Yep, soon there's gonna be a naked 5'9 man in the dreamworld.

"Generally." Mike agrees turning to glance back to Banner only to look back again, "But, I think this time around it was more bad timing and a lack of communication for all parties involved. Oh and try visualizing wearing some shorts or something. That actually works here if I'm the one that brought you in."

Bruce blinks, before he imagines himself in a typical outfit. Smiling, he looks around, "Well, I'm glad to know someone can tolerate me when I'm Mr. Green."

"Well it helps that I'm hard to hurt when I'm Phantasm." Mike replies with a bit of a smirk, shifting so his hand rests on Bruce's shoulder, which is probably a little less weird for the both of them than Bruce touching Mike's midsection, "Besides, we all have our own smaller versions of that guy in us or some equivalent." He pauses for a moment, frowning a bit before shaking his head, "Anyways, that attire should last while I'm extending my ability to you so you won't have to worry about scandalizing some poor soul when we pop back."

Bruce chuckles softly, "Yeah… that tends to be bad, though, compared to what Hulk has." He takes a deep breath, "Maybe I should talk with someone. I think his name was Reed Richards. Something about a fabric that works with your powers."

"Can't hurt to ask." Mike agrees, "If he can get something so Johnny doesn't keep flashing everybody whenever he has to do his Flame on and Flame off stuff, extra stretchy pants for you shouldn't be an issue. Hell, Reed deals with the stretchy aspect himself." He hrms, "So, where would you like to go? Avengers Mansion or Baxter Building?"

Bruce mmms, "If I wasn't wearing imaginary clothes, the Baxter Building. But, right now, the Avengers Mansion."

"I actually live in the Baxter Building so if you don't mind borrowed clothes, getting ahold of clothes won't be a problem."

Bruce closes his eyes a moment, "Okay. That should work."

"Alright then." Mike glances around before pointing in a random direction. "This way."

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