2014-07-13 Paparazzi Problems
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Cat, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Paparazzi Problems

A small coffee and malt shop students from Empire State University would regularly frequent. It is a typical coffee house.

After church and a walk towards home, Mike ends up running into another person and taking a detour. Instead of home, he finds himself in The Coffee Bean. Although not in his higher end clothing, that he is in his Sunday attire of dresspants and dress shirt does cause for him to stand out amongst the regulars that live at ESU during the summer. To give a bit of space for him and his guest, he has aquired a booth area over to the corner. Because, well, it's in the CORNER and it's available. IT MUST BE DONE.

Sitting at the booth with Mike, on the opposite side of the table, Felicia wears a grin. She looks over at the barista and sighs softly as she continues to wait for their drinks to be brewed. "Couldn't stop at home to change first?" The thief says with a half grin as her eyes size up the artist.

And risk you getting exposed to Wade on a hangover?" Mike asks, cracking a smile, "Nah. I'd rather wake up to this." He leans back, "Having another touristy moment?"

Enter Liz Limon, 'reporter' and paparazzi extraodinarie. She enters the Coffee Bean wearing a mini skirt and suit jacket, carrying a tablet and some other things with her. She makes her way toward the back, high heels clicking on the floor. Coming to a halt, she sits in Mike's booth and folds her hands on the table. "Fancy meeting YOU here in such a small time establishment."

With a gasp as a newcomer sits at their table, Felicia gasps, "Who is this?!" Felicia asks, loudly towards Mike, her tone getting disgruntled. "Who are you?" Felicia demands from the 'reporter'.

As the uninvited guest helps herself to the seating area that was claimed by Mike and Felicia, the rocker glances over to Liz. "I don't know…" His expression shifts, giving an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry, but I don't believe we've caught your name."

Liz spares Felicia just a smirk, extending her well manicured hand to Mike. "Liz Limon. A pleasure to meet you. Now, if you don't mind, I have a few questions for you."

Felicia looks to Mike to see if he agrees with the pure shock at this gall of this woman. Regardless Felicia steps in either way, "I mind." She says putting some emotion behind her voice and some strength behind the table. Forgetting herself a crack appears in the wood stretching from her strike to Mike's edge.

Mike's smile fades a bit, shaking his head as he leans forward, one hand resting upon the crack that has made it's way over to him. "I do as well, actually."

The woman smiles, ignoring Felicia with little more than a "That's nice, dear." in response. "Well, it's interesting to see the kind of people Nick Drago associates with. That brings me to wonder about a few things. People believe that you have mutant powers. What do you say to that?"

Felicia lifts her fist and eeps as she sees the damage she's done to the table, and sprawls her hand out to cover the line. She doesn't know what to say, but she is fuming at this intruder on her Sunday afternoon.

"Indeed. Much more pleasant company than you, I dare say." Mike responds to Liz. Eyes narrowing into a scathing glare to the paparazza, "Here's how I'm seeing things. I was here to have a pleasant cup of coffee with some good company, and then YOU come barging in, with no regard for others. WHY would you think I'm going to give you the time of day much less an interview at this time?"

Phoenix is asleep and does not seem to be connected at the moment.

Liz smiles. The camera lens of the iPhone in her jacket pocket briefly catches the light as she grins at Mike. "Because people saw what you did, and they want to know about it. So, unless you want me to go live with a story about how Nick Drago is a mutant, I suggest you answer my questions."

Felicia's anger continues to grow as she listens to the woman with the wild accusations. She leans to the woman's ear and makes it known, "I broke the table, and if you don't leave, I'll break you." She pulls back and bulges her eyes knowing she was too quiet for any recording device the reporter might have.

"Oh. So you're one of THOSE types of reporters." Mike replies. He chuckles. "So you're not just rude." The laughter stops, "You have little if any ethics." He looks over to Felicia, tilting a head towards Liz, "Paparazzi."

"I prefer to call myself a reporter. And if you lay a finger on me, either of you, I have someone on speed dial that will make your lives absolutely miserable, and you can forget ever performing again." Liz smiles wolfishly. "Now, about those questions…"

Felicia stands up in the booth and moves to climb over the back to get out. She walks over to Mike and extends a hand. "We're going." She looks back over to Liz, "I said I'd break you, not touch you."

"Oh Miss Limon, what you prefer to call yourself and what you actually are, are two different things. You feed upon the suffering of others, and when you can't get news, you just make it up." Seeing Felicia's approach, he nods, getting up and taking her offered hand, "Think what you want."

"Oh, I will. But so will everyone else. Have a good day! I'll see you soon."

With the knowledge of the camera's in the building, and knowing they're moving through a blind spot. Felicia turns around towards Liz and raises a specific, unfriendly finger to the woman and then moves to the door. "Sorry Mike."

"Not your problem." Mike replies, giving a sigh as he pauses at the counter where their drinks JUST finished. He pauses to give them thanks before walking back to Felicia with the drinks,"Comes with the job." He nods towards the door. "Let's try Central Park instead."


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