2014-07-15 Razzi, Music, and Ragnarok
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Title: Razzi, Music, and Ragnarok

Mike's apartment…

This studio apartment is quite simple. To the right of the entryway is the kitchen and bathroom, to the left a closet and a washer/dryer. Straight ahead, the Living/Dining Room combo. Walk to there and there's a sleeping alcove to the right. As far as furniture there are five notable pieces of furniture. Two futons in the alcove, two more futons in the living /dining room area, and a rather beaten, and likely salvaged from a street corner on trash day, coffee table. Resting on the table is an old TV and converter box.

It is unsure to what is sadder. The minimalism of the furniture, or that four guys pooled their money for this and this is all they did. But factoring the amount of sound proof paneling around the place along with the drumset, guitars, keyboard, recorder, and practice drum pads scattered about there's likely a good reason why the furniture count stopped where it did. With just two people sharing the apartment now, this quasi-two room, quasi-kitchen, one bathroom apartment seems quite spacious. Although, the occupants would prefer it much more if the other two former occupants were still there.

While not visibly noticable to most, there is a slightly different aire to the entrance of the Baxter Building. It's not in the decor, or the background music, but the increased attention of the staff towards those entering in hint to something being different. Upon crossing the entrance to the elevator, things are back to normal.

That is until you get to Mike's floor where a member of cleaning staff is scrubbing of some grafitti from an apartment door. Mike's door.

Inside, Mike is ignoring what's going on outside, instead wituating himself near the keyboard. Headphones on, he quietly works away, pressing keys and buttons.

Loki makes his way past the entrance and goes up the elevator. He manages to not draw attention to himself thanks to using a bit of magic, and once he's on Mike's floor, he encounters the staff cleaning the graffiti. Lifting a slender hand, he moves to fingers in a sweeping motion, making the mess disappear as he himself disappears and reappears on the other side of the door. "Hello?"

The guy cleaning the door blinks as the tag vanishes and then looks over towards Loki, still a bit surprised at the assist "Thanks."

On the other side of the door. Mike's still at work behind the keyboard. The movement from across the room causes for him to look up quickly to find out who it was, "Loki." Eyes glance down as he presses a button before tugging off the headphones. He gives a small smile, "How're you?"

"Fine as always," Loki says, sitting on the sofa and folding one leg over the other, leather pants creaking. "What are you doing? What was that person doing to your door outside? They were removing some perfectly good artwork."

"Working on a hidden track." Mike replies, stepping away from the keyboard to move over to the kitchen area. "Oh, someone felt the need to express their, distaste for me."

"How is anyone going to hear it if it is hidden?" Loki asks, leaning back. "Why would they express distate for you? What did you do to them? Perhaps they are not a fan of your music, but that is no reason for poor manners."

"Hidden tracks are songs that don't get listed as being on an album." Mike explains, pausing at the fridge, "Think of it as a bonus surprise for buying the music." He gestures to the fridge, "Can I get you anything? A beer or soda?"

"If soda is that sweet fizzy drink, I will have that, thank you. I suppose I don't understand Midgardian music. It is interesting yet overly complicated. Then again, our music is made to tell stories or just exist in the background."

"Some of ours tell stories." Mike replies, opening the door to pull out a can of soda. "Just not necessarily of historic events." Swinging the door shut, he glances to the cabinet, "In a glass or do you want to drink it out of-" He pauses, shaking his head before opening the cabinet to retrieve a glass. WHY ASK?

"I would rather listen to some Midgardian music than listen to tales about how great Thor is, or how the Warriors Three defeated some beast. None sing stories about how great I am, though."

"I would think it'd probably depend on the music being presented." Mike considers, "If you were given all songs with the topic of loss, that would be a rather depressing session of music listening."

"Well yes, I suppose there must be a variety. I always enjoyed reading poetry, but not so much the songs of minstrels. I can tolerate your music, however." Loki leans his head back to look at Mike upside down. "Songs are written of great battles won. I have never won any great battles because I am not a warrior type." He lifts his head and makes a face, putting a hand to his temple. "Remind me to visit the healing room to ask them about these random headaches."

"Do you think the headaches are after effects of the cosmic cube thing?" Mike asks, frowning. He sits down next to the prince, watching the Asgardian.

"I don't think so…but perhaps. I keep getting flashes of memory but they aren't of anything that's happened." He sits up straight and smiles to fend off any worry. "It couldbe from the cube. Perhaps they are remnants of the memory of the intelligence stored within."

"Memory of stuff that didn't happen." Mike summarizes. "That sounds more like precognition. Do you guys have that?"

"Not usually. Odin had to give his eye to have a glimpse of the future. I suppose if anyone would have that ability it might be me, or Karnilla. Definitely the Fates, though. I can't see the memories clearly, though, so I am not overly concerned."

"So maybe more of a premonition?"

Loki shrugs and stands up, going over to help with the drinks if needed. "I don't know. Well, it doesn't really matter, anyway. They're probably insignificant in the scheme of things."

Mike's brow raises as Loki gets up to walk over to the fridge area despite already having his drink and glass, "And if it's not?"

Loki looks around, then looks at his hand, realizes he has his drink and sits back down as if nothing happened. "If it's not then I'll deal with it."

"And what is it?"

"What is what?" Loki asks, confused. He squints a bit at Mike, feeling one of the headaches he mentioned coming on. He sets his drink down and says, "Why don't you play me one of your new songs?" in an attempt to keep his mind occupied.

"The memories of stuff that hasn't happened." Mike clarifies, glancing over to the keyboard. "I guess…" He starts walking towards the other side of the studio.

Loki grins and picks up his drink again, the ice rattling in the glass as his hand quakes a bit. He hides it by swirling the ice around and pretending to be interested in it. "I look forward to hearing your song."

"Hmm." Instead of going to the keyboard, Mike goes over to one of two guitar stands, picking up an acoustic guitar. He turns, grabbing the pic from where he last set it down before heading over to the nearest unconverted futons to sit down. "…Well, there are many." Settled into position, he sighs and starts to pluck at notes delicately.

"When does it stop? Where does it end? When one thing finshes, another begins…"

Loki averts his eyes, but listens, trying not to look as though he's paying attention. His hand shakes a little more as his head begins to throb. No, he's not going to let it get to him this time!

The gentle plucks errupt into a strong strum as the soft voice gets a little tense, weary.

"Put your head down,they'll knock it back up. The rain keeps pouring, on sorrow you sup. Set your stance, prepare your fists. It's coming out, your pains they'll list."

Trying not to look uncomfortable, Loki folds oneleg over the other and taps his fingers on his pantleg. "It sounds good so far…"

It lis fortunate for Loki then that Mike's eyes are closed right now.

"With all of the punches, It's tempting to duck. Keep your head down, and wait for better luck. Things are not perfect, there will always be storms. But if you hide away, You'll miss the morn."

Mike's voice crescendos with the last sentence, as he stops strumming, singing as the notes still resonate within the instrument.

"For years you'll hide," the last word lingers before he starts strumming once more, "waiting day to day. Not living your life, just throwing it away."

Loki sips his drink and tries smiling, but the throbbing in his head keeps getting worse. He touches his temple with his fingertips, reaching out blindly to try and set the drink on the coffee table.

The guitar continues playing, strums going back to the gentle picking of notes in a trickling effect.

"Instead of avoiding the potential of pain, just learn to dance, dance in the rain."

Several more notes are plucked, slowing in speed before getting replaced by one final strum. The strings are left alone, allowing for the vibrations to finish their movements of their own.

Once the song finishes, Loki can't hold it off any longer and lets go of his glass whether it's on the table or not, gripping his head with both hands, cringing. "No, not again…" He says through his teeth, then falls back on the sofa, staring at the ceiling as images flood through his vision.

Hearing Loki's protests, Mike's eyes open. Seeing his friend having a moment, Mike drops the pick and gets up, moving towards the sofa, guitar and all. "Loki?!" The guitar is placed on the table next to where the drink should have been set but didn't quite make it.

Loki's hand reaches out to try and grab Mike. If he gets a hold of him and makes contact with skin, he would share his vision with Mike. Asgard, burning, under seige. The city is completely destroyed, crumbling as if the monuments that stood for tens of thousands of years were made of sand.

This is the drawback of running over to assist with magic using Asgardians it seems. As Mike's reaching over to Loki, Loki's grabbing Mike and the musician is floored. Literally. Knees buckling, Mike indeed hits the floor as he gets to share in the pleasant visions. "Fff-" That's not rain. That's a god damn typhoon.

Loki stares unblinkingly upward as the city falls, then the earth bursts into flames as an enormous serpent twines around it, several times bigger than the planet. The screams of billions can be heard as it is consumed by fire, then swallowed by the serpent. Then, Loki sits up panting, his forehead drenched in sweat.

Mike is still on the floor, arm still in Loki's hand as he looks to Loki wide eyed. "Loki, I don't think you can ignore this."

Loki looks down at Mike's arm and lets go, then reaches out to pat him on the shoulder. "I…it was probably just a dream. Nothing to worry about, really." He takes a few deep breaths and wipes his forehead with the back of his hand. "Everyone has bad dreams, yes?"

"Yes. But nobody transfers the bad dreams to a waking person with a simple TOUCH." Mike responds, shaking his head. "That was a vision of your home burning." He pauses. "… Ragnarok?"

Loki holds up his hands as if to push Mike's words away. "It can't be Ragnarok. Balder still lives, Surtur is still bound…nothing has happened. Heimdall has not sounded the Gjallarhorn."

Mike frowns, "Do you remember when the Intelligence took over, you told me 'Ragnarok is coming?'"

"No, of course not." Clearly, this is bugging Loki out, and if Loki gets bugged out, then some shit must be getting ready to go down. "You can't tell anyone about this. Nobody. Not until we figure this out."

"What about Thor or Strange?"

"No. Not Strange. If I happen to talk to Thor I may talk about it if it happens to come up in conversation. If not, then I won't bring it up."

"Okay. Strange will probably find out sooner or later anyways. He has a nack for that…" Mike considers, "But. At least bring it up with Thor when you see him. Maybe you can find a way to pevent it."

"It has happened before, it will happen again. We don't remember our lives as they were before. Who knows…perhaps next cycle I'll be Thor!"

Mike's frown deepens, "So, you won't remember any of us?"

"No. Well, there is a way but I wouldn't want to try it unless I was certain something was happening and not just a bad dream."

"And what would that be?"

"I can store my memories as magic energy." Loki says. "I think. The theory is there, anyway."

Mike pauses, "…So you could technically do a gradual memory save so if stuff happens quickly you're covered?"

Loki shrugs, massaging his temples. "I could. I don't want to think about it. Can't we talk about something else? Balder is alive and well so there is no chance of Ragnarok happening if I'm here and he is there."

"But you yourself said it will happen again." Mike replies, "So, what's wrong with getting a contingency plan in place?"(re)

"I was out of my mind when I said that. Ragnarok is a cycle. I get Balder killed, and everything goes into motion, They Who Sit Above In Shadow absorb the energy and in return they begin a new cycle."

"So you're saying that it'll never happen again?"

"No. Yes. No. I don't know!" He holds his shaking hands in front of him, forming a sphere of light. "I can dump my memories into this, but will I be able to remember where I put it?"

Mike looks to the light, considering things. "Don't be the only one who knows where it is, then."

Loki looks into the sphere, concentrating. He looks to Mike, then pushes his hands inward, compressing it to the size of a baseball. He makes a sudden, quick move and thrusts his hand out, shoving it seemingly INTO Mike, then withdraws. "There."

"Wh-" Not quite expecting the thing to be shoved into him, Mike starts to move back in reaction. But being that he doesn't feel it, he just glances down to where it got shoved in. "Okay that was different."

"Sorry. I had to do it when you weren't expecting it or you might have put up a resistance. I Don't know how I'm going to find it, but perhaps there will be a way."

"I'm more wondering how you get it out."

"Don't worry, I'll know how to do it even if I don't know I know how to do it."

Mike nods, "So I guess all I have to do is find you whenever it's obvious who you are." His lower lip twists slightly in thought before another thought. "No worries about my abilities messing with your ball o' memory?"

"I'm a thousand years old. If you access it, you'll have quite a bit to deal with." Loki says, rubbing his head again.

"Well, then here's hoping there aren't complications." Mike lifts up his hand, miming the action of having a glass in and to give a mock toast. The hand lowers. "Headaches still bothering you?"

"The vision and forming the memory sphere took a lot out of me. I'm fine. No need to worry…" He looks over at Mike and forces a smile. "Just promise me you won't mention this to anyone."

"Unless there's a VERY good reason. I'll keep it to myself." Mike answers, figuring that a certain nosey sorceror could very well figure things out on his own easily enough.

Loki leans against the back of the sofa, looking out into space for a few moments. "There is probably nothing to it, just bad dreams." of course he was awake when it happened, but he doesn't have to mention that.

Mike frowns, "Do you need to lie down? I can convert one of the spare futons to bed form for you if you want."

"No, no, I'm fine. No need to fuss. " Though he doesn't want to risk standing up just now or he might end up meeting the carpet. "So…don't let me interrupt what you were doing before."

The musician gives an appraising look, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, of course. I am an Asgardian, afterall, so I will regenerate my energy rather quickly. Why do you never answer my questions?"

"Questions?" Mike asks, his eyes glance up in an attempt to recall the last question Loki asked, "I'm sorry, I probably got distracted by the whole Ragnarok thing. What was your question?"

"It's not important." Loki sighs, letting his eyes drift closed for a moment as his head rests against the back of the sofa. "Don't be distracted by something that may not happen for thousands of years. I am practically immortal, remember? It could be ten thousand years."

"Or it could be sooner." Mike replies, "But it's alright beause you have a contigency plan for it with the memory thing." He looks to the resting Loki, growin quiet as he tries to play back the conversation in his head to figure out the question.

"I may have to visit Ringsfjord and speak to the Fates myself. If father knew about me starting Ragnarok, why did he adopt me? Why didn't he just leave me to die?"

There! Questions. Mike shifts, sitting down on a seat across from Loki, allowing the Asgardian the whole of the sofa he's on. "I'm, probably not the best person to ask these questions." He admits, "I don't have a relationship with my father nor do I care to have one with him." His hands fold together as he leans forward, "But, I have seen some parents go through crazy things for their kids. Maybe it's because you needed someone and he was someone."

Loki moves his head back and forth slightly. "I know he adopted me because he could use me as a pawn against Laufey and keep the forces of Jotunheim at bay. Laufey left me to die in the temple. I don't know what happened to my mother. I can only assume she died in the war. Odin wouldn't go through anything for me unless it was a benefit to him."

"So, if you know why he adopted you, why do you ask why he did?"

"Because I don't know…" Loki sighs. "I don't know why he did…it's a question that makes sense to me, anyway. Isn't there something else we can discuss?"

Mike's brow raises, "So, you know of one motivation for adoption, but deep down you know there's more to it than just that." He pauses, "Topic change… ok." Hmm. "Have I introduced you to Felicia?"

"Felicia…no, you haven't. Is that your lady friend? It is about time you were courting someone. Tell me about Felicia."

"I've dated people." Mike protests, pouting at the 'it's about time' comment, "It's just, they don't last long." He shakes his head, smiling once more, "Anyways, Felicia. I'm still getting to know her but she lives outside of the city but comes here when business brings her here. She does like to have fun. Not boring at all and she's got an independent streak about her."

"Interesting. You will have to introduce her to me sometime." He sounds a bit sleepy,shifting his shoulders and laying on his back on the sofa so that his head is resting on the arm, hands folded nearly on his middle. "Tell me more."

And more he does. Mike explains how they met, the helicopter ride they took for the first date, and up to the coffee date that got interrupted by the paparazza. It is a long tale. And likely more interesting to the one recollecting it.

"I'm glad you're meeting people closer to your own age. I may look young, but I've been around a long time. You spend too much time around me." He smiles a bit. "What else have you done?"

"Well, I finished my part with the movie. It's in the cleaning up stages now. So, I'll probably end up traveling to promote that film in a few months. Did a voice role for a cartoon, and almost done with the production of my next album." He smiles, "And you're not the only one I spend time around. I share an apartment with Wade and he's only a little bit older than me. Also we do play music together from time to time still."

"We aren't supposed to interfere in the lives of mortals…I just don't want you to end up different than you should have been. Of course, I have not been very good at following the rule." He seems to be drifting off to sleep. "I think you made…a…great…talking…pon..y." And he's out, shifting his shoulders to get more comfortable and rolling onto his side to curl up.


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