2014-07-16 One of the Good Days
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Warning: N/A
Players: Ember Drake Jean
GMed by Random Acts of Spongebob
Title: One of the Good Days

With the bit of cloudy passed from this morning, the day is now bright, clear, and balmy with no sign of the sun going away until sunset. And since she has gotten more and more comfortable with the people here, Ember has decided that she's going to just toss away all cares and see how it goes spending a day with no illusions whatsoever. So today, she's wearing herself as… herself. Slender frame of pale, mostly translucent silver-blue skin that sparkles as if embedded with diamond dust and lines of thicker almost tiny scale-like accents running across her frame in places. She is entirely hairless, including eye lashes, and her eyes have no coloration to them at all and are so transparent as to be nearly invisible.

She's doing laps in the outdoor pool in her white racer-back one piece, just enjoying the early afternoon sun and glad that the only people who are likely to see her are those others who also live here and are just as odd as she is, in their own way.

Drake has been having a heck of a week here in New York. He keeps winding up in just the wrong places at the wrong times. It's like New York is trying to make one massive, albeit questionable impression on the teen. If not for black market dealings, it's nearly getting pounced in the wake of someone else's paparazzi-wave. So today, he's decided to put one of the new outfits to use and hit the pool.

With a towel draped over his shoulder, Drake approaches the pool's edge already decked out and ready to go. It might be some residual Californian in him that insists he's totally comfortable striding from his room to the pool in this attire, but no one's stopped him yet! But upon reaching the pool, he finds it's already occupied. Thanks in part to Ember's skin-hue and sparkly effects, it takes him a bit to sort out exactly who it is. Hell, she's all but camouflaged in there. But once he does, it's with a grin.

The towel is dropped to the side and he drops to sit at the pool's edge, arms folding over his knees and shins dipping into the nice, cool water. "Hey, aquamarine~!," he calls, hoping to catch her attention.

Jean was relaxing by the pool as she often did when the weather is nice, covered in sunscreen and with a big floppy hat on, because the sun sucks when you're a pale redhead. Anyway, she was laid out on one of the pool chairs in a simple, but elegant green bikini, a floral wrap folded on the table next to her along with her towel, a book in her hand. She looks up at the sound of Drake approaching, pulling her sunglasses down a bit so she can look over them before pushing them back up, "Ah, you finally found the pool. Swimsuit you got looks good on you. Don't you agree, Ember?" The last called out to the other student, of course.

Direction doesn't matter to Ember's vision, so she doesn't have to stop and face Drake to check out his appearance. But she does anyway, treading water as she turns to give him a quick appraisal. "Do I have to agree, Jean? I mean sure he's got a certain west coast… 'thing' going on that works for him, but do we really want him to start preening?" She grins impishly and kicks under the surface to preemptively dodge any waterborne retaliation from Drake.

Smart girl!

Drake's foot sloshes through the water to kick up a wave, minute as it is, at Ember. "What am I, a bird? C'mon, it's not gonna give me an ego-trip if y'say something nice!," he chides. Not that she has to. He believes he can read between the lines enough to catch a compliment when one is given, and that much should be evident by the smile on his face.

Those expressive emeralds turn then to Jean, still smiling. "And you've gotta excuse me! I didn't notice you at first. And I don't mean that in any kind of offensive way, believe me," he pardons, hands giving a little wave. "It's just, she's all sparkly. It's really distracting." Not that he thinks Jean is remotely insecure enough to be upset at not being the immediate center of attention, of course. The thought is even concluded with a soft laugh. "But thanks! It's nice to be wearin' something like this again!"

Jean giggles softly as she turns a page in her book, "No, since it's a new outfit, Ember, it's okay to compliment him. It's not like he's going to get any wrong ideas about your attraction to him or anything, right?" She absent-mindedly gives a wave back at Drake, "Don't worry about it, I was just reading and relaxing over here. I'm glad you're comfortable. You look much better all cleaned up."

Ember breaks the surface again quickly so she hears most of the shore-bound replies. "This is true. Clean and un-shabby is a good look for you, Cheese Grater. Also, that was a very weak splash attempt. I think you should try and do better." As she speaks, she quietly forms a torso-sized inverted snowplow wedge of solid light behind Drake. She keeps its glow negligible to hopefully keep him from noticing. "Here, let me help you!" She pulls the wedge towards her to try and drag Drake into the pool along with it.

Drake gestures his hands towards Jean while looking at Ember. "See? She's doing it right. World didn't explode or nothin'." Attention turning to the redhead, he offers a bright, perky smile. "Thank you! Believe me, I prefer this to the grungy deal I had going on."

He may not have been high society, but he did possess a mirror. He only got away with looking so shabby because everyone in his darn circle looked about the same. But that? That won't fly in this gang. And he's actually happy about that.

With Ember's challenge, he shoots her a look. "Oh, I /will/. I'm- wha'hey!" Suddenly forced forward by a plowing of unseen force, Drake topples over into the water with an unceremonious splash. He has the aquatic experience and mental wherewithall to make use of this turn of events, at least! While submerged, he begins swimming towards the sparkly pair of legs treading just ahead. If he can maneuver around behind her, he'll quickly surface, place his hands to her shoulders, and dunk her under.

Jean raises a hand up as the water splashes towards her, pushing it back telekinetically to land harmlessly on the ground, "Children, be careful. No horseplay in the pool!" She leans up in her chair, staring at them over her sunglasses as she points a finger in their direction. "This is a private school, not the public pool in the community center."

"I'm not horseplaying in the pool. I'm in the pool, but my horseplay was next to it." And that's all the illogic logic that Ember wants to work with today. And maybe one day Drake will really internalize that she doesn't have to be looking at him to see him, but today isn't that day it seems. She lets him get behind her, but when he reaches to dunk her down she drops below the surface just ahead of the push, making a small paddle of solid light above herself to splash water at Drake's face. She then makes a solid light tunnel connecting her face to the surface so she can talk without drowning, "I told you to step up your game."

Admonished as a children, Drake ducks his head to his shoulders. Then blinks. "Hey, you're not /that/ much older than us!," he calls back to Jean.

And then, waterpaddle and further teasing. Drake recoils as the splash hits his face, and he peers down to see something really, really weird. Physics, as he understood it, is no longer a thing. Not when someone can casually pull an inverted Moses for the express purposes of taunting. "Oh, you have /so/ had it…" His palms whisk through the water to create a small wave, gathering the moisture along his hands with the intent to schlop it down that funnel right to Ember's face.

"Uh huh….no horseplaying in or around the pool then. You don't want to make it slippery and have someone trip and hurt themselves, do you?" Jean replied as she rose from her seat and floated her wrap over to her and around her waist. She just rolls her eyes at them and shakes her head. Children.

"Hey, it's like at a water park dolphin show. The first five rows /will/ get *blaughlublub*!" Yeah, Ember didn't really think that whole funnel to her face thing all the way through, did she? She kicks her way to the surface, breaking it with a splutter and coughing fit mixed in with serious gut-busting laughter. "Alright, alright! Uncle!"

Drake knows Jean is probably right, and no, having someone get hurt out here would suck, but old habits. Besides, he's totally ready to blame all of this on Ember. Speaking of which, when she emerges a-sputter, Drake joins in the laughter. He drifts closer to her and tilts, simply to bump his shoulder to her curiously-crystalline appendage. "Now that's more like it," he states, feigning a haughty attitude. And hten he gets to the process of whisking those bangs out of his eyes, to minimal success. They simply fall right back into place.

"I would recommend not getting my books wet, however," Jean said to Ember as she squatted down demurely by the pool for a moment. All those antics…fortunately these were fairly mundane compared to some of the things this pool had seen. Like the hair clogged in the vents from Hank…

Ember manages to get the water out of her lungs but her sinuses are a lost cause, making her voice just a bit Urkel-like as she gives Jean her very best 'contrite angel of purity and innocence' look. "I would never do intentional harm to books." What she'd do to their readers is left to the imagination as Drake's hair antics distract her. When it falls back into his face, she shakes her head and rolls her eyes (not that the last bit is very obvious except at close range). "Here, this will fix it." She puts her fingers against his forehead and weaves solidified light through his hair to twist it to her will. First she puts it in a super saiyan set of spikes and then gives him a Pee Wee Herman cowlick. "I'll take suggestions from the audience."

Drake can't tell what she's doing to his hair. All he can do is kind of feel it. His eyes are locked onto Ember's face, but he's really not looking at her per se.

"Jean? Jean? What's she doing? What's she.. is she making me look stupid?" As she continues to fiddle with his hair and give a call-out to the 'audience', he blinks those expressive greens. "You'll take a mouthful of water!," he contests, hands going to her shoulders in what one might presume is another dunk attempt. But it's just a scare tactic. Afterwards, he treads a little closer to the glittery girl and murmurs in a stage-whisper, "We /should/ be uniting against a common foe. The /faculty/."

Jean hmmms at Ember, "Maybe pigtails? Those are always cute." Even she can wield a devilish smirk at times too. "But no, Drake, she isn't. It's adorable, so be a man and take it." Her expression clouds, however, "I'm only part-time faculty, don't get any ideas."

Ember brightens at the pigtails idea, although they do take a bit longer what with the weaving and tugging. "No, I'm not doing anything at all," are her soothing words to Drake. Of course she can't help but give the air behind herself a slight /twist/ so that it becomes mirror-like from Drake's perspective. Let's see if he notices? When Drake suggests teaming up against Jean, she shakes her head. "Oh, silly Cheese Grater… this isnt' a students against faculty two-on-one. It's a chromosomal team-up."

Drake starts to turn his head to cast Jean a look, only that ends up getting his hair pulled. With a little wince, he looks back to Ember. Denied, she gets a flat look. "Ohhh, I see how it is. Gotta pick on the guy."

For those psychically-talented, Drake's not actually upset by this. He's simply playing along and being a good sport about it. All while he's given the Barbie treatment.

"You know you're gonna have the same homework as me, right? We'll see where your allegiance stands come the start of classes! You'll be like," he affects an effeminate, squeaky voice, "'Oh, Drake, you were right all along, how can I ever make this right~?'"
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Jean rises back to her feet and reaches out towards the table, bringing her towel and book over to her with her powers. She glances down at them, grinning, "Mmhmm, it is, but think of it this way, Drake. It means she probably likes you." She gives a shrug, then raises her arm over her head in a long stretch, "I have some work I have to do, try not to drown, you two, okay?"

Ember snorts at Drake's bad imitation and stops playing with his hair /after/ she's gotten it all settled into pigtails. "You wish! I'll be getting my diploma same time as you, buddy." And then Jean just has to go and say something like that! Yes, Ember can still blush but she hides it (poorly) by kicking back and under the surface after sticking her tongue out at Jean's departing backside.

As soon as he can no longer feel Ember tugging at his hair, Drake begins pawing through the obsidian locks to unwork the horrors she's wrought upon his roguish 'do. But what Jean says gets a quick glance, followed by a more demure, thoroughly bemused look cast in Ember's direction. "Oh, how interesting~!," he calls after her submerged form. He follows along after her, just paddling through the water to keep pace. He isn't about to let her get away when he's armed with something like that!

Ember decides that the middle of the ramp between shallow and deep ends is a great place for her to settle while Drake hovers thinking he's been given insight into her reasoning. Yes, she's doing the funnels to the surface thing to breathe, but this time she's learned her lesson. She only forms it long enough to take a few breaths, never close to Drake and never in the same place twice. And she can't help herself… she looks up at Drake and gives him the kid-classic 'thumbs in ears to wave hands and tongue-out', "Nyah-nyah!" look. See? She's all mature 'n stuff!

Drake sees plainly what she's doing. She's worried he's going to drown her again! Granted, he probably would to try to force her to the surface. But it's not like that's his only option. And when she pulls that totally mature face at him, he inverts and dives into the water! His arms attempt to hook around her, and if caught, he'll kick off the floor to break the surface with her his captive!

It's not like Ember's really all that strong a swimmer. Or strong in general, really. So although she does try to escape when she spots Drake coming after her, it's a futile attempt from the start. And while her skin is slippery compared to what would be normal, there's enough grip for her to get captured and dragged back up fighting. She tries hammering behind her at Drake's sides, "Leggo, Cheese Grater! Leggo!"

Drake breaks the surface laughing. "No way! Jean said something real interesting! I wanna hear more!" Though she's wriggly, squirmy, and surprisingly slippery, Drake tries to keep ahold of the girl. At least, to some degree. Should she earnestly attempt to break free, she'll find success.

That attempt is made and Ember eventually kicks away to the side of the pool where an attempt is made to climb out at a point where she's too short to reach bottom.

This does not go well.

She slides back into the water a few times, seeming to have some literal issues with pulling her own weight, before she starts towards the shallow end and the stairs therein. "Jean is obviously delusional. You're not nearly beefy enough to be that kind of likable. And you wear your hair in pigtails. So there."

Drake snickers as she slides around in the water, entirely too amused by what's probably an embarrassing scenario for the girl. But what she retorts gets a balked, "Hey!" Beat. "I'm telling her you said that! Now we'll see if you graduate at the same time as me!" So there! Nevertheless, Drake remains in the water, pawing at his hair just in case it's still in those insufferable pigtails. Ember has succeeded in making him self-conscious.

"Jean's not a full-time teacher here, smarty. You can't be one when you're still in college, and she is." Ember hauls herself up the stairs just a bit sluggishly, although she'll deny the tired if pressed on it. The sun's still fully up and shiny, so tired isn't in her wheelhouse. She sniggers as she walks around the pool towards the poolhouse, stage whispering, "I think you missed one," to Drake as he paws at his hair. Before ducking inside the poolhouse she calls over, "Want anything from the fridge?"

Drake's eyes widen at the 'whisper', and he feels around his hair more frantically. "Uh, no, I think I'm okay!," he calls back to her. Afterwards, he tips his head back and dunks himself into the water to re-wet his hair, followed by further raking of his fingertips through ebon locks. Finally, he seems to settle, content that he's worked out all the kinks Ember had put in his hair. He makes his way to the pool's wall, grabs onto the edge, and hauls himself up out of the water to sit on its edge. Foregoing a towel, Drake simply reclines there on his elbows, allowing his skin to glisten under the sunlight and slowly, slowly dry. Feet idly drift back and forth in the water. A content little, "Mmn," escapes him before he adds, louder to be heard, "S'a nice day out."

Ember takes a few minutes in the poolhouse to stretch out and to pout a bit when she tries drinking some water and has it come right back up on her again. "Guess it's one of those days," is her only quiet comment to this. When she exits again, she's just drying herself off on her way over to one of the deck chairs, "Yep. Couldn't let it go to waste, so I'm out here today. Sunlight's better overall than anything indoors. More meaty." What she means by that is left up to the listener's imagination as she adjust the deck chair so it's facing her into full sunlight and relaxes into it.

"Awh, you're like a leafy plant!," coos Drake playfully. "Just gobblin' up the sunlight. Maybe I should start calling you Daisy!" He sits up again, leading shortly to his full height. From there, he makes his way to a chair adjacent to Ember and flops into it comfortably.

He lets the silence linger for a few seconds as he soaks up the sun. It just… feels different somehow - like the New York sun is different from the Californian sun. It's probably a psychological thing. He's self-aware enough to realize this. But eventually, he pipes up, "How do you think classes are gonna go?"

Ember joins in the silence for a while, just lying back and letting the sunlight soak into her. "Not sure," she answers to Drake's question about classes. "It's a small place. Just a couple dozen students, I think. That's less than even my tiny school had in each grade." She trails off for a bit before continuing, just letting the lazy happen. "I'm guessing it'll be something like a mix of the whole one-room school thing and group tutoring. Seems to be that kind of place."

Drake grins a little. "Think it's gonna be hard?," he asks. "I dunno what to expect, m'self. I just look forward to using my powers without worrying about anything. Using'em and… and people actually /wanting/ them to be used. No idea how they'll tell me my powers can be useful to typical society, but hey."

"I want it to be hard." Ember's voice carries a touch more force than she normally uses, but not so much that it breaks the lazy. "I want to get pushed to my limits, maybe even past them. And yeah," she listens to his words about their powers. "I think that was the best surprise I got when I accepted the invitation to attend here. Being able to use my powers in ways that aren't entirely geared towards hiding myself behind the mask of 'normal, proper, and demure' makes the crazy worthwhile. And hey, I can think of one thing you'd be useful for." She says this deadpan, so she's probably winding up for something.

"Don't say electrician," pre-emptively scolds Drake. His head turns in her direction, gaze half-lidded.

Ember smirks silently, "Emergency generator."

Drake blinks, then snickers. "You know I can actually do that, right? I don't just do the lightshow. I can pump electricity into something and power it. There's never a television remote that I can't use."

"Nice." Ember continues to sink into monosylabic responses as she starts to let herself drift off. She doesn't have to sleep, doesn't mean she isn't still capable of it. And right now she's just barely hovering at the edge of coherency. "Ever try to juice-up something like a building or stadium? Lotta big lights in a place like that."

"My house, several times," Drake replies. His head turns to look skywards again. His eyes lid over fully. His arms fold behind his head, pulling his body languidly taut. "Couldn't do more. Would'a drawn attention to myself. But I might get away with it here."

"Whole point… whole life; 'keep it hidden', 'no drawing attention'." Ember's voice trails off at points but she's still just this side of awake. "Then had the… other thing to hide. Had t'get good… fast. Wasn't fast enough, though." She shifts a bit in the chair, settling to a more comfortable position. "But… joke was on them, though and now… 's just me left…" That's it. Fresh air poisoning has taken its victim. She's out.

Drake doesn't interrupt her. His eyes open fully, however, and he lifts his head to peer in her direction inquisitively. It sounds like she's talking about something different. Something deep. But he only has a couple pieces to the puzzle that is Ember Reynolds. When he realizes she's asleep, he shifts to sit up, brow knit in thought, gaze cast out over the sparkling pool water.

Nothing but the quiet warmth of the afternoon sun for company.

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