2014-07-23 Testing Limits
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Players: Cyclops, Surge
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Title: Testing Limits

The immense space of the Danger Room, for now remains in the default setting with all holoemitters shut down. Few students would be exposed to the capability and, those that would, tend not to share the information. Scott Summers stands at the center of the steel room and locks his attention on the student before him. For this occassion, he is dressed in the school PE uniform, the same attire he would have insisted Drake wear himself.

"Recording: Begin. Authorization: Scott Summers." Scott calls loudly, his sharp voice echoing through the hall's vastness. "Don't be intimidated. Right now we just need to determine the known limitations of your power to properly gauge your strengths and better tailor a lesson plan. Please state your name and a general description of what you can do."

Drake is, in a word, stoked. The teen's eyes are wide, and a bright, anticipatory smile illuminates his features. His hands rest linked behind his back, standing as 'properly' as he can muster. "Intimidated? Heck no, I'm down for this!" Blink. "Oop. Drake Vyril!," he announces, voice elevated. The description of what he can do takes a moment's thought. "Electrokinesis!" It's what Scott had first called it when they met at the gas station.

"Danger: identify student Drake Vyrill and monitor vitals. Notify if significant change occurs." Scott calls moving closer to Drake and pointing towards the center of the room. "A target will raise for you to hit. Once it does, please inflict the weakest discharge you can that is still capable of striking it."

As directed, a single metal rod with a small sphere at the end inexplicably raises from the ground.

Drake tips his head this way and that, taking in the room as Scott gives it further instruction. Once addressed again, his attention returns to Scott. He gives a single, firm nod, hanging bangs abounce before his eye. "Easy enough."

When the rod lifts and presents a target, Drake reaches his left arm out. One of the first things Drake focused on upon discovering his power was learning how to rein it in, how to control its output. The fear of accidentally killing someone with a blast was enough to make sure of that. And so, what manifests is a narrow, wire-thin beam of electricity lancing from his index finger to the point on the target; tiny, but highly accurate.

"Good. Strike the target with the most powerful blast you can manage without harming yourself. Do /not/ overtax your body." Scott instructs, taking a step back to give the young man an adequate space to gather energy.

"Now we're talkin'."

Drake squares his stance with the target and draws his hands back. Tendrils of brilliant blue electricity course along his forearms in an endless stream, gathering rapidly in his palms. Both hands thrust forward and touch at the wrists, feeding the streams together and projecting a thick beam of twisting electricity against the target. The blast is intense enough to cast a consistent light over his own smirking face, as well as the immediate area, and the power output is extreme.

"I've never tried pushin' past this, but now's as good a time as any!"

Drake slides his left foot forward to deepen his stance and his eyes narrow. The blue stream intensifies, reaching an almost white hue. The electrical output steadily rises, though the required focus becomes increasingly obvious, jaw set and teeth starting to grit. His frame tenses, straining to lift the level ever higher.

Electricity arcs and swirls around the miniature lightning rod, dancing across the surface as it gets absorbed. "Enough!" Scott commands, turning a reprimanding gaze towards Drake. "We will find your boundaries and exceed them, but we don't want to hurt you for now."

When Scott barks the order, Drake balls his hands into fists, inexplicably ending the stream of electricity. His posture immediately slouches, but doesn't fall, frame rising and falling noticeably with each breath. "Heh.. yeah.. cool," he nods. He straightens himself up, shifting out of the deeper stance, and runs a hand through his hair in an effort to draw those bangs from his eye. They simply fall back into place. "What's next, Master Yoda?"

A moment of consideration passes as Scott turns to Drake. "What else do you know you can do?" He inquires, deciding to bring up another topic after the session.

Drake grins up at Scott. "Lots. Move a little, uh…" He waves his left hand in a backwards-swiping motion. "Thattaway."

If Scott takes the cue and moves back a little further, Drake proceeds to kneel. His left hand places against the floor. Suddenly, trails of electricity swirl along his fingertips and touch the ground - which rapidly webs over in a shimmering layer of electricity, spreading out before him, but not reaching behind him past his feet, nor successfully crawling up the walls. Simply put, the floor before Drake becomes alive with an electrical current, and remains that way while he glances towards Scott.

"Not hard to maintain. Easier when the thing I'm dealing with is a good conductor, like metal. If I make it really potent, it can get pretty draining, though."

"That makes a lot of sense." Scott muses quietly, moving back and studying the discharge along the ground. Despite his best efforts, he considers the tactical applications of the capability. "What happens when you attempt this through a nonconductive surface?" He inquires, maintaining a distance for more of the area effect capabilities Drake may be capable of.

"I can make it work, but it takes more focus, more effort. Double that, if you want it really strong," Drake explains. "Like, over dirt? Takes some effort."

The teen lifts his hand from the ground, and he draws himself back up to his feet. "I can also do this…" His hands ball into fists again and chamber at his sides, squaring himself. The ambient level of static surrounding him suddenly rises and continues to intensify. Soon, the air around him takes a visibly shimmer, and the teen's hair and clothes begin to gently tussle as if in an otherwise unfelt breeze. Periodic arcs of electricity lance from his body to the field's perimeter, and the frequency of these 'strikes' quickly rise until they're clearly marking the aura's outline.

"How far does this field extend?" Scott inquires, tilting his head higher to get an idea of the vertical limit of the static. His hand reaches out to indicate the earlier target so that Drake may direct his attention to it again. "Move closer so we can measure the magnitude of it."


Drake begins moving towards the rod, relaxing his posture. The field follows him, electricity lancing off his form rapidly, but steadily. "It doesn't go too far. About…" He stops next to the target and focuses, extending the aura to five feet in all directions, "…that far."

With that done, the teen bows his head and balls his hands into white-knuckled fists. The cascade of electricity grows dense, leaving Drake's figure only a silhouette amidst the increasingly vibrant hues of electric blue. The output level is predictably extreme, approaching the potency of the beam. Once it reaches that intensity, however, it lasts only a few seconds before the aura completely shimmers out of existence, leaving a harried Drake to drop to a knee. "Whew! That… that takes a lot outt'a me."

"Well done." Scott replies with a warm smile, striding forward to plant a firm hand on the young man's shoulder. "Lets take a break for now, there's something else I need to speak with you about."

Drake starts to push himself to stand, but thinks better of it quickly. He remains knelt for the moment. "Y-yeah?," he asks with a breathless smile. "What's on your mind? 'Cuz.. there's.. still more to show ya.." A fist rubs at his nose, and he finally makes a solid effort to stand.



Steady. "Fire away."

"We're not pressed for time. We can gauge more of them tomorrow or the day after. For now, though, there's something more troubling that's been brought to my attention." Scott explains, moving back towards the door as he contemplates where to begin. The blunt approach is probably best.

"Loki is a pretty notable personality. One that has caused no small amount of headaches for the school and the professor. Imagine my concern when I hear that someone with your general description is involved. Imagine my surprise when I was able to find the security footage." His mouth creases into a small frown as he offers a small shake of his head. "I don't think you realize why you need to conduct yourself more carefully."

Drake tilts his head slightly to the side as Scott revs up for the explanation. When the bomb is dropped, he simply blinks, taken off guard. "Oh. Really? I met'em earlier at a bookstore. He.. err, had a misunderstanding, but he wasn't bad after that. Seems like he has some good intentions, too!" His gaze lowers to the floor with a frown. "I wasn't sure about bringing'em back to the mansion, but he said he already knew about us, and he was offerin' to take me back, and after the mishap in the bookstore, I thought less of a public appearance would prob'ly be for the best…"

"Loki tried to assassinate Senator Kelly. In the wake of the incident, extremist groups became violent against mutants. Many were killed, some of those were children." Scott remarks, glancing aside while he tries to dismiss the memory. "Actions have consequences, Drake. I don't know, exactly, /what/ you were doing with Loki but I do know this: if you make a spectacle out of yourself. If you, in any way, break the law or act maliciously there's only so much we can do. I don't care if it's boredom or habit, what you do can lead back to us."

"Oh. Crap." 'Stunned' is a good word for the expression on Drake's face, as well as him in general at the moment. It's only as Scott continues that life seems to return to him, at a flounder. "I-I wasn't doing anything! I just went for a dap, and he didn't know what it was, so he got a little… fighty. Didn't do anything more than give me a push, though! The cops were trigger-happy, I tried to talk'em down!"

"You're not in trouble right now." Scott clarifies, brow growing sharp as he opens the door for Drake. "What I need, though, is for you to be more aware of your surroundings. Loki, in particular, has a habit of 'innocently' getting wrapped up in terrible scenarios. /Be careful./ " He cautions, holding his arm forward to direct the student past him. "Good progress tonight. I look forward to seeing where else your talents lie."

Despite Scott's words, Drake certainly feels in trouble. He moves forward, head lowered and shoulders slouched. As he starts out the door, however, he pauses and places a hand on the frame. "I dropped the ball. I get that. But I /am/ trying. I'm not doing the things I used to, I'm… doing my best to make this work. I don't wanna screw this up."

After a couple seconds of silence, he quietly concludes, "Just thought you should know." And on out he'll go.

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