2014-07-24 Click Click Boom
This scene is rated R
Warning: Meat Puzzle
Players: Aura, Black-Cat, Dominique, Surge
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Click Click Boom

Chelsea is a neighborhood on the West Side of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The district's boundaries are roughly 14th Street to the south, 30th Street to the north, the western boundary of the Ladies' Mile Historic District which lies between the Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) and Seventh Avenue to the east, and the Hudson River and West Street to the west. To the north of Chelsea is the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, also known as "Clinton," to the northeast is the Garment District, to the east are NoMad and the Flatiron District, to the southwest is the Meatpacking District and to the southeast is the West Village.

The neighborhood is primarily residential, with a mix of tenements, apartment blocks, city housing projects, townhouses and renovated rowhouses, and its many retail businesses reflect the ethnic and social diversity of the population. The western part of Chelsea has become a center of the New York art world, with many art galleries located in both new buildings and rehabilitated warehouses.

It is a dark and st- Oh? Ok fine.

It is a dark but pleasant evening. Any clouds in the sky are far enough away to not bounce off any of the light pollution emitted by the city area tonight and there's not THAT much of a crowd right now. The promise of a work day tomorrow is enough to dampen some people's spirits. But despite that, there are a few restaurants and shops still open. Even Golem Studios appears to be lit up in places.

It's been kind of a weird day for a couple teens in the Xavier Mansion; heavier in the atmosphere than the norm, especially where Drake is involved. But that's why he felt the need to elevate moods. He intends to do this with promise of… late-night icecream. And so, Drake is walking along the sidewalk with Ember, his pace at a moderate, casual speed. "When's the last time you ever just /walked/ somewhere?," he asks aside to his companion. "I know back in L.A. there was kind of a mix. But here? Seems everyone takes a cab everywhere or drives."

Despite the hour, the fact that it's the city means there's enough light around for Ember to be out and about. The day got pretty heavy up at the school, so she jumped on the suggestion of ice cream despite the distance involved. The city that never sleeps never really gets dark, either. "Back in Iowa, walking distance is measured in miles, not city blocks. So I've walked plenty." She's got her carry-size bowl filled with banana split to elevate her mood.

Walking with her head down, Felicia has her eyes planted squarely onto her phone.

[Fine, I'm on my way. Yeah I'm almost there.]

Felicia changes her grip on her phone and lowers her hand to walk more briskly, looking up finally just in time to avoid running into Drake and his lady companion. "Oh, hey Drake!" Felicia says with a smile.

It's Thursday evening, and every Thursday evening at 21:34:06, a certain red headed woman imbibes a cup of tea at a sidewalk cafe in Chelsea. Without fail, rain or shine, the staff could set their clock to her presence at that time. With a little stir and a quiet resting of her spoon, the woman finishes stirring in her cream and sugar before lifting to take a small sip.

Drake may notice that particular redhead, thanks in no small part to a prior encounter. But fortunately for her discretion, he's occupied by a couple things. The first and foremost? A waffle cone of cinnamon icecream demands attention. The second? Ember at his side. "Good! I did lots'a walking back on the west coast, too. Biking looked stupid, and I didn't like the idea of ditching property on the sidewalk if I ever wanted to go inside somewhere."

Finally, the last thing that insists he pay attention is none other than, "Felicity!" He promptly halts his advance, giving the fair-haired woman a quick look-over. "You're lookin' nice! How's it going? How's the boyfriend~?," he drawls coyly. Following shortly, he nods to his side. "This is my friend, Ember. Ember, Felicity. She's famous or something, I'm not really sure."

Ember smiles when Drake provides introductions between herself and Felicity. And although their paths have crossed before, it was a while ago and both of them looked different than they do tonight. "Pleased to meet you," she says between bites of ice cream, rolling her eyes at Drake's 'or something.'

"The boyfriend?" Felicia repeats with a slight blush as she glances down to her phone to see if he's replied. None yet. "He's well." She says, not arguing that he is, "What about you and your girlfriend here?" the thief says with a wink afterwards. "And no, I'm not famous." 'Felicity' says towards Ember.

The tea, perfectly poured and blended of course, is given no second thought once the woman's attention is distracted by the gathering of acquaintances and their loud exclamations. A young gentleman who called in her illicit activities and brought The Demon of Hell's Kitchen back to the limelight of primetime news, and a certain silverhaired cat burglar who oh so recently acquired an item for her under particularly questionable means. Her eyes focus intently upon them, watching their movements as she begins to determine her next course of action.

As quickly as it formed, the peaceful social scene is disrupted as a thunderous boom errupts from the direction of Golem Studios, knocking down anyone who may have been too close to the door front. Glass rains down upon the street outside of the questionably two story brick structure. To add to the noise, two cars parked nearby errupt into a combination shrill cries and horn honking as their respective alarms are sent off. Noisy noisy noisy.

"Psh, I haven't checked the newspapers or anything, but something tells me you didn't get away from those paparazzi without /some/ kind of comment being made about ya. It's like… collatoral fame." Drake nods firmly, those bangs framing the side of his face going a-bounce. Though the redirect to Ember gets a soft laugh. "Ohhh, this girl here? She's trouble," he muses warily. With a more sincere tone, however, he adds, "But she makes for a good friend," and tilts to nudge his shoulder against Ember's.

And all Hell breaks loose.

Drake is jarred where he stands, stance deepening to maintain his balance from the explosion. In the commotion, his icecream went airborne. Hands scramble for the cone, successfully juggling it a few seconds in the air, before it unceremoniously *SPLAT*s upside-down on the sidewalk. Amidst the car alarms, he scowls. "Well, there goes my night. The heck is this about?"

The explosion draws Dominique's attention swiftly, gazing down the street at what remains after the blast before turning her attention to the group and watching their far more interested reactions. The blast was not near her, it did not hurt her, nor did it affect her, so why should she focus upon it? Indeed, it has provided a wonderful distraction for all those around that will allow her to enjoy her tea in relative peace, and so it is that she forgets those who have inklings of who she is and sips at her tea once more.

Hitting the ground hard, Felicia's arm and palm getting scratched up due to the friction of the slide. "Mike!" Black Cat pushes herself up quickly, her senses helping her to recover from the shock a bit faster than a normal human's would allow and is headed towards the danger, despite the flight part of her brain attempting to take control and make her flee. "MIKE!" She shouts her follow up as loud as she can, disregarding the dust and her own safety.

"Oh, no. There is no 'girlfriend' in our Mix," is Ember's response to 'Felicity', but then things go pear-shaped. When the blast errupts, the second thing that Ember sees is the chaos it has caused. This is because the first thing she sees is her ice cream flying into her face from the concussion wave. But it's wiped clean quickly and she's already making her way against the flow of those moving away from the blast site, ducking into a storefront at first opportunity to get out of the surge of humanity long enough so further travel will be easier.

Hearing 'Felicity' shouting Mike's name gets her even more focused. Obviously she knows someone who lives/works in that building. She tugs on Drake and Felicia's arms to get them moving with her. "C'mon, we've got to see what we can do to help!"

As Felicia heads towards the danger, there is another, smaller blast that occurs, near the back causing for the building to visibly shake. Frame a bit off balance, the front door to the music studio creaks open, betraying the yellows and red glow of something coming to life within. There is no response to 'Felicity's shout for Mike save the crackle of a growing fire.

Drake is taking a moment to process the scene before him. Wreckage, car alarms, panic, and a building in a bad, bad way. But hopefully at this hour, not many people were in that building. Best case scenario? No one was. But if Felicia's cries are any indication, it might've been prudent to invest in a rabbit's foot before coming out here.

His loose sleeve gets tugged on as Felicia's already rushing forward. "H-hey! I was gonna!" It's true, he doesn't need any more encouragement. For one, there's no telling how far away the police are. For another, Felicia could get herself seriously hurt if left alone in there.

"Watch it! It looks like there might be a fire in there!," he calls. Despite it all, unless halted, he's heading into the building as well to assess the condition.

As they approach the building, Ember takes advantage of both the chaos and the shifting light to mask her own shifting appearance. Without any kind of glare, shine, or fanfire she shifts from a slightly dusky midwest brunette in light summer clothes to a blue gem-faced figure in a dark hooded bodysuit with lit lines and highlights. Very tron-esque in its appearance, really. She doesn't even hesitate when they arrive at the building. Flames mean light, light means fuel for her to use. And use it she does, encasing every flame spot she can see simultaneously in bubbles of light that she then solidifies to cut off oxygen and smother them. While the flames are her primary concern, she's keeping half an eye out for the signs of anyone who needs help.

There's a brief pause as her arm is tugged by an outside force, causing Felicia to think about the repercussions and what her actions will cause down the flow and ebb of time. But as quickly as those thoughts enter her mind they're forgotten as the flames begin to spew out. She leaps the car without a single digit touching the automobile on her way into running into the flames. Bursting into the glass she covers her mouth and nose with her hand, "MIKE!" Felicia shouts once more.

With the hero trio entering in and the flames starting to die away as Ember brings her attention to them, the view inside is not a pleasant one. The lobby area floor has bits of broken furniture and coffee mugs strewn about. A vending machine, while mostly intact is missing the glass front. (Free candy and random music supplies, yay!) Also in the lobby are bits of wall. Wall that used to separate the hallway from the equipment room. It's a mess. But as not as much a mess as the legs sticking out from under a pile of fallen ceiling and soundboard equipment.

"Crap, crap, crap…," mutters Drake as he bounds into the building. It's not lost on him, how crazy this is. How downright irresponsible. This coming from a guy who used to run the streets, who had guns pointed at him a few times in the past. But those were always on his terms, his choosing. This is a whole other level. But with Ember present and Felicia rushing in, he can't allow himself to worry about it so much. If something happened to either of them…

Ember's not-so-subtle shift in appearance is noted, but he makes no comment on it. Too much to focus on. Her bringing down the flames helps in visibility, and he takes that opportunity to take a solid scan of the area. Those bright emerald eyes land on… a pair of legs. "Hey!" He dashes over to the fallen debris, taking the last couple feet on a skidding slide on his knees. "Help me move this stuff! I think we've got someone here!" With or without their immediate help, he grabs onto the lowest chunk of ceiling to attempt wedging it up. What he lacks in superhuman strength, he makes up for in adrenaline and intensity. "Pull'em out!"

Ember continues to keep her main focus on putting out the fires, shrinking the bubbles around each one until they're down small enough for her to turn the bubble surface to crystal. While she can see all around her and is taking care of every burning surface or object she can see simultaneously, her mind is working ahead of herself and when Drake makes the spot and calls for help moving debris off of someone, she turns some of the spare firelight into a four-foot solid crystal shaft which she slides along the floor in that direction. "Here, use this for leverage! Anything else here will be too hot from the blast."

Responding and appearing next to Drake, Felicia is at his side in mere moments, her hands grabbing the crystal formed by Ember. Lifting with ease that shouldn't coincide with someone of her frame, Felicia tosses the debris away from the musician with a gasp at the reveal of the victim. "Get him out Drake, NOW!" She moves to look for Mike, knowing he's here somewhere.

While not Mike or Nick Drago, the person revealed is someone reasonably familiar. That being Nick Drago's former bandmate, Wade Shaw. Or, that guy who was running distraction with Felicia so Drago could sneak into the Baxter Building. Eyes closed, and having considerable injury, it is likely a miracle that he's showing any signs of life. But breathing is the only confirmation of that state. He is very much out cold.

There's a bit of a screeching sound outside the building and a creaking sound to boot wit hin the building. But that's not the only thing going on. Through where the window used to be separating the equipment room from the inner recording room, the visual hints of one of the blast epicenters is notable. Another figure lays prone, scattered in multiple places. Parts still smouldering. In one of the hands, parts of a cellphone.

Hands grab onto the ceiling, and immediately retract. "Owow!" Fortunately, he didn't have his mitts on it long enough to risk burning, but Ember's warning is duly noted. It's just a shame it didn't come a hair sooner. However, with Felicia's help - a feat he's certainly taken note of - the teen hooks his arms under Wade's knees to drag him free of the debris. From there, he relocates to drag the older male up and prop him against his side.

Those creaking sounds, the screeching… that doesn't bode well. "Guys?," he calls, voice elevated to be heard above the commotion. "Move fast! I think this building isn't gonna stand much longer!"

That observation made, he starts hauling Wade back outside, intent on making his way clear across the glass-littered street to the sidewalk they had previously occupied. That should be a safe buffer, he figures.

Ember isn't new to grisly death, but a buss-splattered dead and a blow-up dead are two different issues entirely. With Drake taking the injured man out and Felicia focused on looking for others, partcularly this Mike, she jerks her mind away from the nausea inducing site in the recording studio ruins and focuses on what she can do to keep the building intact long enough for them to no longer be in it.

In the center of the main room and also along each wall she can see, she forms simple geometric lightforms, walls within the walls which she turns solid as quickly as she can. It's too much total mass to complete the shift into crystal but it should give them another minute or two of relative safety. "We've got to find anyone else we can quickly! THe place could drop on us any minute!"

"Mike?!" Felicia whispers as she peeks into the recording room and spots something familiar. "NO!" She puts her hand up on her mouth, forgetting the danger surrounding her. "Mike." She says, still moving forward. She doesn't really deal with death too well apparently.

As Drake pulls Wade out of the building, he is greeted by the sight of an ambulance stopped a 'safe distance away' The medics are standing outside, looking to the building but not making a step closer. Lifting up at hand, one of them waves him over towards them. "Is that o- Bring him here!"

With the damage caused by the blast, the sudden rise in temperature and sudden stop of the heat, Golem Studios is not faring well. Another groan of protest comes from the building, and chunks of plaster start raining down.

As the fire rages and the people on the street rush to get a handle on the situation, Dominique simply remains where she is, sipping her tea quietly, back to the flames. If anyone were to view her, she'd seem a classic movie villain, knowing precisely what is transpiring behind her because she was the one who initiated it. That is, however, not the case: she simply has her schedule to keep to and right now her schedule calls for sipping her tea. After a time, about when the ambulance arrives and the firetrucks are heard in the distance, she sets down her empty cup and surveys the cafe. Of course no one is serving and no one is tending the til, so she simply leaves her exact change tucked under her saucer: she comes so regularly, she always has the exact faire on her.

Rising to her feet, Dominique begins to head towards the commotion, not because she's a looky-loo, but simply because it is the most direct path to her next destination. Again, she's slightly insane. She does slow, however, as she approaches, pausing briefly to survey the scene as she senses the flames, feeling them in a way any other human could never understand. "Neglige," she says quietly in her Quebecois accent.

Drake adjusts his direction to move to the ambulance. The unconscious Wade is delivered in short order, even helped onto a gurney. But the teen doesn't stick around to answer questions. Before he can turn, however, he catches a glimpse of a familiar-looking redhead; one who happened to be quite engrossed in flames, the last time he saw her. But there's no time to pressure her about anything - not right now. He gives a curt nod to the medics and turns to dash back towards the increasingly unstable building.

"KNOCK, KNOCK!," he shouts, stopping just short of the entrance. "Last call, guys! This building's coming down! Time to get moving!" He's no architect. But the tilt of the building's interior, the amount of ceiling that's already dropped, and the sounds it's making are sending up far too many red flags. But he's unwilling to leave without knowing Ember and "Felicity" are out of the proverbial furnace.

With parts of the building coming down around them, Ember is certain that the window of not-really safety is closing fast. So she runs over to where Felicia is standing in shock and starts pulling the older woman towards the open side where they first entered. "We have to go!" Hopefully getting pulled will get Felicia moving on her own, because Ember doesn't have all that much of her own strength to use with most of her energy and attention put towards dousing flames and attempting to reinforce the building itself.

When parts of the ceiling start to fall down around them, Ember tries to shield herself and Felicia but there's just too many directions her powers are split in and one of the larger pieces breaks through and hits her crosswise across her shoulder and neck. She staggers under the impact, going down to one knee. The break in her concentration causes the lightforms she was using to support the walls and ceiling vanish with a bright flash, which just allows even more debris to fall with the second piece to hit her landing across her leg with a snap.

Getting snapped back to reality, Felicia looks over at Ember just in time to see some debris fall into her. "Ok, no more. We're out." She says suddenly calm, rushing forward towards Ember and using her speed and strength to grasp the mutant and get her out towards the door they came into. "MIKE!" She calls out further, trying still to find him.

The cold, calculating redhead watches as the debris falls upon those inside, having the potential to kill them and certainly injuring them. All the more reason not to be heroic with ones gifts; three lives may now be lost in an attempt to save one. Fools. Having determined what she desired to know about the flames themselves, Dominique turns to continue on her path.

Golem Studios' falling down, falling down, falling down. Golem Studios' falling down, my, fair, lady. Falling in line with the London Bridge song, the building indeed does start it's collapse. ALRIGHT! Everyone who is NOT currently in multiple pieces, now is the best time to leave if you have not done so already!

Taking the unconcious musician, the medics start loading him in the back of the truck while a police car starts to arrive towards the scene.

There is no response to Felicia's cries.

Drake bobs on the balls of his feet anxiously with every passing second. The ceiling begins to rain down, but he can still make out the forms of the women starting otwards the exit. And that chunk - make that two chunks - that hit his peer elicit an alarmed, "Ember!" Without missing a beat, he dashes in to help grab the girl and usher them both outside and onto the street, scooping Ember into his arms if necessary. This path will likely take them right by Dominique, who gets a suspicious glare in transit, but his focus is primarily on the two ladies in his more immediate company.

They won't be escorted to the ambulance, however, if Drake has anything to say about it. He intends to help them across the street and into an alleyway.

Getting half carried, half dragged out of the collapsing building by Felicia, and then by Drake, Ember grits her teeth against the pain of at least one broken limb and other injuries. Not her first visit to this state, after all, just a different route. But she's hopping on one leg whenever she needs to put weight down until they reach the door and manage to get out of the building ahead of its final moments. Seeing the ambulance and the growing crowd of rubberneckers and arriving emergency personnel, she performs a minute twist of light in the hood to conceal her face. Now at least she won't end up on someone's facebook update in any identifiable form.

She glances over at Felicia, worried for the woman given that there was no sign apparently of the Mike she was shouting for. Ember sincerely hopes that he doesn't turn out to be the meat puzzle in the studio.


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