2014-07-29 Meet the Team -or- Coulson's Angels
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Players: Phil, Neena, Tessa, May, Felicia, Lissandra
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Title: Meet the Team -or- Coulson's Angels

Agent Coulson pulls up in a black SUV, apparently successful on what he told Tessa was a 'simple recruiting mission'. He and May had pulled up earlier, dropped May off and May had said they were on standby for lift-off and that wheels were up in 30.
After driving like the wind, Agent Coulson and Doctor Vorhees return with whatever it is that she wanted brought on board, and the good Doctor herself. Agent Coulson pulls the black SUV into the parking bay beside Lola, and turns to Lissandra. "Don't touch Lola."

'Don't touch Lola.' Should be printed on tee shirts and handed out to new recruits who would then be told it is the SHIELD mission statement. Taking up residence on the Bus was a big commitment, and it had taken Sage, even with her prowess with requisition forms and protocol, nearly a month of have her chair installed in the command center, where she spent the majority of her time, coordinating and collating and so on. It's her deadpan tone that announces over the loudspeaker as the ramp to the heavily modified plane begins to close "Everyone is aboard, flight plan is secured. Departure in four minutes." May being more of the silent type.

Neena hustles out of the lavatory as she hears the loudspeakers announcing go time, not wanting to be inside during take-off. She heads to the nearest seat and settles into it before harnessing herself in securely.

"Which one is Lola? Does she not like to be touched?" Lissandra's eyes shift from Phil to the vehicle visible through his window and her expression shifts from puzzlement to realization. "Ah. I see." So she opens her door and starts the process of her wheelchair decompressing from around her body. Once her her chair has removed her from the SUV and reassembled itself she slips a hand under her truly excessive hair and activates her rigger implant to start the devices in the back of the SUV through their power-up sequence. By the time that's done, the plane should be stable enough for her to pilot the crates out.

"So how many of us are on board?"

Agent Coulson nods. "I'd rather not have your first experience here in the Bus to be a catatonic one." Unloading will be easy, the lab sections are the other half of the lower level of the plane, and Phil will point this out, as he activates the controls to button up the back of the plane.

The Hydraulics are fairly noisy, but the gate is quite heavy. After a few moments of loud whirring, the ramp closes up to become the back end of the plane and Melinda May begins rolling toward their designated, pre-cleared runway.

Agent Coulson does a quick head count. "You're the sixth and final member of our regular compliment, Doctor." "You have a physical sciences labratory," he says, indicating the one on the left, "And a biological sciences labratory," he adds, indicating the one on the right.

"We have been cleared on runway three Agent May." Sage announces, using the loudspeaker to let Coulson and his guest know that they should buckle up for takeoff since it wouldn't be a VTOL departure and thus subject to no small amount of G-force. That done, her decidedly villainous looking chair swivels around so that she can address her own probationary Agent directly. "I hope you remembered to stow your gear properly this time probie." Tess admonishes, her tone remaining as flat as it ever does. "If Agent Coulson finds another flashbang rolling around the cargo hold, he might insist you disembark before we land." It was as close to a joke as she ever got, and there were layers of psychological reasoning behind the teasing, which sounded much more serious given her emotionless voice. But Neena should be acclimated to all that by now.

Neena gives Tessa a few good blinks at the mention of a flashbang rolling around; her gear was stowed properly, and any gear that was, was certainly sans flashbang. She continues to stare confusedly at Tessa for a long moment before working out an assumption that she's joking and gives a simple nod. "Ooookay…" is all she has to offer as she settles back, feeling the Bus moving beneath her.

The reference to her abilities causes Lissandra to regard the red classic-seeming vehicle with a raised eyebrow. "Okay, then." As the plane taxies and then begins its run-up to takeoff speed, she settles back a bit in her wheelchair. The chair itself shifts its wheels into smaller versions of the bracing supports on heavy construction machines, keeping its position against the forces at work.

Lissandra listens as Phil gives an introduction to the labs, eyeing the equipment available with what can only be described as 'kid in candy store' written on her face. Also written there is the fact that a mental list is already being started for what she'll want to have brought in from home to make them more homey. "Looks good so far."

Agent Coulson nods to Lissandra and her unpacking via rigging drones with interest briefly and indicates the elevator to level two. There is also a stairway, but the elevator only has two stops. Agent Coulson will pull down a jump seat near the back of the plane, and buckle himself in. He transmits "Aft control secure."

He will wait until May has completed her take off and initial climb before unbuckling. "The elevator will take you to the second level, where your your quarters will be, and the lounge. Please don't experiment on my fish," he requests of Lissandra.

Swiveling back to her work, which includes a small bit of desk real-estate since most of her needed work area is virtual, Tessa goes about organizing the various bits and pieces that keeps the team running smoothly. "I've scheduled your tactics and marksmanship testing for next Tuesday Probie." She informs Domino as she makes the key strokes to submit the request forms. "Agent May. We have a storm front forming along the Rocky Mountain ridges that may interfere with our landing."

Tactics? Marksmanship? Are they serious? Between taking down one of the FBI's Most Wanted single handedly, which is the whole reason she landed the job in the first place, and the fact that every shot she's ever taken has been dead on the mark, aren't these tests redundant? Well, whatever they are, no matter; she's learned to keep it shut around the humorless cyborg known as Tessa. She begins to wonder if she's even human at all.

"Understood," May replies to Tessa from the pilot's seat, her sunglasses and headset both in place as she taxis the Bus to prepare for takeoff. She glances at one of the endless array of displays and readouts, gauging the length of the runway and at the last moment opting for the more showy but less risky takeoff option.

The great bird comes to a stop, then after a moment spent repositioning the jet engines, it lifts straight up off of the tarmac for about twenty feet before starting to accelerate and gain altitude smoothly. None of the bumpy runway sensations; instead, a little bit of almost watercraft-like bobbing about before the Bus starts up, up, and away.

"ETA to Nevada, two hours sixteen minutes." Coulson might be the only one to register this, but with that time table, May is definitely not pushing the Bus to her top velocity.

Lissandra is quite familiar with the dynamics of take-off in a plane this size, except for the whole VTOL part (which brings a grin to her face for Phil to see). So the same instant that the g-forces begin to level off her wheelchair returns to its standard configuration and she sends a command for the packing crates in the back of the SUV to activate their grav-frames and start gliding out the back and around (away from Lola… no need to piss off the boss by droping a 3-ton mass-negated box on his baby first day) until they're hovering just inside the lab space.

"Where can I secure these? Most of them are my medical support equipment, exo-frame, and the prototypes you requested. Except for these two," the two smaller ones float over behind her, one about torso-size and the other about double that, "which are my personals." A small embarassed quirk of her lip preceeds the admission that it's, "Mostly hair care." She runs a nervous hand through the top of the visible portion of her auburn waterfall, only about twelve percent of which is outside of the containment net on the back of her chair.

Coulson unbuckles and wanders over, indicating where there is plenty of storage. "The Labratories you'll find, are modular in design and quite easy to rearrange in practically no time. It's a system we got from the Baxter Building. "Use some lab space to set up your medical support equiptment in the bio lab, and the exo frame can be stored here on the cargo deck, and the rest of the sundries to be tested can go in the physical lab…. Assign me the personals drone and I'll show them where to put things. He'll take the spiral stairs up, rather than get trapped in an elevator with potetnially mad robots. And hey, it's a little cardio he needs.

Unfortunately for the skilled mercenary, government jobs came with government licensing and qualifications… which meant standardized testing. Coulson might get away with playing it fast and loose with the rules every now and again, but he had years of operating within those rules to back him up. "Tuesday. 2pm. On field three." Field three? Where was that? Timbuktu? At least for now, that's all that Tessa deems her probie needs to know. "Agent Coulson. Agent Ramirez would like a word." Was she moonlighting as Coulson's secretary now? Not hardly. Ramirez had promised a favor if she put him through directly… and Sage had made it a habit of gathering favors recently.

Field three, Tuesday, 2pm. Got it. Well, got it in so much that she has something to do on Tuesday at 2pm. As Coulson enters the area, her eyes widen a bit: finally, someone *other* than the robot to talk to. Feeling safe enough with the VTOL and regular flight now engaged, she unbuckles herself and stands up for a stretch with a grin.

Lissandra nods to Phil, sending a flurry of mental commands to the grav-frame crates as he shows her where to send them. "I'll unpack my professional apparatus later on. See you upstairs." The two 'personals' packs follow Phil up the stairs, keeping two paces behind him like a pair of faithful matte grey rotweilers.

She rolls out of the elevator at the upper level, sending more commands to the 'personals' packs so that they settle in at whatever point Phil shows her is her bunk. Looking around at the decor and new faces present, she raises her gloved hand in a wave of greeting. "Good afternoon."

May stays busy and out of sight of the others until the Bus is up to cruising altitude and the autopilot can be engaged. It'll be a few more minutes. Then she'll drop by to meet all the newbies. And the probie.

Phil heads up to sto her crew quarters, on the second level of the plane, giving her the middle cabin on the port side, the last one that was left, after the rest of the team had chosen theirs. He tells the waldoes that "Here are your quarters." Then to Neena he says, "Boschelli? Go downstairs and make yourself available to the good Doctor setting up, and give her a tour of the Bus while you're at it."
He sticks his head into the cockpit to check on May and says, "Briefing in twenty, round 'em up and let 'em know…" He then heads to his own office saying, "I'll take Rameriz's call in my office…"

"He'll be with you in a minute." Tessa relays to Rameriz through her shades, which have recently been upgraded with a jawbone earbud on the left side, making it look even more like spy gear. Transferring the call to Phil's office she secures that favor and adds it to the growing list before continuing on with the massive amount of information she processes as part of her contribution to the team. Her fingers continue tapping out commands in the virtual environment even when she swivels around to greet the new arrival, making it look like she's just typing in the air above her lap. "Welcome to the Bus Doctor Vorhees. I'm Agent Lessair, and this is probationary Agent Boschelli. She'll help you get settled." And then it's back to her seemingly empty little bit of desk.

Yes! An assignment! Okay, it's a pretty low end assignment, but at least it's something, and it gets her away from Tessa for awhile. She gives a salute to Phil. "You got it, boss," she states eagerly before making her way out of the room posthaste, before Tessa can dig into her some how. She makes her way to Vorhees and grins, "Let's get to your cabin, eh? Where'd they stuff you?"

Nodding her acknowledgement of Coulson's words, May sets the autopilot and makes sure everything is secure before moving to leave the cockpit. It's probably a good five minutes after Coulson disappears to take that call. She walks through the living and command center areas of the Bus quietly, on the alert for where the other newly arrived individuals are wandering about currently. And, you know, if she just happens to sneak up on any of them…
I don't understand that.

Lissandra nods to acknowledge Tessa's greeting and instructions, then smiles as Neena approaches, offering the previously raised gloved hand in greeting. "Pleased to meet you, Agent Boschelli." She nods her head forward, "Agent Coulson just dropped off my gear at the center-port cubby, it seems." She sends her wheelchair forward alongside Neena with no visible use of controls. The sleek machine she rides in fits easily through the spaces available, sometimes by adjusting its frame to do so.

When they arrive at her cubby, she reaches over and the security catches open at her hand's approach. One of them has a fairly spartan selection of clothes alongside a selection of custom sidearms and what looks to be some kind of computer gauntlet. The other, the larger of the two cases, is filled to near overflowing with various high-end hair care products. Priorities? Established.

Coulson trots up the spiral staircase to his office and his desk and takes a seat, and puts through to Tessa, "Put him through… Permission to stay on the line and advise off channel," he says to Tessa.

Agent Coulson activates his computer terminal and begins outlining the next mission brief, while he talks to Rameriez. "Go for Coulson," he says when he's told he is patched through."

"Agent Coulson. I'm here with Doctor Sadler" A common enough name as the R&D Science Lead at the Triskellion "and we're hoping you might be convinced to save a sample of the xenomorph for us before delivery to the Groom Lake Facility. A bit of the carapace if possible." His accent is pleasantly friendly, obviously trying to play up some interdepartmental cooperation at bending the orders.

Tessa, meanwhile, listens in on the call as ordered, but keeps her line on mute while checking the manifest to see if a sample could be set aside for Sadler and Rameriz and all while doing a dozen other mundane tasks.

Neena graciously accepts the offered hand with a smile and shakes it firmly while staring Lissandra in the eyes: it's the proper way to greet someone, after all. Though, she seems a little… taken aback as the woman turns and begins to move away, as if the fact that she is woman with pure white, not light, but pure white skin and a black patch over her eye, is nothing out of the ordinary. Most of her life it's been that way, but, it's just a birthmark and skin defect, after all, so, why should it matter much any more? With all the crazy things that Neena's already witnessed, she realizes maybe she's not that 'odd' after all.

In any event, Neena follows after the exo-chair-bound woman and when one of the crates opens, she curiously dips her hand down to withdraw a pistol, looking it over with a "hhhmmm." She looks over to Lissandra, asking, "It feels like a S&W, but the weight, action, hell, everything about it doesn't seem right: just the shell. What'd you do to it?"

A quick mental command to the pistol Neena reaches for prevents the safety systems from sending a lockdown pulse through the chalk-skined agent's body. While Neena is examining the sidearm, Lissandra reaches up under the hair at her neck and disengages the skinlock on her rigger implant's signal booster, setting the device aside and then spending a minute masaging the skin around the connection ports while answering Neena's question.

"It's a custom design, fitted to my grip and linked in with my implants. An over/under design, the main body is a phased energy matrix that locks down the target's nervous system. A stun blaster, basically. The lower barrel is a less flashy but still useful cut-down 9mm with a 5-round mag. Tiny capacity, but it's just the backup."

Her chair sensors register May's approach from the Cabin so she raises her head from the self-administered masage and turns to greet the agent with a small wave.

Agent Coulson nods as he replies. "Dr. Sadler, Agent Rameriez, If we don't have a sample to spare, we have a larger section we could bisect from the main carapace in our initial study."

Phil says, "We will be heading directly for the Triskellion after we finish our current mission. Expect us by mid morning." Coulson knows he's over promising by a long shot. Barring trouble, they'll be in New York by midnight. "Coulson out." He goes back to working on the briefing.

"There is a smaller sample of the carapace that would be sufficient for their purposes. I'll start Doctor Vorhees on separating it after the briefing." Tessa informs over the line after Sadler and Rameriz have fallen over themselves with thanks and Coulson had moved on. Exiting the line herself, she completes her contributions for the briefing and returns to the handful of administrative duties she has.

Neena pouts a little behind Lissandra's back as she looks down at the gun, slowly beginning to lose interest in it. She lowers it back safely and neatly into its storage crate, wondering to herself if *anyone* uses actual guns any more. "So, what do you need help with?"

May walks up behind the two women apparently settling into one of the bunks with an honestly obsene amount of hair care products. She observes the pale-skinned woman returning the weapon-like object, then at the auburn-haired Dr. Vorhees. And, rather than speaking up, she just waits for one or the other of them to notice her presence. Situational Awareness 101. Pop quiz, and only two possible scores. Pass or fail.

Lissandra's chair sensors pinged May's approach while she was masaging her neck. So when Neena is putting the lockdown pistol away, she's sending May a little over-the-shoulder wave. "Well, I could use some help getting my medical gear and other professional apparatus set up down in the labs. Extra hands never hurt."

Her chair's lower frame rotates around and the rest of it follows so that she's facing both Neena and May. "Beyond that and a tour of… the Bus, is it… to learn where everything is and I think I'll be good and settled. So we're headed to the Groom Lake facility?"

Meanwhile Coulson puts a few finishing touches on his briefing. It was going to take him awhile, but at least he had privacy for it. Phil turns on some old school R&B out of his speakers.

Agent Coulson will then head back downstairs to see what the state 'getting ready for briefing' people are at, under the pretext of getting a bagel. It's an onion bagel and he'll toast it in the Galley and put some mustard, ham and cheese with some tomato and a couple of capers.

To be fair, the only reason Sage is already prepared for the briefing is because she so rarely leaves the command center. That and the fact that she could partition her attention easier than Tony Stark could partition a hard drive. Queuing up the comms to Felicia's room, Tessa summons her to the briefing upon seeing Phil come out of his office. "Agent Hardy, please report to the Command Center for a briefing."

After she's certain the pistol is put away properly, Neena turns her attention towards May, having noticed Lissandra waving; she managed to fail this one, it seems. But thankfully, she's not May's probationary agent, so hopefully she won't get too bad of a consequence. She looks at May a momnet before she decides to make an inquiry. "Am I the only person here who thinks it strange we don't use *actual* guns?"

May answers Neena flatly, "Yes." Then as she sees Coulson wander past into the galley, she tells the two women, "Briefing is in five minutes." And then she turns to head for the galley as well. Time for a very brief and quiet word with Coulson.

Looking up to where the voice is coming from, Felicia responds, "On my way." She says, standing up from the bed and moving over towards the door while lowering her shirt to make sure the hem isn't revealing any skin. She takes the extra step to even tuck it into her black pants. She moves out of her door and into the main corridor, her green eyes moving from room to room as she passes, pausing when she nears Lissandra and Neena, "If we do our jobs correctly we shouldn't guns." Felicia chimes in, pro-thief, not a murderer, this one is.

Lissandra chuckles at Neena's question, "Well, I'm something of a futurist. To me, the lockdown pistols are about as low tech as I go." She nods her understanding of May's orders, then reaches into the crate with her personal gear and remove the elbow-length computer gauntlet. She takes the glove off of her left arm before sliping the device on, locking it into cybernetic connection ports in the skin.

As Felicia pops out from her bunk across the corridor, she raises an eyebrow at the dismissal of firearms. "Well that depends on the job, really."

Once the computer gauntlet is in place and activating, she removes the pair of lockdown pistols from the crate, checks them for charge, and slides them into easy access holsters in the sides of her chair before closing the crates and the bunk. She looks to Neena, "Briefings take place where?"

Agent Coulson stops to speak with May briefly in the Galley as he finishes his snack and wipes off his hands. He grabs a cup of coffee and takes a slug of the stuff, it's been sitting there awhile and is almost burnt. Phil swallows slowly, actually enjoying it, reminding him of his time in Afghanistan.

"We use the right tool for the job, Agent Boschelli. If the task calls for 'real guns' trust that we have them available." He sweeps everyone toward the C&C station, adjacent to the crew quarters and turns on the lights as he enters.

Once everyone has entered and as they are taking their seats, Phil begins: "Our mission today is to deliver the alien parts we aquired in Siberia, to our Groom Lake Facility. This is a simple mission, we should be in and out like ghosts. We'll also be putting our hands on some hush hush NSA eyes only files that might give us more clues on our hunt for Baron Zemo, Hydra, and a potential alien invasion…."

Picking up on her part as to the specifics of logistics, Tessa pipes in where Coulson leaves off "Zemo is the most immediate threat and the priority, given his recent brazen attacks. HYDRA is no doubt involved with that in some measure, but it remains unclear if Zemo is acting with HYDRA authority or is leading a splinter cell. We have next to no information on the xenomorph incursion, but there might be a connection with Zemo's plans. The team at the Baxter Building is being called in to consult on the extra-terrestrial involvement while we continue hunting for Zemo and his team."

She's just about to answer Lissandra's question about where to go for briefings when they are ushered away by Coulson. She makes her way to the glass enclosed briefing room and looks for a spot to lean against the wall while she listens to Phil and Tessa give their speeches.

Lissandra settles herself at the C&C station, her chair adjusting itself to bring her up to eye-level with everyone else during the briefing. While Agent Coulson presents the mission brief, her gauntlet pings for access to the C&C systems and through them any systems that she's been cleared for so that anything she needs to do on the Bus can be done via her gauntlet or her neural implants. No attempts are made to push past the limits established for her. She's just not that good to even try.

But this is all done silently in the background while she listens to briefings about Groom Lake, alien corpses, HYDRA, and Baron Zemo with an expression that makes it seem like she actually knows something about these topics. Not that she does, but a decade in the depths of academia allows one to perfect the 'intelligent interest' face.

May waits for everyone else to enter the command center then stands just inside the doorway, her arms crossed as she listens to the briefing. And watches each of the women that are very recent additions to this team. She has yet to learn more than the very basics about each of them, and this is a good chance to find out more.

Agent Coulson continues: "After Doctor Vorhees has verified the security of our containment and culled out the sample we are taking back to the Triskellion, is secured as well, Boschelli and Hardy will supervise the actual transport of the items. Dr. Vorhees, I'd ask you to handle it, but your remotes will not be allowed inside the facility. May, I'll want you monitoring the radar and manning the cockpit for this, I don't expect anything to get out of hand on the ground… Tessa, you'll stay in the C&C and monitor drones. I think Doctor Vorhees would be a good choice to commandeer the drones and see to their deployment."

"Aye." Tessa acknowledges her assignment, nodding to Doctor Vorhees before addressing her as an aside so that the others might discuss their own parts of the task at hand. "You'll need to separate sample B427 into its own containment apparatus for transport back to the Triskellion. The rest of the samples need to be verified as contained in tact then signed off for Groom Lake. All the needed equipment is already in the Bio lab. Once we are on approach you can meet me back here and I'll interface you with the perimeter drones we have on board. I'll analyze telemetry while you concentrate on deployment. If you have any questions, I'll be on comms."

A hand lifts from Neena's corner as she's told she's going to be transporting the sample along with Felicia Hardy. "So, when you say supervise actual transport of the items, what do you mean? Like, handcuffs on briefcases, walking around armed to the teeth and shooting anyone who gets within ten yards? Carry it in a cardboard box and get it signed off at the front desk?"

Lissandra returns Tessa's nod as Phil provides her marching orders, then as Tessa provides the needed details. "First action as a probie; sectioning and signing off on extrasolar tissue samples. Fun." There is genuine enthusiasm in her voice, but she keeps it even. She taps the computer gauntlet on her arm, "Link the drones into my router. I'll get them synchronized with my rigger systems for captain's chair control, but at some point I'll want to upgrade their systems to allow full remote integration."

She smiles at Neena's questions. "On my way in I saw several Class Four biocontainment carts. Fair odds you'll be using those."

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