2014-07-24 The Spandex Brigade!
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Remy, Drake
GMed by N/A
Title: The Spandex Brigade!

Remy is standing in the foyer, waiting paitently. He's likely the owner of the bike parked outside , a deep black speed bike. He iis leaning agienst the door frame, shuffleing a deck of cards and waiting paitently for something…

Drake is probably not the thing Remy is waiting for, but he happens along anyway. It had to be expected that someone would come by eventually! It /is/ a boarding house of sorts, after all. The teen trots down the steps whilst fiddling with a sleeve, but pauses just as he notices Remy. There's a face he hasn't seen before. "Uh, hey," he greets. "Help ya with something?"

Remy smiles a bit, "Mebbe." He says with an amused smile, the cards fly from his left hand to right in a florish and then just seem to vanish. "Ah'm lookin' foh Elizabet' Braddock. Yah know who she be mon ami?" he asks casually.

Drake glances down for a moment. Elizabeth Braddock. He's met a number of people here in the mansion, but that particular name doesn't ring a bell. So when he returns his gaze to the red-eyed man, it's with a shrug. "Sorry, bro. I got nothin'. She supposed to be staying here?"

Remy shrugs a bit, "She's a teacher 'ere. Trus' me if yah'd met 'er yah'd remember. Asian, purple 'air, an' curves dat make yah truely believe in an all loving God." he says with a smirk looking around as if the woman were going to materialize by him speaking her name.

"Eeyeah, can't say that I know'er," Drake admits. "Definitely think I'd remember her." With a description like that? Of course he would. Drake descends the final step and cants his head. "I take it you're not a teacher here, or someone on staff…"

Remy headshakes slightly, looking around the mansion casually. "Ah could count de number of times dat I've been in dis place on one 'and." He says amused. "Ah'm more of a friend, non?"

"Right, right," nods Drake. He moves around Remy, taking in his appearance. "I'm guessin' with peepers like those, you're a mutant. Or know someone with crazy contact lenses."

Remy chuckles a little bit, "Bot' actully, alt'ough dese are mah real eyes." He says with amusement, "Ah've found dat if yah got eyes like mine, best ta know a good optomitrist who can dummy yah up a pair.. Ah take it since yah 'ere yah one too?"

Drake hesitates a moment, then shrugs his shoulders. "Guess so," he admits. "So, you datin' Miss Braddock? Or is this more of a social call?" A wry grin touches his features as he comes to lean against the corner of the east hallway.

Remy laughs a little bit, shaking his head a bit. "Yah /obviously/ ain't met Betsy. Ah give yah a peice of advice mon ami, yah meet women like dat, yah don' date dem… yah jus' 'ope ta /survive/ dem." He smirks a bit. "But we 'ave a, shall we say, mutual point of interest. Sort of a social call Ah suppose, or a curtasy call at least.

"Well, if she's an instructor here, I definitely hope I survive'er! What, does she teach advanced calculus or something?" Drake inclines his head then, a few wispy bangs drifting over his eye. "What's your name, anyway? Good to know the names of folks wanderin' through the mansion, I hear."

Remy smirks a bit, "Dat shoulda been yah /first/ question non? Ah do believe dat Ah not only fit de sterio type of 'suspicious character' Ah may very well be de Trope Namer." He smirks a bit, "Yah c'n call me Gambit."

"First thing I did was figure out what you're up to. Who you are was second to that. Heck, you could be the Pope, but if ya came to cause trouble…" Drake smiles amiably and lifts his hands. "You get the drift. Anyhoo, name's Drake. Gambit's… an unusual name. Guessing you're not from around here." His best guess at current? Gambit is a foreign name.

Remy smirks a bit, nodding his head slightly. "Fair point Ah suppose." He says taking his cards out and shuffleing them casually. "It's mah code name actully. Mah operational name." His eyes look a bit mischevious, "Dis ain' de only place wit' a spandex briggade, non?"

That's the second time Drake heard mention of codenames. But this time, it comes attached with something a little more interesting. "Spandex brigade, huh? I guess you could say that," he begins, opting to play along in hopes of getting a bit more information about what that meant. "If you're not affiliated with this particular group, how much do you know about it?"

Remy shrugs a little bit, "Not everyt'ing, but as much as Ah want to. Ah know dat our objectives run in simmilar directions if different executions." He shrugs slightly, "Probibly better place foh kids dough." He says amused.

"Interesting. What kinds of objectives do you shoot for, then?," continues Drake. His posture straightens up at that, giving Remy his full attention. Arms fold over his chest, affecting an 'officiating' presence while not 'officially' being involved in any of this.

Remy looks amused a bit, considering. "Yah wanna talk about politics mon ami?" He asks amused and considers shrugging, "Lets take two extremes non?" he flicks his wrist and produces a King of Hearts, "On dis side yah got de Suicide king. Dis is someone who says 'We 'ave de power, wwe 'ave de strengt'. Might makes right. our time is now. Blah blah blah." he smirks, "He's not wrong mind yah, but he'd rat'er use a cannon ta swat a fly." He lays the card down and another appears in his other hand, pure slight of hand. "Here on de ot'er 'and is de knave of diamonds. Bright eyed and idealistic. He t'ink dat in de end we all de same. Dat peace c'n be found wit' no blood shed." He lays that card down as well, "It's a pretty dream, but jus' a dream.

To Remy's initial question, Drake responds with a grin. "Sure. School's not started, I got nothin' goin' on. Bore me."

As Remy explains, Drake cants his head to examine the cards in turn. In the end, he simply looks back up to the other mutant. "And where do you stand?"

Remy smirks a bit and flicks out an ace of spades and throws it down, the cornor embedding between the two cards into the table casually. "Then yah got me an' mah people. We understand dat sometimes de minimum amount of force can achieve de same goal. Best way aftah all ta kill a snake is ta cut off de tail…right behind de 'ead." He glances at his watch. "Do me a favor, yah see Betsy tell 'er ta call me."

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