2014-07-24 The Wong Guy
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Leo (NPC), Wong (NPC)
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: The Wong Guy

Doctor Stephen Strange's mansion is located in Greenwich Village. The address is 177A Bleecker Street, New York City, NY 10012-1406. His Sanctum Sanctorum is located within the mansion. There is a large window in the pattern of the anomaly rue (a strange magic algorithm). Guests are greeted by Wong. Unwanted guests are usually stopped by protective spells.

Although Greenwich is close to Chelsea to be represented as such on a game grid, there's a high potential that the sounds of an explosion have not fully traversed to the village, an even higher potential that the sounds were muffled by the walls for those who were indoors. Or perhaps folks heard things and just kind of meh'ed the situation away. But then there's that dang show interruption on local channels to get the breaking news of the explosion of Golem Studios. The identification of the rescued victim to be that of Wade Shaw, and the general speculation that Nick Drago was still inside. How annoying that must be.

"Master Strange, there is-" Wong begins but it interrupted by the gesture from the man's master.

"I know." Comes a calm voice from the owner of the house, Doctor Strange sits before his orb of Agomotto, hunched over it's clear form, observing the happenings. The wizard's feet unfold beneath him, and only then does Wong notice his master wasn't sitting on anything in his cross legged position. "I wait to see what else occurs, before I act." Is all the explanation the man-servant receives from the Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange's ability to observe from a distance does help from time to time. And with him watching since the first explosion, it gets him tidbits of vision. A gloved hand tossing a phone onto the floor near a dismembered body, Shaw already unconcious at the sound board, and a door slamming. Felicia shouting out Mike's name, a trio of persons rushing in after a second blast occurs to help save who they can. A car, which was situated closer to a back entrance prior to the explosion, speeding off, the ambulance, firetruck, and police starting to show up. Plenty is going on in this scene.

A phone rings.

A wrinkling hand moves to his forehead as the warlock mulls over the scene's before him. Stephen looks over to Wong as the phone rings, snapping the asian back to his duties.

Wong picks up the phone and whispers into it with a tone of solemness, "Strange Residence, how can I help you?" He asks, being polite but still sad. Strange turns his head softly to peer at Wong out of the corner of his eye.

As emergency crews arrive and another ambulance comes to take the place of the one that left with Wade Shaw, there's not much to be done to the building. The fire was already put out mostly by the time the fire department got there but the building is less than stable looking. One set of officers go around the building to find a rather quick, un-clever statement of 'Burn Mutant, Burn.' spray painted on the back wall. Gee, that's a pleasant statement.

There is a momentary pause upon the other side of the phone connection as Wong replies, "It's Leo. I'd like to talk to the Doctor."

"Master, it is a Leo for you." Wong says, bringing the cordless phone to Stephen.

Taking the phone from Wong's grasp, Strange puts it up to his ear "Strange speaking." The wizard says into the phone, "Tell me Mike's ok." The former surgeon requests of the barkeep.

Well I don't know what happened to him." Leo answers, voice betraying a bit of frustration with the situation as well, "Tried calling him after seeing the news but his phone's off or something. But, I can tell you whatever he is, it's not dead. I'd know if that happened."

"I'll hazard a guess your knowledge of Mike's well-being has to do with the phantasm abilities." Strange notes, lowering the phone from his ear and speaking to Wong, "Mike it alive." And instantly the servants face relaxes, just in time for Strange to shoo him out of the room to resume the phone call. "Do you have any knowledge of where he could be, Leo?"

"Your guess would be right," Leo replies, "Kind of a quirk. I don't know where he is, but I'll see if I pick up on anything that just screams 'Mike'. But I can't travel like he does." He pauses, "Do you think this relates to that press stuff or the demon thing?"

"Based on my experience they're are most likely related in one fashion or another." Strange responds into the phone, "I will keep my eye out as well." The wizard then moves to find Wong and passes the phone off to the man-servant without first hanging it up. He has work to do.

As Strange leaves Leo to awkward talk with the Wong guy, (Geez, how often does that joke get used?), Strange gets to work. Or so his pose said. Just taking his word for it.


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